Albertype Co. photographs

Albertype Co. photographs

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Albertype Co.
Title: Albertype Co. photographs
Dates: circa 1920-1940
Quantity: 3.8 Linear feet (9 document boxes, 1 half box)
Abstract:The collection consists of 1206 negatives and copy prints of various towns in Georgia taken by the Albertype Co. from ca. 1920-1940 for the production of postcards and souvenir albums. There are numerous photographs of Atlanta, Macon, Milledgeville, Mount Berry and Berry College, Savannah, Sea Island, Thomasville, Valdosta, and Warm Springs, Georgia.
Coll. Number: ms1299


Arranged in alphabetical order by geographic name.

Index Terms

Atlanta (Ga.)--Photographs.
Berry College. -- Photographs
Savannah (Ga.)--Photographs.

General Notes

Cataloged as part of the Georgia Archives and Manuscripts Automated Access Project: A Special Collections Gateway Program of the University Center in Georgia.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Albertype Co. photographs. Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11-2Athens (UGA): Academic Building
3Athens (UGA): Candler Hall
4Athens (UGA): Chapel
5Athens (UGA): Connor Hall
6Athens (UGA): Old Library, Crawford Long Mem.
7-8Athens (UGA): Memorial Hall
9Athens (UGA): Moore College
10Athens (UGA): Peabody Hall
11Athens (UGA): Old Peabody Library
12Athens (UGA): Terrell Hall (& part of Phi Kappa)
13Athens (UGA): Terrell Hall & Sundial
14Athens (UGA): Winnie Davis Hall
15-16Augusta: Bon Air Vanderbilt
17Augusta: Crowell Gardens
18-34Augusta: Forrest Hills Hotel & Plaza
35-37Augusta: Partridge Inn
38Augusta: Sancken's Certified Dairy Farm
39-42Atlanta: Atlanta Scenes
43Atlanta: Auditorium
44-45Atlanta: Buildings
46Atlanta: Bull Sluice Electric Plant
47Atlanta: Cox College
48-52Atlanta: Atlanta Views
53Atlanta: Candler Building
54Atlanta: Capitol City Club
55Atlanta: Carnegie Library
56Atlanta: Churches
57Atlanta: Druid Hills
58Atlanta: Elementary School
59Atlanta: Elk Club
60Atlanta: First Baptist Church
61Atlanta: First Methodist/First Baptist
62Atlanta: First Methodist Episcopal Church
63-64Atlanta: Fort McPherson
65-66Atlanta: Fourth National Bank Bldg.
67Atlanta: Georgia Terr. Hotel/Peachtree St.
68Atlanta: Girls' High School
69Atlanta: Healey Building
70Atlanta: Hotel Ansley
71Atlanta: Howell Park
72Atlanta: Masonic Temple/Peachtree St.
73Atlanta: Piedmont Driving Club
74Atlanta: Piedmont Hotel
75-78Atlanta: Piedmont Park
79Atlanta: Pryor, Peachtree & Forsyth Sts.
80Atlanta: Residence
81Atlanta: Sacred Heart Church/Marist College
82Atlanta: Second Baptist Church
83Atlanta: Second Baptist/Central Presbyterian
84-89Atlanta: State Capitol
90Atlanta: Terminal Station
91Atlanta: Third National Bank Bldg.
92Atlanta: US Post Office & Court House
93Atlanta (GA Tech): Georgia Tech.
94-98Atlanta (GA Tech): Academic Building
99Atlanta (GA Tech): Administration Building
100-109Atlanta (GA Tech): Buildings
110-115Atlanta (GA Tech): Campus
116Atlanta (GA Tech): Coaching Staff
117Atlanta (GA Tech): College Bldgs. from Stadium
118Atlanta (GA Tech): D. Guggenheim School/Aeronautics
119Atlanta (GA Tech): Football Team
120Atlanta (GA Tech): Julius Brown Memorial Hall
121Atlanta (GA Tech): Rockefeller Y.M.C.A. Building
122Atlanta (GA Tech): Shops & Academic Buildings
123Atlanta (GA Tech): Stadium
21Decatur: Agnes Scott College
2Ebeneezer: Jerusalem Church
3-14Forsyth: Bessie Tift College
15Forsyth: Clionian Society Parlor
16Forsyth: Court House
17Gainesville: Brennau College
18Gainesville: Riverside Military Academy
19Jekyl Island: Jekyl Island Club
20LaGrange: LaGrange Female College
21Lindale: Bird's eye view of mills
22-25Lindale: Landscape
26Macon: Alexander School
27-28Macon: Catholic Church
29Macon: Cemetery (Rose Hill?)
