Merle C. Prunty, Jr. papers

Merle C. Prunty, Jr. papers

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Manuscripts
Creator: Prunty, Merle C.
Title: Merle C. Prunty, Jr. papers
Dates: 1937-1982
Quantity: 38.0 Linear feet (32 document boxes, 6 half boxes, 24 slide boxes, 9 card file boxes, 1 flat box, 3 oversized folders B, 5 oversized folders C)
Coll. Number: ms2031

Biographical/Historical Note

Dr. Merle Charles Prunty, Jr. (1917-1982), was a professor of geography at the University of Georgia from 1946-1982.

Scope and Content Note

The Merle C. Prunty, Jr. Papers consists of biographical information, correspondence, writings, papers concerning Prunty's education as a student and teacher, University of Georgia faculty activities, professional activities, research, bibliographies, photographs, negatives, slides, and maps.

The collection consist of 71 boxes and 8 oversize folders. Box 1 contains folders 1:1-1:8 which have biographical information such as newspaper clippings, awards, and resumes. Folder 1:5 contains personal correspondence that Prunty kept in a separate folder. Much of this correspondence is letters of reference from the early 1940's.

Boxes 2-8 contain correspondence arranged in alphabetical order. Dr. Prunty apparently had several sets of correspondence files-a general office file, a deskside file, a research file, a student file, and a manuscript file. His files were arranged alphabetically. There was also correspondence throughout other folders in his files. Most correspondence has been combined into general correspondence using Prunty's folder headings whenever possible. These headings varied from a person's name to the name of a college to the title of a paper. Therefore, letters from one person could have been found in several different folders. In an attempt to aid researchers using this collection, some letters were shifted from one category to another. Box 2 contains folders 2:1-2:25 which include A-Burton. Box 3 contains folders 3:1-3:21 which include C-Davison. Box 4 contains folders 4:1-4:17 which include De Blij-H. Box 5 contains folders 5:1-5:21 which include Hall-Lineback. Box 6 contains folders 6:1-6:23 which include M-Postdoctoral Research Professorship. Box 7 contains folders 7:1-7:22 which include Q-V. Box 8 contains folders 8:1-8:31 which include W-Z and letters without a full signature to identify the correspondent.

Boxes 9-19 contain writings by Prunty arranged in chronological order. Box 9 contains folders 9:1-9:18 which include journal articles or papers written 1941-1952. Box 10 contains folders 10:1-10:10 which include journal articles or papers written 1953-1956. Box 11 contains folders 11:1-11:14 which include journal articles or papers written 1957-1967. Box 12 contains folders 12:1-12:13 which include journal articles or papers written 1968-1974. Box 13 contains folders 13:1-13:12 which include journal articles or papers written 1975-1979. Box 14 contains folders 14:1-14:8 which include journal articles or papers written 1980-1982 and undated writings. Box 15 contains folders 15:1-15:9 which include writings by Prunty for encyclopedias, newspapers (see Mildred Thompson correspondence), and reviews. Boxes 16-17 contain material concerning the writing of the book Lands of Promise. Box 16 contains folders 16:1-16:15 which include the 1966-1968 outlines, 1968 chapters, and revision notes for 1970, 1972, and 1973. Box 17 contains folders 17:1-17:9 which include the 1970 chapters and the 1973 galley proofs. Box 18 contains folders 18:1-18:7 which include typed copies of books Prunty wrote or was writing. Folder 18:1 contains Problems in World Human Geography. Folders 18:2-18:4 contain Central Gulf South (published title was Gulf South Central States). Folder 18:5 contains portions of Festschrift that were written by Prunty. Folder 18:6 contains an unfinished book South (see Clyde Browning correspondence for more information on this book). Folder 18:7 contains Hopeton-Altama, which Prunty labelled his "unfinished manuscript". Box 19 contains folders 19:1-19:5 which include Prunty's M.A. thesis, Ph.D. thesis, and three term papers written 1937-1940.

Boxes 20-21 contain material concerning Prunty as a student at the University of Missouri and Clark University from 1937 until 1942. Box 20 contains folders 20:1-20:10 which include notes and exams from the University of Missouri and Clark University geography classes. Box 21 contains folders 21:1-21:11 which include notes and exams from Clark University geography classes and undated class notes

Boxes 22-26 contain material concerning Prunty as a teacher. Box 22 contains folders 22:1-22:11. Folders 22:1-22:7 contain class rolls, lecture notes and exams from classes Prunty taught at Mississippi State College. Folders 22:8-22:9 contain notes and typed portions of "Climate of the Naval War Zones" and "Climates of the Pacific", which Prunty wrote and used for teaching while in the Navy. Folders 22:10-22:11 contain lecture notes and exams from early geography and physical science courses that Prunty taught at the University of Georgia. Boxes 23-26 contain material pertaining to University of Georgia geography courses taught by Prunty. Box 23 contains folders 23:1-23:10 which contain lecture notes and exams for the following courses: World Human Geography (GGY 101), Natural Environment (GGY 121 and GGY C121), Use and Interpretation of Maps (GGY 221), Conservation of Natural Resources (GGY 310 and GGY C310), Political Geography (GGY 341), Soviet Union and the Far East (GGY 362), Weather and Climate (GGY 375), and Caribbean America (GGY 430). A "C" before the course number indicates a correspondence course. Box 24 contains folders 24:1-24:5 which include outlines, assignments, lecture notes, exams, and map exercises for Economic Geography (GGY 358). Box 25 contains folders 25:1-25:5 which include outlines, lecture notes and exams for Geography of the South (GGY 436/636). Box 26 contains folders 26:1-26:9. Folders 26:1-26:5 contain lecture notes and material, course outlines, and exams for North American Rural Land Use (GGY 461/661). Folders 26:6-26:7 contain class rolls, assignments, lecture material, and exams for Geographic Methods and Philosophy (GGY 801/803). Folders 26:8-26:9 pertain to Thesis Research (GGY 930). Folder 26:8 contains the rough draft of a thesis by Paul Ries with Prunty's handwritten corrections and suggestions. Folder 26:9 contains notes and preliminary exam questions for graduate students.

