WSB-TV and WSB Radio Records, Series 4. Awards

WSB-TV and WSB Radio Records, Series 4. Awards

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: WSB (Radio station : Atlanta, Ga.).
Creator: WSB-TV (Television station : Atlanta, Ga.).
Title: WSB-TV and WSB Radio Records, Series 4. Awards
Dates: 1962-1980
Quantity: 7.0 Linear feet 7 boxes
Coll. Number: ms2137_4

Biographical/Historical Note

The first broadcast of Atlanta's first radio station, WSB, occurred on March 15, 1922. The call letters, which had been assigned that afternoon by the U.S. secretary of commerce, had formerly been used by a ship's wireless. The station was owned by the Atlanta Journal. On September 29, 1948, the first live commercial television program was broadcast in Georgia. Broadcasting on channel eight from the state's tallest structure at the time, a tower higher than 800 feet, the television arm of WSB Radio and its parent, Cox Broadcasting, began regular service.

For more information, see the article " WSB Radio" in the New Georgia Encyclopedia.

Scope and Content Note

This series includes files related to various journalism and broadcasting awards and include entry packages, certificates, correspondence, photographs, and articles submitted by WSB.


The WSB-TV and WSB Radio records are organized into 7 series: sales; programming; press releases and clippings; awards; surveys and ratings; promotional/marketing; and correspondence and business files.

The awards files are arranged alphabetically by name of the award.

Index Terms

Broadcasting--Awards--United States.
Peabody Awards.
Radio broadcasting--Awards--United States.
Television broadcasting--Awards--United States.

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Preferred Citation note

WSB-TV and WSB Radio records, ms2137, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Related Material