30Macon: Cherry St. from 2nd St.
31Macon: Cherry St. from 3rd St.
32Macon: Cherry St. from 4th St.
33Macon: City Hospital
34-35Macon: Coleman Hall
36-37Macon: College Avenue
38Macon: Confederate Monument
39Macon: Cotton Ave & 2nd Street
40Macon: Daughters/Confederacy Monument
41Macon: Elks Club & Cotton Avenue
42Macon: First Baptist Church
43Macon: First Presbyterian Church
44Macon: Georgia Life Building
45Macon: Hotel Dempsey
46Macon: Hotel Dinkier & William St.
47Macon: Old Wesleyan
48Macon: Jefferson Davis HQ
49Macon: Mulberry Street Church
50-51Macon: Post Office & Court House
52Macon: 2nd Street from Cherry St.
53Macon: Spring St. Bridge/Okmulogee River
54Macon: Unidentified Church
55Macon: Wesleyan College
56Macon: Y.M.C.A. Building
57-60Milledgeville: Baldwin Co. Court House
61Milledgeville: Baldwin Hall
62-63Milledgeville: Baldwin Hotel
64Milledgeville: Chappell Hall
65Milledgeville: City Hall
66Milledgeville: Confederate Monument
67Milledgeville: Cotton Tiers
68Milledgeville: First Baptist Church
69Milledgeville: First Methodist Church
70Milledgeville: First Presbyterian Church
71-80Milledgeville: Georgia Military College
81-82Milledgeville: Georgia Sanitorium
83Milledgeville: Jefferson Street
84Milledgeville: J.E. Kidd's Residence
85Milledgeville: Masonic Temple
86Milledgeville: Methodist Church
87Milledgeville: Milledgeville Scene
88Milledgeville: Oconee River Dam
89Milledgeville: Oconee River Mill
90Milledgeville: Oconee River Mill Dam
91-92Milledgeville: Old Governor's Mansion
93Milledgeville: Old State Capitol Building
94Milledgeville: Georgia State Sanitorium
95Milledgeville: Post Office
96Milledgeville: R.H. Wooten Residence
97-98Milledgeville: Residential Section
99-101Milledgeville: Georgia Prison Farm
102Milledgeville: Street Scene
103Milledgeville: Wayne Street
104Moultrie: First Baptist Church
105Moultrie: Hotel Colquitt
31Berry College: Band
2Berry College: Blackstone Hall
3Berry College: Chapel
4Berry College: College Quadrangle
5Berry College: Dairy Barn Interior
6Berry College: Dining Hall
7Berry College: Dogwood Time
8Berry College: Dorothy Hall
9Berry College: Easter Greetings
10Berry College: Ford Group
11Berry College: Friendship Hall
12Berry College: Greenhouse
13Berry College: Memorial Gymnasium
14Berry College: Mothers' Memorial Building
15Berry College: Recitation Hall
16Berry College: Registered Bull
17Berry College: Robert Meachen Hall
18Berry College: Store
19Berry College: Through the Arch
20Berry College: Barns
21-25Berry Schools
26Berry Schools: ? Hall
27Berry Schools: Berry Homestead
28Berry Schools: Berry School Band
29Berry Schools: Bartow Memorial Library
30-31Berry Schools: Blackstone Hall
32Berry Schools: Boys' Building
33Berry Schools: Boys' Hospital
34Berry Schools: Brewster Hall
35-41Berry Schools: Buildings
42-45Berry Schools: Cabin
46-47Berry Schools: Campus
48-54Berry Schools: Chapel
55Berry Schools: Catherine Hall
56Berry Schools: Cotton Picking
