Phinizy Spalding papers

Phinizy Spalding papers

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Spalding, Phinizy
Title: Phinizy Spalding papers
Dates: Bulk, 1931-1982
Dates: 1910-1994
Quantity: 21.7 Linear feet (47 document boxes, 6 half boxes, 1 oversized box, 1 oversized folder B)
Coll. Number: ms1783

Biographical/Historical Note

Dr. Billups Phinizy Spalding was born in 1930 and died in 1994. He was a history professor at the College of Charleston and University of Georgia from 1966 and 1994. He was also an author and editor of the Georgia Historical Quarterly. He was very active in historic preservation. For much of his life, Spalding resided in Athens, Georgia.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of papers of Phinizy Spalding from 1910-1994. The papers include personal and professional correspondence, lecture materials, student papers, seminar materials, manuscripts, photographs, posters, and ephemera.

The materials document Spalding's interests in historic preservation, particularly in Clarke County (Ga.); his tenure as professor of history at the University of Georgia (1966-1991) including information on the Phinizy Lectures; his editorship (1974-1982) of the Georgia Historical Quarterly; as well as information pertaining to publication of his books and articles.

The collection also contains information on the Cobbham Historic District, Athens Clarke Heritage Foundation, Lucy Cobb Institute, and the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation. Correspondents include Joyce Blackburn, Tom Watson Brown, Kenneth Coleman, E. Merton Coulter, Walter Stanton Forbes, Mills B. Lane IV, Valeria and Piero Leida, David T. Morgan, Walker Percy, James K. Reap, and Betty Wood.


Arranged into nine series and over twenty subseries by record type and subject: Series 1. Personal Materials; Series 2. Correspondence; Series 3. Financial Matters; Series 4. Career at UGA; Series 5. Historic Preservation Work; Series 6. Other Scholarly Activities; Series 7. Writings; Series 8. Printed Matter; Series 9. Posters, Certificates, Photographs, and Ephemera

Index Terms

Athens (Ga.)
Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation.
Authors, American--Georgia.
Blackburn, Joyce
Brown, Tom Watson, 1933-1997
Cobbham Historic District (Athens, Ga.).
Coleman, Kenneth
College teachers--Georgia.
Coulter, E. Merton, (Ellis Merton), 1890-
Forbes, W. Stanton
Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation.
Georgia historical quarterly.
Historic districts--Georgia.
Historic preservation--Georgia--Societies, etc.
Lane, Mills
Leida, Piero
Leida, Valerie
Lucy Cobb Institute (Athens, Ga.).
Manuscripts (documents)
Morgan, David T., 1937-
Percy, Walker, 1916-1990
Reap, James K.
Universities and colleges--Faculty.
Wood, Betty

General Notes

Cataloged as part of the Georgia Archives and Manuscripts Automated Access project: A Special Collections Gateway Program of the University Center in Georgia.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Phinizy Spalding papers. MS 1783. Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University of Georgia Libraries.

Related Material

Related collections in this repository: Phinizy Spalding papers, MS 2907 and MS 783; Hughes Spalding papers, MS 1413 and MS 1665; and Jack J. Spalding letters to Judson Hand, MS 693.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Series 1: Personal Materials

11Personal Items
3Service File, 1953-1955
4Calendars, 1968-1981
5Hughes Spalding Sr. Appointment Books, 1968-1969
6Hughes Spalding Sr. Spalding Family Notes
7Hughes Spalding Sr. Clippings, Will, Obituaries, Memorials
8Jack Spalding
9Spalding Family

Series 2: Correspondence

Subseries 2.1: Family Correspondence

81953 January - May
91953 June - December
101954 - 1955
111956 - 1958
91971 January - March
101971 April - May
111971 June - December
41975 January - April
51975 May - December