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Abe Lincoln Award, 1971
2Abe Lincoln Entry, 1973 September 1
3Abe Lincoln Award, 1975
4American Baptist Radio, TV Awards, 1968
5American Baptist Awards Deadline, 1969 March 1
6Annual American Baptist Radio-TV Awards, 1967
7American Baptist Radio-TV Entry, 1966
8American Cancer Society Entry, 1967 May 24
9American Cancer Society, 1976
10American Cancer Society Media Awards, 1977
11American Cancer Society
12American Legion Auxiliary "Golden Mike" Deadline, 1969 May 1
13American Legion Auxiliary "Golden Mike" Award, 1970 May 15
14American Medical Journalism Award Entry, 1967 January 31
15American Medical Journalism entry, 1968 January
16American Medical Associations Deadline, 1970 February 1
17AMA Awards
18AMA Journalism Award Competition, "The World of Medicine", 1970
19AMA Awards, 1974
20American Music Awards, 1975
21AMF Recreation Entry, won first place in national competition
22AMF Recreation Award Entry, 1963 March 15
23American Optometric Association Public Service Awards, 1971
24American Psychologic Foundation Award, 1969
25American Psychological Foundation, 1973 May 15
26American Psychological Association, 1976
28"Major" Armstrong Award Entry, 1970 January 29
29"Major" Armstrong Award Entry, 1970 December 16
30"Major" Armstrong Awards, 1974
31"Major" Armstrong Awards, 1976
32"Major" Armstrong Awards, 1977
33Associated Press Awards to Station, Past
34Associated Press Award Entry, 1965
35Associated Press Award Entry, 1966
36Associated Press Award, 1966
37Associated Press Awards, 1967
38Associated Press Awards
39Associated Press Awards Deadline, 1968 January 31
40Atlanta Ad Club Awards Deadline, 1969 January 2
41Associated Press Awards, 1971
42Associated Press Awards, 1972
43Associated Press Awards, 1973
44Associated Press Awards, 1974
45Associated Press, 1976
46Associated Press Awards, 1976
47Associated Press Awards
48Associated Press Awards, 1978
49Associated Press Awards, 1979
50Georgia Associated Press Broadcaster Awards Deadline, 1970 January 31
51Pacemaker G.A.P., 1964
52Georgia Associated Press Awards, 1970
53Georgia Associated Press Broadcaster Awards Deadline, 1969 January 31
54ARB Innovator Awards Deadline
55Atlanta Ad Club Awards, 1971 February 3
56Billboard Community Interest Awards, 1970 June
21Billboard Entry
2Howard W. Blakeslee Award Entry, 1968 May
3Blakeslee Additional Copy, Letters
4Howard W. Blakeslee Awards, 1969
5Blakeslee Awards, 1971
6Blakeslee Award Entry, 1978 May 1
7Blakeslee Award, 1975 May 1
8Howard W. Blakeslee Award
9Blakeslee Award
10BPA/RAB Awards Deadline, 1969 July 21
11BPA Community Involvement Awards, 1970
12BPA Sales Promotion Award Entry, 1971
13BPA Entries, 1972
14Broadcasters Promotion Association, 1973
15BPA Awards, 1973
16BPA Awards, 1975
17BPA Awards, 1976
18BPA Awards, 1977
19BPA Awards, 1978
20Brotherhood Award Entry, 1964
21Awards to Broadcast Management, General Federation of Women's Clubs
22Brotherhood Award, 1968
23Brotherhood Awards Deadline, 1969 April 1
24National Brotherhood Awards Entry, 1969
25Broadcasting Promotion Association, Inc.
26Civil Defense Award, 1976
27Clarion Awards, Women in Communications, 1976
28Clarion Awards, 1977
29Clarion Awards, 1978
30Clarion Awards, 1979
31CLIO Awards Entry, 1973
32Alfred I. DuPont Award Entry, 1963
33Alfred I. DuPont Entry, 1964
34Alfred I. DuPont Award Entry, 1965
35DuPont Awards, 1967
36Alfred I. DuPont - Columbus Survey and Awards, 1969 May 29
37Alfred I. DuPont Awards Deadline, 1969 July 2
38DuPont - Columbia Entry, 1971
39DuPont - Columbia Survey and Awards, 1974
40DuPont - Columbia Survey and Awards, 1979
41DuPont - Columbia Survey and Awards
42Thomas Edison Awards, 1962
43Georgia State Science Fair, 1968 April 4-6
44Thomas Alva Edison Award Entry, 1963
45Thomas Alva Edison Award Entry, 1965
46Thomas Alva Edison Award Entry, 1966
47Edison Foundation Award, 1967
48Edison Award, 1968
49Edison Scholarship
50Thomas Alva Edison Awards Deadline: November 15, 1969
51Environmental Award Deadline, 1972 December 31
52George Erwin Award, 1975
53George Erwin Award, 1977
54George Erwin Awards, 1978
55Eyeshade Award, 1975
56Freedoms Foundation Award Entry, 1962
57Freedoms Foundation Entry, 1964
58Freedoms Foundation Awards Entry, 1966