Boxes 27-29 contain materials concerning Prunty's activities as a faculty member of the University of Georgia, both in the geography department and general University activities. Box 27 contains folders 27:1-27:13. Folders 27:1-27:2 contain classroom schedules for the geography department. Folders 27:3-27:8 contain materials about various geography department committees of which Prunty was a member. Folder 27:9 contains material concerning faculty and teaching assistants in the geography department. Folder 27:10 contains geography department memos. Folders 27:11-27:12 contain geography department reports. Folder 27:13 contains memos, notes, and correspondence concerning a legal case against the geography department by Kenneth Richard Robinson. Box 28 contains folders 28:1-28:6 which include geography department faculty meeting minutes from 1965-1982. Box 29 contains folders 29:1-29:22. Included are minutes, memos, and reports of University committees and general activities in which Prunty was involved.

Boxes 30-31 contain material concerning Prunty's professional and civic activities. Box 30 contains folders 30:1-30:13. Folders 30:1-30:2 contain programs and information about Association of American Geographers (AAG) and Southeastern Division Association of American Geographers (SEAAG) meetings that Prunty attended. Folders 30:3-30:12 contain information about Prunty's work as a consultant for industrial, academic, and private clients. Folder 30:13 contains information about Prunty's visiting lectureships. Box 31 contains folders 31:1-31:10. Folders 31:1-31:8 contain material such as programs, reports, and itinerary of various conferences, committees, seminars, and meetings that Prunty attended. Folder 31:9 contains travel request forms submitted to the University of Georgia by Prunty. Folder 31:10 contains a report from a Clarke County Grand Jury committee of which Prunty was a member.

Boxes 32-39 contain research material that Prunty used for his numerous papers and projects. Box 32 consists of research on plantations and contains folders 32:1-32:19. Folders 32:1-32:14 contain information about plantations arranged alphabetically by state with Prunty's original folder labels attached. Folders 32:15-32:18 contain correspondence concerning several plantations that Prunty used in his research. Folder 32:19 contains travel expense items pertaining to visiting the various plantations. Box 33 contains folders 33:1-33:6 which have a typescript of the diary of William J. Dickey of Birdsong Plantation. Prunty used information from this diary in his research. Box 34 contains folders 34:1-34:12 which have information about several research projects. Folders 34:1-34:9 contain Grassland Fire Project material such as contracts, expenses, flights requests, memos, reports, data, and notes. This project involved a contract with the United States Department of the Interior (USDI) to study fire phenomena in grasslands using remote sensing equipment on National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) aircraft. Several papers were written using the data. Some notes were written by William T. Mealor, who was Prunty's principal research assistant in this project. Folder 34:10 contains information about a Department of Labor project concerning underdeveloped industrial manpower. Folder 34:11 contains research material Prunty used for his papers on population. Folder 34:12 contains research material for several papers about ticks and about irrigation. Box 35 contains folders 35:1-35:3 which include research material on cotton. Boxes 36-39 contain research material on index cards with most of Prunty's original labelled dividers used. Box 36 contains cotton 10-year study trend cards. Box 37 contains cotton proportionate area value cards for Alabama-Texas. Box 38 contains cotton proportionate area value cards for Virginia-West Virginia and cotton habitat study cards. Box 39 contains cards that were unlabeled but which appear to be proportionate area value cards and cards about farm acreage.

Boxes 40-41 contain bibliographies on index cards labelled with Prunty's headings. Box 40 contains two sets of cards-North American Land Use and South. Box 41 contains four sets of cards-Cotton, Rice and Sorghum; Plantations; Ticks; and Grassland Fire Project.

Boxes 42-43 contain photographs and negatives. Box 42 contains folders 42:1-42:11. Folder 42:1 contains photographs of Honduras and Guatemala used by Prunty in his GGY 430 class. Folder 42:2 contains photographs used with Prunty's papers "Demise of the Piedmont" and "...Texas Llanos...". Folders 42:3-42:4 contain photographs of the Grassland Fire Project labelled as Prunty indicated. Folder 42:5 contains photographs used with the paper "Open Range Ranching". Folder 42:6 contains personal photographs, many unidentified. Folder 42:7 contains plantation photographs. Folder 42:8 contains photographs used with the paper "Two American Souths". Folders 42:9-42:10 contain unlabelled photographs. Folder 42:11 contains negatives that have been placed in plastic pages for easier viewing. Box 43 contains negatives rolled in their original metal containers, some of which are labelled.

Boxes 44-48 contain large glass or plastic slides. Box 44 contains slides unlabelled by Prunty but with titles on the slides themselves. Box 45 contains slides grouped by Prunty into such categories as Water Power, Guggenheim Plantations, and Cotton Regions Revisited. Box 46 contains slides of the Cotton Regions 1950. Box 47 contains slides of Plantation Renaissance, Deltapine, and Plantation Migration. Box 48 contains slides of Wire Product Imports (black slides) and Pipeline Road and Deseret (yellow slides).

