WSB-TV and WSB Radio Records, Series 2. Programming

WSB-TV and WSB Radio Records, Series 2. Programming

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: WSB (Radio station : Atlanta, Ga.).
Creator: WSB-TV (Television station : Atlanta, Ga.).
Title: WSB-TV and WSB Radio Records, Series 2. Programming
Dates: 1960-1984
Quantity: 70.75 Linear feet 72 boxes
Coll. Number: ms2137_2

Biographical/Historical Note

The first broadcast of Atlanta's first radio station, WSB, occurred on March 15, 1922. The call letters, which had been assigned that afternoon by the U.S. secretary of commerce, had formerly been used by a ship's wireless. The station was owned by the Atlanta Journal. On September 29, 1948, the first live commercial television program was broadcast in Georgia. Broadcasting on channel eight from the state's tallest structure at the time, a tower higher than 800 feet, the television arm of WSB Radio and its parent, Cox Broadcasting, began regular service.

For more information, see the article "WSB Radio" in the New Georgia Encyclopedia.

Scope and Content Note

The programming series consists of news and radio scripts; radio and television production notes, logs, and schedules; film contracts; files related to broadcasting the Atlanta Braves, Hawks, and Flames; and research, broadcasting information, and audio clips regarding local and state political campaigns.


The WSB-TV and WSB Radio records are organized into 6 series: sales; programming; press releases and clippings; awards; promotional/public relations; and correspondence and business files.

The programming files are organized into 7 subseries: radio; television; news scripts and files; Dateline America scripts; World Today scripts; sports; and political.

Index Terms

Atlanta Braves (Baseball team).
Atlanta Flames (Hockey team).
Atlanta Hawks (Basketball team).
Broadcasting--United States.
Campaign paraphernalia.
Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc.
Georgia--Radio and television broadcasting.
Radio broadcasting of sports.
Radio broadcasting--Georgia.
Radio programs--United States.
Radio scripts.
Radio stations--Georgia.
Television broadcasting of sports.
Television programs--Georgia--Atlanta.
Television stations--Georgia.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

WSB-TV and WSB Radio records, ms2137, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University of Georgia Libraries.


Conditions Governing Access note

Though the collection is open for research, the audiovisual recordings do not have reference copies; however, reference copies can be made available upon request. Availability is dependent upon the format and condition of the recordings.

