Charles Colcock Jones, Jr. family papers

Charles Colcock Jones, Jr. family papers

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Jones family
Title: Charles Colcock Jones, Jr. family papers
Dates: circa 1749-1930
Quantity: 7.5 Linear feet (18 boxes & 5 oversized folders)
Coll. Number: ms215

Biographical/Historical Note

Rev. Charles Colcock Jones, Sr. (1804-1863), Presbyterian clergyman and planter, married Mary Jones and resided in Liberty County, Georgia.

His son, Charles Colcock Jones, Jr. (1831-1893), lawyer and historian, married first Ruth Berrien Whitehead, then Eva Berrien Eve and resided in Savannah, Georgia. "Known as the 'Macaulay of the South,' Charles C. Jones Jr. was the foremost Georgia historian of the nineteenth century. Also a noted autograph and manuscript collector and an accomplished amateur archaeologist, Jones in later years became a prominent memorialist of the Lost Cause and critic of the New South." - "Charles C. Jones Jr." New Georgia Encyclopedia.

Charles Colcock Jones, Jr's son Charles Edgeworth Jones was an historian as well. He authored a widely read comprehensive history of Georgia education titled "Education in Georgia."

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of papers of the Rev. Charles Colcock Jones family of Liberty County, Georgia from ca. 1749-1909. The early letters (1850-1861) are between Charles Colcock Jones and Mary Jones in Liberty County, Georgia and their son, Charles Jr., while at school in Princeton and Harvard and later in Savannah (Ga.) where he set up his law practice. The letters discuss social and family life, plantation life, politics and government, religious philosophies, and events leading up to the Civil War. From 1861-1865, Charles Jr.'s letters chronicle his involvement as an officer in the Chatham Artillery stationed along the Georgia coast near Savannah, then Charleston and James Island (S.C.), and Jacksonville (Fla.). After the war, the personal correspondence is mainly between Charles Jr., his mother Mary Jones, his wife Eva Eve Jones, and his brother Joseph Jones. There is also a smattering of correspondence regarding his law practice.

The collection also contains two volumes of letters Eva Eve Jones wrote to family describing her travels through Europe in 1879, manuscripts of Charles Jr.'s writings on Georgia history, Charles Jr.'s speeches including an 1861 speech to the Chatham Artillery, and addresses (1886-1892) he gave before the Confederate Survivors Association. Also included is a copy of the original manuscript for William Bartram's book Observations on the Creek and Cherokee Indians attributed to Ephraim G. Sqier (1821-1888). The manuscript contains tracings of Bartram's drawing of prehistoric mounds, Creek towns, and Cherokee and Creek structures not found in the published work.


Arranged by record type.

Index Terms

Bartram, William, 1739-1823 -- Observations on the Creek and Cherokee Indians
Charleston (S.C.)--History--Civil War, 1861-1865.
Chemistry teachers--Georgia--Augusta--Biography.
Cherokee Indians--Georgia.
Clippings (information artifacts)
College students--Massachusetts.
College students--New Jersey.
College teachers--Georgia.
Confederate Survivors Association.
Creek Indians--Georgia.
Florida--History--Civil War, 1861-1865.
Georgia--History--18th century.
Georgia--History--Civil War, 1861-1865.
Georgia--Politics and government--1775-1865.
Georgia. Chatham Artillery of Savannah.
Harvard University.
Jacksonville (Fla.)--History--Civil War, 1861-1865.
James Island (S.C.)--History--Civil War, 1861-1865.
Jones, Charles C., (Charles Colcock), 1831-1893
Jones, Charles Colcock, 1804-1863
Kentucky--Officials and employees--Selection and appointment.
Land grants.
Land surveys.
Legal documents.
Liberty County (Ga.)--Social life and customs.
Magazines (periodicals).
Manuscripts (documents)
Mississippi--Officials and employees--Selection and appointment.
Plantation life--Georgia.
Plats (maps)
Practice of law--Georgia.
Princeton University.
Real property--Georgia--Franklin County.
Real property--Georgia--Liberty County.
Religious life.
Savannah (Ga.)--History--Civil War, 1861-1865.
Savannah (Ga.)--Social life and customs.
South Carolina--History--Civil War, 1861-1865.
Speeches (documents)
Women travelers--Georgia.

