May Erwin Talmadge papers

May Erwin Talmadge papers

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Manuscripts
Creator: Daughters of the American Revolution. Henry Walton Chapter (Madison, Ga.).
Creator: Talmadge, May Erwin
Title: May Erwin Talmadge papers
Dates: 1864-1973
Quantity: 21.4 Linear feet (36 boxes, 1 oversized volume)
Abstract:Correspondence, business papers, receipts, appointment books, printed material, and photos, chiefly relating to Talmadge's years of service with the Daughters of the American Revolution including her term as president general and with Georgia State Board of Education; together with family material. Includes extensive correspondence pertaining to the controversy which arose from DAR racial policies in the wake of the Marian Anderson incident and material relating to issues facing the Georgia Board of Education during the 1950s including banning of textbooks and integration.
Coll. Number: ms2299

Biographical/Historical Note

Club woman and member of Georgia State Board of Education.

Scope and Content Note

The University of Georgia Libraries Special Collections Department acquired the May Erwin Talmadge Papers in December of 1980. The papers were given to the university by Lee Epting, who at that time was the owner of the Talmadge house on Prince Avenue in Athens. Mrs. Talmadge, wife of Julius Talmadge of Athens, was active in the Daughters of the American Revolution for over fifty years (serving as President General from 1944 through 1948), and worked with the Georgia State Board of Education in the 1950's. The collection consists of correspondence, business papers, receipts, photographs, and print material. The bulk of the material centers on Mrs. Talmadge's work with the D.A.R. and Board of Education, but the collection also includes personal correspondence and material relating to the Talmadge and Erwin families. An attempt was made to organize the collection chronologically whenever possible but, as the papers were in disarray upon arrival, there remains a good deal of miscellaneous material, undated correspondence, unidentified photographs, etc.

The first fifteen boxes In the collection contain correspondence filed chronologically. Most of this material relates to D.A.R. business and activities, but personal and family correspondence is included as well. The series begins with Erwin family letters which date from the 1860's, followed by Mrs. Talmadge's own letters dating from 1901. Materials of note in this section include correspondence relating to political problems encountered by the D.A.R. as a result of their racial policies (in the wake of the much publicized Marion Anderson Incident). Boxes sixteen through twenty-seven contain Mrs. Talmadge's business receipts. This section is also filed chronologically.

Mrs. Talmadge's work with the Georgia State Board of Education is documented in boxes twenty-eight through thirty-five. This section contains her business papers (reports, legal briefs, policy statements, budgets, minutes of meetings, etc.) relating to Board of Education matters. Each folder in this series is labeled with its particular subject heading. The researcher is advised to check the inventory listing carefully to avoid overlooking any of the many topics in this section. Materials of note include correspondence relating to Mrs. Talmadge's involvement in efforts to ban certain school textbooks. For further information concerning Mrs. Talmadge's own activity in Board of Education proceedings, refer back to the dated correspondence in boxes one through fifteen.

Boxes thirty-six through thirty-eight contain Mrs. Talmadge's appointment books. This material dates from 1944 and runs consecutively through 1959. The remaining sections of the collection consist of miscellaneous photographs (boxes thirty-nine through forty-one), business papers (boxes forty-two through forty-four), and print material (boxes forty-seven through fifty).

Index Terms

African Americans--Education--Georgia.
African Americans--Georgia.
Anderson, Marian, 1897-1993
Georgia--Race relations.
Georgia. State Board of Education.
Patriotic societies--United States.
Race discrimination--United States.
Race relations.
School integration--Georgia.
Segregation--United States.
State boards of education--Georgia.
Talmadge family
United States--History--Revolution, 1775-1783--Societies, etc.
Women--United States--Societies and clubs.

Administrative Information

Ownership and Custodial History

Gift of Harry Talmadge through an arrangement with Lee Epting, 1980.

