Calvin M. Logue papers

Calvin M. Logue papers

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Logue, Cal M., (Cal McLeod), 1935-
Title: Calvin M. Logue papers
Dates: Bulk, 1979-1990
Dates: 1979-2000
Quantity: 2.25 Linear feet 3 document boxes, 3 half boxes
Coll. Number: ms2059

Biographical/Historical Note

Calvin Logue was the Josiah Meigs Professor of the Deparment of Speech Communication at the University of Georgia. From 1979-2000, Dr. Logue preserved speeches given by students in his speech communication class (known as SPC 218-H and later as SPCM 2150-H). He developed the students' speeches into a multi-year, ten volume manuscript: Student Speeches in Georgia: Last Score of the Twentieth Century, an edition of which was published in 1990.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of typescripts of speeches and class notes from Dr. Calvin Logue's honors speech communication class at the University of Georgia. Included are ten volumes of speeches by students, along with permissions to publish from each student, as well as class rolls and course notes from. Logue's correspondence relating to the manuscript and this collection is also included.

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College orations--University of Georgia.
Lecture notes.
Manuscripts (documents)
Oral communication--Study and teaching.
Releases (permissions)
Speeches (documents)
University of Georgia.

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Calvin M. Logue papers, ms2059, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Class Materials, 1979-1985

Subseries 1A: Spring 1979

11Class roll, notes
2Abernathy, Ray M.: "The Semester System: The Best Way'
3Ball, Carolyn C.: "Standardized Dress in American Public Schools"
4Blaxton, Teresa: "A Proposal For the Decriminilization of Prostitution"
5Harrison, Beth: "A Necessary Match For the Energy Crisis: Petroleum Price Deregulation"
6Jennings, M. Scott: "The All Volunteer Force: Grapes Gone Sour"
7King, Mark W.: "We Need the Draft"
8Lyles, Lauren B.: "The Battle Against Capital Punishment"
9McCommon, Margaret: "'If Christ Has Not Been Raised...'"
10Morris, Lauren: "The Treasures Within Us"
11Rodgers, Mary P.: "Origins: A Creative Alternative"
12Shiles, Gene: "Morality in Public Education"
13Whatley, Susan E.: "Muscular Dystrophy: The Hater of People, Especially Children"
14Williams, Pamela J.: "The Value of Nonverbal Communication"
15Wood, Carol: "The Need for Americans To Be Bilingual"

Subseries 1B: Fall 1979

116Class roll, notes
17Bumbarger, Judy: "Save the Seals and Save the Whales"
18Chandler, Jennifer B.: "A Call To Service"
19Dominey, Jack: "Gasoline Conservation-Now!"
20Dye, James Wade: "Our Safety Is At Stake"
21Friedlander, Beverly: "This Game of Life"
22Hudson, Sandra: "Life is Sacred, Don't End It"
23Jones, Valeria: "The Pet Population Explosion"
24Nethery, N.L.: "The Scholastic Aptitude Test Score Decline: Symptom of a Changing Society"
25Ortega, Hernando J. Jr.: "National Health Insurance: For Better Or For Worse"
26Pendley, Karin: "Public Relations Credibility: It's Time the Public Knew"
27Rush, Wayne: "Glowing In Our Graves"
28Strickland, Patti: "Brave New World Or Frightening New Future"
29Swingle, Roger L. Jr.: "The Mockery"
30Tenenbaum, Mark D.: "I Oppose Capital Punishment"
31Thomas, Terri: "Abortion: The Equivalent of Murder"

Subseries 1C: Winter 1980

132Class roll, notes
33Atha, Karen: "Theatre Is Worth Your While"
34Cox, Ricky: "The Panama Canal Treaties: It's Not A Last Ditch Effort"
35Critten, Phyllis J.: "Welcome to Romper Room!"
36Goldberg, Steven R. : "Is America In Danger Of Losing Its Free Press?"
37Harris, Lisa: "Save the Children"
38Harrison, Wade C.: "A Plea For The Opening Of the Final Frontier"
39Johnson, Sharon L.: "Get Fired Up For Homecoming"
40Love, Darsi:"Solar Energy: Out Of the Closet And Into The Light Of Day"
41Luckasavage, Susan: "Miss Suzie Sorority: An Empty Stereotype"
42McAlister, Rustin: "Toward A Democracy"
43Morris, H. Philip: "Rehabilitate Those Jailbirds"
44Reu, Susan: "Commitment To Learning"
45Schulman, Ginger: "A Modern Witch Hunt"
46White, Loretta A.: "A Nation Of Illiterates?"
47Wofford, Gail W.: "Equity On Origins"

Subseries 1D: Spring 1980

148Class roll, notes
49Burt, Nancy J.: "Recycle Your Garbage"
50Busdicker, Viki E.: "Nuclear Power: It's Nothing To Joke About"
51Carpenter, Darrell W. : "Listen, To Learn, To Listen"
52Hardwick, Lynn M.: "Help Save Your Own Life"
53Hearn, Joli: "Controlling the Surplus Dog And Cat Population"
54Herring, Wendy: "A Gift of Life: Given In Death"
55Johnson, Walter E.: "The Social Security Mess"
56McKinney, Sheila: "Run For Your Life"
57McTier, David A.: "More Than A Job"
58Moore, Clinton T.: "Resident Hall Government Needs You"
59Nowacki, Jackie: "A Forgotten Essential of Life"
60Sophianopoulos, Jan: "Ways To Cut High Food Costs"
61Su, Claude: "Socialized Medicine--A Nightmare"
62Tippett, Carolyn: "Help A Friend Who Is Dependent On Drugs"
63Whitfield, Bryan: "Discovering Your Rosetta Stone"
64-78Class roll, notes - Fall, 1980-1985

2. Student Speeches in Georgia manuscript files

179 The Arch, Logue article
80Correspondence: regarding housing and publication
21-4 Student Speeches in Georgia Vol. 1, typescripts of student speeches, 1979-1980
5 Student Speeches in Georgia Vol. 1, permissions to publish
6-8 Student Speeches in Georgia Vol. 2, typescripts of student speeches, 1980-1981
9 Student Speeches in Georgia Vol. 2, permissions to publish
10-13 Student Speeches in Georgia Vol. 3, typescripts of student speeches, 1981-1982
14 Student Speeches in Georgia Vol. 3, permissions to publish
31-4 Student Speeches in Georgia Vol. 4, typescripts of student speeches, 1982-1983
5 Student Speeches in Georgia Vol. 4, permissions to publish
6-8 Student Speeches in Georgia Vol. 5, typescripts of student speeches, 1983-1984
9 Student Speeches in Georgia Vol. 5, permissions to publish
10-13 Student Speeches in Georgia Vol. 6, typescripts of student speeches, 1984-1985
14 Student Speeches in Georgia Vol. 6, permissions to publish
41 Student Speeches in Georgia Vol. 7, typescripts of student speeches, 1986
2 Student Speeches in Georgia Vol. 7, permissions to publish
3 Student Speeches in Georgia Vol. 8, typescripts of student speeches, 1989
4 Student Speeches in Georgia Vol. 8, permissions to publish
51 Student Speeches in Georgia Vol. 9, typescripts of student speeches, 1990-1991
2 Student Speeches in Georgia Vol. 9, permissions to publish
61 Student Speeches in Georgia Vol. 10, typescripts of student speeches, 1990-2000
2 Student Speeches in Georgia Vol. 10, permissions to publish
3Calvin Logue Curriculum Vitae, 2000