Boxes 49-71 contain small slides. Box 49 contains both labelled and unlabelled slides. Box 50 contains slides that have been inserted in plastic pages and placed in a notebook for easier viewing. This notebook contains Coronet Films and Encyclopedia Britannica slides. Box 51 is also a notebook of labelled slides. Boxes 52-71 contain slides from the Grassland Fire Project. To preserve their order, these slides and their indexes have been kept in their original metal boxes.

Box 72 contains 3 folders of aerial photographs. Some are of the Grassland Fire Project, others are unlabelled.

There are eight oversize folders. Folders 1B and 2C contain material such as maps and drawings that Prunty used in his plantation research. Folders 3B and 4C contain maps and diagrams Prunty used in his Grassland Fire Project. Folder 5B contains maps and charts used in cotton research. Folder 6C contains maps and material about Dyer County, Tennessee. Prunty used this material in his Ph.D. thesis and research papers. Folder 7C contains other maps Prunty used in his geography classes and for his research papers. Folder 8C contains blueprints of the University of Georgia Science Center 1968 renovations.


Arranged in chronological order.

Index Terms

Examinations (documents)
Geography--Study and teaching.
Lecture notes.
Prunty, Merle C.
Prunty, Merle C. -- Correspondence
Slides (photographs)
University of Georgia. -- Faculty
Writings (document genre)

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Merle C. Prunty, Jr. papers, MS 2031. Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Immediate Source of Acquisition note

Gift of Mrs. Merle Prunty, Jr. on November 1, 1982. Most materials were from Dr. Prunty's office files.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Series 1: Biographical Information

11Awards and Honors
4Personal and Business Items
5Personal Correspondence
6Personnel Papers
7Resumes, 1941-1975
8Resumes, 1976-1982

Series 2: Correspondence

2Abbot Paintings
3Aiken, Charles S.
4Alumni Seminar
5American Geographical Society
6 American Peoples Encyclopedia
7Anderson, Robert C.
8 Annals Editorial Board
9Association of American Geographers (AAG)
10Atlantic Steel Company
11Augusta Forum
14Babin, Edward C.
15Barrow, David C.
16Basile, David C.
17Bederman, Sanford H.
18Berentsen, William H.
19Biomass Energy Project
20Birdsall, Stephen S.
21Broun, Paul
22Browning, Clyde E.
23Buck, James H.
24Burrill, Robert M.
25Burton, Glenn W.
2Caldwell, Harmon W. Mr. and Mrs.
3Carter, George F.
4 Chamber's Encyclopedia
5Commission on Geography and Afro-America (COMGA)
6Committees-Affirmative Action
7Committees-Bicentennial Convocation
8Committees-Core Curriculum
11Committees-Financial Support of Graduate Programs
12Committees-Promotions Review
13Committees-Research Professorship (Welch )
14Committees-Terrell-Brooks Professorship
15Committees-Three vs. Five Hour Curriculum
16Committees-Visiting Scholars
17Congratulatory Letters
18Coronet Films
19Cruickshank, Alistair B.
21Davison, Fred C.
41De Blij, Harm J.
2De Vorsey, Louis
3Dodd, Lamar
4Dowling, John C.
6East Carolina University
7 Encyclopedia Britannica
8 Encyclopedia of Southern History
10Florida State University
12> Georgia Review
13Gonzales, Serge
14Graduate School
15Grassland Fire Project-NASA/USDI
16Guggenheim Foundation
51Hall, Arthur R.
2Hart, John Fraser
3Hartshorne, Richard
4Hawley, Arthur J.
5Heyl, R. James
6Hilliard, Sam B.
7Holder, Gerald L.
8Hoy, Don R.
9Hudson, John C.
11International Geographical Congress/ Polish Field Study
14Jayhole Club
15Jones, Clarence F.
16Jumper, Sidney R.
19Layman, Richard
21Lineback, Neal G.
3Macmillan Publishing Company
4Martin, S. Walter
5Mathewson Estate
6Mealor, William T. Mr. and Mrs.
7Melvin, Ernest E.
8Miami University
9Miller, William J.
11Northwestern University
12Nunn, Sam
14Ojala, Carl F.
15Oxford University Press
17Pannell, Clifton W.
18Parthemos, George S.
19Payne, William J.
20Pearson, Roger
21Pelletier, S. William
22Plantation Research
23Postdoctoral Research Professorship
3Reitsma, Hendrick J.
4Research Proposals
5Ries, Paul F.
6Rizza, Paul F.
7Roberts, William M.
8Robinson, Kenneth Richard
11Sanders, C. Gerald
12Schalm, Reno
13South Carolina, University of
14Southeastern Division of Association of American Geographers (SEDAAG)
15Stone, Kirk H.
17Tall Timbers Research Station
18Talmadge, Herman E.
19Tennessee, University of
20Trotter, Virginia Y.
2Wallach, Bret
3Walton, Nyle K.
4West Georgia College
5Wheeler, James O.
6John Wiley Publishers
7Wilhelm, Eugene J. Jr.
8Wilms, Douglas C.
9Wilson, Charles W. II
10Winberry, John J.
11Windhorst, Hans W.
12Winsberg, Morton D.
13 World Book Encyclopedia
14Writings-"Agricultural Lands: A Southern Perspective"
15Writings-"Central Gulf South" ("Gulf South Central States")
16Writings-"Deltapine: Field Laboratory for the Neoplantation Occupance Type"
17Writings-"Demise of the Piedmont Cotton Region"
18Writings-"Diffusion of Center Pivot Irrigation on the Southeastern Coastal Plain"
19Writings-"Historical Use and Influence of Fire on the Landscape of the Southeastern United States"
20Writings-"Interregional Transport Cost Advantages in the Men's Apparel Industry in the Southeast"
21Writings-"Land Occupance in the Southeast: Landmarks and Forecast"
22Writings-"Open Range Ranching in Southern Florida"
23Writings-"Recent Expansions in the Southern Pulp-Paper Industries"
24Writings-"Recent Quantitative Changes in the Cotton Regions of the Southeastern States"
25Writings-"Renaissance of the Southern Plantation"
26Writings-"The Status of Irrigation in Georgia"
27Writings-"Two American Souths"
28Writings-"The Woodland Plantation as a Contemporary Occupance Type in the South"
29E. R. Wyatt Farm
30X Y Z
31Correspondent Unknown