General Notes

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

Charles Colcock Jones, Jr. family papers, ms215, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Related Material

See also photographic materials from this collection that were removed to the Cased Image Collection, ms3529.TEMP.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Series 1: Genealogy and Biography

11Genealogy and biography

Series 2: Business and Legal Documents

Series 2. Business and Legal Documents contains a vast array of business, financial, and other legal transactions important in colonial Georgia. While these legal and business transaction do not always take place directly within the Jones familythey are nonetheless related. Several early documents include wills, deeds, estates and signatures of distant forebears of the Jones family and notable Georgia figures; later documents indicate financial transactions, debts, and indentures, some of which relates to the Jones Plantation. For related material, see the first few folders of Series 3. Correspondence, wherein are mixed with the correspondence some Jones family business letters and legal documents.
12Splatt, John of South Carolina. Will, (fragments), 1749
3Masses, Joseph. Grant, 1757
OS Folder
6Mackay, Patrick. Release to James Sperinck [oversize], 1760?
15Gibbons, Jos. Deed. (w/Zubly signature), 1761
6Maybank, David. Estate, 1769
7Crooke, Heriot. Lease, (fragments), 1775
8Streetman, Sarah. Deed (includes seal), 1785-1793
9Telfair, Edward. Signature, 1786
10Maybank, Andrew. Will (fragment), undated
11Stewart, James. Way, Thomas. Girardeau, Richard. Land plats, no date
12Georgia Seals. Royal and 1799., 1799
13Business Documents - Deeds, indentures and land plats (includes Liberty, Burke, and Richmond counties), 1783-1787
14Indentures, deeds, and receipts, 1780-1797
15Receipts, indentures and commissions (includes some Jones Plantation records), 1830-1839
16Financial papers and legal documents (including receipts, bonds, letters of introduction), 1777-1826
Signature of Hon. Augustin S. Clayton (fragment)

Series 3: Jones Family Correspondence

Series 3. Correspondence comprises the largest series of the collection and spans the years XXXX to XXXX, documenting the Jones family for 4 generations / decades of the Jones family. Generation shifts can be tracked by the correspondents and subject matter. The correspondence is divided into 6 subseries:
Subseries 3.1 Early Correspondence consisting of Legal Documents and letters regarding John Jones and Rev. Charles Colcock Jones, Sr.: The first few folders this subseries also contain Jones family business letters and legal documents mixed in with the correspondence.
Subseries 3.2 Correspondence between Rev. Charles Colcock Jones, Sr. and C. C. Jones, Jr. while away at school: This subseries consists of letters written by Rev. Charles Colcock Jones, Sr. and his wife Mary Jones to their sons studying in Princeton. Letters from the sons to the parents are also included. Additionally, some folders contain speeches written by C.C. Jones Jr. on the concept of beauty, and one titled "National Attachments" as well as a poem entitled "The Old Oak Tree."
Subseries 3.3 C.C. Jones, Jr. professional correspondence: This subseries consists of correspondence during C.C. Jones, Jr.'s time in Savannah as a laywer and mayor, and while he was a lieutenant colonel in the Civil War. The appearance of Ward, Owens, and Jones law firm stationary signifies Jones becoming an established lawyer in Savannah. Around box 5, the letters shift from predominantly family correspondence to correspondence between C. C. Jones, Jr. and Eva Eve Jones. Scattered among this subseries are civil war documents and business letters.
Subseries 3.4 C.C. Jones, Jr. later correspondence, including letters to son Charles Edgeworth Jones: While this subseries mostly consists of C.C. Jones, Jr's correspondence with lawyers and statesmen, letters to son Charles Edgeworth Jones, studying at the University of Georgia, become more frequent and lengthy.
Subseries 3.5 Undated C.C. Jones, Jr. Correspondence: Include both incoming and outgoing letters, drafts of speeches and miscellaneous research from all periods of C.C. Jones, Jr.'s life.
Subseries 3.6 Charles Edgeworth Jones Correspondence. Consists of mainly incoming letters containing replies to Edgeworth's various research queries. Included are several printed articles, clippings, and signatures.