59Freedoms Foundation Award
60Freedoms Foundation Entry, 1967
61Freedoms Foundation Award Entry Date, 1968 October 31
31Freedoms Foundation Special Award, 1969
2Freedoms Foundation National Award, 1970
3Freedoms Foundation Awards Deadline, 1971 November 1
4Freedoms Foundation, 1973
5Freedoms Foundation Possibility, 1973
6Freedoms Foundation, 1974
7Freedoms Foundation, 1975
8Freedoms Foundation, 1976
9Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, 1976
10Freedoms Foundation Valley Forge, 1977
11Freedoms Foundation, 1979
12Freedom of Speech
13International Association of Fire Fighters
14GAB Promotion of the Year Entry, 1963 May 1
15GAB-Education School Story Entry, 1963 May
16GAB Prestige Awards, 1964
17GAB Safety-Thon Entry
18GAB Prestige Entries, 1965
19GAB Award Entry, Station of the Year, 1966
20GAB Entry, Broadcaster-Citizen of the Year, 1966
21GAB Promo of the Year, 1967
22GAB Station of the Year, 1967
23GAB Entry, 1968 April
24GAB Promotion of the Year, 1968 May 1
25GAB Station of the Year, 1968 May 1
26GAB Prestige Awards Deadline, 1969 May 1
27GAB Awards, Station of the Year, Promotion of the Year, 1969
28GAB Entries, Station of the Year, Promotion of the Year, 1970
29GAB Awards, 1971
30GAB, 1971
31GAB Award Entry, 1972
32GAB Entry, Station of the Year, 1973
33GAB Entry, Station of the Year, 1973 April 16
34GAB Awards Entry, Promotion of the Year, Station of the Year, 1974
35GAB Tourism Promotion Award
36GAB Prestige Award, 1975
37Georgia Association of Broadcasters, 1976
38GAB Awards, 1976
39GAB Awards, 1977
40GAB, 1978
41GAB, 1979
42GAB, 1979
43GAB Media Awards
44GAB Station of the Year Entry, 1963 May
45GAB Promotion of the Year, 1962
46Safety-Thon Information for Award Entry, 1963
47GAB Safety-Thon Award Entry, 1963
48Safety-Thon, 1962
49GAB Competition Award Entry, 1962
50Gabriel Awards, 1968
51Gabriel Awards, 1975
52Gabriel Awards, 1977
53Gabriel Awards, 1976
54Georgia Association of Newscasters, 1970
55ABA Gavel Award Entry, 1963
56Gavel Awards Entry
57Gavel Awards
58Gavel Awards Competition, 1967
59ABA Gavel Awards Deadline, 1969 April 1
60Gavel Awards, 1972
61Gavel Awards, 1973
62Gavel Awards, 1975
63Gavel Awards, 1978
64Gavel Awards, 1977
65Gavel Award, 1978
66Georgia Association of Realtors, George Erwin Award, 1976
67Georgia Association of Realtors, Inc.
68Gavin Award
69GEA School Bell Award, 1964
70GEA School Bell Competition, 1965
71GEA School Bell Awards Deadline, 1969 October 15
72School Bell, 1971
73School Bell Award Entry, 1972
74GAE, 1972
75Georgia Association of Educators Award Entry, 1973
76GAE School Bell Award, 1974
77GAE School Bell Award, 1975
78Georgia Association of Educators, 1979
41Green Eyeshade Award Entry, 1964
2Green Eyeshade Entry Date, 1967 February 17
3Green Eyeshade Award, 1968
4Green Eyeshade Entry Date, 1969 February 14
5Green Eyeshade, 1970
6Green Eyeshade Awards, 1974
7Green Eyeshade Awards, 1976
8Green Eyeshade Award, 1977
9Green Eyeshade Award, 1979
10Green Eyeshade Awards, 1979
11Golden Mike Award, 1966
12Golden Mike Award Entry, 1967
13Golden Mike Awards, American Legion Auxiliary, 1974
14Abe Goldstein Human Relation Award, 1975
15Governor's Committee on Employment of Handicapped, Public Service Award, 1974
16Governor's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped, 1976
17Governor's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped
18Grade Crossing Safety Media Award, 1977-1978
19Headliner Awards Entry, School Integration (Public Service), 1962
20National Headliner Award Entry (Editorials), 1963 January
21Headliner Awards Entry, 1964
22Headliner Awards, 1965
23Headliner Award Entry, 1966
24Headliner Award Entry Date, 1967 February
25National Headliner Award Entry, 1968 January
26Headliner Entry, 1969
27National Headliner Awards Deadline, 1969 February 1
28National Headliner Awards, 1970
29Headliner Award, 1972
30National Headliners, 1977
31Headliners Awards
32Georgia Heart Association
33William Randolph Hearst, 1968-1969
34Sydney Hillman Award Entry, "Century of Freedom", 1963
35Sidney Hillman Awards Entry Date, 1967
36Sidney Hillman Awards Deadline, 1968 February 2
37Sidney Hillman Awards Deadline, 1969 February 1
38Hillman, 1970 January 29
39Sidney Hillman Awards, 1969
40Sidney Hillman Award, 1971
41Sidney Hillman Award, 1974