Subseries 2.2: Personal Correspondence

7Condolence Letters, 1969 March 27 - April 5
8Condolence Letters, 1969 April 6 - July 29, undated
611970 January - June
21970 July - September
31970 October - December
4Christmas Cards, 1970
51971 January - February
61971 March - April
71971 May - June
81971 July - November
91971 December, undated
71Christmas Cards, 1971
21972 January - April
31972 May - December
4Christmas Cards, 1972
51973 January - May
61973 June - December
8Christmas Cards, 1974
811975 January - May
21975 June - December
31975 Christmas Cards
41976 January - June
51976 July - December
6Christmas Cards, 1976
71977 January - July
81977 August - December
91Christmas Cards, 1977
2Christmas Cards, 1977
31978 January - July
41978 August - December
5Christmas Cards, 1978
6Christmas Cards, 1978
1011979 January - July
21979 August - December
31980 January - April
41980 May - September
51980 October - December
61981 January - March
71981 April - May
81981 June - December
91982, 1983, 1986
2Christmas Cards, Undated
4Christmas Cards, Undated
5Christmas Cards, Undated
121Abney, Beth
2Atlanta Symphony
3Blackburn, Joyce
4Brown, Robert
113Christmas Cards, Undated
125Tom Watson
7Christ-Janer, Albert and Virginia
8Coleman, Kenneth
9Coulter, Ellis Merton
10Davies, Richard D. and Carolee
11Dodd, Lamar
12Dooley, Vince
13Draughon, Ralph
14Farley, James
15Forbes, W. Stanton and Jean Reti, 1970-1979
16Forbes, W. Stanton and Jean Reti, Undated
131Georgetown Preparatory School
2Georgia Railroad Bank & Trust Co. - Herman Schindler, Sherman Drawdy
3Grayson, Glenn
4Guthrie, James G.
5Hale, Bradley
6Hogan, Harry L.
7Knights of Columbus
8Lane, Mills IV
9Lerda, Valeria and Piero, 1975-1977
10Lerda, Valeria and Piero, 1978-1979
11Lerda, Valeria and Piero, 1980-1981
12Lerda, Valeria and Piero - Notes, Book Orders
13Letters to the Editor
14Meadow, William K.
15Morgan, David T., 1970-1974
16Morgan, David T., 1975-1981
141Nye, Ruth and Ross
142Owens, Hubert B.
3Pattillo, Alan
4Political Figures, 1962-1971
5Political Figures, 1973-1975
6Political Figures, 1976-1978
7Political Figures, 1979-1981, Undated
8Rankin, Jeannette
9Reese, Trevor
10Roberts, Howard G. and Laura
11Sibley, John A.
12Smith, Henry
13Society of Colonial Wars
14Sons of the Revolution
15Spalding College
16Troutman, Robert B.
17Vipperman, Carl and Reggie
18Vogt, John and Sheryl
19Wilhoit, Ray
20Wood, Betty
21Woodruff, Robert W.

Series 3: Financial Matters

151Bank of Chapel Hill, NC, 1958-1962
2First National Bank of SC, 1963
3National Bank of Athens, 1950-1957
4Trust Co. Bank - Agency Account, 1959-1979
5Trust Co. Bank - Savings Account, 1935-1961
6Trust Co. Bank - Statements, 1960-1963, 1966
7Clubs, 1953-1979
8Educational Fund from Jack J. Spalding
10Investments, 1937-1951
11Investments, 1952-1968
161Real Estate, 1960-1979
3Mrs. Bolling P. Spalding - Account
4Tax - Income, 1943-1949
5Tax - Income, 1950-1954
6Tax - Income, 1955-1959
7Tax - Income, 1960-1962
8Tax - Income, 1963
9Tax - Income, 1964-1966
10Tax - Intangible, 1940-1964
11Wills, 1961, 1964, 1972
12General Material