Preferred Citation note

May Erwin Talmadge Papers, MS 2299. Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Series 1: Correspondence, 1864-1973, undated

11Correspondence, 1864
2Correspondence, 1867
3Correspondence, 1874
4Correspondence, 1875
5Correspondence, 1882
6Correspondence, 1901
7Correspondence, 1905
8Correspondence, 1906
9Correspondence, 1907
10Correspondence, 1909
11Correspondence, 1910
12Correspondence, 1911
13Correspondence, 1912
14Correspondence, 1913
15Correspondence, 1914
16Correspondence, 1915
17Correspondence, 1917
18Correspondence, 1918
19Correspondence, 1919
20Correspondence, 1920
21Correspondence, 1921
22Correspondence, 1922
23Correspondence, 1923
24Correspondence, January-September 1924
25Correspondence, October-December 1924
26Correspondence, 1925
27Correspondence, January-August 1926
28Correspondence, September-December 1926
21Correspondence, 1927
2Correspondence, 1928
3Correspondence, 1929
4Correspondence, January-July 1930
5Correspondence, August-December 1930
6Correspondence, 1931
7Correspondence, 1932
8Correspondence, 1933
31Correspondence, January-June 1934
2Correspondence, July-December 1934
3Correspondence, January-May 1935
4Correspondence, June-August 1935
5Correspondence, September-November 1935
41Correspondence, December 1-21, 1935
2Correspondence, December 22-31, 1935
3Correspondence, 1936
4Correspondence, 1937
5Correspondence, 1938
51Correspondence, 1939
2Correspondence, 1940
3Correspondence, 1941
4Correspondence, 1942
5Correspondence, January-June 1943
6Correspondence, July-December 1943
61Correspondence, January-May 1944
2Correspondence, June-July 1944
3Correspondence, August-December 1944
4Correspondence, January-June 1945
5Correspondence, August-December 1945
71Correspondence, January-April 1946
2Correspondence, May-October 1946
3Correspondence, November-December 1946
4Correspondence, January-March 1947
5Correspondence, April-December 1947
81Correspondence, 1948
2Correspondence, 1949
3Correspondence, 1950
4Correspondence, 1951
5Correspondence, 1952
6Correspondence, 1953
7Correspondence, 1954
8Correspondence, January-August 1955
91Correspondence, September-December 1955
2Correspondence, January-July 1956
3Correspondence, August-December 1956
4Correspondence, 1957
101Correspondence, 1958
2Correspondence, 1959
3Correspondence, 1960
4Correspondence, 1961
5Correspondence, 1962
6Correspondence, January-May 1963
7Correspondence, June-December 1963
111Correspondence, January-November 1964
2Correspondence, December 1-12,1964
3Correspondence, December 13-18,1964
4Correspondence, December 19-31,1964
121Correspondence, 1965
2Correspondence, 1966
3Correspondence, 1967
131Correspondence, 1968
2Correspondence, 1969
3Correspondence, 1970
4Correspondence, 1971
5Correspondence, 1972
6Correspondence, 1973
141Correspondence, Undated
2Correspondence, Undated
3Correspondence, Undated
4Correspondence, Undated
5Correspondence, Undated
6Correspondence, Undated
7Correspondence, Undated
8Correspondence, Undated
151Correspondence, Undated
2Correspondence, Undated
3Correspondence, Undated
4Correspondence, Undated