42The Sidney Hillman Foundation Inc., 1975
43Sidney Hillman Foundation Award, 1976
44Hire the Handicapped, 1970
45Hire the Handicapped, 1968
46Hire the Handicapped Public Service Award, 1968
47Scripps-Howard Awards, Roy W. Howard Public Service Award, 1973 March 1
48Scripps-Howard, Roy W. Howard Award, 1973
49Roy W. Howard Awards, 1974
50Roy W. Howard Awards, 1975
51Roy W. Howard Awards, 1978
52Roy W. Howard Awards, 1978
53Roy W. Howard, 1979
54International Broadcasting Awards Deadline
55Janus Awards, 1977
56Janus Awards, 1978
57The Japan Prize
58John F. Kennedy Award, 1977
59Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award, 1970
60Robert F. Kennedy Awards, 1973
61Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Awards, 1973
62Robert F. Kennedy Awards, 1975
63Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Awards, 1977
64Lasker Foundation Awards, 1968 January 30
65Lasker Awards, 1969
66Abe Lincoln Awards, 1976
67Abe Lincoln Awards Deadline
68Captain Lawton Award, 1976
69"Major" Awards for FM Entry, 1964
70"Major" Awards, 1965
71"Major" Armstrong Awards Entry for FM
72"Major" Armstrong Award Entry, 1966
73Major Awards, 1967 December 31
74"Major" Armstrong Awards Deadline, 1968 December 31
75"Major" Armstrong Awards, 1972
76"Major" Armstrong Awards, 1975
77Mayors Award, 1966
78Mayors' Award Entry Date, 1967 February 1
79Mayors' Award
80U.S. Conference of Mayors & BP Award Entry, 1964 January 31
81Maria Moors Cabot Award, 1975
51McCall's Award, Audrey Tittle, 1962
2Media/Scope Awards, 1964
3Media Awards for the Advancement of Economic Understanding, 1977
4Media Awards for Higher Education, 1978
5Media Awards for Economic Understanding, 1979
6Medical Journalism Award, 1968
7Medical Journalism Awards, AMA, 1967
8Medical Journalism Award, 1966
9Mental Health Bell Award, 1974
10Mental Health Bell Awards, 1975
11Mental Health Award, 1977
12Mental Health Association, 1977
13Mental Health Medical Awards, 1978
14Mental Health Association, 1978
15Mental Health Bell Media Award, 1979
OS Box
1Mike Awards Banquet photograph, 1963
516More Than a Radio Station, 1970
17MHAMA Award, 1978
18National Association of Broadcasters
19Radio Hall of Fame, National Association of Broadcasters
20National Bicentennial Media, 1976
21NAFMB, 1973
22National Foundation of Highway Safety, 1972
23National Foundation for Highway Safety, 1973
24National Foundation for Highway Safety Awards Entry, 1974
25National Conference of Christians and Jews, 1969
26National Conference of Christians and Jews, 1962 November 21
27National Safety Council Deadline, 1969 May 1
28National Safety Council Awards, 1970 May 15
29National Safety Council Awards
30National Safety Council Awards Entry, 1968
31National Safety Council, 1967
32National Safety Council, 1966
33National Safety Council Award, 1966
34National Safety Council Public Service Awards Entries, 1965
35National Safety Council Entry, 1964 January 21
36National Safety Council Entry, 1963 January 31
37National Institute of Social Services, 1970
38NBEA, 1978
39NBEA Awards, 1977
40NBEA Awards, 1979
41NCAA Mass Media Award, 1978
42NCCJ Awards Entry Deadline, 1973 December 31
43Ohio State Awards Entry, 1963
44Ohio State Awards, 1964
45Ohio State Awards, 1965
46Ohio State Award Entry, 1967
47Ohio State Awards Deadline
48Ohio State Awards Entry Date, 1969
49Ohio State Awards, 1970
50Ohio State Awards Entry, 1970 September 15
51Ohio State Awards, 1971
52Ohio State Awards, 1972
53Ohio State Awards, 1972
54Ohio State Awards, 1973
55Ohio State Awards, 1974
56Ohio State Awards, 1975
57Ohio State Awards, 1976
58Ohio State Awards, 1978
59Ohio State Awards, 1979
60Oscars in Agriculture Entry, 1963 June 13
61Oscars in Agriculture, 1969
62Oscars in Agriculture, 1978
63Parish of the Air Award Entry, 1967
64Pacemaker Entry, 1969
65Peabody Awards Entry, 1962
66Peabody Awards Entry, 1963
67George Foster Peabody Entry, 1964
68Peabody Entry, 1965
69Peabody Awards Entries, 1966
70Peabody Awards Entries, 1966
71Peabody Awards, 1967
61Peabody Awards Entries, 1966
2Peabody Awards, 1968
3Peabody Awards Deadline, 1969 January 10
4Peabody Awards Entry, 1970 January 10
5Peabody Award Entry, 1971 January 8
6Peabody Awards Entry, 1972
7Peabody Awards, 1974
8George Foster Peabody Awards, 1975
