E. Merton Coulter manuscript collection

E. Merton Coulter manuscript collection

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Coulter, E. Merton, (Ellis Merton), 1890-
Title: E. Merton Coulter manuscript collection
Dates: 1745-1942
Quantity: 6.0 Linear feet (10 boxes, 1 oversize box, 8 oversize folders)
Coll. Number: ms2018

Biographical/Historical Note

Ellis Merton Coulter (1890-1981) was an author, educator at the University of Georgia (1919-1958) and head of the History Department (1941-1958).

For more information, see the article "E. Merton Coulter (1890-1981)" in the New Georgia Encyclopedia.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of original source material including biographies of prominent Georgians, correspondence of individuals and families, court records from the Superior Court of Jackson County (Ga.), records relating to the Confederate States of America and the Civil War in Georgia, reports and lists of children attending impoverished schools in Clarke County (Ga.), and records relating to slavery in Georgia.

Index Terms

Clarke County (Ga.)
Confederate States of America.
Court records.
Georgia--History--Civil War, 1861-1865.
Georgia. Superior Court (Jackson County).
Jackson County (Ga.)

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

E. Merton Coulter manuscript collection, ms2018, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Related Material

Other related collections include the E. Merton Coulter collection, ms2345.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Adair, John, a biography
2Anderson, Sr. R.C., a biography
3Anderson, Jr., R.C., a biography
4Asbury, Samuel E., correspsondence received (typescripts), 1932
5Ballots, National and State-Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia
6Bank Checks, 1873-1921
7Barry, W.T., a biography
8Bedinger, G.M., a biography
9Bibb, G.M., a biography
10Bills of Lading, steamships, railroads and Express, 1835-1876
11Bills of Lading, 1896-1915
12Blackburn, Luke P., a biography
13Blackshear, J.W., typed copies of correspondence and memoranda
14Boyle, John, a biography
15Boyd, Lynn, a biography
16Bradley, William O., a biography
17Bramlette, Thomas E., a biography
18Breckinridge, John, a biography
19Breckinridge, John Cabel, a biography
20Breckinridge, Robert J., a biography
21Breckinridge, W.C.P., a biography
22Brown, John, a biography
23Brown, John Young, a biography
24Bryan, Ellen Newell, misc. layout maps, 1959
25Buckner, S.B., a biography
26Bullock, Rufus B., his name on a letterhead
27Butler, Edward, Diary (typed copy)
28Butler, William O., a biography
29Cade, D.B. - Correspondence and ledger, 1880-1886
Papers include correspondence, an account book, receipts, and invoices pertaining to his ownership of the Savannah Valley Flouring Mills (Overton, Elbert County, Ga.) and later to his business ventures in Mt. Carmel, South Carolina. The account book contains a record of days worked and accounts for workers at his mill or brickyard.
30Cade, D.B. - Correspondence and reciepts, 1887-1903
21 Calhoun, John C., (John Caldwell), 1782-1850 , Calhoun, John - Letter to Wilson Lumpkin, 1847 April 6
John C. Calhoun (1806-1850), lawyer, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Cabinet official, and Vice-President of the United States, resided in South Carolina.
The collection consists of a letter from John C. Calhoun to Wilson Lumpkin dated April 6, 1847. In the letter Calhoun discusses the war with Mexico, President James Polk’s acquisition of land in the Northwest (Oregon Treaty), trade with Mexico, tariffs, U.S. politics, and the presidential candidates for the 1848 election.
Index terms:
Lumpkin, Wilson, 1783-1870
Mexican War, 1846-1848.
Presidents--United States--Election--1848.
Tariff--United States.
United States--Foreign relations--Mexico--1845-1849.
United States--Politics and government--19th century.
United States--Territorial expansion.
2Calhoun, Phinizy F., Atlanta doctor, expert on eye service-correspondence, 1912
3Calling Cards
4Carlisle, John G., a biography
5Census, United States, No. 10, 1880
6Chase, William H.-correspondence to, 1853
