Edna Ferguson and Philip May Tate, Sr. collection

Edna Ferguson and Philip May Tate, Sr. collection

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Manuscripts
Creator: Tate, Edna Ferguson
Creator: Tate, Philip May, Jr.
Creator: Tate, Philip May
Creator: Tate, William, 1903-1980
Title: Edna Ferguson and Philip May Tate, Sr. collection
Dates: 1836-1981
Quantity: 5.9 Linear feet (14 document boxes, 1 half box, 1 medal box, 1 oversized folder C)
Coll. Number: ms2270

Biographical/Historical Note

Philip May Tate, Sr. was born on August 31, 1865, the son of William and Mary Tate. A merchant in Jasper, Georgia and a farmer in Fairmount, Georgia he is also remembered as the man primarily responsible for establishing the Calhoun, Ga. National Bank in the early 1900's. His wife, Edna Ferguson Tate, was born the daughter of Daniel Wyatt and Sarah Jane Ferguson on August 2, 1873. In 1901 she married Philip May Tate and from 1902 until 1907 they lived in Calhoun, Georgia where he served as president of the bank. In April of 1907 after Philip sold his interest in the Calhoun Bank they moved to Fairmount, Georgia where he bought interest in the bank there. When he died in 1911 Edna Tate was elected the bank president and served in that position until 1926. She was also quite active in school and church work of the community. She died in Fairmount on June 11, 1956.

Their son, William Tate, whom this collection is primarily concerned with, was born in Calhoun, Georgia on September 21, 1903. He attended Fairmount High School and the Georgia Military Academy which he graduated from in 1920. That same year he entered the University of Georgia where he majored in English and History, receiving his B.A. in 1924 and M.A. in 1927. His schooling also included post graduate work at Harvard, Columbia, and the University of Chicago. In 1936, after various teaching jobs at the University of Georgia and McCallie School in Tennessee, he became dean of freshman and assistant professor of English at the University of Georgia. He also served briefly as dean of students and assistant to the president and in September of 1946 became Dean of Men, a position he held until he retired in August of 1971.

Even after his retirement he continued his dedicated service to the University by working on the staff of the alumni office. Tate was also a writer of local history and is noted for his book, Strolls Around Athens, a collection of columns he wrote for the weekly Athens Observer. He died in Athens on September 21, 1980.

Scope and Content Note

Collection consists mainly of the correspondence of Tate concerning the Tate and allied families, notes, and other papers, some used for his book, The Tates of Pickens County; family correspondence, diaries of his mother, Edna Ferguson Tate, Pickens County, Ga., court records, photos, and other papers; and correspondence, receipts, legal documents, maps, and other papers, relating to his management of the estates of his mother, father, Philip May Tate, Sr., and brother, Philip May Tate, Jr. Includes correspondence from Philip May Tate, Jr., to his mother while stationed in East Asia during World War II. Other family members represented include Sarah Tate Tumlin.

The papers are centered primarily around Edna and Philips eldest son, William Tate, former Dean of Men at the University of Georgia from 1946 until 1971. Besides his many other activities Tate also did extensive genealogical research on the Tates and allied families. Much of this work came together in a book he edited called The Tates of Pickens County. The first part of this collection (Boxes 1-4) and probably the most important contains correspondence between him and various people throughout Georgia and the country concerning the Tates and other related families. Found here also are numerous notes and other miscellaneous materials, some of which were used in his book.

Boxes 5-10 consist of family correspondence, diaries of Edna Ferguson Tate, photographs, court records, and other miscellany. Correspondents include William Tate, Edna Ferguson Tate, Sarah Tate Tumlin, Philip May Tate, Jr. and others. Of special note here are the letters Philip May Tate, Jr. wrote to his mother Edna while he was stationed in East Asia during World War II. Also of interest in this section are Pickens County court records dating from the 1830's to the early 1900's. These had once been in the possession of William Tate's grand-father (also called William Tate) who for a time had been a clerk of the court in that county. As a final point, the photographs in this part of the collection should be mentioned. Besides some family pictures, there are several excellent views of Fairmount, Georgia and the surrounding area in the early 1900's.