Subseries 3.1: Early Correspondence consisting of Legal Documents and letters regarding John Jones and Rev. Charles Colcock Jones, Sr.

117John Jones correspondence (with Mary Jones and George Walton), 1779-1797
18Letters - various correspondents, 1807-1829
19Joseph Jones estate letters, circa 1846
20Charles Colcock Jones, Sr. letters and business documents, 1843-1849

Subseries 3.2: Correspondence between Rev. Charles Colcock Jones, Sr. and C. C. Jones, Jr. while away at school

121Letters, 1850
22Letters and C. C. Jones, Jr. speeches on genius and beauty, 1851-January-June
23Letters and C. C. Jones, Jr. speech "National Attachment", 1851-July-December
24Letters and C. C. Jones, Jr. speech "Great Men the Glory of their Country", 1852-January-June
25Letters, account records, and Centennial Odes, 1852-July-December
21Letters, 1853-January-August
2Letters and poem "The Old Oak Tree", 1853-September-December
3Letters, 1854-January-June
4Letters, 1854-July-December
5Letters, 1855
6Letters, 1856-January-March
7Letters, 1856-April-September
8Letters, 1856-October-December
9Letters, 1857 January-June
10Letters, 1857 July-December
11Letters, 1858 January-May
12Letters, including some from Mary Jones to Daughter, 1858 June-December
13Letters, 1859 January-March
14Letters, 1859 April-August

