Tinsley White Rucker IV genealogical collection

Tinsley White Rucker IV genealogical collection

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Manuscripts
Creator: Rucker, Tinsley White, 1909-
Title: Tinsley White Rucker IV genealogical collection
Dates: 1980s-1990s
Quantity: 4.4 Linear feet (7 document boxes, 3 half boxes, 1 oversized box)
Abstract:The collection consists of extensive genealogy research done by Tinsley White Rucker. Included are pedigree charts, genealogical society member ancestor charts, copies of reference sources used by Mr. Rucker, and correspondence and applications for numerous hereditary societies. The collection also contains personal correspondence and material used by Rucker in his research. The family names of Rucker, Cobb, Cason, Lanier, Harris, Lamar, Erwin, Tinsley, Lewis, Reade, Cary, and Rootes are included in the research.
Coll. Number: ms2367

Biographical/Historical Note

Tinsley White Rucker IV

Born: December 26, 1909 in Warrenton, Georgia

Father: Tinsley White Rucker III

Mother: Elon Augustus Cason

Wife: 1. Lenore Victor Giddings, Married April 5, 1934

Wife: 2. Lorol Roden Bowron Rediker, Married April 7, 1966

Child: Barbara Starr Rucker (adopted)-Mrs. Donald Seaton

Stepchildren: John Michael Rediker

Stepchildren: Diane Rediker-Mrs. William Slaughter

Education: Public Schools in New York

Education: Cynwyd School in Bala-Cynwyd, Pennsylvania

Education: Episcopal Academy in Overbrook, Pennsylvania

Education: Massachusetts Institute of Technology-B. S. in Building Construction in 1931

Church: St. Mark's Episcopal in Jacksonville, Florida

Military Service: Retired 2nd Lt. Reserve Coast Artillery Corps

Military Service: Retired 2nd Lt. 108th Field Artillery, Pennsylvania National Guard

Career History: G. W. Smith W. W. Co.-Factory Manager 1931-34

Career History: Factory Insurance Assoc.-Inspection Engineer 1934-37

Career History: Mengel Co.-Factory Manager 1937-41

Career History: General Plywood Corp.-Vice President 1941-49

Career History: Dixon Powdermaker Furniture Co.-President 1949-79

Brief Genealogy: Cornelius Rucker/Mary White

Brief Genealogy: John Rucker/Betsy Tinsley

Brief Genealogy: Joseph Rucker/Margaret Houston Speer

Brief Genealogy: Tinsley White Rucker/Sarah Elizabeth Harris

Brief Genealogy: Tinsley White Rucker II/Sarah Mildred Cobb

Brief Genealogy: Tinsley White Rucker III/Elon Augustus Cason

Brief Genealogy: Tinsley White Rucker IV

Scope and Content Note

The Tinsley White Rucker IV Genealogical Collection was acquired by the University of Georgia's Hargrett Library on June 26, 1985. It was donated by Mrs. Tinsley White Rucker IV. The collection was organized by Mr. Rucker into many labelled notebooks containing sections with folder headings. An effort was made to retain this order, although many duplicate copies were combined or removed. Most of the folder headings and spellings are the ones used by Rucker.

The Tinsley White Rucker IV Genealogical Collection consists of 11 boxes. Box 1 contains folders 1:1-1:14. Folder 1:1 contains copies from the Hereditary Register describing hereditary societies. Folder 1:2 contains Rucker's personal list of memberships in hereditary societies. Folders 1:3-1:14 contain Rucker's hereditary society applications and correspondence and are arranged in alphabetical order. Box 2 contains folders 2:1-2:8, which continue the listing of hereditary societies, beginning with the Order of the Crown of Charlemagne. Folder 2:8 contains information about societies, other than hereditary, to which Rucker belonged. Box 3 contains folders 3:1-3:16. Folders 3:1 and 3:2 contain National Genealogical Society Members' Ancestor Charts (MAC). Folders 3:3 and 3:4 contain MAC of John Addison Cobb and his wife Sarah Robinson Rootes. Folder 3:5 contains MAC of Laura B. R. Cobb. Folder 3:6 contains MAC of Mildred M. L. Cobb.