Related Material

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


2.1 Radio, 1972-1979

OS Box
1Waiting (for you) sheet music by Wesley Drinkard, 1940
11972-1974 March
21974 April-July
31974 July-November
41974 November-1975 March
51975 March-July
61975 July-September
71975 September-December
81975 December-1976 February
91976 February-May
101976 May-July
111976 July-October
121976 October-December
13Daily Program Logs, 1976 February 1-April 9
141Daily Program Logs, 1976 April 10-April 30
2Easter Sunrise Service
4Dixie Farm and Home
5Merry Go Round
7750 Soap Box - Sound-Off
8750 Soapbox
9Dollar Scholar
10Cash Quiz Specials
12100th Anniversary of the Telephone
13"Art of Living" NBC - Special
14American Democracy: Reason for Hope, NBC, Special
15Claire Boyant
16Captain & Tennille
17Chester, Lester, and Friends, Special
18RCA, Chester and Lester
19Custer's Last Stand, Special
21Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the American Revolution, Special
22First Fabulous Fifty
23Fairmont Specials
24The Great Tree
25Growing Old in America, NBC Special
26"Goals for America", Replacement for Pro & Con
27Independence Weekend
28Independence Weekend, 4th of July
29"I am the Nation", Special
30It's the Law, Special
31"How to Quit Smoking" PSA Tips
32Jewish Rock, Replacement for Eternal Life, Special
33The Wally Kennedy Show
34Colonel Kazoo's Hulabaloo, Special
35Let's Talk Sports
36Modulating with McCall, NBC
37The National Pastime, Special
38Oglethorpe Special
39Miscellaneous Specials
40Outlook '76, Special
41"Personal Opinion", Replacement for Viewpoint
42The Problems of the Handicapped, Special
43Pick a Platter, Special
44WSB Radio's Birthday
45Radio Shack Remote
46Save the Fox, Special
47Sports Wizard
48Stage Bands
49Thank You Lord, Poem
50Year-end Review, Mutual
52Family Nutrition
53Good Old Days of Radio
54Call the Psychiatrist, 1972-1980
55Hidden Histories
56Highway Headlines
57Hunting and Fishing
58Inside Story
59Meet the Press
60Midnight Minister
2X Minus One
3The Lutheran Hour
4Marta Reports
5Quiz Kids
6Rate the Record
7750 Feedback
8"The World Today" Program
9Comedy Bits
10Political Conventions
11Public Service
12Federal Communication Commission
13Hallmark's Presentation of "Peter Pan", FM-Simulcast
14FM Promos
15Election and Primary Coverage, FM
16Great 98 APF
17Atlanta Tennis Classic
19FM PA Programming
21Federal Crime Insurance PS
23Freedom Train, PSA
24Handicapped Vets, PSA
25You and Your Health, PSA
26Hire the Handicapped, PSA
27Latin American Association, PSA
28Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Social Change, PSA
29Black Caucas Bicentennial Oratorical Contest, PSA
30THOR - Burglary Prevention Month, PSA
31United Negro College Fund, PSA
32Voice of Democracy
35College Football
36Sports General
40High School Football
41Mini Bowl Games
42Pro Football
43Peach Bowl
45Earl Nightingale
46Second Sunday
47Show Biz
48Spirit of 76
49Strength for Today
50Update People
161977 January 1-March 21
171977 March 22-June 17
181977 June 18-September 15
191977 September 16-November 24
201977 November 25-December 31
21Daily Program Log, 1977 April 1-September 30
221978 January 1-February 23
231978 February 24-April 5
241978 April 26-June 27
251978 June 28-August 22
261978 August 23-October 31
2711978 November 1-December 31
2Daily Program Logs, 1978 January 1-17
28Daily Program Logs, 1978 January 18-March 26
29Daily Program Logs, 1978 June 5-July 31
30Daily Program Logs, 1978 July 22-31
31Daily Program Logs, 1978 August 1-September 22
32Daily Program Logs, 1978 September 23-December 7
33Daily Program Logs, 1978 December 8-31
34Daily Program Logs, 1978 January 1-April 24
35Daily Program Logs, 1978 April 25-June
361978 July 1-August 31
371978 September 1-October 31
381978 November 1-December 31
391979 January 1-January 31
401979 March 1-March 31
411979 April 1-April 30
421979 May 1-June 6
431979 June 7-June 30
441979 July
451979 August
461979 November
471979 December
481979 January 1-February 28
491979 March
501979 June, October
511979 July, November 1-15
521979 November 16-December 31
har-ms2137_0010"WSB Radio" tape (1/2" open reel audio)