Subseries 3.3: C.C. Jones, Jr. professional correspondence

215Letters, some written on Ward, Jackson and Jones Law Firm stationary, 1859 September-October
16Letters, 1859 November-December
17Letters, 1860 January-March
18Letters, including stocks of the Milledgeville Railroad Company, 1860 April-June
19Letters, 1860 July-September
20Letters, including a clipping from the reopening of the Charleston-Savannah railroad, 1860 October-December
31Letters, 1861 January-March
2Letters, 1861 April-May
3Letters, 1861 June-July
4Letters, 1861 August
5Letters, 1861 September
6Letters, 1861 October
7Letters, with C. C. Jones, Jr.'s letters originating from Head Quarters Chatham Artillery, 1861 November
8Letters, 1861 December
9Letters, 1862 January
10Letters, 1862 February
11Letters, 1862 March
12Letters, 1862 April
13Letters, 1862 May
14Letters, including a Reciept Roll of Hired Men and a Reciept Roll of Men on Extra Duty, 1862 June
41Letters, including a copy of James Carter's Bill, a Monthly Summary Statement, a Reciept Roll of Hired Men and two Rolls of Enlisted Men employed upon Extra Duty, 1862 July
2Letters, including a copy of a reciept to Dr. Daniel O'Connor, a Reciept Roll of Men on Extra Duty, and a Monthly Summary Statement, 1862 August
3Letters, including a copy of a reciept to Dr. Daniel O'Connor, a letter written on Ward, Jackson and Jones stationary with Jackson's name scratched out, a copy of a recipet to Dr. J. B. Marshall + Bro, and a Reciept Roll of Hired Men, 1862 September
4Letters, 1862 October
5Letters, 1862 November
6Letters, 1862 December
7Letters, 1863 January 1-15
8Letters, 1863 January 16-31
9Letters, 1863 February 1-12
10Letters, 1863 February 13-28
11Letters, 1863 March 1-15
12Letters, 1863 March 16-31
13Letters, 1863 April 1-15
14Letters, 1863 April 16-30
15Letters, 1863 May 1-15
16Letters, 1863 May 16-31
17Letters, including Letters of Administration of William J. Eve, 1863 June 1-15
51Letters, including a poem titled "The Solace" and an epistle from Eva, 1863 June 16-30
2Letters, 1863 July 1-15
3Letters, including a subscription to the Southern Presbyterian Review, 1863 July 16-31
4Letters, 1863 August 1-15
5Letters, 1863 August 16-31
6Letters, 1863 September 1-15
7Letters, 1863 September 16-30
8Letters, 1863-October 1-15
9Letters, 1863 October 16-31
10Letters, including a subscription to the Morning News and a policy from Southern Mutual Insurance Company, 1863 November & December
11Letters, including bills from the Savannah Gas Light Company, 1864 January
12Letters, including a copy of the appraisement of the Estate of William J. Eve, 1864 February
13Letters, including a poem titled "Our Boy in the Army", 1864 March 1-12
14Letters, 1864 March 13-31
15Letters, 1864 April
16Letters, 1864 May-July
17Letters, 1864 August
(Artillery Rangers here)
Confederate Flag notebook containing artillery ranges of various weapons
61Letters, 1864 September
2Letters, 1864 October
3Letters, 1864 November
4Letters, 1864 December
5Letters, 1865 January-July
6Letters, 1865 August
7Letters, 1865 September
8Letters, 1865 October-December
9Letters, 1866 January-February
10Letters, 1866 March-December
11Letters, 1867
12Letters, 1868 January-March
13Letters, 1868 April-June
14Letters, 1868 July-December
15Letters, 1869
71Letters, 1870
2Letters, 1871
3Letters, 1872
4Letters, including mostly letters to "Auntie (J.M. Cumming? Emma O. Smith?)," and some childhood notes from Charles Edgeworth Jones, C. C. Jones, Jr's son, 1873
5Letters, including letters to Edgeworth from aunts and uncles, 1874
6Letters, 1875
7Letters, 1876 January-June
8Letters, 1876 July-September
9Letters, including a London and Lancashire Fire Insurance Company statement for Mr. Philo C. Eve, 1876 October-December
10Letters, 1877 January-June
11Letters, including a pamphlet from the "Congres International Des Americanistes" and a "Memorandum of Agreement", 1877 July-December
12Letters, 1878 January-June
13Letters, 1878 July-December
14Letters, 1879 January-June
81Letters, 1879 July-August
2Letters, 1879 September-December
3Letters, 1880
4Letters, 1881
5Letters, 1881

Subseries 4.5: C.C. Jones, Jr. later correspondence, including letters to son Charles Edgeworth Jones

86Letters, 1883
7Letters, including a clippings of an address delivered before the Confederate Survivor's Association by C. C. Jones, Jr., 1884
8Letters, 1885-1886
9Letters, including writing "A Venetian Episode in Augusta, and what came of it", 1887
10Letters, 1888
11Letters, including a letter by Gov. Gordon appointing C.C. Jones, Jr. the Chairman of the Georgia Commission at the Centennial Celebration of the Inauguration of George Washington, 1889 January-April
12Letters, including letters and condolences regarding the death of the sister of C.C. Jones, Jr., 1889 May-December
13Letters, 1890
14Letters, 1891
15Letters, 1892
16Letters, including letters of condolence regarding the death of C.C. Jones, Jr., 1893-1899

Subseries 3.5: Undated C.C. Jones, Jr. Correspondence

817Letters, Undated
91Letters, Undated
2Letters, Undated
3Letters, Undated
4Letters, Undated
5Letters, Undated
6Letters, Undated
7Letters, Undated

Subseries 3.6: Charles Edgeworth Jones Correspondence

98Letters, 1887-1889
9Letters, 1890-1892
10Letters, 1893 January-June
11Letters, 1893 July
12Letters, 1893 August 1-24
13Letters, 1893 August 25-31
14Letters, 1893 September-December
15Letters, 1894 January-June
101Letters, 1894 July-December
2Letters, 1895
3Letters, 1896
4Letters, 1897
5Letters, 1898
6Letters, 1899
7Letters, 1900-1919
8Letters, 1920-1930
9Letters, undated

