Lillian Eugenia Smith papers

Lillian Eugenia Smith papers

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Smith, Esther
Creator: Smith, Lillian Eugenia, 1897-1966
Creator: Snelling, Paula
Title: Lillian Eugenia Smith papers
Dates: circa 1920-1980
Quantity: 43.0 Linear feet 93 boxes, 1 oversize volume, 1 film can
Coll. Number: ms1283

Biographical/Historical Note

Lillian Smith was born in 1897 and died in 1966. She was an author, lecturer, human rights advocate. She mainly resided in Georgia. She was one of the first prominent white Southerners to stand against segregation. She wrote the novel, Strange Fruit, to much acclaim, as well as Killers of the Dream.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of papers of Lillian Smith from ca. 1920-1980. The papers contain personal correspondence, manuscripts of her works, writings by and about her, files on various organizations she was interested in or involved with (many dealing with human rights), audiotapes containing interviews with and readings by Smith, speeches, financial records, photographs, and printed material. Part of the collection contains records relating to her involvement with the Laurel Falls Camp for Girls including correspondence, applications for admission, printed material, and scrapbooks. The collection also has papers (mainly correspondence) of her friend, Paula Snelling; her sister, Esther Smith; and the Barnett family. Also included is a film reel entitled "Miss Smith of Georgia."


This collection is organized into 5 series: personal, literary, Carolyn Loeb, Laurel Falls Camp, and printed materials.

Index Terms

American literature.
Barnett family
Civil rights--Georgia.
Civil rights--United States.
Georgia--Race relations.
Laurel Falls Camp for Girls (Ga.).
Manuscripts (documents)
Speeches (documents)
United States--Race relations.
Women authors, American--Georgia.

General Notes

Cataloged as part of the Georgia Archives and Manuscripts Automated Access Project: A Special Collections Gateway Program of the University Center in Georgia.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Lillian Smith papers, ms1283. Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University of Georgia Libraries.

Related Material

The film reel "Miss Smith of Georgia" is housed with the Walter J. Brown Media Archives. The film does not have a reference copy; however, reference copies are available upon request. Audiovisual research requests are dependent upon the format and condition of the recordings.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Personal

1.1 Biographical

11Biographical Data
3Childhood Letters
4Early Letters
5Telephone Messages for Lillian Smith [in hospitol], 1966