7Church, Alonzo, a biography
8Civil War - correspondence re: slavery
9Civil War - correspondence (typed copies)
10Civil War-Prison Diary,(typed copy)
11Civil War-Marsh, Solomon A., correspondence
OS FolderItem
5A1Civil war painting (print)
212Clarke, Elijah-correspondence about him, 1794
13Clark, John-Order for appointment, 1821
14Clay, Cassius M., a biography
15Clay, Green, a biography
16Clay, Henry, a biography
17Cobb, Howell-correspondence bank checks, reciepts, 1868-1871
18Cobb, Howell Jr.-correspondence to, 1896-1898
19Cobb, T.R.R.-correspondence to, 1854-1860
20Cofer, M.H., a biography
21Commissions, given by Georgia Governors, 1823-1883
22Confederate States of America-Archives after the War, correspondence to General Patrick, 1865
23Confederate States of America-Appomatox, copies of orders, 1865
24Confederate States of America-Appomatox, R.E. Lee surrender orders no. 9 with facsimile
25Confederate States of America-Arsenals
26Confederate States of America-Bank Checks, cancelled
27Confederate States of America-Bond Certificates, 1863-1864
OS FolderItem
2A2Confederate States of America and Georgia - Bonds, 1862-1868
228Confederate States of America-Conscription Papers
29Confederate States of America-correspondence, miscellaneous
30Confederate States of America-Cotton
31Confederate States of America-Court procedures relative to Confederate debts, postwar
32Confederate States of America-Deserters, correspondence
33Confederate States of America-Discharge of Soldiers
34Confederate States of America-Election of Military Officers
35Confederate States of America-Exemption from Conscription, discharge from the Army
36Confederate States of America-Express Co.
37Confederate States of America-Flag designs
38Confederate States of America-Forms (blank)
39Confederate States of America-Generals, postwar
40Confederate States of America-Impressment
41Confederate States of America-Invalid Corps
42Confederate States of America-Maps (C.W.)
43Confederate States of America-Medical, hospitals
44Confederate States of America-Miscellaneous
45Confederate States of America-Oath of Allegiance to U.S.A. and Confederate States of America, 1861-1865
31Confederate States of America-Pardons, after the War
2Confederate States of America-Paroled Soldiers
3Confederate States of America-Pensions, after the War
4Confederate States of America-Provost Marshall, passports
5Confederate States of America-Post Office Department
6Confederate States of America-Prisoners of War, correspondence
7Confederate States of America-Fort Pulaski, correspondence regarding the capture, 1862
8Confederate States of America-Relief Activities
9Confederate States of America-Reunion, Atlanta Battlefield, 1900
10Confederate States of America-Taxes
11Confederate States of America-Telegraph Company - Telegrams
12Confederate States of America-Veterans, 1896-1898
13Confederate States of America-Voting in the Army, Civil elections
14Confederate States of America-Whiskey, distillation of
15Confederate States of America-Work details, correspondence
16Coolidge, Calvin-correspondence with signature, 1928
17Cooper, Hamilton-document concerning warrants, 1860
18-23Correspondence, miscellaneous I, 1810-1913
24Coulter, E.M.-Journal read to the Newtonian Literary Society
25Counterfeit Bills, with correspondence, 1839-1855
26-30Courts, Superior of Georgia I, Cases with U.S. Revenue Stamps, 1864-1869
31Courts, Supreme of Georgia, 1815-1887
32Courts, Supreme of North Carolina, 1806
33Courts, Supreme of Tennessee, 1852-1855
34Courts, Supreme of Virginia, 1815-1822
35Court Documents, miscellaneous, 1821-1867
36Crittenden, George B., a biography
37Crittenden, John J., a biography
41Crittenden, Thomas L., a biography
2Cuyler, Telamon-miscellaneous
3-7Davenport, Harbert Files I, typed copies of correspondence
8Davis, Garret, a biography
9Davis, Winnie-correspondence, 1887
10Desha, Joseph, a biography
11"The Devil in the Wolf-pen", a story of frontier life on the Ocmulgee River
12Edwards, John, a biography
13Envelopes, blank, some post marked
14Ernest, D.L., Physics Professor in State Normal School, Athens, Georgia-postcard, 1899