Series 4: Charles Edgeworth Jones papers

11Charles Edgeworth Jones List of the writings of C.C. Jones, Jr.
12Latin examination, 1884 July 5
13Greek examinations, 1883, 1884
14 Education in Georgia by Charles Edgeworth Jones, 1889
15Correspondence re: Education in GA
16Clippings, Pictures, Notes re: Education in GA
17Commonplace Book
18Biographical sketch of Dr. Joseph Jones written by Charles E. Jones
This is a biographical sketch of Dr. Joseph Jones written by Charles Edgeworth Jones. The biography was published in the 1890-1891 Christmas issue of the magazine Dixie and appears on pp. 962-1043. There are also 7 ALS pasted in the pages of the magazine and seven newspaper clippings laid in.

Series 5: Manuscripts

111"Cleburne's Letter", 1864 January 2
2"Monument-- Button Gwinnett, Lyman Hall, George Walton - Signers from Georgia of the Declaration of Independence"
3"The Recent Freshet and its Lesson"
4"Military Operations in GA during the War between the States"
5"Negro Slaves and their relations to Confederate Government during the Civil War"
6"The Settlement of Jews in Georgia"
7"History of Georgia." Ch. 1-5
8"History of Georgia." Ch. 6-10
9"History of Georgia." Ch. 11-15
10"History of Georgia." Ch. 16-19
11"History of Georgia." Ch. 20-22
12"History of Georgia." Ch. 23-24
13"Was It A Ghost?"
14"Negro Boat Song"
15"Negro Myths from GA Coast."
16"Indian Language" (Bound)
17"Improved Muzzle and Rear Sights for Field Pieces, Seige Guns and Cannon in Fixed Batteries"
121"History of Augusta, GA during 18th Century." Ch. 1-3
2"History of Augusta, GA during 18th Century" Ch. 4-6
3"History of Augusta, GA during 18th Century" Ch. 7-11
4"History of Augusta, GA during 18th Century" Ch. 12-14
5"Indian Remains" (bound) (Bound)
1"Address before the Confederate Survivors Association" (bound), April 26, 1886 (bound volume)
131"Oration before the Chatham Artillery", May 1, 1861 (bound volume)
2"Aboriginal Remains in Southern Georgia" (bound) (Bound)
1"Account of the Indians of The South with A Description of the Aboriginal Monuments of the Southern States" by William Bartram (Bound)
copy of Bartram manuscript

Series 6: Notebooks, Journals, Commonplace Books, and Day Books

132Unidentified journal, 1815
3Hodgson Journal, including a typed transcription, 1864 November & December
Hodgson Journal, November & December
4Eva Eve Jones Correspondence Notebook, 1861-1863
141Commonplace book, Eva Eve Jones, 1872
2Jones, Eva Eve, "Memories of Europe" Vol I, 1879 Summer
3Jones, Eva Eve, "Memories of Europe" Vol II, 1879 Summer
4Charles Edgeworth Jones Autograph book
5Philoclea Casey Autograph & Note Book
6Commonplace Book
7Commonplace Book
8Clippings removed from scrapbook
2Papers from scrapbook
2Mt. Vernon Assn. Account Book, Philoclea Casey Eve
3Mt. Vernon Assn. Corres. & Documents, Philoclea Casey Eve
4Botany Notebook
5Journal of Sarah Eve Transcript by Eva Eve Jones
6Correspondence & Notes re Sarah Eve Journal