1.2 Correspondence

21Abbott, Mary Squire - McIntosh and Otis, Inc., 1951-1964
2Abernathy, Rev. Ralph - Institute on Non-Violence and Social Change, 1956
3Able, Eddie
4Adams, Mr., 1962
carbon of letter from Smith, sale of her property and her objection to restrictive clauses regarding race in the real estate sale.
5Adams, J. J. - Johnson C. Smith University, 1960
6Adams, A. W. - Bank of Clayton, 1961-1966
7Adams, Hattie, 1965
8Adams, Margaret - National Association of Social Workers, 1958
9Adams, Dr. Paul - child psychiatrist, 1960
10Adams, Phyllis - NBC, 1953-1954
11Adamson, June (Mrs. G. M.) - Friends of the Oak Ridge Public Library, 1961
12Adley, Harry, 1956
13Aguilu, Harry
14Akins, John, 1955
15Alberti, Dorcas (Mrs. Francis D.) - Unitarian Church of Jacksonville, 1958
16Albright, Montez (Mrs. Edward A.) - Southeast Convention Congregational Christian Churches, 1957-1958
17Alden, Margery, 1966
18Allen, Archie and Bonnie
19Allen, Ardath, 1958
20Allen, Gina, 1962
21Allen, Ivan Jr. - Atlanta Mayor, 1966
22Allen, Mrs. Larry, 1966
23Allen, Thomas B., 1962
24Allred, William C. regarding Southern Regional Council, 1959
25American Civil Liberties Union, 1964
26American Express Company, 1959
27Amory, Cleveland - Celebrity Register, 1965
28Anderson, Mr., 1961
29Anderson, Caryl - Beta Psi Chapter, Zeta Tau Alpha, 1957
30Anderson, Eleanor (Mrs. Sherwood) - YWCA, 1955
31Anderson, Jan, 1955
32Anderson, Kaisu, 1966
33Anderson, M. Margaret - Common Ground, 1944
34Anderson, Marie C., 1961
35Anderson, Selwyn, 1958
36Anderson, Thernell R., 1959
37Andonovich, Natasha
38Anthony, Anne R., 1964
39Anshen, Dr. Ruth Nanda - World Perspectives, 1957-1966
40Anthony, Carolyn T., 1963
41Anthony, Katherine M., 1965
42Anthony, Paul - Southern Regional Council, 1965
43Applebaum, Harold - National Committee For a Sane Nuclear Policy, 1962
44Appleton, John - Harper and Brothers, 1958
45Archer, Anne N. - Southwestern at Memphis, 1963
46Armour, Jack
47Armstrong, Eunice B., 1957
48Armstrong, Robert (Bob) - Atlanta University, 1959
49Arnett, Carroll - Knox College, 1959-1960
50Arnett, Katherine M. - Women's Internation League for Peace and Freedom, 1958
51Arnold, Thurman, 1965
52Aronson, James and Mildred - National Guardian, 1960
53Atkins, Cyril - Morgan State College, 1965
54Atlanta Constitution carbons from Smith, 1954-1955
55Atlanta University
56Atwood, William letter from Smith, 1966
57Author's Guild, 1955
31Babineau, Gordon - Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, 1960
2Babirad, O. F. - Candian Broadcasting Corporation, 1960
3Bacher, Ann, 1956
4Bailey, Beatrice - W. Colston Leigh, Inc., 1960
5Bailey, Birdie, 1965
6Bailey, Hazel F. - church social worker, 1956
7Bailey, Russen, 1966
8Baines, Don, 1964
9Baker, Dorothy, 1962
10Baker, Gretta, 1954
11Balch, Emily C.
12Baldwin, Roger - International League for the Rights of Man, 1956
13Ball, Armand - Southern Baptist Missionary Organization for Boys, 1956
14Ballard, Lou - Southeastern Louisiana College, 1960
15Baltimore, Sol P. - Detroit Commission on Community Relations, 1962
16Bank, Dorothy, 1966