2.2 Television, 1969-1980

531973 May 21-July 23
541973 July 24-September 29
551974 July 1-September 2
561974 September 3-30, 1980 April 7-30
5711980 May 1-30
2-6Schedule, 1968 December 29-1973 August 4
581-4Schedule, 1973 August 5-1975 August 16
591-2Schedule, 1975 August 17-1976 January 3, undated
601Celebrity Tennis
2Inner Space
4Elephant Boy
5MCA-TV Distributing Center Suspense Theatre
8Expired Feature Film Contracts
8Screen Gems
9The American Adventure Tape-Films, Inc.
10All Night Gospel Sing
12Mighty Hercules, The Schnur Appel, Inc.
13Greater Bible Stories American Lutheran Church
14"Jot" Southern Baptist Convention, 1971-1974
15MGM Television "Then Came Bronson", 1971-1973
16-17United Artists Television, 1965-1970
18Green Sheets, 1963-1971
19Earl Nightingale, 1972-1973
20The Parent Game, 1972-1973
21Dr. Kildare, 1972-1973
22Teleworld, Inc., 1967-1973
23NBC Films TWX Communications, 1970
24Television Enterprises Corp., 1968-1973
25American International Television, 1967-1973
26Current (Weekly) Outgoing Correspondence (Copies), 1969-1970
611Garnet Films Inc. "Something Else", 1970-1971
2ABC Films, 1960-1969
3Modern Teleservice Chicago, 1961-1966
4Encyclopaedia Britannica Films, 1965-1967
5Filmways (Steve Allen), 1968-1969
6Film Express - Outdoorsman, 1967-1968
7Don Kemper Productions, 1967-1969
8King Features Syndicate, 1964-1968
9Hartwest Television, Inc., 1969-1970
10Lewron, 1969-1970
11Schwimmer (Champ. [Championship] Bowling), 1968-1969
12Westinghouse (Government Story), 1969
13Reeves Sound Studios, 1968-1969
14Technicolor (King Family), 1968-1969
15TRAFCO "Breakthru", 1967
16Trans-Lux, 1969 December 3
17Twentieth Century Fox "Big Bands", 1968-1969
18Triangle Exercise with Gloria, 1966-1967
19Warner Brothers - Seven Arts, 1964-1973
20Warner Brothers - Seven Arts Trans-Ships and Corres [Correspondence], 1965-1971
21Sports Challenge, 1971-1973
22Sports Action Profile, 1973
23Filmways Television (National General Specials), 1970-1971
24Independent Television Corp. Showtime and Spotlight, 1970-1975
25Technicolor Vidtronics Divsion "Oral Roberts Presents" and Man to Man and Christophers, 1971
26Allied Artists Assoc., 1965-1967
27Allied Artists Booking Schedule, 1968 January-May
28Desilu Booking Schedule, 1964-1967
29Embassy Pictures Corp. Booking Schedule, 1968-1969
30Embassy Films, 1965-1971
31MGM-TV Films, 1963-1969
32MGM-TV Booking Schedule, 1966-1967
33Seven Arts Library Reviews, 1962-1965
34Screen Entertainment Co. Booking Schedule, 1964-1969
35Golden Years, 1970-1971
36Paramount, 1964-1971
37Feature Play Dates, 1964-1970
38Misc. Feature Info, 1951-1969
39MetroMedia Producers Corporation "Primus", 1971-1973
40MCA-TV, 1968-1971
41Jack Anderson Show, 1971-1972
42Secrets of the Deep, 1973-1974
621Merv Griffin Show (VT/C) (Metromedia), 1972-1975
2NBC Charge Sheets (Network Transhipments), 1961-1968
3CBS Films Perry Mason, 1969-1975
4National Telefilm Association, Inc., 1969-1974
5Lewron Television, Inc. "L.M.A.D." [Let's Make A Deal], 1971-1974
6Let's Make A Deal, 1975-1977
7Death Valley Days - Modern Telefilm Service (Hollywood), 1970-1972
8Hollywood Film Enterprises - It's a Small World, 1969-1977
9Hank Thompson, circa 1970
10Sammy and Company, 1975-1977
11Candid Camera, 1970s
12U of Michigan Ecology and Take as Directed, 1959-1973
631Worldvision Enterprises "Mod Squad", 1973-1976
2NTA Film Services "High Chaparral", 1971-1974
3Spirit of '76, 1975
4Four Star Films Big Valley, 1965-1976
5It Pays to Be Ignorant, 1970s
6Lorenzo Music Show, 1976
7Not for Women Only, 1976
8Lloyd Bridges, 1972-1973
9Judd for the Defense, 1973-1975
10Anthology, 1968 March-April
11The Deputy, 1967-1969
12Spring Street USA, 1973 March-October
13CPM Specs, 1973 January-March
14Counter Point, 1976
15Weather World Scripts, 1975
16"The Search", 1967, 1970-1971
17Special Programming, 1969-1971, 1977
18Local Programming, 1970-1974
19Programming Information, 1969-1974
20NBC Programming, 1969-1974
21Production Department, 1976-1977