9Peabody Awards, 1977
10Peabody Awards, 1977
11Peabody Award, 1979
12Peabody Awards, 1980
13Peace Corp
14Phoenix Awards, 1977
15Pioneer Black Journalists Awards Competition
16George Polk Memorial Awards Entry Date, 1967
17George Polk Award Entered, 1968 January 30
18George Polk Memorial Awards Deadline, 1969 February 1
19George Polk Memorial Entry Date, 1970 January 16
20Prix Italia Entry, 1962
1Protestant Radio and Television Center plaque, 1970
621Sigma Delta Chi Quill Award Entry Date, 1967 March 15
22Sigma Delta Chi Quill Awards, 1967
23Sigma Delta Chi Quill Award Third Quarter, 1967
24Sigma Delta Chi "Quill Award" Entry, 1971 January 4
25Sigma Delta Chi Quill Awards, 1973
26Sigma Delta Chi Quill Awards, 1974
27RFE Award Entry, 1963 June 24
28Religion in Media, 1977
29Radio-TV Mirror Award, 1961
30RTNDA Award Entry, 1962
31RTNDA Entry, 1964 July 31
32RTNDA Entry, 1965
33RTNDA Entries, 1966
34RTNDA Radio News Awards, 1967
35RTNDA Award, Edward R. Murrow Radio, Documentary Award, 1968
36RTNDA Award, Editorialized by Radio, 1968
37RTNDA Awards Deadline, 1969 March 1
38RTNDA Entry, 1969
39RTNDA, 1970
40RTNDA Awards, 1972
41RTNDA Awards, 1973
42RTNDA Awards, 1974
43RTNDA, 1976
44RTNDA, 1977
45RTNDA Awards
46RTNDA Awards
47RTNDA Awards, 1979
48Ted V. Rodgers Award Entry, 1963
49Robert F. Kennedy Awards, 1974
50Radio Program Conference Award, 1974
51School Bell Award, 1967
52School Bell Award, 1971
53School Bell Award, 1975
54School Bell Award 1978
55School Story Award, 1966
56School Story, 1966
57School Story Entry, 1965
58Saturday Review Award Entry, 1967 January 13
59Service Station
60Service Station
61Sigma Delta Chi Award Entry, 1961
62Sigma Delta Chi Public Safety Award Entry, 1963
63Sigma Delta Chi Awards Entry, 1964 January 20
64Sigma Delta Chi Entry, 1964
65Sigma Delta Chi Awards, 1966
66Sigma Delta Chi Award Entry, 1966
67Sigma Delta Chi Award Cover for Editorials, 1968
68Pacemaker, 1969
69Sigma Delta Chi Entry, 1968
70Sigma Delta Chi Entry, 1969
71Sigma Delta Chi Awards Deadline, 1969 February 1
72Silver Anvil Awards Deadline, 1969 March 15
73Silver Gavel Awards, 1975-1976
74Silver Gavel Award, 1977
75Silver Gavel Awards, 1979
76Silver Gavel Awards, 1980
77Sigma Delta Chi "Quill" Awards
78Sigma Delta Chi "Quill Awards Entry, 1970 March 23
79Sigma Delta Chi, 1970
80Sigma Delta Chi Awards Deadline, 1972
81Sigma Delta Chi Awards, 1973
82Sigma Delta Chi Awards, 1974
83Sigma Delta Chi, 1975
84Sigma Delta Chi Awards, 1976
85Sigma Delta Chi Awards, 1977
86Sigma Delta Chi, 1979
87Sigma Delta Chi Awards, 1979
88Alfred P. Sloan Award, 1967
71Alfred P. Sloan Awards, 1968
2Alfred P. Sloan Awards Deadline, 1969 May 19
3Sloan Awards, 1971
4Sloan Award Entry, 1972
5Sloan Awards Entry, 1974
6Sloan Awards, 1970
7Silver Anvil Award, 1968
8Alfred P. Sloan Awards, 1966
9Alfred P. Sloan Award, 1966
10Alfred Sloan Award, 1965 March 12
11State Bar Silver Gavel Awards
12Stay and See Georgia Special Award, 1968
13Stay and See Georgia Award Entry, 1969
14Stay and See Georgia Awards, 1970
15Stay and See America in Georgia
16TRUX Awards Competition, 1964
17Trux Awards Entry, 1962
18UPI Awards, 1975
19UPI Awards, 1976
20UPI Awards, 1977
21UPI, 1979
22UPI Awards, 1980
23Wildlife Federation Awards, 1973
24Jack Williams research Awards, 1967
25Jack Williams Memorial Awards
26Jack Williams Memorial Research Award, 1969 May 28
27Jack Williams Award, American Cancer Society, 1970
28Jack Williams Memorial Research Award Committee, 1976
29Jack Williams Research Award, 1975
30Jack Williams Research Award on Cancer
31Jack Williams Cancer Award, 1977
32Jack Williams Award, American Cancer Society, 1978
33Awards Entry Data, 1962-1963
34Award Entry Data, 1964
35Fireman's Strike Story
36Milledgeville Dilemna
37Awards Competition
38Awards Listing
39Public Service
40Safety Award Entry Material
41Georgia Associated Press Awards Entry, 1964 January 16
42GAPB Awards Entry, 1963
44Awards Information for Future Use
45Young American Award
46Broadcast Seminar
47Radio News
48Open Mike
49School Spirit
50Expressway Campaign
52750 Award
53Award Entry Forms, 1963-1964
54Awards, General Material
55Miscellaneous Awards
56Elmo Ellis, VA Award, 1971 October
57Award Certificates
58Award Certificates
59Award Certificates
OS Box
1Award Certificates