57Mt. Berry: Crozier Hall & Poland Hall
58Mt. Berry: Dairy Barn
59Berry: Dawn of Day
60Mt. Berry: Dogwood Time on Berry Campus
61-62Mt. Berry: Emery Hall
63-65Mt. Berry: Entrance
66-67Mt. Berry: Ford Group
68Mt. Berry: Friendship Hall
69Mt. Berry: Frost Memorial Chapel
70Mt. Berry: Gathering Crop
71Mt. Berry: Girls' Home
72Mt. Berry: "Give Me a Chance"
73Mt. Berry: Gwendolyn's Marshall
74Mt. Berry: Gymnasium Interior
75Mt. Berry: Lemley Hall Dormitory
76Mt. Berry: Lodge
77Mt. Berry: Log Cabin-Spinning Scene
78Mt. Berry: Louise Memorial
79-80Mt. Berry: Martha Berry
81Mt. Berry: Martha Berry & Students
82Mt. Berry: Martha Berry & Teddy Roosevelt
83-85Mt. Berry: Martha Berry School for Girls
86Mt. Berry: Mill
87Mt. Berry: Mirror Lake
88Mt. Berry: Mt. Berry Church
89-90Mt. Berry: Oak Hill
91Mt. Berry: Old Mill
92Mt. Berry: Old Time Log Cabin
93-95Mt. Berry: Poland Hall
96Mt. Berry: Possum Trot Brook
97-100Mt. Berry: Recitation Hall
101Mt. Berry: Road
102-103Mt. Berry: Rome Model Cottage
104Mt. Berry: Shepherd & Flock
105Mt. Berry: Sitting Room
106Mt. Berry: Spinning Wool & Flax
107-108Mt. Berry: Student Body
109Mt. Berry: Sunshine Flower Garden
110Mt. Berry: Swan
111Mt. Berry: Swans on Lake
112-114Mt. Berry: Views of Campus
115Mt. Berry: View of Recitation Hall
116Mt. Berry: View through Archway
117Mt. Berry: When Dogwoods Bloom
118Mt. Berry: Workshop and Gymnasium
41Nacoochee Valley: Allen House
2Nacoochee Valley: Bird-Matthews Lumber Co.
3Nacoochee Valley: Chattahoochee River Scene
4Nacoochee Valley: Glenn House
5Nacoochee Valley: Mitchell's Mtn. Ranch Hotel
6Nacoochee Valley: Nacoochee Valley
7Nacoochee Valley: Nacoochee Station
8Nacoochee Valley: Sautee Valley
9Nacoochee Valley: View along Sautee Creek
10Nacoochee Valley: Yonah Mountain
11Newnan: Carnegie Library/Baptist Church
12-14Newnan: Church
15-16Newnan: Cotton
17Newnan: County Jail
18-19Newnan: Court House, etc.
20-22Newnan: Post Office
23Newnan: Residence
24Newnan: Soldiers' Monument
25-28Newnan: Street Scene
29Newnan: West Washington Street
30Quitman: Bank Interior
31Quitman: Bird's Eye View of Town
32Quitman: Hotel or Residence
33Quitman: Mayor J. Russell's Decorated Car
34Quitman: Presbyterian Church
35Rockmart: City Hall
36Rockmart: City Park
37Rockmart: First Baptist Church
38Rockmart: First Methodist Church
39Rockmart: High School
40Rockmart: North Marble Street
41Rome: Carnegie Library
42Rome: Confederate Monument
43-45Rome: DeSoto Park
46Rome: ? Duck Mills, Office
47Rome: First Baptist Church
48Rome: Four Churches
49Rome: Lakeland Clubhouse
50Rome: Post Office
51Rome: Public White School Bldgs.
52Rome: Residence of Mrs. C.A. Hight
53-58Rome: Shorter College
59Rome: St. Peter's Episcopal Church
60Rome: Street Scene
61Rome: Where the Rivers Meet
62Rome: Where the Three Rivers Meet
63-66St. Simons: Fort Frederica
67St. Simons: Fort Oglethorpe
68St. Simons: Horseback Riding
69St. Simons: Tolomato Golf Club
70Sapelo Island: Edward E. Coffin Res.