Series 3: Writings

Subseries 3a: Journal Articles and Papers Presented

91"Strategic Metallic Alloys and United States Dependence", 1941
2"Soils and Farm Economy About Mount Warner, Massachusetts", 1942
3"A Geographer Looks at Forestry", 1947
4"A Regional Research Program", 1948
5"Physical Bases of Agriculture in Dyer County, Tennessee", 1948
6"Farm Power Mechanization in Georgia", 1949
7"Why Does Southern Youth Migrate?", 1949
8"Some Changes in Cotton Production in the Southeast, 1925-1945", 1949
9"A Statistical Method for Determination of Land-Use Regional Boundaries", 1949
10"Quantitative Factors in Delimiting Cotton Production Areas in the Southeastern States", 1950
11"Areal Differentiation Via Natural Class Frequencies Applied to Forestry", 1950
12"Soybeans in the Lower Mississippi Valley", 1950
13"Water or Cotton: Dilemma on the Texas Llanos", 1951
14"Recent Quantitative Changes in the Cotton Regions of the Southeastern States", 1951
15"Land Occupance in the Southeast: Landmarks and Forecast", 1952
16"Some Aspects of Political Determinism Upon Land Occupance Characteristics of the Southeastern States", 1952
17"Similarities in Material Culture: The Texas Llanos and the Lower White River Valley", 1952
18"What is Geography: Overtones for a World in Conflict", 1952
101"Some Recent Trends in Land Occupance in the Southeastern United States", 1953
2"Some Quantitative Aspects of Farm Mechanization in the Southeastern Cotton Habitat, 1924-1949", 1953
3"Primary Resource Bases of Mississippi", 1953
4"The Renaissance of the Southern Plantation", 1954
5"The Renaissance of the Southern Plantation", 1955
6"Reorganization of Operational Patterns on the Deltapine Plantations, Mississippi", 1955
7"Changes in Settlements on the Deltapine Plantations, 1939-1954", 1955
8"Recent Expansions in the Southern Pulp-Paper Industries", 1956
9"The Census on Multiple-Units and Plantations in the South", 1956
10"The Southeastern Cotton Regions Revisited: Ten-Year Trends", 1956
111"Soil Erosion and Plantation Migration: Fallacious Concepts Regarding Dissemination of a Southern Cultural Form", 1957
2"Some Problems in Classification of Contemporary Plantation Occupance Types", 1957
3"Initial Settlement Pattern in the Obion-Forked Deer Confluence Area, Tennessee", 1958
4"Land Management at Antebellum Hopeton Plantation in the Light of the Soil Exhaustion Thesis", 1959
5"Impact of Imports on the Domestic Steel Market: The Case of Wire Products", 1960
6"Idle Rural Land Phenomena in Madison County, Georgia", 1961
7"The Woodland Plantation as a Contemporary Occupance Type in the South", 1963
8"Growth of Towns and Cities in the Southeast", 1963
9"Growth of Towns and Cities in Georgia", 1963
10"Crisis in the U.S. Cotton Industry", 1964
11"Some Geographic Views of the Role of Fire in Settlement Processes in the South", 1965
12"What 'Concepts', and What 'Sequences'?", 1966
13"The Southeastern Cotton Regions Revisited: Demise of the Piedmont", 1966
14"The Role of the Woodyard in Southern Rural Landscapes", 1967
121"The Rise of the Pine Plywood Industry in the South", 1968
2"Remote Sensing of Fire Phenomena in Tropical Grasslands: The Florida Test Sites, 1967-68", 1968
3"The Historical Use and Influence of Fire on the Landscape of the Southeastern United States", 1968
4"Remote Sensing Analysis of Grassland Fire Phenomena: The Florida Test Sites, 1968-69", 1969
5"Vegetative Changes Caused by Fire in the Florida Flatwoods as Observed by Remote Sensing", 1969
6"Role of Thermal Infrared Imagery in Analysis of Ground Fires in the Florida Rangelands", 1969
7"Some Contemporary Myths and Challenges in Southern Rural Land Utilization", 1970
8"The Demise of the Piedmont Cotton Region", 1972
9"Interregional Transport Cost Advantages in the Men's Apparel Industry in the Southeast", 1972
10"The Agrarian Contribution to Recent Southern Industrialization", 1973
11"The Persistence of the Open Range Cattle Ranch in Peninsular Florida", 1973
12"Locational Stability Factors in the Men's Apparel Industry in the Southeast", 1974
13"The Disappearance of the Open Range Ranch in Peninsular Florida", 1974
131"The Persistence and Disappearance of the Open-Range Cattle Ranch in Peninsular Florida", 1975
2"The Persistence and Disappearance of the Open-Range in Peninsular Florida", 1975
3"Of Ticks, Cattle, and Deer in the South", 1975
4"Open-Range Ranching in Southern Florida", 1976
5"The Changing Nature of Multiple-Unit Farming in the 20th Century South", 1976
6"Two American Souths: The Past and the Future", 1977
7"Energy and Land Use Potentials in the Coppice-Harvesting Technology for Woodlands", 1978
8"The Occupance Approach and Process Analysis in Geographical Research", 1978
9"Clark in the Early 1940's", 1978
10"The South and the Sunbelt of the Future", 1978
11"Persistence of the Plantation and National Agricultural Problems", 1979
12"Agricultural Lands: A Southern Perspective", 1979
141"The Population Outlook and Land ReSource Problems in the South", 1980
2"The Status of Irrigation in Georgia", 1980
3"The Rise of Irrigation on the Southeastern Coastal Plain", 1981
4"Current and Impending Pressures on Southern Land Resources", 1981
5"Changes in Landscape Morphology Associated with Center-Pivot Irrigation on the Coastal Plain: The Georgia Example", 1981
6"The Developmental Experience and Problems with Irrigation on the Georgia-Florida Coastal Plain", 1982
7"Diffusion of Center-Pivot Irrigation on the Southeastern Coastal Plain", 1982
8Undated Writings