William Tate was executor of both his parents estates as well as that of his brother, Philip May Tate, Jr. The last part of the collection (Boxes 11-14) includes correspondence, receipts, legal documents, maps, and other miscellaneous material concerned with his managing of these estates.

Oversized folder 1C contains maps regarding the Philip May Tate, Sr. estate.

Index Terms

County courts--Georgia.
Courts--Georgia--Pickens County
Decedents' estates--Georgia.
Executors and administrators--Georgia.
Family papers.
Pickens County (Ga.)--Genealogy.
Tate family
Tumlin, Sarah Tate
United States--Armed Forces--Foreign service--East Asia.
World War, 1939-1945--East Asia.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

Edna Ferguson and Phillip May Tate, Sr. collection, MS 2270. Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, the University of Georgia Libraries.

Immediate Source of Acquisition note

The Edna Ferguson and Philip May Tate, Sr. Collection was in the possession of Sarah Tate Tumlin and given by her to Special Collections in October 1984.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Series 1: William Tate Files

Subseries 1A: Correspondence

11Ambrister, Frances (Mrs. Hubert)
2Appleby, Jane
3Auburn University
4Ballard, C.S.
5Barker, Christine M.
6Bell, Thomas M.
7Benton, Margaret (Mrs. L.O.)
8Brey, Susan N.
9Bruce, Ruth H. (Mrs. John H.)
10Bugg, Mrs. Leland
11Cantrell, Ruth and Lois
12Carter, W. Colquitt
13Chandler, T.P.
14Cole, R.D. SEE: Tate, William Bryd
15Copeland, Patricia (Mrs. R.N.)
16Darnell, Mr. & Mrs. Edgar
17DeFabrites, Mrs. Lenore
18Doebbler, Mabel Tate
19Dorrah, Mrs. D.L.
20Duncan, Lynn
21Ervin, Sam
22Evergreen, Virginia. Postmaster
23Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
24Ferguson, Mrs. Meade
25Finley, Annie. SEE: Dorrah, Mrs. D.I
26Georgia. Dept. of Archives & History
27Gillespie, Mrs. John Marvin
28Gilmer County Ordinary. SEE; Gordon County
29Gladfelter, Carl J.
30Glascock County Ordinary
31Gordon, County Ordinary
32Grant, E.C.
33Grant, Emma M.
34Halbert, Nancy L.
35Hall, Elsworth Jr.
36Hartley, Johnnie
37Holland, William T.
38Howell, Mildred (Mrs. Edgar P.)
39Hunter, Mrs. R.L. SEE: Dorrah, D.L.
40Hutzel, Ruby F.
41Jefferson County Ordinary SEE: Glascock County
42Jones, Elizabeth C. (Mrs. Jack W.)
43Kalamas, Mrs. Ann
44Kelley, Mrs. Lova D.
45Kessler, Mrs. Orville
46Kincaid, B.J. Sr.
47Langford, Bessie H.
48Lay, Richard
49Linfield, Mary B.
50Lisenbe, Mrs. James W.
51Lumpkin County Ordinary SEE: Gordon County Ordinary
52McBride, Nancy S. (Mrs. Gerald H.)
53McClure, Ruth Short & Freeman C.
54McDonald, Ellis Atkinson
55McLain, Milton E.
56McNeil, John H.
57McSwain, Betty (Mrs. Angus)
58Maddox, Sam Tate
59Mayes, Cora May
60Meriwether, Mrs. Annelle
61Miller, Mrs. Glenn E.
62Mouerilf?, Lillie M.
63Nations, Nina E.
64Nelson, Elizabeth Tate
65Newman, Ethel Hubbard
66Newton, Charles. SEE: Newton, Everett
67Newton, Everett
68Noble, Clyde E.
69North Georgia College
70Odom, Eunice T.
71Osborn, Lena Bell (Mrs. Edwin B.)
72Pierce, Mrs. Mamie A.
73Redfield, Mrs. Margaret Knott
74Reeve, Mrs. Jewell B.
75Rogers, Wallace
21Sanders, Mrs. Pearl Tate
2Savage, Mrs. H.C.
3Simpson, Katherine
4Simpson, Robert
5Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Ruben
6Tate, A.W.
7Tate, Albert Junior
8Tate, Mrs. Charles Gordan
9Tate, Chick
10Tate, Ed
11Tate, Edward Ingram
12Tate, Edward W
13Tate, Evangeline
14Tate, Ferdinand J. SEE: Tate, Albert
15Tate, J.C. SEE: Tate, Raymond R.
16Tate, James H.
17Tate, Janet E. (Mrs. James O.)
18Tate, John E.
19Tate, Katelyn Wood
20Tate, Leon F.
21Tate, Martha F. (Mrs. Ferrell)
22Tate, Mary E (Mrs. Louis F)
23Tate, Mary M
24Tate, Raymond R.
25Tate, Sam
26Tate, Thomas S
27Tate, Mrs. Virginia
28Tate, William B. III
29Tate, William Byrd
30Tate, Willie T.
31Tate, Taylor, Mrs. W.M.
32Todd, Jane L. (Mrs. E.G.)
33Tumlin, Sarah
34Tylor, Mrs. Dola S.
35Upchurch, Mrs. Ethel Speir
36Updike, Ethel S. (Mrs. Lesli C)
37Venters, Harley E.
38Vipperman, Carl J.
39Wallingford, Daniel K.
40Warlick, Mrs. Homer B.
41Warren, County Ordinary See: Glascock County
42Watkins, Marion E.
43Whitfield County Ordinary SEE: Gordon County
44Williams, Lucie
45Withers, Mrs. H.A.
46Wood, Marie (Mrs. William F)
47Wormack, Mrs. Dymple See: Dorah, D.L.
48Wyatt, May H.