15Faucheraud, John, Senior Judge in S.C.-Court document, 1818
16Flournoy, J. Jacobus, letters to Howell Cobb, 1836-1868
John Jacobus Flournoy (1800?-1879), eccentric and reformer, resided in Jackson County, Georgia.
The collection consists of letters from John J. Flournoy to his cousin Howell Cobb from 1836-1868. The letters discuss political matters, government involvement in the California gold mines, and the Cave Springs Deaf and Dumb School (Floyd County, Ga.)
17Frank, Leo-postcard and correspondence with signature, 1899
18Gayarre, Charles, author and Secretary of State for Louisiana.-Government documents, 1850
19Georgia, Colonial Documents-Establishment of, 1745
20Georgia, Colonial Documents, 1768
21Georgia, Colonial Documents-Inventory of Thomas Peacock Estate, 1772
22Georgia, Colonial Documents-land, miscellaneous, 1763-1781
23Georgia, Colonial Documents-Trustees, 1756-1760
OS FolderItem
1A1Georgia, Colonial Documents- Meeting of the Trustees, 1772
OS FolderItem
2A1Georgia Indentures, 1807
424Georgia-memorandum, bill, 1878-1890
25Georgia, University of - "The Caldron", Vol. 3, No. 1, 1848
26Georgia, University of-correspondence, typed and handwritten, 1826-1925
27Georgia, University of-correspondence, re Phi Kappa and Demosthenian, typed copies, 1833-1901
28Georgia, University of-Invitations to Phi Kappa oratories, 1889-1900
29Georgia, University of-Land Documents, 1808-1824
30Georgia, University of-miscellaneous, (photograph, envelopes, exams, programs, invitations)
31Georgia, University of-Session Reports on Howell Cobb, William Mitchell, 1830-1857
32Georgia, University of-Tuition receipts from William Mitchell, 1822-1825
33Gilmer, George-printed correspondence and Memorial Program, 1829-1883
34-35Gold in California - Court cases, 1855-1856
51Gold in California - Court cases, 1857-1858
2Gold in California - Gold mines and correspondence, 1855-1859
3Greenup, Christopher, a biography
4Gresham, John J.-correspondence to, 1843-1846
5Hardin, Ben, a biography
6Hardin, Martin, a biography
7Harod, James, a biography
8Historical Highway markers
9Hopkins, Samuel, a biography
10Horse trading, 1815-1816
11Houston, William, a biography
12Howard, Benjamin, a biography
13Jackson, Joseph, in state Auditor's Office, Richmond Va.-copies of Rev. War Documents
14Jackson, Joseph I-correspondence, 1805-1830
15Jackson, Joseph II-correspondence, 1832-1865
16Jackson, Joseph III-ledgers and receipts
17Jackson, Stonewall, a biographical sketch
18Jacob, Richard Taylor, a biography
19Jett, Thomas-Affidavit, 1811
20Jones, Noble Wymberley, a biography
21King, John Pendleton, a biography
22King, Thomas Butler - correspondence to, 1827-1829
Thomas Butler King (1800-1864) was a planter, lawyer, and politician who resided in Glynn County, Georgia.
The collection consists of correspondence to Thomas Butler King which documents King's law practice and business concerns. Of particular interest is a letter (October 25, 1830) discussing land surveys in Georgia, land lotteries, bills before the General Assembly, and gold mining in North Georgia. Correspondents include John R. Stanford, John M. Gray, and W. Pemberton.
23King, Thomas Butler - correspondence to, 1830-1840
24King, Thomas Butler, a biography
25Lamar, Zachariah-correspondence, 1810
26Lampley, Benjamin-correspondence to Howell Cobb, A.H. Stephens, Robert Toombs, 1856
27Land Documents-Kentucky, 1832
28Land Documents-South Carolina, 1839
OS FolderItem
3A3Lawton, James - Presidential Pardon, 1866
529Legal Documents-Ohio, re Citizenship, 1841
30Legal and Land Documents-Alabama, 1854-1857
31Legal and Land Documents-North Carolina, 1846
32Lottery Tickets and other lottery leaflets, found in the old William H. Crawford house near Crawford,Georgia
33Lumpkin, J.H., lawyer, Justice of Georgia Supreme Court-correspondence, 1895-1911
34Magoffin, Beriah, a biography
35Marshall, Humphrey, a biography
36Marshall, Humphrey, a biography
37Marshall, James Markham, a biography
38Marshall, Louis, a biography
39Marshall, Thomas Alexander, a biography
40-41Martin Institute - Court documents about William D. Martin, 1816-1855