Subseries 3b: Encyclopedia Entries, Reviews, and Articles

151Encyclopedia Entries- American Peoples Encyclopedia
2Encyclopedia Entries- Chamber's Encyclopedia
3Encyclopedia Entries- Encyclopedia Britannica
4Encyclopedia Entries- Encyclopedia of Southern History
5Encyclopedia Entries- World Book
6Newspaper Articles- Atlanta Journal
7Reviews, 1951-1958
8Reviews, 1963-1980

Subseries 3c: Books

161 Lands of Promise-Outlines, 1966-1968
2 Lands of Promise-Introduction
3 Lands of Promise-Chapter 2-First Settlements, 1968
3 Lands of Promise-Chapter 3-Rival Nations on the Continent, 1968
4 Lands of Promise-Chapter 4-Settling the Back Country, 1968
4 Lands of Promise-Chapter 5-Colonial Economy, 1968
5 Lands of Promise-Chapter 6-Causes and Conditions in the Revolution, 1968
5 Lands of Promise-Chapter 7-Rise of Commerce and Manufacturing in the Atlantic Seaboard and New England, 1968
6 Lands of Promise-Chapter 9-Antebellum South, 1968
7 Lands of Promise-Chapter 10-Civil War, 1968
7 Lands of Promise-Chapter 11-Settling the Rockies and the Great Basin, 1968
7 Lands of Promise-Chapter 12-Oregon Country, 1968
7 Lands of Promise-Chapter 13-Origins of California Settlement, 1968
7 Lands of Promise-Chapter 14-On the Margins of the Grasslands, 1968
8 Lands of Promise-Chapter 15-Great Plains, 1968
8 Lands of Promise-Chapter 16-Modern Middle West, 1968
8 Lands of Promise-Chapter 17-Modern East, 1968
8 Lands of Promise-Chapter 18-Modern South, 1968
9 Lands of Promise-Chapter 19-Modern Western Dry Lands, 1968
9 Lands of Promise-Chapter 20-Modern Pacific Coast, 1968
9 Lands of Promise-Chapter 21-Modern (Northern) Frontier, 1968
9 Lands of Promise-Chapter 22-Transportation, 1968
10 Lands of Promise-Revision, 1970
11 Lands of Promise-Revision-Introduction Chapter 11, 1972
12 Lands of Promise-Revision-Introduction Chapters 1-5, 1973
13 Lands of Promise-Revision-Chapters 6-11, 1973
14 Lands of Promise-Revision-Chapters 12-16, 1973
15 Lands of Promise-Revision-Chapters 17-22, 1973
171 Lands of Promise-Chapter 1, 1970
1 Lands of Promise-Chapter 2-First Settlements, 1970
1 Lands of Promise-Chapter 3-Rivals on the Continent, 1970
2 Lands of Promise-Chapter 4-Colonial Economy, 1970
2 Lands of Promise-Chapter 5-Settling the Back Country, 1970
2 Lands of Promise-Chapter 6-American Revolution, 1970
3 Lands of Promise-Chapter 7-Rise of Manufacturing in the Northeast, 1970
3 Lands of Promise-Chapter 8-Old South, 1970
3 Lands of Promise-Chapter 9-Beginnings of the Middle West, 1970
4 Lands of Promise-Chapter 10-Rocky Mountains and Intermontane Province, 1970
4 Lands of Promise-Chapter 11-Oregon, 1970
4 Lands of Promise-Chapter 12-Into California, 1970
5 Lands of Promise-Chapter 13-Civil War, 1970
5 Lands of Promise-Chapter 14-On the Margins of the Grasslands, 1970
5 Lands of Promise-Chapter 15-Into the Great Plains, 1970
6 Lands of Promise-Chapter 16-Modern Middle West, 1970
6 Lands of Promise-Chapter 17-Modern Northeast, 1970
6 Lands of Promise-Chapter 18-Modern South, 1970
7 Lands of Promise-Chapter 19-Modern Western Dry Lands, 1970
7 Lands of Promise-Chapter 20-Pacific West, 1970
7 Lands of Promise-Chapter 21-Alaska, The New Frontier, 1970
7 Lands of Promise-Chapter 22-Canada, 1970
8 Lands of Promise-Galley Proofs, 1973
9 Lands of Promise-Galley Proofs, 1973
181 Problems in World Human Geography, 1949
2 Central Gulf South (Gulf South Central States) Copy, 1958
3 Central Gulf South (Gulf South Central States) Final Copies
4 Central Gulf South (Gulf South Central States) Galley Proofs and Pictures, 1960
5 Festschrift Introduction, Preface, "Deltapine: Field Laboratory for the Neoplantation Occupance Type", 1961-1968
6 South-ca. Unfinished (See Correspondence-Clyde Browning), 1980
7 Hopeton-Altama Manuscript Unfinished