Subseries 1B: Tate Family Research

31"The First Tate of Evangeline and St. Landry Civil Parishes, Louisiana."
2Georgia Marble Company (Printed material)
3"A History of the Tate Methodist Church"
4Miscellaneous notes, etc.-Folder 1
5Miscellaneous notes, Folder 2
6Miscellaneous notes, Folder 3
7Miscellaneous notes, Folder 4
8Miscellaneous printed material, Folder 1
9Miscellaneous printed material, Folder 2
10"Sam Tate and His Georgia Marble Company"
11Sharptop School
12"Tate-Iana" (humor & miscellaneous)
13 The Tates of Pickens County (William Tate, ed.)

Subseries 1C: Genealogy of Other Families

41Bryd Family-related corres.
1Bell, Hallie B.
2Bryd Family-Bell, Harry H., Jr.
3Bryd Family-Bell, John Sammons
4Bryd Family-Langford, Bessie Hicks
5Bryd Family-Muethlein, Winnie Simpson
6Bryd Family-Shattuck, Marguerite S.
7Bryd Family-U.S. Army Eng. Dis., Gainesville & Hall Co.
8U.S. Army Eng. Dist., Mobile, AL.
9Warlick, Mrs. Homer B.
10Bryd Family-miscellaneous material
11Dent Family-related corres. John Dent
12Newman, Earle S.
13Ferguson Family SEE: Jefferson Family
14Griffith Family-miscellaneous material
15Jefferson & Ferguson Fam. rel corres. Bell, John Sammons
16Bennett, Bertha
17Bennett, Mrs. J.H., Sr.
18Bivins, Raymond
19Collins, Gladys Mahan
20Cannick, Barbara
21Ferguson, Mrs. Lucy B.
22Georgia. University College Book Store
23Glascock County, GA Ordinary
24Hamilton, John K.
25Jefferson, Milton T.
26Jefferson, Tennyson
27Jefferson County Ordinary SEE:"Glascock County"
28Marlin, L.G.
29Nobbs, Louise Williams
30Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation
31Tumlin, Sarah Tate (Mrs. Segman)
32Warren County Ordinary SEE: Glascock County Ordinary
33Williams, Lucie
34Williams, Mabel SEE: Williams, Lucie
35Withers, Mary (Mrs. H.A.)
37Jefferson & Ferguson Family-miscellaneous material
38Madox Family-correspondence & miscellaneous material