Series 4: Career at University of Georgia

Subseries 4.1: Spalding Lectures

171Harold R. Medina, 1956
2Eugene R. Black, 1961
3John K. Galbraith, 1968
4Sir Rudolph Bing, 1971
5Erskine Caldwell, 1975
6Erskine Caldwell lecture, 1975
7Walker Percy, 1978
8Walker Percy questionnaire, 1978
9Harriett Johnson, Charles Wadsworth, 1979
10Harriett Johnson lecture, 1979
2Correspondence, 1967-1968
3Correspondence, 1970-1971
4Correspondence, 1972
5Correspondence, 1973
6Correspondence, 1974
7Correspondence, 1975
8Correspondence, 1976
9Correspondence, 1977
10Correspondence, 1978
11Correspondence, 1979 January-July
191Correspondence, 1979 August
2Correspondence, 1979 September
3Correspondence, 1979 October-December
4Correspondence, 1980-1981
5Correspondence, 1982-1983, undated
6Book Binding
7Family Mailing Lists
8Returned Invitations
9Financial Matters

Subseries 4.2: History Department

201Correspondence, 1968-1976
2Correspondence, 1977-1978
3Correspondence, 1979
4Correspondence, 1980-1981, undated

Subseries 4.3: UGA "Doings"

206Correspondence, 1967-1969
7Correspondence, 1970-1971
8Correspondence, 1972-1973
9Correspondence, 1974-1976
10Correspondence, 1977
11Correspondence, 1978, 1981, n.d.

Subseries 4.4: Alumni

2012Alumni Seminar
13Alumni Society
14Alumni/Faculty Service Award, 1981
211Re: Ellis Merton Coulter
2Demosthenian Society

Subseries 4.5: UGA Foundation

213Correspondence, 1968-1969
4Correspondence, 1970-1971
5Correspondence, 1972-1974
6Correspondence, 1975-1976
7Correspondence, 1977
8Correspondence, 1978-1981
9Minutes, 1968-1979
10Financial Matters
11General Material
221Gridiron Society

Subseries 4.6: Library

222Director Search Committee - Minutes, 1978
3Director Search Committee - Correspondence, 1978
4Director Search Committee - General Material
5Special Collections, 1970-1981
6Oglethorpe Portrait - Restoration
7Re: Edd Winfield Parks

Subseries 4.7: History Student Papers A-K

231History Class Assignments
2Adkisson, Randy
3Arnold, John
4Beasley, Stanley
5Bennett, Garland P.
6Bethune, Downing
7Blonton, Charles B.
8Bradwell, Karen E.
9Brock, Billy B.
10Carpenter, Leanne
11Cawthon, Bill
12Cohen, Jan
13Cohen, Scott
14Craig, Susan A.
15Darden, Charles G.
16Dickinson, Lorri
17Dorough, Michael A.
18Duke, Dorrie
19Dunn, Pamela D.
20Earwood, Lisa C.
21Garner, David
22Genter, Kelley
23Grice, Russell
24Griffith, Louise
25Harwell, Tracey
26Haugabook, Tommy
27Hegwood, Rise
28Hosea, Myron
29Huckaba, Debbie
30James, Kyle
31Jarrard, Jim
32Johnson, Bonnie
33Johnson, Patrick
34Jones, Beverly R.
35Jones, Gary
36Kodama, Lizette
241Lewis, K. R.
2Lim, Jan E.
3Lloyd, Terry B.
4MacPherson, R. T.
5Marshall, Candace A.
6Mathis, Nell
7Maxwell, David
8May, Myrna R.
9Moss, Preston A.
10Murphy, Micki
11Peacock, Vance
12Pennington, Vonn
13Perry, David W.
14Raulston, Susan
15Ray, Clyde
16Reap, James K.
17Royston, Missy
18Ruark, Rhonda
19Samples, Steven
20Sanders, Mark W. Jr.
21Segars, Donna
22Sheftall, John W.
23Skelton, Richard H.
24Snarr, Beth
25Spear, Amy
26Starke, Eunice
27Stephens, Julia M.
28Taylor, Dennis
29Thornton, Freida
30Toomer, Theresa
31Troutman, G. Steven Jr.
32Tufts, [Melissa?]
33Vick, Jinny
34Weiher, Leslie A.
35Welch, Edward
36Whipple, Stephen Bennett III (cassette included)
37Wright, Starr
38Yoakum, Marcie