Subseries 3d: College Papers

191Term Paper "Oriental Immigration", 1937
2Term Paper "Summary of Physiographic Forms", 1939-1940
3Term Paper "Some Factors Creating Regional Unity in Caribbean America", 1940
4M.A. Thesis "An Evaluation of Airport Locations in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area", 1940
5Ph.D Thesis "Evolution of the Agricultural Geography of Dyer County, Tennessee", 1942

Series 4: Education Files

Subseries 4a: Student Papers

201University of Missouri-Geography of North America, 1937-1938
2University of Missouri-Geography of Trade, 1938
3University of Missouri-Caribbean America Class Notes, 1939-1940
4University of Missouri-Caribbean America Typed Papers, 1939-1940
5University of Missouri-Geography and History, 1940
6University of Missouri-Geography of Europe, 1940
7University of Missouri-Mathematical Geography, 1940
8Clark University-Physiography Class Notes, 1940-1941
9Clark University-Physiography Outlines, Exams, Diagrams, 1940-1941
10Clark University-South America, 1940-1941
211Clark University-Climatology Class Notes, Exams, 1940-1941
2Clark University-Soils Class Notes, Exams, 1940-1941
3Clark University-Land Utilization Class Notes, Exams, 1941
4Clark University-Caribbean America Class Notes, Exams, 1941
5Clark University-Asia Class Notes, Exams, 1941
6Clark University-Political Geography Class Notes, Exams, 1941
7Clark University-Plant Geography Class Notes, Exams, 1941-1942
8Clark University-Human Geography Class Notes, Exams, 1941-1942
9Clark University-Economic Geography Class Notes, Exams, 1942
10Clark University-Seminars Notes, Papers, 1940-1941
11Undated Class Notes

Subseries 4b: Teaching Papers

221Mississippi State College-Introductory Geography Class Roll, Lecture Notes, Exams, 1941-1942
2Mississippi State College-Economic Geography Class Roll, Lecture Notes, Exams, 1942
3Mississippi State College-Latin America Lecture Notes, Exams, 1942
4Mississippi State College-North America Class Roll, Lecture Notes, Exams, 1942
5Mississippi State College-Sociology Class Roll, Lecture Notes, Exams, 1942-1943
6Mississippi State College-Human Geography Lecture Notes, Exams, 1942-1943
7Mississippi State College-Physical Geography Lecture Notes, Exams, 1942-1943
8Navy-Naval Pre-Flight School St. Mary's, California "Climate and Weather of Naval War Zones" Lecture Notes, 1943-1944
9Navy-U.S. Naval Air Station Memphis, Tennessee "Climates of the Pacific" Class Roll, Lecture Notes, 1944
10University of Georgia-Geology Lecture Notes, Exams
11University of Georgia-Physical Science Lecture Outline, Study Questions
231University of Georgia-World Human Geography (GGY 101/C101) Lecture Outline, Exams
2University of Georgia-Natural Environment (GGY 121) Lecture Outline, Study Guide
3University of Georgia-Natural Environment (GGY C121) Assignments, Exams
4University of Georgia-Use and Interpretation of Maps (GGY 221) Lecture Notes, Exams
5University of Georgia-Conservation of Natural Resources (GGY 310) Lecture Notes, Exams
6University of Georgia-Conservation of Natural Resources (GGY C310/C61) Lecture Notes, Exams
7University of Georgia-Political Geography (GGY 341) Exams
8University of Georgia-Soviet Union and the Far East (GGY 362) Lecture Notes, Exams, Maps
9University of Georgia-Weather and Climate (GGY 375) Lecture Notes, Exams
10University of Georgia-Caribbean America (GGY 430) Lecture Notes, Exams, Maps
241University of Georgia-Economic Geography (GGY 358) Class Roll, Assignments, Course Outline
2University of Georgia-Economic Geography (GGY 358) Lecture Notes
3University of Georgia-Economic Geography (GGY 358) Lecture Notes and Materials
4University of Georgia-Economic Geography (GGY 358) Map Exercises, Study Questions
5University of Georgia-Economic Geography (GGY 358) Exams, 1946-1964
251University of Georgia-Geography of the South (GGY 436/636) Course Outline, Assignments
2University of Georgia-Geography of the South (GGY 436/636) Lecture Notes
3University of Georgia-Geography of the South (GGY 436/636) Lecture Materials, Maps
4University of Georgia-Geography of the South (GGY 436/636) Exams, 1955-1979
5University of Georgia-Geography of the South (GGY 436/636) Exams, 1980-1982
261University of Georgia-North American Rural Land Use (GGY 461/661) Course Outline
2University of Georgia-North American Rural Land Use (GGY 461/661) Lecture Notes
3University of Georgia-North American Rural Land Use (GGY 461/661) Lecture Materials
4University of Georgia-North American Rural Land Use (GGY 461/661) Exams, 1960-1980
5University of Georgia-North American Rural Land Use (GGY 461/661) Exams Undated, 1980-1982
6University of Georgia-Geographic Methods and Philosophy (GGY 801/803) Class Roll, Assignments
7University of Georgia-Geographic Methods and Philosophy (GGY 801/803) Lecture Materials, Exams
8University of Georgia-Thesis Research (GGY 930) Supervision of Thesis of Paul Ries
9University of Georgia-Thesis Research (GGY 930) Notes, Exams