Series 3: Georgia State Board of Education Files, 1950-1965

281State Board of Education Report: Providing an Adequate Foundation Program of Education
2State Board of Education Report: Revised Budget, 1951-1953
3State Board of Education Report: Science for Georgia Schools Pt. I-II
4State Board of Education Report: Science for Georgia Schools Pt. III
5Georgia Supreme Court Brief: Collins vs. McPhail
291Digest of Bills Passed by the Split Legislative Session, 1953
2State Board of Education Report: Joint Committee on Economy, 1955
3Federal Office of Education Annual Report
4Georgia Business Education Assn. Armchair Bulletin Meeting, 1954
5Organization of Georgia Dept. of Education, 1953
6Preliminary Brief: Calhoun County Controversy
7Official Opinion on Legality of Governors Order of February 1, 1954
8Padding of School Attendance: Johnson County, 1956
9Memorandum: The Present School Situation, January 1959
10Recommendation of Teachers, April 1954
11Program for State Supervision
12School Building Program, 1955
13Georgia School for the Deaf and Blind
14Educational Television
15Facts Concerning Proposal for School District Bonds
16Georgia Council on Human Relations
17New Georgia Teachers, 1955
18Poteet vs. Union County
18Board of Education
19Appeal of Edison School Against Consolidation with Morgan
20Tentative Statement of Allowable Instructional Space at Proposed White School Centers at Walton County
21Miscellaneous Board of Education Correspondence/Reports
301Minutes of State Board of Education, 1960
2Minutes of State Board of Education, 1961
3Minutes of State Board of Education, 1962
4Minutes of State Board of Education, 1965
5Minutes of Athens Board of Education, 1954
6Minutes of Athens Board of Education, 1955
7Report of Trade School Committee
8Report on Vocational Education, August 1951
9Policies Adopted by Georgia State Board of Education, 1951
10Report by Department of Education, 1955
11Recommendations (Teachers Retirement College System), 1955
12Banning of Textbooks in Georgia Schools
13Survey of Instruction for Math and Science
14Need for Black Schools in Chatham County
15Testing Programs in Georgia Schools, 1955
16Vocational Education
17Savannah Plan
311Allotments of Teachers to School Systems
2Agendas of State Board of Education
3J. Wilkins Smith Case
4Programs Approved for Teacher Education in Georgia Colleges
5Charter Application; Birdwood Junior College
6Length of School Day and Year
7Report on John Marshall Law School
8Report on Traveling Science Teacher Program
9Program for Exceptional Children
10Certification Policies of the State Board of Education
12Community Schools and Suburban Development
13Appeal from Jasper County Board of Education
14Curriculum for Georgia Schools
15Report on visit to Albany State College
16Bids on School Property
17Appeal from Grady County Board of Education
18Vocation Education Budget, 1956-1957
19Needs and Proposed Locations of Vocational Schools
321Minutes of State Board of Education Meetings, 1950
2Minutes of State Board of Education Meetings, January-May 1951
3Minutes of State Board of Education Meetings, June-December 1951
4Minutes of State Board of Education Meetings, 1952
5Minutes of State Board of Education Meetings, January-June 1953
6Minutes of State Board of Education Meetings, July-December 1953
331Minutes of State Board of Education Meetings, January-March 1954
2Minutes of State Board of Education Meetings, April-December 1954
3Minutes of State Board of Education Meetings, January-April 1955
4Minutes of State Board of Education Meetings, May-July 1955
5Minutes of State Board of Education Meetings, August-December 1955
6Minutes of State Board of Education Meetings, January-June 14, 1956
7Minutes of State Board of Education Meetings, June 18-December 1956
8Minutes of State Board of Education Meetings, 1959
341Georgia State Board of Education: Budgets/Financial Reports
2School Lunch Policies
3Student Transportation
4Teacher and School Employees Salaries
5School Enrollment
6Southern Regional Conference of State Boards of Education
7Appeal from Geene County
351Miscellaneous Business Papers
2Miscellaneous Business Papers
3Miscellaneous Business Papers

Series 4: Appointment Books, 1944-1959

361Appointments, 1944
2Appointments, 1945
3Appointments, 1946
4Appointments, 1947
5Appointments, 1948
371Appointments, 1949
2Appointments, 1950
3Appointments, 1951
4Appointments, 1952
5Appointments, 1953
6Appointments, 1954
7Appointments, 1955
381Appointments, 1956
2Appointments, 1957
3Appointments, 1958
4Appointments, 1959

Series 5: Photographs


Series 6: Business files

421Miscellaneous Business Papers
2Miscellaneous Business Papers
3Miscellaneous Business Papers
4Miscellaneous Business Papers
431Miscellaneous Business Papers
2Miscellaneous Business Papers
3Miscellaneous Business Papers
4Miscellaneous Business Papers
5Miscellaneous Business Papers
6Tax Reports
441Miscellaneous Business Papers
2Miscellaneous Business Papers
3Miscellaneous Business Papers
4Miscellaneous Business Papers
5Miscellaneous Business Papers
6Miscellaneous Business Papers
7Miscellaneous Business Papers

Series 7: General Files

461Talmadge Family History
4Account Book

Series 8: Printed Material

471Miscellaneous Print Material
2Miscellaneous Print Material
3Miscellaneous Print Material
4Miscellaneous Print Material
501-13Newspaper Clippings

Series 9: Oversized Material

51Photographs, Record Book, Printing Blocks, Floor Plan
1Daughters of American Revolution scrapbook, 1930s