Folder 3:7 contains MAC of Thomas R. R. Cobb. Folder 3:8 contains MAC of John Boswell Cobb. Folder 3:9 contains MAC of Mary Willis Cobb. Folder 3:10 contains MAC of Sarah Martha Cobb. Folder 3:11 contains MAC of Sarah Rootes Whitner and her husband James Warren Howard. Folder 3:12 contains MAC of John Addison Whitner. Folder 3:13 contains MAC of Mary Ann Whitner and her husband Benjamin Charles Milner. Folder 3:14 contains MAC of Thomas Cobb Whitner. Folder 3:15 contains MAC of Martha Mildred Whitner and her husband Willis Justus Milner. Folder 3:16 contains MAC of Charles Frank Milner. Box 4 contains folders 4:1-4:7. Folder 4:1 contains a pedigree chart of Rucker's first four generations and an index by Rucker to the reference sources and the pedigree chart numbers he used in his genealogy research. Folder 4:2 contains pedigree charts of Rucker, Cobb, and Tinsley. Folder 4:3 contains pedigree charts of Rucker, Harris, Lanier, Hunt, and Washington. Folder 4:4 contains pedigree charts of Cobb, Rootes, Lewis, Reade, Smith, and Cary. Folder 4:5 contains pedigree charts of Lamar. Folder 4:6 contains pedigree charts of Cason. Folder 4:7 contains pedigree charts of Montgomery. Box 5 contains folders 5:1-5:8. Folder 5:1 contains pedigree charts of the Washington line to Charlemagne. Folders 5:2 and 5:3 contain pedigree charts of the Reade line to surety and Charlemagne. Folder 5:4 contains pedigree charts of Heron and Neville. Folder 5:5 contains pedigree charts of Neville, Ferrers, and FitzRobert. Folder 5:6 contains pedigree charts of Percy and Plantaganet. Folder 5:7 contains pedigree charts of the Bernard line. Folder 5:8 contains pedigree charts of Charlemagne to Mark Antony. Box 6 contains folders 6:1-6:3. Folder 6:1 contains correspondence and personal notes of Rucker concerning the Rucker data. Folder 6:2 contains copies of legal documents, such as birth and death certificates, pertaining to the Rucker family. Folder 6:3 contains research material used by Rucker. This material is mainly photocopies, but some photographs are included. Box 7 contains folders 7:1-7:5. Folder 7:1 contains correspondence and personal notes of Rucker concerning the Cobb data. Some tombstone photographs are in this folder. Folders 7:2 and 7:3 contain research material and photocopies Rucker used in his research. Folder 7:4 contains correspondence and information about a Cobb reunion held on June 20, 1981 in Athens, Georgia. Folder 7:5 contains Cobb and Lamar data. Several large photocopies and genealogy charts from boxes 6 and 7 are in the oversize box 11. Box 8 contains folders 8:1-8:6. Folder 8:1 contains correspondence and personal notes of Rucker concerning the Cason data. Folder 8:2 contains research material pertaining to Cason. Folder 8:3 contains Harris data. Folder 8:4 contains Lanier data. Folder 8:5 contains Tinsley data. Folder 8:6 contains copies of wills and inventories.

Box 9 contains folders 9:1-9:7. Folder 9:1 contains Rucker's index to the references he used in his research. His abbreviation code is sometimes inconsistent, with some references to authors while other abbreviations appear to be titles, such as GTG (possibly Gone to Georgia by Stewart). The remaining folders in this box are photocopies of the references, and are in alphabetical order by author, editor, or first word of the title when the author is not identified. Box 10 contains folders 10:1-10:4, which continue the alphabetical listing of reference sources. Folder 10:4 contains magazine and journal articles. Box 11 is an oversize box containing Rucker's personal diplomas, certificates and plaques and some unidentified photographs. Some large papers from boxes 6 and 7 are also in this box-Rucker genealogy chart, George Washington, family tree, and photocopies of wills and notes.


Arranged by record type.