Series 5: Historic Preservation Work

Subseries 5.1: Athens Clarke Heritage Foundation (ACHF)

251Correspondence, 1967-1970
2Correspondence, 1971-1972
3Correspondence, 1973
4Correspondence, 1974-1980, undated
5Party - Dearing-Wilkins House, December 11, 1971
6Party - Dearing-Wilkins House, December 9, 1972
7Party - Sledge-Cobb House, December 15, 1973
8Tour of Homes
10Financial Matters
11General Material
261ACHF Bicentennial Seminar - Correspondence, 1974-1975
2ACHF Bicentennial Seminar - NEH Grant Material
3ACHF Bicentennial Seminar - Program Applications, Proposals
4ACHF Bicentennial Seminar - News Releases, clippings
5ACHF Bicentennial Seminar - Brochures
6ACHF Bicentennial Seminar - Speakers' Notes
7ACHF Bicentennial Seminar - Questionnaire, DeVorsey, April 10, 1974
8ACHF Bicentennial Seminar - Questionnaire, Coleman, May 8, 1974
9ACHF Bicentennial Seminar - Questionnaire, Owens, June 10, 1974
10ACHF Bicentennial Seminar - Questionnaire, Coulter, June 10, 1974
11ACHF Bicentennial Seminar - Summation, Final Project Report
12ACHF Bicentennial Seminar - Financial Matters
13ACHF Bicentennial Seminar - General Notes
14ACHF Bicentennial Commission, 1974-1975
15Athens Diversion Center, Citizen Advisory Council
16Athens Historical Society

Subseries 5.2: Athens

271Cobbham - Correspondence, Material
2Cobbham - Booklet
3Cobbham - Booklet Duplicate Pages, Negatives
4Correctional Institute 1975 / Women's Diversion Center 1979 - Correspondence, 1975, 1979, February 1975-August 1979
5Correctional Institute 1975 / Women's Diversion Center 1979 - Correspondence, 1975, 1979, September 1979-October 1979
6Correctional Institute 1975 / Women's Diversion Center 1979 - Notes, Clippings, 1975, 1979
7Federation of Community Assocations of Athens
8Historic Buildings - Camak House 297 Meigs Street
9Historic Buildings - Chicopee Mill
10Historic Buildings - T. R. R. Cobb House 194 Prince Avenue
11Historic Buildings - Dearing-Wilkins House 387 S. Milledge
12Historic Buildings - First A. M. E. Church Hull Street
13Historic Buildings - Hunnicutt House 325 N. Milledge
14Historic Buildings - Ross-Crane House 247 Pulaski Street
15Historic Buildings - Sledge-Cobb / Crane House 749 Cobb Street
16Historic Buildings - Upson House 1022 Prince Avenue
17Society for the Preservation of Old Athens Historic Athens Foundation

Subseries 5.3: Georgia and Elsewhere

281Americus - Windsor Hotel
2Atlanta - Atlanta Historical Society
3Atlanta - Fox Theater
4Atlanta - Oakland Cemetery
5Atlanta - Tree Ordinance
6Augusta - Historic Augusta
7Augusta - Sacred Heart Church
8Clinton Foundation / Old Clinton Historical Survey
9Thomas Gilmer House
10Hofwyl Plantation
11Westbrook (England)
13Westville - Symposium, 1973

Subseries 5.4: General

291American Association for State and Local History
2Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
3DNR - Georgia Historic Preservation Advisory Commission
4Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation
5Historical Records Advisory Board
6Leadership Georgia Foundation
7National Trust for Historic Preservation - Meeting, October 1974
8Correspondence - General, 1967-1975
9Correspondence - General, 1976-1977
10Correspondence - General, 1978-1981, Undated
2Printed Material - Athens
3Printed Material - Southern Crescent Railroad
4Printed Material - General
5Notes, General Material

