Toy Theater collection

Toy Theater collection

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Unknown
Title: Toy Theater collection
Dates: circa 1878-1921
Quantity: 1.81 Linear feet 2 boxes, 5 oversized folders
Coll. Number: ms1702
Text on toy theater sheets is in German and French. Titles on box of Toy Theater printed in English, German and French.

Biographical/Historical Note

J.F. Schreiber, a printing company in Germany, published the bulk of the collection.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of dozens of toy theater sheets with colorful characters and sceneries. Some of the characters are from Der Froschkönig, Bruderchen und Schwefterchen, Die Reise um die Erde in achtzig Tagen, Kalif Storch von Bagdad, Die Jungfrau von Orleans; and scenery includes tents, castles, stormy seas, palaces, churches, holiday scenes, et cetera. J.F.S.i.E is printed on the right hand corner of most sheets. Nr. and Nro. stands for Number, and the actual number is the sheet's number for production and sale.

The collection also includes The Family Temple Toy Theater (also called Le Temple de Famille and Der Familientempel). The miniature theater includes biblical characters and scenery that focus on the story of Jesus, through birth to death. The colored figurines and backdrops are cut out and mounted onto stiff backing.


Sheets in folders arranged in numerical order.

Index Terms

Color lithographs.
Theaters--Stage-setting and scenery.
Toy theaters.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

Toy Theater collection, ms 1702, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

OS Folder
1Toy theater sheets, circa 1878-1921
Grand Theatre Nouveau, Imagerie d'Épinal, No. 1625; 1te Coulisse et fond, J.F.S.i.E., Nr. 103; Derfchiedene Theaterfiguren, J.F.S.i.E., Nro. 564; Bruderchen und Schwefterchen, J.F.S.i.E., Nro. 568; Der Froschkönig, J.F.S.i.E., Nro. 578; Ziehfiguren, Kafperltheater, J.F.S.i.E., Nro. 587; Tent, Back-scene, J.F.S.i.E., Nro. 673
OS Folder
2Toy theater sheets, circa 1878-1921
Stormy Sea, Background, J.F.S.i.E., Nro. 467; [Untitled], J.F.S.i.E., Nro. 468; Ship, Background, J.F.S.i.E., Nro. 475; Church, Background, J.F.S.i.E., Nr. 479; Coulissen van eene Keuken, J.F.S.i.E., Nro. 480; Nauges, Coulisses, J.F.S.i.E., Nro. 486; Magasin de jouets, Coulissen, J.F.S.i.E., Nro. 484; Chambre d'un chateau chevaleresque, J.F.S.i.E., Nr. 493; Palais indien, J.F.S.i.E., Nr. 497; Wallenstein, J.F.S.i.E., Nro. 551; Ustarte, die geraubte fee, J.F.S.i.E., Nro. 569; Tent, Side-scenes, J.F.S.i.E., Nro. 672; Knight's Castle, Side-scene, with draw-bridge, J.F.S.i.E., Nro. 666; [Untitled], J.F.S.i.E., Nro. 674; La Marjolaine, 858
OS Folder
3Toy theater sheets, circa 1878-1921
Shifting-scenes, J.F.S.i.E., Nr. 343; [Untitled], J.F.S.i.E., Nr. 501b; Dornroschen, J.F.S.i.E., Nro. 503; Die Rauber, J.F.S.i.E., Nro. 504; Aschenbrödel, J.F.S.i.E., Nro. 507; Alfa, die standhaste magd, J.F.S.i.E., Nro. 510; Kalif Storch von Bagdad, J.F.S.i.E., Nro. 518; Lumpazivagabundus, J.F.S.i.E., Nro. 523; Die Reise um die Erde in achtzig Tagen, J.F.S.i.E., Nro. 543; Die Jungfrau von Orleans, J.F.S.i.E., Nro. 547
OS Folder
4Toy theater sheets, circa 1878-1921
Scenes of the Wolfs den, J.F.S.i.E., Nro. 35; Side-scenes of a mountainous region, J.F.S.i.E., Nr. 37; [Untitled], J.F.S.i.E., Nr. 40; [Untitled], J.F.S.i.E., Nr. 47; Auberge, J.F.S.i.E., Nr. 48; Side-scenes of a Kitchen, J.F.S.i.E., Nr. 77
OS Folder
5Toy theater sheets, circa 1878-1921
Side-scenes of a Kitchen, J.F.S.i.E., Nr. 77; Jardin japonais, J.F.S.i.E., Nro. 84; Chambre japonais, J.F.S.i.E., Nro. 87; Chambre japonaise, J.F.S.i.E., Nro. 88; Nuages, Avant-scenes et coulisses, J.F.S.i.E., Nr. 94; Nuages, J.F.S.i.E., Nro. 95
1The Family Temple Toy Theater scenery, stage, and proscenium, circa 1878-1921
2The Family Temple Toy Theater characters, circa 1878-1921