17Banks, Gloria V. (Mrs. W. R.), 1957
18Baral, Mary Francis, 1956
19Baran, Evelyn and Victor
20Barber, Carroll G. - United Church Board for Homeland Ministries, 1964-1965
21Barmore, Kathleen, 1966
22Barnard, Harry - author; regarding Highlander Folk School, 1958
23Barnard, Katherine - W. W. Norton & Co., 1961-1963
24Barnes, Mrs. Demas E., 1956
25Barnes, Joseph - Simon and Schuster, 1960
26Barnett, Bertha (Mrs. Eugene), 1954
873-10Barnett, Bird (Mrs. Eugene E.)
327Barnett, Doak and Jeanne - journalist, 1959
28Barnett, Eugene (Gene), 1960-1961
871-2Barnett, Eugene E.
329Barnett, Fred, 1964
30Barnett, H. DeWitt and Rebecca - YMCA New York, 1960-1965
31Barnett, Jack, 1957
32Barnett, Robert Warren (Bob) and Patricia - Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, 1953-1965
33Baro, Gene - author, 1953-1957
34Baron, Mille Beck, 1956
35Barricini Candies, 1957
36Barholomew, Elise (Mrs. Richard Lee), 1956-1960
37Baruah, Amrit, 1956
38Bass, Nellie E., 1958
39Batchelder, Eleanor Olds, 1961
40Battoms, Mrs.—
41Bauer's Candies, 1959
42Bavecock, Gertrude M., 1957
43Baxley, Brett L., 1956
44Bazelon, Richard - Second American Revolution, 1964
45Beals, William H., 1953
46Bean, Hope Wercott, 1960
47Bear, Frances, 1957
48Beard, Belle Boone, 1962
49Bearden, Ruth and Glendis
50Beck, Mrs. Broussais Comen, 1962
51Beck, Ethel M.
52Beittel, A. D., 1957
53Bell, B. Tartt - American Friends Service Committee, 1956
54Bell, Charles, 1956
55Bell, Tommy G., 1957
56Bellinger, Dr. George, 1966
57Bellows, Phyllis - Grove Press, 1961
58Bennett, John B. - Brevard College, 1961
59Bennett, Phil, 1959
41Bentz, Betty - Hotel and Club Employees Union, 1961
2Berg, Einar - United Nations, 1962
3Berg, Norah, 1956
4Bergman, Lewis - New York Times, 1954
5Bergson, Bryan P., 1956-1957
6Bernheim, Rachel Page
7Berry, Mrs. Annie J., 1956
8Bessie, Simon Michael - Harper & Brothers, 1955
9Best, James S. - Harper & Brothers, 1958
10Best, Jane C., 1963
11Best Norman E., 1965
12Bethune, Mary McLeod - co-founder United Negro College Fund, 1954
13Bey, Harvey G. Sgt., USMC, 1954
14Beyer, William
15Bhatt, Vijay A., 1963
16Bick, Jerome (Jerry) - Film Arts International, 1961
17Bijur, George, 1956
18Billingsley, Sherman
19Billips, George C., 1963
20Binghaur, Dorothy, 1955
21Bird, Nancy - Florida State University, 1960
22Birnbryer, Dorothy M.
23Bischoff, Lillian - Emory University, 1956-1964
24Bishop, Walter
25Bixler, Paul - Antioch Review, 1954
26Black, Starr, & Gorham, 1956
27Blackson, Katherine, 1966
28Blackstock, Walter, 1960
29Blackwell, Louise and Frances Clay, 1965-1966
30Blaine, Dr. Graham B., Jr., M.D., 1954
31Blanding, Sarah Gibson - Vassar College, 1955
32Blanding, Sarah S. [missing]
33Blanshard, Mary and Paul - Unitarian Fellowship for Social Justice, 1961
34Blossom, Frederick A. - World Events Clearinghouse, 1956
35Blouin, Carolyn (Mrs. Maurice)
36Bluford, Lucile H. - The Call, 1956
37Boddinghouse, Sara, 1963
38Bode, Gerry - Southern Student Organizing Committee, 1964
39Bollenbacher, Pauline R. - Library of Congress, 1962
40Bollens, Jack, 1960