2.3 News Scripts and Files, 1967-1979

6322News Scripts, 1967, 1969-1970
23News Script, 1971 June 18-June 22
24News Script, 1971 June 22-25
25News Script, 1971 June 26-29
26News Script, 1971 June 30-July 2
27News Script, 1971 July 3-6
641-14News Script, 1971 July-August
651-5News Script, 1971 August 18-August 30
6WSB Radio News Specials, 1971-1972
7Action News, 1974 March 21
8Airlines, 1970-1971
9Annexation, 1975
10Awards, 1973-1974
11Atlanta's Nightclubs, 1968 March
12Bartow...Cartersville, 1975
13Matthews Case, 1976
14China, 1971-1972
15Bob Cohen Investigative, 1971-1972
16Concept of Show, 1971
17Consolidation, 1967-1971
18Cox Releases, 1972
19Critique, 1968-1972
20Daily Story Conferences, 1972-1973
21Editorials, 1970-1973
22Editorials (Material), 1970
23Emory University, 1967-1969
24Freedom of Press, 1972
25Background for Don McClellan-Home Energy, 1976
26Housing Series, 1968-1969
27Investigation, 1960s
28Legal, 1971, 1973
29MARTA, 1973
30Model Cities, 1972-1973
31Monday News Conference, 1973-1974
32Mr. Reinsch's Speech, 1972
33Murphy Kidnapping, 1974 February
34News-Money Series, 1976
35News Department, 1977
661News Department, 1978
2News-Audience Mail, 1978
3News Department, 1979
4Research Inst., 1973
5Richard Russell, 1970-1971
6Run-Down Sheets, 1973-1974
7News Department, 1972-1973
OS Box
1Radio News Conference Clinic Script, 1962

2.4 Dateline America and Personal Opinion Scripts, 1974-1981

668-15Dateline America, 1975 January-August
671-11Dateline America, 1975 September-1976 July
12Dateline America, 1974-1976
13Dateline America, 1975
14Dateline America, 1976
15Personal Opinion, 1976
16Personal Opinion, 1977-1981

2.5 World Today Scripts, 1981-1984

681-6The World Today Scripts, 1981 December-1984 December
7The World Today, 1981-1983

2.6 Sports, 1965-1979

688-9Braves Programming, 1965-1972
10Braves Requests, 1971
11-24Atlanta Braves, 1971-1977
691Braves Brochure, 1975
2Braves Promotional Plan, 1978
3-4Hammerin' Hank Aaron, 1973
5Hawks Programming, 1968-1972
6Atlanta Hawks Station Correspondence, 1971
7-8Atlanta Hawks, 1968-1972
9Atlanta Hawks Station Contracts, 1972-1973
10Affidavits of Performance, Hawks, 1972-1973
11Hawks Letters, Memos, and General Info, 1971-1973
12-14Atlanta Hawks, 1972-1974
15Atlanta Hawks CMC Stereo Letters, Mailed
16Affidavits of Performance, Hawks, 1973-1974
17-19Atlanta Hawks, 1973-1975
20Atlanta Hawks (Work File), 1974
21Atlanta Hawks (Station Contracts and Correspondence), 1974-1975
22Atlanta Hawks (Work Folder), 1974-1975
23Atlanta Hawks (Masters)
24Hawks Letters, 1975
25-26Atlanta Hawks, 1975-1978
27Atlanta Hawks-Technical/Engr., 1970-1972
28Atlanta Hawks-Sales Promotion, 1971
29Hawks Song, 1969
30NBA All Star Game Information, 1969-1973
31Georgia Basketball-General, 1970-1971
32NFL Computerized Football, 1970
33NFL Football, 1973
701NFL Football, 1974
2Atlanta Falcons, 1965-1974
3Atlanta Flames Hockey, 1972-1973
4Atlanta Flames Hockey Contract Negotiations, 1972-1973
5Hockey Programming, 1972-1975
6Flames/Hawks (Ann), 1975-1976
7Atlanta Flames Hockey, 1977
8National Hockey League, 1972 January
9Atlanta Apollos, 1973-1974
10Soccer Programming, 1966-1968
11File Soccer Team Formats, 1973
12World Football League, 1974
13Programming-University of Georgia Football, 1970-1973
14Georgia Football, 1971
15Football, 1972-1973
16Peach Bowl, 1973
17Mutual Football, 1977
18College Football, 1977
19Peach Bowl, 1979
20Georgia "G" Day Game Info, 1971, 1973
21University of Georgia Basketball/Football, 1978-1980
22-26High School Football, 1972-1975, 1978
27Metro All Star Team, 1974
28Golf, 1974
29-31Football, 1974-1975
32Sports Reports, 1973
33Basketball, 1977-1978
34Sports-General Info, 1973-1974
35WSB Sports Info, 1970s