Series 5: Professional Files

Subseries 5a: University of Georgia Faculty Activities

271UGA Geography Department Class Schedules, 1947-1978
2UGA Geography Department Class Schedules-Undated
3UGA Geography Department Committees-Budget Committee
4UGA Geography Department Committees-Committee on Committees
5UGA Geography Department Committees-Curriculum Committee
6UGA Geography Department Committees-Executive Committee
7UGA Geography Department Committees-Placement Committee
8UGA Geography Department Committees-Visiting Scholars Committee
9UGA Geography Department Faculty and Teaching Assistants
10UGA Geography Department Memos
11UGA Geography Department Reports
12UGA Geography Department Self-Study Report
13UGA Geography Department Robinson Legal Case
281UGA Geography Department Faculty Meeting Minutes, 1965-1966
2UGA Geography Department Faculty Meeting Minutes, 1967-1968
3UGA Geography Department Faculty Meeting Minutes, 1969-1971
4UGA Geography Department Faculty Meeting Minutes, 1972-1975
5UGA Geography Department Faculty Meeting Minutes, 1976-1978
6UGA Geography Department Faculty Meeting Minutes, 1979-1982
291UGA Committees Academic Committee on Geological Sciences and Geography
2UGA Committees Advisory Review Committee for Faculty Promotions
3UGA Committees Affirmative Action Committee
4UGA Committees Arts and Sciences Dean's Search Committee
5UGA Committees Beaver Committee
6UGA Committees Bicentennial Convocation Committee
7UGA Committees Executive Committee of the University Council
8UGA Committees Financial Support of Graduate Programs
9UGA Committees Library Review Committee
10UGA Committees NDEA Title Awards Committee
11UGA Committees President's Committee to Study the Graduate School
12UGA Committees Promotions Review Committee
13UGA Committees Research Professorship Committee-Welch
14UGA Committees Rural Development Center Committee
15UGA Committees Self-Study Advisory Committee
16UGA Committees Terrell-Brooks Professorship Committee
17UGA Committees Three vs. Five Hour Curriculum Committee
18UGA General Activities Callaway Chair
19UGA General Activities Faculty Senate
20UGA General Activities Graduate Council
21UGA General Activities Senior Faculty Advisor
22UGA General Activities University Council

Subseries 5b: Other Professional and Civic Activities

301AAG and SEAAG Meetings, 1955-1973
2AAG and SEAAG Meetings, 1975-1982
3Consultant-Atlantic Steel Company Statement to U.S. Senate, 1958
4Consultant-Atlantic Steel Company Testimony to U.S. Tariff Commission, 1959
5Consultant-Coronet Films "Seeing the Southeastern States"
6Consultant- Encyclopedia Britannica "Agricultural America"
7Consultant-EEIO: Plans For Progress
8Consultant-Louisiana State University
9Consultant-Mathewson Estate
10Consultant-Miami University
11Consultant-Slippery Rock State College
12Consultant-University of Tennessee
13Visiting Lectureships-University of Minnesota
13Visiting Lectureships-Louisiana State University
13Visiting Lectureships-University of Southern Mississippi
13Visiting Lectureships-University of North Carolina
13Visiting Lectureships-West Georgia College
13Visiting Lectureships-University of South Carolina
13Visiting Lectureships-University of Tennessee
13Visiting Lectureships-East Carolina University
311 Annals Editorial Board
2Commission of Geography and Afro-America (COMGA)
3Conferences-Community Development Conference Economics for Executives Conference Tall Timbers Conference
4International Geographical Congress London, 1964
5Meetings-Earth Resources Program, Georgia Farm Equipment Association, Georgia Association of Conservation District Supervisors
6Science-Mathematics Committee
7Seminars-Horticulture Seminar, Social Sciences Seminar, 26 Hour Seminar, Alumni Seminar, Agricultural Lands Seminar, Water Resources Seminar
8Speeches-Presentation of Harmon Caldwell Portrait
9Travel Request Forms, 1952-1982
10Civic Activities-Clarke County Jury Committee

Series 6: Research

Subseries 6a: Plantations

321Alabama Plantations
2Arkansas Plantations
3Florida Plantations
4Georgia Plantations
5Thomasville, Georgia-Florida Plantations
6Illinois Plantations-Clarence Jones Farm
7Louisiana Plantations
8Mississippi Plantations
9Missouri Plantations
10North Carolina Plantations
11Pennsylvania Plantations
12South Carolina Plantations
13Tennessee Plantations
14Virginia Plantations
15Research Correspondence Cain Hoy Plantation (Harry Guggenheim-E. V. Komarek), 1942-1956
16Research Correspondence and Reports-Greenwood Plantation (L. A. Beard-E. V. Komarek), 1946-1956
17Research Correspondence Hybrid Seed Corn, 1945-1949
18Research Correspondence Oakland Club, 1956
19Plantation Travel Expenses
331William J. Dickey's Diary Research Notes, January 1, 1858-December 10, 1859
2William J. Dickey's Diary, January 1, 1879-January 11, 1880
3William J. Dickey's Diary, January 1, 1884-February 28, 1885
4William J. Dickey's Diary, March 1, 1885-April 30, 1886
5William J. Dickey's Diary, May 1, 1886-January 31, 1888
6William J. Dickey's Diary, January 1, 1888-December 31, 1889