71-72Savannah: Aerial View
73Savannah: The Almar
74-78Savannah: Amfico Club
79Savannah: Atlanta Mutual Fire Inc. Co.
80Savannah: Auditorium
81Savannah: Automobile Race Course
82Savannah: Banana Tree, Palmetto, etc.
83Savannah: Bay Street
84Savannah: Beach Scene
85Savannah: Benedictine College/Sacred Ht. Ch.
86-87Savannah: Bethesda Orphanage
88Savannah: Black Woman
89Savannah: Bonaventure
90-97Savannah: Bonaventure Cemetery
98Savannah: Bull Street
99Savannah: Business District
100Savannah: Camellias
101Savannah: Cathedral/Our Lady of Perpet. Help
102Savannah: Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
103Savannah: Christ Church
104Savannah: Church
105Savannah: City Market
106-108Savannah: Colonial Park
109-111Savannah: Confederate Monument
112-114Savannah: Cotton Exchange
51-7Savannah: DeSoto Beach Hotel
8-15Savannah: DeSoto Hotel
16Savannah: Flamingo Terrace
17-20Savannah: Forsyth Park
21-30Savannah: Fort Pulaski
31Savannah: General Greene's HQ
32-33Savannah: Golf Club
34Savannah: Gordon Home
35Savannah: Gordon Monument & Post Office
36Savannah: Grand Prize Automobile Race Course
37Savannah: Greenwich
38-39Savannah: Grimble's Point
40Savannah: Habersham Home
41-46Savannah: Hermitage
47Savannah: Hotel DeSoto
48Savannah: House Interior
49Savannah: Ind. Presbyterian Church
50-54Savannah: Jasper Monument
55Savannah: Jasper Monument & DeSoto Hotel
56-61Savannah: Killarney
62Savannah: Live Oak and Grey Moss
63Savannah: Mansion at the Hermitage
64Savannah: Martha Stewart Elliott House
65Savannah: Masonic Temple
66Savannah: Nathanial Greene Monument
67Savannah: Naval Stores
68Savannah: Oak
69-70Savannah: Oglethorpe Avenue
71-77Savannah: Oglethorpe Hotel
78-88Savannah: Oglethorpe Hotel Golf Course
89-91Savannah: Oglethorpe Hotel Pool & Beach
92-98Savannah: Oglethorpe Monument
99-102Savannah: Painting
103-104Savannah: Pulaski Monument
105Savannah: Radio WTOC
106Savannah: River Harbor
107Savannah: Road Scene
108Savannah: Road with Trees & Moss
109Savannah: St. John's Episcopal Church
110Savannah: Savannah Hotel
111Savannah: Shell Road, Isle of Hope
112-115Savannah: Sherman's 1864 HQ
116-117Savannah: Telfair Acad. of Arts & Sciences
118-119Savannah: Tomo Chi Chi Memorial
120-121Savannah: Trinity Methodist Church
122-123Savannah: Tybee Island Scenes
61-6Savannah: Victory Drive
7Savannah: View North from DeSoto Hotel
8Savannah: Walk with Palmetto Trees
9Savannah: Wellesley House
10-13Savannah: Wellesley Manor
14-16Savannah: Wormsloe
17-19Savannah: Wormsloe, Ft. Wymberly
20-43Savannah: Wormsloe Gardens
44-47Savannah: Wormsloe House
48-55Savannah: Wormsloe Library
56Savannah: Wormsloe-the River
57Savannah: Wormsloe, Tomb of Noble Jones
58Sea Island: Sea Island
59Sea Island: Atlantic viewed through Palms
60Sea Island: Beach Scene
61Sea Island: Boat Club
62Sea Island: Bridle Path
63-65Sea Island: Casino
66-72Sea Island: Cloister
73-74Sea Island: Cloister Apartments
75Sea Island: Cloister & Gardens
76-85Sea Island: Cloister Hotel
86Sea Island: Golf
87Sea Island: Golf Clubhouse
88-94Sea Island: Golf Course
95Sea Island: Horseback Riding
96Sea Island: Hunting Lodge