Index Terms

Carey family -- Genealogy
Casson family -- Genealogy
Cobb family -- Genealogy
Harris family -- Genealogy
Heredity--Charts, diagrams, etc.
Irwin family -- Genealogy
Lamar family -- Genealogy
Lanier family -- Genealogy
Lewis family -- Genealogy
Reed family -- Genealogy
Root family -- Genealogy
Rucker family -- Genealogy
Rucker, Tinsley White, 1909- -- Correspondence
Rucker, Tinsley White, 1909- -- Faculty
Tinsley family -- Genealogy

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Tinsley White Rucker IV genealogical collection. MS 2367. Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Hereditary Register
2List of Hereditary Society Memberships
3Baronial Order of the Magna Charta
4Descendants of the Illegitimate Sons and Daughters of Kings of Britain
5General Society of Colonial Wars
6General Society of the War of 1812
7Hereditary Order of the Descendants of Colonial Governors
8Huguenot Society/ Huguenot Society of South Carolina
9Jamestowne Society
10Military Order of the Crusades
11National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution
12National Society of Washington Family Descendants
13Order of Americans of Armorial Ancestry
14Order of First Families of Virginia
21Order of the Crown of Charlemagne
2Order of the Founders and Patriots of America
3Order of the Stars and Bars
4St. Andrew's Society/ St. George's Society
5Society of Descendants of Knights of the Most Noble Order of the Garter
6Society of Descendants of the Colonial Clergy
7Sons of Confederate Veterans
8Other Societies
31Members' Ancestor Charts-Part 1
2Members' Ancestor Charts-Part 2
3Members' Ancestor Charts-John Addison Cobb/Sarah Robinson Rootes-I
4Members' Ancestor Charts-John Addison Cobb/Sarah Robinson Rootes-II
5Members' Ancestor Charts-Laura B. R. Cobb
6Members' Ancestor Charts-Mildred M. L. Cobb
7Members' Ancestor Charts-Thomas R. R. Cobb
8Members' Ancestor Charts-John Boswell Cobb
9Members' Ancestor Charts-Mary Willis Cobb
10Members' Ancestor Charts-Sarah Martha Cobb
11Members' Ancestor Charts-Sarah Rootes Whitner/James Warren Howard
12Members' Ancestor Charts-John Addison Whitner
13Members' Ancestor Charts-Mary Ann Whitner/Benjamin Charles Milner
14Members' Ancestor Charts-Thomas Cobb Whitner
15Members' Ancestor Charts-Martha Mildred Whitner/ Willis Justus Milner
16Members' Ancestor Charts-Charles Frank Whitner
41Pedigree Chart-First 4 Generations/Reference Index
2Pedigree Charts-Rucker/Cobb/Tinsley
3Pedigree Charts-Rucker/ Harris/Lanier/Hunt/Washington
4Pedigree Charts-Cobb/Rootes/ Lewis/Reade/Smith/Cary
5Pedigree Charts-Lamar
6Pedigree Charts-Cason
7Pedigree Charts-Montgomery
51Pedigree Charts-Washington Line to Charlemagne
2Pedigree Charts-Reade Line to Surety and Charlemagne-I
3Pedigree Charts-Reade Line to Surety and Charlemagne-II
4Pedigree Charts-Heron/Neville Sureties
5Pedigree Charts-Neville/Ferrers/ FitzRobert Sureties
6Pedigree Charts-Percy/Plantaganet Sureties
7Pedigree Charts-Bernard Line to Sureties
8Pedigree Charts-Charlemagne to Mark Anthony
61Rucker-Correspondence and Notes
2Rucker-Legal Documents
3Rucker-Research Material
71Cobb-Correspondence and Notes
2Cobb-Research Material
3Cobb-Research Material
4Cobb Reunion-June 20, 1981
5Lamar Data
81Cason-Correspondence and Notes
2Cason-Research Material
3Harris Data
4Lanier Data
5Tinsley Data
6Wills and Inventories
91Index to References
4Magazines and Journals
11Certificates and Diplomas
Genealogy Charts
Research Material