Subseries 6b: Grassland Fire Project and Population

341Grassland Fire Project-Contracts, Bills, Expenses
2Grassland Fire Project-Flight Requests
3Grassland Fire Project-Index-Project File
3Grassland Fire Project-Index-Ground Truth Slides
4Grassland Fire Project-Memos, Newsletters
5Grassland Fire Project-Reports, Data
6Grassland Fire Project-Research Notes and Material
7Grassland Fire Project-Research Proposal, 1967-1968
8Grassland Fire Project-Research Proposal, 1968-1969
9Grassland Fire Project-Final Report, 1972
10Department of Labor Research Project-Underdeveloped Industrial Manpower
11Population Research
12Tick Research, Irrigation Research

Subseries 6c: Cotton

351Cotton Research Material Alabama-New Mexico
2Cotton Research Material North Carolina-Virginia
3Cotton Research Notes
36Cotton-10 Year Study Trend Cards
37Cotton-Proportionate Area Value Cards (Alabama-Texas)
38Cotton-Proportionate Area Value Cards (Virginia-West Virginia) Cotton Habitat Study Cards
39Cotton-Proportionate Area Value Cards Farm Acreage Cards

Subseries 6d: Bibliographies

40North American Land Use and Occupance Types South
41Cotton, Rice, Sorghum Plantations Ticks Grassland Fire Project

Series 7: Photographs and Negatives

421Caribbean America (GGY 430) Honduras, Guatemala
2"Demise of the Piedmont Cotton Region" "...Texas Llanos..."
3Grassland Fire Project-Deseret IR and KII
4Grassland Fire Project-Tall Timbers IR and KII
5"Open Range Ranching in Southern Florida"
6Personal Photographs
8"Two American Souths"
9Unlabelled Photographs
10Unlabelled Photographs
43Varied Subjects and Unlabelled
721Aerial Photographs (1 of 3)
2Aerial Photographs (2 of 3), 1955-1960
3Aerial Photographs (3 of 3)

Series 8: Slides


Subseries 8a: Large Glass Slides

45Phosphate, Potash, Sulphur, Gold, Nitrates
45Iron Ore, Manganese, Chromite, Nickel, Zinc
45Oil and Gas
45Copper, Bauxite, Tin
45Georgia and Southeast Urban Center Growth, 1963
45Gulfport Paper
45Texas Llanos, White River Valley
45Water Power
45Cotton Regions Revisited
45Cotton Regions Revisited, 1966
45Guggenheim Plantations
45Madison County, Georgia-Rural Idle Land
45Georgia Forests
46Cotton Regions, 1950
47Plantation Renaissance
47Changes in Deltapine, 1939-1944
47Plantation Migration-Soil Erosion
48Wire Product Imports (Black Slides)
48Pipeline Road, Deseret, Houston MSC Paper (Yellow Slides)

Subseries 8b: Small Slides

50Coronet Films-"Seeing the Southeastern States" Encyclopedia Britannica-"Agricultural America"
52Grassland Fire Project-Deseret Typologies, October-November 1967 October 1968
53Grassland Fire Project-Deseret Typologies Pipeline Road Slides, January 1968 May 1968 September 1968
54Grassland Fire Project-Deseret, "A" Series, December 1968
55Grassland Fire Project-Deseret, "B" Series, "C" Series, December 1968
56Grassland Fire Project-Deseret, "F" Series, March 1969
57Grassland Fire Project-Deseret, "H" Series, June 1969
58Grassland Fire Project-Deseret, "H" Series, April 1969
59Grassland Fire Project-Deseret, "J" Series, August 1969
60Grassland Fire Project-Deseret, "L" Series, October 1969
61Grassland Fire Project-Deseret, "L" Series, March 1970
62Grassland Fire Project-Griffith Ranch-South Florida Typologies, October-November 1968 December 1968 January 1969
63Grassland Fire Project-Griffith Ranch, "E" Series, "I" Series, March-April 1969
64Grassland Fire Project-Griffith Ranch, "I" Series, June 1969
65Grassland Fire Project-Griffith Ranch, "L" Series, October 1969
66Grassland Fire Project-North Florida-South Georgia Typologies, 1968
67Grassland Fire Project-North Florida-South Georgia "D" Series, "K" Series, January 1969 March 1969 April 1969
68Grassland Fire Project-North Florida, "K" Series, June 1969
69Grassland Fire Project-Central Florida Typologies, August 1969 March 1970
70Grassland Fire Project-Birdsong, March 1968
71Grassland Fire Project-Tall Timbers, February-March 1968

Series 9: Oversize Materials

OS FolderOS Folder
2C1BPlantation Research Material
4 maps in this folder were created by W.T. Mealor, Jr. while a student of M. Prunty: Plantations: Nilo, Willson, Pippin and Location work map
OS FolderOS Folder
3B4CGrassland Fire Project Material
OS Folder
5BCotton Research Material
OS Folder
6CDyer County, Tennessee Material
OS Folder
7COther Maps for Classes and Research Also Rolled Map
OS Folder
8CUniversity of Georgia Science Center Blueprints-Renovations, 1968