Series 6: Other Scholarly Activities

Subseries 6.1: Georgia Historical Society

311GHS Meeting, November 21 1968
2GHS Meeting, February 15 1969
3GHS Meeting, November 14 1969
4GHS Meeting, April 11 1970
5GHS Meeting, November 21 1970
6GHS Meeting, March 26-27 1971
7GHS Meeting, October 30 1971
8GHS Meeting, April 14-15 1972
9GHS Meeting, October 28 1972
10GHS Meeting, April 13-14 1973
11GHS Meeting, October 20 1973
12GHS Meeting, October 25-26 1974
321GHS Meeting, October 24-25 1975
2GHS Meeting, October 15-16 1976
3GHS Meeting, October 14-15 1977
4GHS Meeting, October 27-28 1978
5GHS Meeting, Fall 1981
6GHS Curators Meetings
7GHS Correspondence, 1968-1971
8GHS Correspondence, 1972-1975
9GHS Correspondence, 1976-1980, Undated
10GHS "Footnotes", 1973-1975, 1978
11GHS Symposium, 1983
12GHS Membership (Student Project), 1980
13GHS General Material

Subseries 6.2: Georgia Historical Quarterly

331GHQ Correspondence A
2GHQ Correspondence B
3GHQ Correspondence Bell, Malcolm Jr.
4GHQ Correspondence C
5GHQ Correspondence D
6GHQ Correspondence Dees, Anthony
7GHQ Correspondence E
8GHQ Correspondence G
9GHQ Correspondence Groover, Robert Plagiarism Controversy
10GHQ Correspondence H
11GHQ Correspondence Hill, Hugh
12GHQ Correspondence J, K
13GHQ Correspondence L
14GHQ Correspondence Levy, B. H.
15GHQ Correspondence M
16GHQ Correspondence N, O
17GHQ Correspondence P
18GHQ Correspondence R
19GHQ Correspondence S
20GHQ Correspondence T
21GHQ Correspondence Tobacco Road
22GHQ Correspondence UGA Press GHQ Controversy
23GHQ Correspondence V
24GHQ Correspondence W
25GHQ Correspondence X, Y, Z
26GHQ General Correspondence
27GHQ Notes, Clippings, Forms
28GHQ Galley Proofs, Page Proofs

Subseries 6.3: General and Individual

341American Philosophical Society - Grant, 1973
2Bermuda Cruise - Lecture, 1982
3Fulbright-Hays Grant - Correspondence, 1972-1975 July
4Fullbright-Hays Grant - Correspondence, 1975 August-1977
5Fulbright-Hays Grant - General Material
6Georgia Day / Oglethorpe Banquet, February 12
7Georgia History Day, 1979
8Georgia Studies Symposium
9Johnson Society - Pembroke College, June 1973
10John Milledge Exhibit, 1970
11Oglethorpe Papers - National Historical Publications and Records Commission, 1980
12Southern Historical Association (SHA), 1973
13SHA - Southern Editors Organization, 1974-1978
14SHA - Southern Editors Organization, 1979-1980, undated
351General Correspondence, 1967-1970
2General Correspondence, 1971-1972
3General Correspondence, 1973
4General Correspondence, 1974-1975 February
5General Correspondence, 1975 March-December
6General Correspondence, 1976
7General Correspondence, 1977-1978
8General Correspondence, 1979
9General Correspondence, 1980-1981, undated

Subseries 6.4: National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)

361Research Grants - Correspondence, 1977-1980, undated
2Research Grants - Grant Applications - Adicks-Mollenhoff
371Research Grants - Grant Applications - Parramore-Wyman
2Research Grants - Proposal Ratings - Adicks-Wyman
3Research Grants - Grant Application - Ely
4Research Grants - Grant Application - Lofaro
5Research Grants - Grant Application - Toplin
6Research Grants - General Material