2.7 Political, 1960-1978

7036Preliminary Research, 1960-1966
37Elections Research Center, 1966, 1972
38The Big Night, 1966, 1970
har-ms2137_0001Politics - Equal time for Lester Maddox and Peter Zach Geer, 1966 September 27 (1/4" open reel audio)
7039Politics - Transcripts on equal time for Lester Maddox and Peter Zach Geer, 1966
40Politics - Callway and Maddox, 1966
41Politics - "Write-In, Georgia", 1966
har-ms2137_0002Politics - John A. Sibley Speech (1/4" open reel audio)
7042Politics - John A. Sibley Speech, 1966
43Georgia Political Poll, 1966 November
44FCC-Fairness Doctrine, 1967-1975
711Governor, 1967
2Political Rules References, 1968-1972
3Politics-Endorsement of Charles Weltner and James Mackay, 1968
4Atlanta TV Election Survey, 1968 November
5Elections-Miscellaneous Information, 1968
6Atlanta City Election, 1969, 1972-1973
7Election, 1970, 1972
8Sample Ballot Info, 1974, 1978
9Political-GAB Network Program (Carter-Suit Debate), 1970 October
10Political Programming, 1971-1974
har-ms2137_0003Political - J. B. Stoner spot (1/4" open reel audio)
7111Political - J. B. Stoner Spot Correspondence and Other Info, 1972
12WSB-TV Political Poll, 1972 October
13Receiving Form #1, 1972
14Receiving Form #2, 1972
15Receiving Form #3, 1972
16-17WSB Precince Info Sheets, 1972
18Primary Election, 1972
19WSB TV Election Coverage: Primary, 1972 August
20US Senate, 1972
21Total Votes Cast, 1972
22US Presidential, 1972
23City Elections, 1973
24Politics-Free Speech Statement and Editorial, 1974
25Political Debates, 1974 August-September
26-27Democratic Governor, 1974 August 13
28Democratic Leiutenant Governor, 1974 August 13
29Republican Governor, 1974 August 13
30-31Georgia Primary Election Totals, 1974 August 13
32Totals, 1974 September 3
33Democratic Leiutenant Governor, 1974 September 3
34Republican Governor, 1974 September 3
35Democratic Governor, 1974 September 3
36Election Coverage, 1974
37WSB Precinct Information Sheets, 1974, 1978
38Political Memos and General Correspondence, 1977-1978
721Georgia Primary Election, 1978
2Political-JB Stoner Problems, 1978 June
3Sample Ballot Info, 1956-1972
4-20Poll Results, 1970, 1972, 1974
21Election Night Info, 1968-1972
22Senatorial Past Election Poll, 1972
23Presidential Election-Past Poll, 1972
24"Decision '78" Georgia Primary Election, 1978 August 8