61-2Martin Institute - Court documents about William D. Martin, 1855-1856
3Mell, Patrick Hues, a biography
4Miscellaneous material
5Godfrey Barnsley papers, 1834-1870
Godfrey Barnsley (1805-1873) was a cotton factor and merchant, resided in Savannah (Ga.), New Orleans (La.), and North Georgia.
The collection consists of printed bulletins pertaining to shipping and the import and export of commodities, especially cotton, in Augusta and Savannah (Ga.), Mobile (Ala.), Charleston (S.C.), and New Orleans (La.), as well as letters to Godfrey Barnsley regarding crop production, cotton trade, and local news of Savannah or Macon.
6Mitchell, David B.-correspondence, typed, 1793-1818
7Mitchell, William L.-correspondence to C.J. Jenkins., 1878
8Moore, R.D.-written note
9Mclver, Charles D.-correspondence, 1905
10McPherson, J.H.T.-correspondence, 1938-1942
11Newspapers-leaflets and broadsides, 1844-1859
12Newspapers-receipts, 1816-1888
13Oconee Hill Cemetery by Charlotte Thomas Marshall
14-16Oliver Family Papers - miscellaneous papers, notebook, 1812-1894
The collection consists of correspondence from Shelton Oliver to his wife Martha W. Oliver while he was tending a sick uncle in Mandarin, Florida and letters from John T. Oliver to his wife Lizzie Gilmore Oliver, while serving in Company B of the 9th Mississippi Battalion near Dalton (Ga.) during the Atlanta Campaign.
17Orr, Gustavus J., a biography
18Overby, B.H., candidate for Governor of Georgia in 1855 on Temperance Party ticket-correspondence, 1856
19Patterson, A.H.-Courtesy Card
20Peale, Rembrant-Ticket to his lecture on "Washington and his Generals"
21Peters, Richard, a biography
22Phinizy, Ferdinand, a biography
23Plantation supplies and foreclosures, 1879-1899
24Poe, Washington-correspondence, 1826
71Post Cards, used and unused
2Post Offices in Georgia, 1846 1849
3Powell, L.W., a biography
4Preston, William, a biography
5Price Current Sheets, 1830-1870
6Proctor, John Robert, a biography
7Promissory notes, and barter note, 1803-1915
8Promissary notes with U.S. Rev. imprints, 1801
9Promotion letter, Georgia Militia, 1825
10Quillian, M.P.-correspondence to, 1835-1849
11Railroads, 1844-1905
12Receipts, miscellaneous
13Reconstruction, 1865
14Ritchie, Thomas-correspondence, 1851
15Robertson, George, a biography
16Rowan, John, a biography
17Schools, Georgia-Agreement to teach school, 1819-1820
18Schools, Georgia-Clarke County - miscellaneous, 1860-1863
19-24Schools, Georgia-Clarke County Poor Schools, 1846-1870
OS FolderItem
3A1Schools, Georgia - Indictment on Poor School Fraud, 1829
725-27Schools, Georgia-Clarke County - Reports, 1861-1863
81Schools, Georgia-correspondence, 1851-1858
2Schools, Georgia-correspondence with typed copies, 1829-1858
3Schools, Georgia-correspondence, John Forsyth to Thomas King, 1829
4Schools, Georgia-Free School, 1827
5Schools, Georgia-Jones County Poor Records, 1829-1837
6Schools, Georgia-Law, 1859
7Schools, Georgia-miscellaneous
8Schools, Georgia-Mison Academy, 1816-1817
9Schools, Georgia-Orr, Gustavus, J., 1848
10Schools, Georgia-Teacher Certification, 1859-1863
11Schools, Georgia-Trustees of Common School, 1839
12Schools, Georgia-Whipping a child, 1844
OS FolderItem
3A2Schools in Georgia (lists of teachers), 1832-1835
813Segregation, in railroad cars, 1899
14Shipp, J.E.D., lawyer and book dealer, author of The Life of William H. Crawford-correspondence, 1900
15Simmons, Thomas J., a biography
16Simmons, William E., a biography
17Slavery-bill of sale, 1774-1829
18Slavery-Confederate States of America, bills of sale, requisitions, receipts
19Slavery-correspondence from enslaved person, freedom, 1846-1854
20Slavery, hiring of, 1819-1838
21Slavery, importation of-indictments, permission note, and petition, 1787-1820
22Slavery-Isuardi, Francis, copy of Will, 1819
23Slavery-Jones, William, estate of, re: medical records, 1843-1866
24Slavery-Jones, William, bills of sale, receipts, 1832-1867
25Slavery-Jones, William, correspondence, 1841-1842
OS FolderItem
5A2Slavery - William Jones, bill of sale, 1841-1842
826Slavery-Keith, Marshall, medical records, sales records and correspondence, 1815-1850