Series 7: Writings

Subseries 7.1: Oglethorpe in America

381Correspondence, 1969-1970 June
2Correspondence, 1970 July-December, undated
3Correspondence, 1971 January-July
4Correspondence, 1971 August-December
5Correspondence, 1972
6Correspondence, 1973
7Correspondence, 1974
8Correspondence, 1975
9Correspondence, 1976
10Correspondence, 1977 January-September
11Correspondence, 1977 October - 1981, Undated
391Typed Manuscript (main text)
401Typed Manuscript (main text) 2nd copy
2Typed Manuscript (old title)
6News Releases, Advertisements
8Royalty Report
411Preface, Acknowledgements
2Section I, Chapter 1 (Voyage and Settlement)
3Section I, Chapter 2 (Voyage and Settlement)
4Section I, Chapter 3 (Frederica and Defense Considerations)
5Section II, Chapter 1 (Correspondence and Finances)
6Section II, Chapter 2 (Rum and the Indian Trade)
7Section II, Chapter 3 (Land Grants, Negroes, and Slavery)
8Writings - Oglethorpe in America: Section III (Oglethorpe and the Indians)
9Section IV (Alarums and Excursions... / The St. Augustine Expedition of 1740)
10Section IV (Spanish Invasion of Georgia)
11Conclusions / Epilogue (Epilogue)
421Footnotes - Chapter 1
2Footnotes - Chapter 2
3Footnotes - Chapter 3
4Footnotes - Chapter 4
5Footnotes - Chapter 5
6Footnotes - Chapter 6
7Footnotes - Chapter 7
8Footnotes - Chapter 8
9Footnotes - Chapter 9
10Footnotes - Epilogue
11Preface - Handwritten
12Chapter 1 - Handwritten Notes
13Chapter 2 - Handwritten Notes
14Chapter 3 - Handwritten Notes
15Chapter 4 - Handwritten Notes
16Chapter 5 - Handwritten Notes
17Chapter 6 - Handwritten Notes
18Epilogue - Handwritten Notes
19Proofreading Notes - Handwritten
20Page Proofs - Photocopy
21Research Notes
431Research Notes - Index Cards

Subseries 7.2: History of Georgia

441Correspondence, 1973-1978
2Part 1
6Chapter 1
7Chapter 2
8Chapter 3
9Chapter 4
10Chapter 5
11Chapter 6
12Appendix A, Appendix B
2Part 1 - Handwriten Draft
3Proofreading Notes
4Research Notes
5Clippings, Photographs
6UGA Press Agreement

Subseries 7.3: Book of Accessions

461Andrew College
2Atlanta Historical Society
3Augusta College
4Augusta-Richmond County Public Library
5Bainbridge Junior College
6Cherokee Publishing Company
7Coca-Cola Company
8Columbus College
9Emanuel County Junior College
10Emory University
11"Georgia Archive"
12Georgia College
13Georgia Department of Archives and History
14Georgia Historical Society
15Georgia Southern College
16Martin Luther King, Jr. Center
17E. O. Painter Printing Company
18Richard Russell Library
19Southern Labor Archives
20Surveyor-General Department
21University of Georgia Archives
22University of Georgia Library
23Valdosta State College
24West Georgia College
25Winthrop College
26General Correspondence, 1978-1982
27Rough Draft
28Typed, Unproofed Pages
31Pages 2-60
471Typed Manuscript
2Galley Proofs
3Page Proofs
4Accessions Registry from Georgia Historical Quarterly, 1973-1977
5Notes, Material

Subseries 7.4: Dictionary

481 Dictionary of American Military Biography
2 Dictionary of Georgia Biography

Subseries 7.5: Encyclopedia of Southern History

483Correspondence, 1974-1979
4Typed Copies
5Typed Copies
7Rough Draft
8"James Edward Oglethorpe"