41Bond, Horace Julian - Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, 1960-1964
42Bond, Virginia - Georg Jenson Inc., 1954-1961
43Bondarent, W. C., 1965
44Bongolan, Sylvia - Marie Rodell and Joan Davies, Inc., 1961
45Bonniers, 1961
46Book-of-the-Month Club, 1958
47Borden, Allen B. - H.W. Wilson Company, 1955
48Borsten, Laura (Mrs. Orin) - University Synagogue, Mercer, 1963
49Borsten, Orin, 1963
50Bosley, Lila
51Bosworth, Patricia, 1966
52Botnick, A. I., 1962
53Bourke-White, Margaret, 1959
54Bowden, Julia H., 1963
55Bowen, Shirlie P.
56Bowers, Elizabeth, 1957-1958
57Bowles, Chester, 1959
58Bowser, Hal - Saturday Review, 1960-1962
59Boyd, Ouida, 1959
60Boyd, Polly R.
61Boyce, Dr. Thomas K., 1966
62Boyd, Rosalie, 1963
51Boyle, Kay, 1965
2Boyle, Sara Patton, 1962
3Boyte, Janet and Harry - YWCA, 1959, 1965
4Brame, Bill - Hollywood Playhouse, 1959
5Brand, Eileen - Lyle Stuart, 1960
6Brandenburg, Rev. Arthur - Methodist Church, Duke University, 1958
7Brannon, R. Victor
8Branson, Byron, 1955
9Brazeal, B. R., 1945
10Breiby, Allison W. (Mrs. J. Conrad, Jr.), 1954
11Brennan, Robert M. - CBS News, 1966
12Brentano's, 1957-1958
13Brewer, Frances J. - Detroit Public Library, 1964
14Brewster, Ray, 1957
15Briggs, Austin, 1965-1966
16Briggs, Peter - Ladies Home Journal, 1957
17Brindle, Mrs. T., 1956
18Brnikley, David, 1957
19Britton, Erwin A. - First Congregational Church, 1961
21Brockway, George - W. W. Norton, 1957-1966
8711Brockway, George
522Brody, Lillian and J.
23Bromley, Dorothy - WMCA and ACLU, 1956-1966
24Broom, Knox M., 1961
25Broughton, Virginia, 1962
26Brown, Bruce B., 1966
27Brown, Esther Lucile - Russell Sage Foundation, 1955-1963
28Brown, G. W. C. - Virginia State College, 1963
29Brown, Mrs. Kelly, 1964-1965
30Brown, Mary K., 1962
31Brown, Mitzi, 1960-1961
32Brown, Mozell
33Brown, Dr. Robert L. - Emory University Clinic, 1956-1964
34Brown, W. Norman, 1956
35Bruck, Gene - WBAI, 1960
36Bruns, Lydia (Mrs. F.) - Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, 1956
37Bryan, Tami
38Buckley, Arthur R. - Seabury Press, 1966
39Buckley, Elizabeth - American Unitarian Association, 1954
40Buckman, Lorraine
41Buechler, John - Uniersity of Vermont, 1962
42Buffington, Flo (Mrs. Joseph E.), 1959
43Buhler, Mildred B. (Mrs. E.O.), 1962
44Bullard, Helen, 1944-1962
45Bunell, Schley
46Burghart, Margaret, 1956
47Burke, Gus
48Burke, Lily M., 1960
49Burley, Grace Taylor
50Burnette, Wells D., 1954, 1959
51Burr, Jeanne (Mrs. Donald D.), 1965
52Burrowes, Charlotte (Mrs. Paul), 1958
53Burt, Richard R., 1959
54Bush, Martin H. - Syracuse University, 1963
55Butler, George, 1962
56Butler, Henry, 1955
57Butler, Lucillie, 1959
58Buzick, Jerry includes review for Killers of the Dream
59Bynum, Knox - state representative, 1961
60Bynum, Irene Powell
61Byrne, Dr. H.J. (Jim), 1955
62Byrne, Jim
63Byron, Dora - Emory University, 1962
61Cadle, Dean
2Cahn, Mrs.—
3Caine, Lynn
4Calhoun, Arthur W.
5Calhoun, Don
6Calhoun, Lillian S.
7Calkins, Ken
8Calsi, Li
9Caneron, W. E., Jr.
10Camp, Katherine L.
11Campbell, Dr. A. O.
12Campbell, Martha R.
13Campbell, Will D.
14Camus, Albert