28Slavery-Olgethorpe County record book, 1818-1846
29Slavery-Permit to travel, 1855
30Slavery-Petition, re: removal of slaves to Africa, 1850
31Slavery-Prices for taxation, East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana, 1830-1839
32Slavery-Slave trials, 1797-1853
33Smith, Birdie Cobb-correspondence, 1902-1912
34Smith, Jennie, from the Lucy Cobb Institute-correspondence, 1894
35Social Amenities-invitations, 1850-1859
36Sosnowski, C.-correspondence, 1892
37 The Southern Cultivator-correspondence, 1896-1907
38Southern Farm and Home-correspondence, 1870
39Speed, James, a biography
40Speer, Emory-correspondence, 1894-1912
41Starnes, H.N., Professor of Agriculture at University of Georgia - correspondence, 1902
42Stephens, Alexander H. - correspondence with typed copies, 1844-1875
Alexander Hamilton Stephens (1812-1883), lawyer, politician, Vice President of the Confederate States of America.
The collection consists of letters from Stephens in Washington, D.C. to his brothers discussing his activities in Congress, the disputed Texas boundary, and problems between the North and South as well as letters to William L. Mitchell pertaining to the University of Georgia law school and Stephens’ activities as a Trustee. The bulk of the collection consists of typescript copies of letters from Stephens to William H. Fleming. The letters mainly focus on U.S. politics including legislation before Congress; Stephens’ opinion of Samuel Tilden, Ulysses S. Grant, and James Blaine; fraud in the 1872 Louisiana Governor’s election; the Republican Party; railroad construction in the South; attacks upon Stephens in the newspapers; and Stephens’ nomination (1882) for Georgia Governor.
43Stephens, Alexander H. - copies of correspondence, originals owned by William Fleming, 1877-1882
44Stephens, Alexander H. - miscellaneous
45Stevenson, John W.-a biography
46Stock Certificates, Georgia Railroad and Banking Co., 1842-1874
47Switzerland Legation-correspondence to Hoke Smith, 1922
48Tax, Cotton, 1865
49Tax, U.S. Direct and Internal Revenue, 1866-1867
91Telfair, Edward, a biography
2Thompson, Mrs. Jacob-calling cards and correspondence
3Thomson, Charles, Secretary of Continental Congress-3 documents with signatures, 1785
4Tuck, H.C., Athens lawyer and judge-correspondence, 1890-1908
5Underwood, J.R., a biography
6Vrooman, Carl, publicist-correspondence, 1925
7Washington, Booker T.-correspondence, 1905
8Welch, R.H., founder of John Birch Society-correspondence, 1914
9White, George, a biography
10White, W.N., a biography
11Wilcox, C.P.-correspondence, 1893
Cyprian P. Willcox, professor of modern languages at the University of Georgia.
12Wilcox, C.P.-typed copy of diary, 1852
The first diary (1844-1845) describes a trip Willcox made from up north to Columbus, Georgia. He discusses the voyage from New York to Savannah, his overland journey, and extensive details regarding the social life in Columbus. The 1852 diary was written during an European trip and describes the people, places, and social life he encountered.
13Wilcox, C.P.-Diary, miscellaneous, 1850
14Wilcox, C.P.-Diary
15Wilcox, C.P.-Diary, typed copy, incomplete
16Willingham Family Papers I, 1829-1877
17Willingham Family Papers II, 1879-1901
18Wilson, James H. - correspondence, 1912
OS FolderItem
1A2Yazoo Land Fraud Petition with signatures, 1796
919York, John G.-correspondence to, 1830-1855
101Barrow, Lucy-composition book
2Account Book, 1917-1919
3Pocket Diary, 1856
4Notebook, 1850-1859
6Library Record Book, 1904-1912
7Book of Orders, Provost Marshals Office, 1864
9Notebook, 1850-1859
1110Ledger, 1859-1862
11Deed Book, 1830-1839
12Account Book by L. Schevenell and Co., Athens, Georgia, 1875 1876
13Account Book by an Athens, Georgia Business Firm, 1876 1877
14Store Account Book, 1826-1827
15Store Account Book, 1836-1845
16Bench Docket, 1799-1803
OS FolderItem
4B1Church seating chart and House plan
2Printed poster of "The General" steam engine
OS Folder
6BTopographical and railroad maps (1 of 2)
OS Folder
7BTopographical and railroad maps (2 of 2)
OS Folder
8AMiscellaneous documents