Series 7: Estate and Property Documents

157Misc. Property Inventories
8Marriage settlements
9Papers re the Estate of Caroline S. Jones, Returns and Accounts with vouchers, 1878
10Papers re the Estate of Caroline S. Jones, Returns and Accounts with vouchers, 1879-1880
11Papers re the Estate of Caroline S. Jones, Returns and Accounts with vouchers, 1881-1882
12Papers re the Estate of Caroline S. Jones, Returns and Accounts with vouchers, 1883-1884
13Papers re the Estate of Caroline S. Jones, Returns and Accounts, 1885
161Papers re the Estate of Caroline S. Jones, Returns and Accounts with vouchers, 1886-1887
2Papers re the Estate of Caroline S. Jones, Returns and Accounts with vouchers, 1888-1889
3Papers re the estate of Caroline S. Jones, returns and accounts with vouchers, 1890-1891
4Papers re the estate of Caroline S. Jones, petitions, 1879-1885
5Papers re the estate of Caroline S. Jones, correspondence, April 10, 1884-April 2, 1886
6Papers re the estate of Caroline S. Jones, correspondence, June 21, 1886-October 1887
7Papers re the estate of Caroline S. Jones, correspondence, January 12, 1888-September 12, 1889
8Papers re the estate of Caroline S. Jones, checks and misc.
9Miscellaneous deeds, 1774-1864
10Miscellaneous deeds, 1870-1874
11Miscellaneous bills and receipts, 1831-1893
12Lease. P. E. Eve to Owen P. Fitzsimmons, 1869
13Fragmented deeds

Series 8: Miscellaneous

171Miscellaneous Printed Material
2Notices of the Excursion of the Chatham Artillery to Nashville
3Articles by C. C. Jones, Jr. (printed)
7John MacPherson Berrien Material
8Paul Hamilton Hayne
9Safety attachment for stopping runaway horses. Samuel L. Cooper
10 Book of Psalms
11Steel Plates. Charles Colcock Jones, Jr.
12Cotton sales, 1844-1846
181 The Autographic Collection and its Engraved Portraits and Views gathered by the late Colonel Charles Colcock Jones, LL.D. Historian of Georgia

Series 9: Oversize documents

Including maps, plats, land grants, deeds, and indentures, etc.
OS FolderItem
1A1Indenture, James and Semor Smith--William Ward Concerning Land in Liberty County, 1 February 1813
2Indenture, William Gibbons--Joseph Gibbons Concerning Land in Franklin County, 12 July 1790
3Document, Appointing Charles C. Jones, Jr., Commissioner of Deeds for the State of Kentucky; Granted By James B. McCreary, Governor, 15 October 1877
4Document, Appointing Charles C. Jones, Jr., Commissioner to Administer Oaths, and Take Depositions and Affadavits for the State of Mississippi, Granted By Benjamin G. Humphreys, Governor, 22 April 1868
5Land Grant to Thomas Smyth Regarding 1000 Acres in Franklin County by George Mathews, Governor (Plat Attached), 24 April 1794
6Land Grant As Above But For Adjacent 1000 Acres
OS FolderItem
2A1Indenture, James and Martha Carter--John Peacock, Sr. Concerning Land in Liberty County, 20 October 1801
2Indenture, Matthew and Hannah McAllister--Morgan Mara Regarding Land in Liberty County, 19 October 1816
3Land Survey for James Smith 352.5 Acres in Liberty County, 3 June 1801
4Indenture, Josiah Wilson, Sheriff--Captain P. H. Wilkins Concerning Sheriff's Land Sales in Liberty County, 3 July 1810
5Indenture, Joseph Law, Sr. for the Estate of Arthur Carney--James Smith Regarding Land in Liberty County
6Will of Mark Carr of the Parish of St. Patrick, Dated 8 June 1767, True Copy From the Original Copy Made, 16 November 1791
OS FolderItem
3A1Land Grant to Thomas Carter Concerning 200 Acres in the District of Newport (Later Liberty County) with Plat by Yonge and DeBrahm Attached, 15 May 1756
OS FolderItem
4B1Plat of Arcadia, the Plantation Owned By Rev. C. C. Jones, in Liberty County, original, 26 August 1848
2-3Plat of Arcadia, 1848- photocopy (2)
4Plat of Arcadia, original, 1872
OS FolderItem
5B1Plat of Land Owned By James Donwody [Dunwody] in Liberty County, original, 27 March 1786
2-3Dunwody Land Plat, 1786, Photocopy (2)
4Dunwody Land Plat, original, 1816
5Dunwody Land Plat, original, 1828