15Canfield, Cass
16Canfield, Glenn O.
17Cannon, Marion
18Cannon, R. E.
19Cannon, Mrs. W. R.
20Cantlon, Marie
21Cantrell, J. W.
22Caplan, Samuel
23Cardiff, Ira D.
24Carey, Gordon R.
25Carling, Finn
26Carmichael, O. C.
27Carmichael, William Edward
28Carney, John
29Carpel, Pearl M.
30Carpenter, C. R. (Mrs. Ray A.)
31Carpenter, Paul W., Jr.
32Carr, Robert Kenneth
33Carroll, Paul
34Carroll, W. G.
36Carruth, Gordon
37Carter, Hodding III
38Carter, John Mack
39Carter, Nannette
40Carter, Neil
41Carter, Mrs. Paul
42Carter, Ruth
43Carter, W. E.
44Carver, Margaret and Ralph
45Cassirer, Toni (Mrs. Ernest C.)
46Caylor, George N.
47Cecil, May (Mrs. Richard)
48Cekolin, Nancy J.
49Celli, Anne
50Center, Stella S.
51Chalmers, Alan Knight
52Chambers, Lucille A.
53Chambers, Winifred S. (Mrs. C. S.)
54Chapman, Ethel M.
55Cheatham, Shirley C.
56Chechero Lunchroom Workers
57Cherkis, Carl
58Chitty, Arthur Ben
59Choice Magazine Listening
60Chrisman, Dr.—
61Christian Century, The
62Christian, Robert S.
63Chute, Joy
64Chute, Marchette
65Clapp, Estelle Barnes
66Clark, Dale
67Clark, Jock
68Clark, John
69Clark, John G.
70Clark, Olin H.
71Clark, Robert M., Jr.
71Clayton Baptist W.M.U.
2Clayton Methodist Church Ladies Adult Sunday School Class
3Clayton Methodist Church Wesleyan Service Guild
4Clement, Dr. Rufus
5Clements, Earle
6Cleveland, Diana
7Cleveland, Mary
8Clifford, William C.
9Clippard, Mrs. Edwin Ballenger
10Cloak, Zoe
11Clyde, Ethel
12Coan, Otis W.
13Cobb, Paul
14Cofer, Maud
15Coffee, Elizabeth
16Cohen, Arthur A.
17Cohen, Bob
18Cohen, Dennis M.
19Cohen, Miriam
20Cohen, Oscar
21Cohn, Helen
22Colby, Frances
23Colby, Vineta
24Coleman, M.—
25Coleman, Kenneth
26Coleman, Opal
27Coles, Dr. Robert (Bob)
28Collins, LeRoy
29Collinson, Nancy
30Colt, Leila
31Comillion, C.G.
32Compere, Moiree M.
33Condie, Doris
34Condiment Shop
35Congress of Racial Equality
36Cone, Virgie
37Conrad, Marion
38Cook, Carole
39Cook, Rodney M.
40Cooley, Rev. Charles F.
41Cooper, Bertram C.
42Cooper, Evalyn K. (Mrs. J. Robert)
43Cope, Jane
44Corbin, Miriam
45Corman, Ann
46Cornelius, Betty
47Corwin, Norman
48Costello, Lenore V. (Mrs. George T.)
49Cothran, Tillman C.
50Couch, William, Jr.
51Coulborn, Helen M.
52Cousins, Margaret
8712Cousins, Margaret
753Cousins, Norman
54Coveyou, Ida (Mrs. Robert R.)
55Cowles, Edith
56Cox, Archibald
57Cox, Evelyn
58Craig, Mrs. A.P.
59Cramer, Robert E.
60Crane, Dr. Henry Hart
61Crawford, Mamie
62Creative Playthings
63Creeger, Ralph
64Cress, George
65Cross, Mark Co.
66Cross, Winnie
67Crowe, Mrs. A.L.
68Currier, Mrs. Willo L.
69Curry, Mrs. R.B. (Dora M.)
81Daeb, G.A.
2Dalby, Christine
3Dalirymple, Marion E.
3Dame, Pauline Fitzgerald
4Daniel, Bradford
5Daniel, Frank
6Daniel, Dr. R. David
7Danielson, Iona
8Dansby, Vera L.
9Darden, John A., Jr.
10D.A.R. School
11Daves, Joan
12David, Henry
13Davidson, Chandler
14Davies, Muriel A. (Mrs. H. Powell)
15Davis, Dolly
16Davis, Harold
17Davis, Jerome
18Davis, Lambert
19Davis, Marion M.
20Davis, Robert
21Davis, Ruth
22Davison's Department Store
23Day, Donald
24DeFrantz, F.E.
25DeGroot, Elouise
26DeLapp, Mary