Series 2: Family Papers

51General Correspondence, 1923 July
31939 February
41939 March
51939 May
61939 July
71939 October
81939 November
91939 December
101940 January
111942 September
131943 April
141943 May
151943 June
161943 July
171943 September
181943 October
191943 November
201943 December
211944 January
221944 February
231944 March
241944 April
251944 May
261944 June
271944 July
281944 August
291944 September
301944 October
311944 December
321945 January
331945 February
341945 March
351945 April
361945 May
371945 June
381945 July
391945 August
401946 February
411947 October
421947 November
431947 December
441948 January
451948 February
461948 March
471948 April
481948 May
491948 June
501948 July
511948 August
521948 September
531948 October
541948 November
551948 December
611956 January
21956 June
31956 September
41956 November
51957 January
61957 August
71957 September
81957 November
91958 April
101958 May
111958 September
121959 February
131960 January
141960 April
151960 May
161960 June
171960 July
181960 August
191960 October
201960 November
211961 February
221961 March
231961 April
241961 May
251961 June
261961 July
271961 August
281961 September
291961 October
301961 November
311961 December
321962 January
331962 February
341962 April
351962 May
361962 June
371962 July
381962 August
391962 October
401962 December
411963 January
421963 March
431963 April
441963 May
451963 June
461963 July
471963 August
481963 November
491963 December
501964 January
511964 March
521964 April
531964 May
541964 June
551964 July
561964 August
571964 September-October
581964 November
591964 December
601965 January
611965 February
621965 March
631965 April
641965 May
651965 June
661965 July
671965 August
681965 September
691965 November
701965 December
711966 January
721966 February
731966 April
741966 May
751966 July
761966 August
771966 September
781966 October
791966 November
801966 December
811967 January
821967 March
831967 June
841967 July
851967 August
861967 October
871967 November
881967 December
21968 June-December
31969 January-June
41969 July-December & Undated

Sereis 3: Diaries of Edna Tate, Legal Papers of William Tate, Miscellaneous

81AInsurance Papers
2Membership cards
6Tate, Carter: Record of College Exp.
7Tate, Edna: Diary, 1929
8Tate, Edna: Diary, 1932
9Tate, Edna: Diary, 1934
10Tate, William, (1827-1897)
10Legal papers, receipts, etc., 1836
11Legal papers, receipts, etc., 1850-1859
12Legal papers, receipts, etc., 1860-1869
13Legal papers, receipts, etc., 1870-1879
14Legal papers, receipts, etc., 1905
15Legal papers, receipts, etc., Undated
9Cashbook of Harrison Sisson
Ringgold, Georgia

Series 4: Photographs

101Philip May Byrd House
2Fairmount School
3Fairview Church
4Jefferson, George Washington
5Ledbetter, Louis
6Sharptop Community School
7Tate, Philip May Sr.
8Philip May Tate Farm
9Sam Tate House
10Tate, William & others
12Tate Family
13Women's Club, Fairmount, Georgia
14Unidentified & Miscellaneous

Series 5: Tate Family Estate Papers

111Edna Ferguson Tate Estate Papers Correspondence & Miscellaneous, 1956-1970

Subseries 5A: Philip May Tate, Sr. Estate Papers

261974 January-June
271974 July-December
21968 January-June
31968 July-December
151-14Correspondence, 1927-1952 & undated
Legal Documents, Maps, Misc.
17Notes and Miscellaneous
1218Will of Philip May Tate, Sr., 1911
Financial Documents
131Checkbook, 1975-1977
2Checkbook, 1977-1979
3Receipts, 1956
4Receipts, 1957
5Receipts, 1960
6Receipts, 1964
7Receipts, 1965
8Receipts, 1966
9Receipts, 1967
10Receipts, 1968
11Receipts, 1979
12Receipts, 1970
13Receipts, 1971
14Receipts, 1972
15Receipts, 1973
16Receipts, 1974
17Receipts, 1975
18Receipts, 1976
19Receipts, 1977
20Receipts, 1978
21Receipts, 1979
22Receipts, Undated
1413Receipts, 1966
14Receipts, 1967
15Receipts, 1968
16Receipts, 1969
17Receipts, 1970
18Receipts, 1971
19Receipts, 1972
20Receipts, 1980
21Receipts, 1981
22Receipts, Undated
16War Medals, Brass Buttons, Keys, and Misc.
OS Folder
1CMaps re. Philip May Tate, Sr. estate