97Sea Island: Lawn Sports
98Sea Island: New Pool & Casino
99Sea Island: Santa Maria Museum
100Sea Island: Spanish Museum
101Sea Island: Hunting Lodge
102-104Sea Island: Surf & Pool Bathing
105-106Sea Island: Surf Fishing
107Sea Island: Surf, Sea Island Beach
108Sea Island: Trees draped in Sea Moss
109-111Sea Island: Yacht & Boat Club
112Sparta: Confederate Monument
113Sparta: Ohlman Residence
114Sparta: Sparta High School
71-2Thomasville: Thomasville
3-9Thomasville: Archibald Memorial Hospital
10-14Thomasville: Big Oak
15-17Thomasville: Broad Street
18-20Thomasville: Broad Street (1938)
21Thomasville: Building
22Thomasville: Capt. John Triplett Monument
23Thomasville: Children's Delight-Courthouse Yard
24-30Thomasville: Chinquapin Plantation
31-33Thomasville: Country Club
34-38Thomasville: Court House
39-40Thomasville: Court House-Fountain
41Thomasville: Dawson Street & Rosemary Inn
42Thomasville: East Jackson Street
43Thomasville: Field of Roses
44Thomasville: First Baptist Church
45Thomasville: Garden Avenue
46-48Thomasville: Garden Scene
49Thomasville: Garner Residence
50-61Thomasville: Glen Arven Country Club
62Thomasville: Glenwood
63-79Thomasville: Greenwood Plantation
80-81Thomasville: High School
82-83Thomasville: Hollywood
84-85Thomasville: Inwood Plantation
86Thomasville: Magnolia Park
87Thomasville: Malletto Residence
88-92Thomasville: Melrose Plantation
93Thomasville: Methodist Church
94-113Thomasville: Mill Pond Plantation
81-3Thomasville: Monticello Road
4Thomasville: Municipal Building
5-6Thomasville: North Broad Street
7Thomasville: North Dawson Street
8Thomasville: Paradise Park-Bandstand
9Thomasville: Pebble Hill Plantation
10Thomasville: Residence
11Thomasville: River Road
12Thomasville: Rosemary Inn
13Thomasville: Rose Show
14Thomasville: Roses, Showtime
15Thomasville: Shooting Lodge
16Thomasville: Street Scene
17-18Thomasville: Tallahassee Road
19-21Thomasville: Tasco Hotel
22-35Thomasville: Three Toms Inn
36-44Thomasville: Three Tomes Inn (1937)
45-47Thomasville: Vashti Industrial School
48Thomasville: Vashti Street
49-50Thomasville: View of Town
51Thomasville: Wildwood
52-55Thomasville: Winstead
56Tifton: Hall, I.W. Mergers Prop.
57Tifton: Brooks Pharmacy
58-60Tifton: Confederate Monument
61Tifton: Corn (trick photograph)
62Tifton: Cotton (trick photograph)
63Tifton: Eggs (trick photograph)
64-66Tifton: Farm Scene
67Tifton: First Methodist Church
68-69Tifton: H.H. Tift's Sawmill
70Tifton: Love Avenue
71Tifton: Park Avenue, Looking North
72-74Tifton: Road Scene
75-76Tifton: State Agricultural School
77Tifton: Street Scene
78Tifton: Stump Pullers, Ag. School
79Tifton: Unidentified Building
80-81Tifton: Watermelon (trick photograph)
82Toccoa: Atlantic Compress
83Toccoa: Atlantic & Toccoa Compresses
84Toccoa: Simmons Furniture
85Toccoa: Toccoa Compress
86Toccoa: Toccoa Cotton Mill
87Toccoa: Toccoa Falls
88Toccoa: Toccoa Furniture Co.
89Toccoa: Toccoa & Simmons Furniture Cos.
90Valdosta: Valdosta
91Valdosta: Boy & Girl in Brookwood Park
92-93Valdosta: Carnegie Library
94Valdosta: Church Interior
95Valdosta: Courthouse & Confederate Mon.