Subseries 7.6: Reviews

4811Writings: Reviews by Dr. Spalding, 1966-1975
12Writings: Reviews by Dr. Spalding, 1977-1980

Subseries 7.7: Articles

491Writings: "James Edward Oglethorpe: A Biographical Survey"
2Writings: "James Edward Oglethorpe and the American Revolution"
3Writings: "The Merit and Reward of a Good Intention" (correspondence only)
4Writings: "Myths and Man: James Edward Oglethorpe"
5Writings: "A Note of the Death of James Edward Oglethorpe"
6Writings: "Oglethorpe and His Biographers"
7Writings: "Oglethorpe and Johnson: A Cordial Connection"
8Writings: "Oglethorpe and Philanthropos"
9Writings: "Oglethorpe Items in the Boswell Papers at Yale"
10Writings: "Sermons to the Georgia Trustees" (GHS Meeting), April 1970
11Writings: "South Carolina and Georgia: The Early Days"
12Writings: "Treasure House for Georgia's Past" / "A Lady of Quality: The Georgia Historical Society"
13Writings: "Women at the Medical College of Georgia"

Subseries 7.8: Writings by Other Authors

501"Georgia and South Carolina During the Oglethorpe Period, 1732-1743" (UNC Doctoral Dissertation by Dr. Spalding) - Correspondence, Notes
2"Georgia and South Carolina During the Oglethorpe Period, 1732-1743" - Chapter 1
3"Georgia and South Carolina During the Oglethorpe Period, 1732-1743" - Chapters 2, 3
4"Georgia and South Carolina During the Oglethorpe Period, 1732-1743" - Chapters 4, 5
5"Georgia and South Carolina During the Oglethorpe Period, 1732-1743" - Chapter 6
6"Georgia and South Carolina During the Oglethorpe Period, 1732-1743" - Chapter 7, Bibliography
7William Bacon Stevens Award - Essays
8Agnew, Tom - "Earthwork Near Sunbury"
511Bellamy - Johnson
2Mugleston - Woods
3Wood, Betty
4Worley, David
5Basile - Young (printed)

Series 8: Printed Material

2Athens - "United Free Press"
4College of Charleston
8University of Georgia
3Book - Original Meaning of Scriptural Names

Series 9: Posters, Certificates, Photographs, and Ephemera

Subseries 9.1: Posters

OS BoxItem
542Demosthenian Society All Night
3"The Tall Oak", Play at Medical College of Georgia, 1978
4Phinizy Lecture, Walker Percy, 1978
5Phinizy Lecture, Harriett Johnson, Charles Wadsworth (autographed), 1979
6Cobbham Mardi Gras Masquerade, 4th Annual
OS Folder
1B"An Edwardian Street A Fair," Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation (2)
1BResolution - Appreciation from UGA Board of Regents to Hughes Spalding, 9 May 1951

Subseries 9.2: Miscellaneous ephemera

OS BoxItem
547Proofs - Cobbham Booklet
8Invitation - Inauguration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, to Mr. and Mrs. Hughes Spalding, 1941
15Rubber Stamp - McCarthy for President
9Miscellaneous material

Subseries 9.3: Certificates and diplomas

OS BoxItem
549Certificate to Practice Law in Georgia, to Hughes Spalding, 11 November 1913
10Diploma - University of Georgia Law School, to Hughes Spalding, 15 June 1910
1Certificate of Recognition to Phinizy Spalding from UGA Foundation

Subseries 9.4: Photographs

OS BoxItem
5411Photograph - James A. Farley, inscribed to Hughes Spalding
12Photograph - Connie Mack, inscribed to Hughes Spalding
13Photograph - Fort Benning, Georgia, 2nd Armored Division, 25 October 1941
14Photograph - Birdseye View of Fort Benning, Georgia, 1939-1940
OS Folder
1BPhotograph - Fort Benning, Georgia, Co. A, 702nd Battalion, April 1942
1BPhotograph - U.S. Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, Illinois, Co. 901, 24 July 1945