96Valdosta: Courthouse & Post Office
97-98Valdosta: Dairy Herd
99-100Valdosta: First Baptist Church
101Valdosta: First National Bank
102Valdosta: GA State N & I College
103-105Valdosta: GA State Women's College
106-108Valdosta: High School
108Valdosta: Hospital
109-111Valdosta: Hotel Patterson
112Valdosta: Hunt Residence
113Valdosta: Junior College
114-115Valdosta: Little River
116Valdosta: Long Pond
117-118Valdosta: Lowndes City Courthouse
119Valdosta: Methodist Church
120Valdosta: North Patterson Street
121Valdosta: Patterson Street (1888)
122-123Valdosta: Post Office
124Valdosta: Strickland Residence
125Valdosta: Tobacco Field
126Valdosta: Valdes Hotel
127Valdosta: Valdosta Light & Power Co.
91-2Warm Springs: Builders Hall
3Warm Springs: Cascade Branch
4Warm Springs: Cascade Branch Drive
5Warm Springs: Cascade Falls
6Warm Springs: Drive from Hotel to Pool
7Warm Springs: Georgia Drive
8-10Warm Springs: Georgia Hall
11Warm Springs: Georgia Hall, Patients' Bus
12Warm Springs: Georgia Terrace
13Warm Springs: Hotel Cottages
14Warm Springs: Kress Hall
15-16Warm Springs: Little White House
17Warm Springs: Main Entrance
18-20Warm Springs: Merriwether Inn
21Warm Springs: Open & Closed Pools
22Warm Springs: Pergola & Georgia Hall
23Warm Springs: Picking Cotton
24-25Warm Springs: Private Winter Pool
26Warm Springs: Public Pool
27-30Warm Springs: Roosevelt Cottage
31Warm Springs: South View of Cottages
32Warm Springs: Staff Cottages & Merriwether Inn
33Warm Springs: Swimming Pool
34-36Warm Springs: Warm Springs Hotel
37-38Warm Springs: Warm Springs Pool
39Warm Springs: Wilson Memorial Infirmary
40Washington: Church
41Washington: Country Club
42Washington: Court House
43Washington: Fitzpatrick Hotel
44Washington: Johnson Hotel
45Washington: Public School Building
46Washington: St. Joseph's Academy
47Washington: Town Square
48Waycross: Bonn-Bell School
49Waycross: Brunel Street
50Waycross: Confederate Monument
51Waycross: Gilmore Street
52Waycross: LaGrande Hotel
53-55Waycross: Park
56Waycross: Pendleton Street
57Waycross: Plant Memorial Park
58Waycross: Railroad
59-60Waycross: Railroad Station
61Waycross: Standpipe
62-63Waycross: Street Scene
64Waycross: Tebeau Street
65Waycross: Y.M.C.A.
66West Point: Auditorium
67West Point: Baptist Church
68West Point: Bridge over Chattahoochee
69West Point: Christian Church
70West Point: Dam and Power Plant
71West Point: Fairfax Mills
72West Point: High School
73West Point: Langdale Falls
74West Point: Lanier Residence
75West Point: Lanett Cotton Mills
76West Point: Methodist Church & Parsonage
77West Point: Shawmut Mills
78West Point: Union Passenger Station
79-83Woodland, CA: Holy Rosary Academy
84Woodland, CA: Yolo County Court House
101Abbeville, SC Confederate Monument
2Abbeville, SC Court House & City Hall
3Brunswick, GA The Anchorage
4Brunswick, GA Marsh scenes
5Brunswick, GA Oglethorpe Hotel
6Charleston, SC King St.
7St. Simon's Island, GA Christ Church
8St. Simon's Island, GA The King and Prince Hotel
9Sea Island, GA The Cloisters
10Warm Springs, GA The Little White House
11Washington, GA Confederate Bank Building
12Washington, GA Last cabinet meeting place of the Confederacy
13Washington, GA Market Square
11Negatives. A-Q
12Negatives. R-Z
13Negatives Misc.
14Negatives Misc.