27DeSchaaf, Nellie
28Deacon, W.A.
29Dean, Authur H.
30Delaney, Mike
31Delaney, Sadie
33Demel, Dr. Helmut L.
34Denniston, Martha
35Denniston, R.A.
36Derrick, Mr. and Mrs. Claud Lester
37DeVane, Felton A.
38Dexter, Hariet Harmon
39Dick, Mrs. Edison
40Dickerson, Robert Tyrone
41Dickerson, Venice A.
42Dictionary of International Biography
43Dietel, Linda (Mrs. W.)
44Dietz, F.—
45Dillon, Grace
46Dinnis, Paul E.
47Doar, Harriet
48Dodson, Willis Hall
49Dolin, Harriet
50Donnaud, B.—
51Donnenberg, E.—
52Doran, Adron
53Doty, Fred O.
54Dougherty, Katharine
55Dougherty, Page H.
56Douglas, Emily and Paul H.
57Douglas, Mary
58Douglass, Margaret E.
59Douglass, Robert Bruce
60Dover, Dr. J. C.
62Dowlen, Mrs. Joe A.
63Drew, Elizabeth
64Drewry, Dr.—
65Du Santoy, Peter
66DuBois, Rachel Davis
67Duckett, T.A.
68Duel, Robert W.
69Duerkson, Harold
70Duffner, Mrs. Carl
71Dugan, Jean
72Dumond, Dwight L.
73Dunbar, Leslie W.
74Duncan, O.D.
75Dunlap, Edna C.
76Dunn, Mary
77Durham, Barbee William
78Durr, Virginia
79Dweyer, Frances
80Dykeman, Wilma
91Eames, David
2East, P.D.
3Eastland, James O.
4Eatman, Hardee
5Ebony Magazine
6Eckl, Chris
7Eddy, Mrs. Muriel E.
8Edelman, Irwin
9Edwards, Agnes
10Edwards, Bess
11Edwards, Ralph
12Egan, Marion M.
13Eggert, Faye
14Ehlers, Dr. Henry
15Eisendrath, Maurice N.
16Eisenhart, Mrs. Luther Pfahler
17Eisenhower, Dwight
18Eisenmann, Adelaide K.
19Eisenstadt, A.S.
20Eliason, Jane
21Eliot, Frederick May
22Eller, Mrs. Richard (Pat)
23Elmo, Ellis
24Ellis, Kay
25Elrod, La Wanda
26Emily, Geneva H.
27Emory University Clinic-Dept. of Accounts
28Engstrom, Roberta
29Enoch, Kurt
30Ensor, Lowell S.
31Epstein, Muriel and Seymour
32Erickson, Charles O.
33Erskine, Albert
34Erwin, George
35Etheridge, Frank O.
36Ethridge, James M.
8713Etteinger, Andrew
938Eubanks, Joyce and Shelton
39Eubanks, Lamar L.
40Evans, Abbie Huston
41Evans, Bennie
42Evans, James C.
43Evans, Odessa Cave
44Everett, Robert L., Jr.
45Everhart, Rev. William M.
46Evett, Robert
47Ewald, Pearl
48Ewing, Stephen L.
49Exman, Wallace
101Fabianic, Ann Morgan (Mrs. David)
2Fabre, Michel
3Fagg, Mary Louise
4Fair, Ronald L.
5Fairchild, Dr. Henry Pratt
6Fanning, Honey (Mrs. W. R.)
7Farmer, J.O.
8Farrar, Geraldine
9Farris, Earl
10Fedde, Bernhard G.
11Feingold, Jessica
12Feingold, Rabbi Julian F.
13Fenderson, Reginald H.
14Ferguson, Clarence Clyde, Jr.
15Ferrell, Paula (Mrs. J.E.)
16Fielder, Charles W.
17Findelstein, Louis
18Fine, Benjamin
19Finestone, Harry and Mary Eve
20Fink, Elise
8713Fink, Marianne
1021Fink, Marianne and Omar
22Finney, Janet G.
23FisCher, Brigette B.
24Fishel, Lavern
25Fisher, Dorothy Canfield
26Fisher, Florence (Mrs. H.B.)
27Fisher, Richard B.
28Fisher, Welthy
29Flem, Ivar
30Fles, Barthold
31Fligelman, Freida
32Florida, University of
33Foeckler, Merle M.
34Fontaine, Elizabeth
35Fonville, Ethel
8714-20Forbes, Jean & Stanton
1036Forbes, Stanton
37Ford, Ann
38Forman, James
39Fortson, Michael
40Fosdick, Rev. Henry Emerson
41Foster, Guitirie
42Foster, Nannie
43Foster, Michael
44Foster, Rev. Thomas W.
45Fowler, Louise
47Fox, Miss Chloe
48Fox, Joseph M.
49France, Royal W.
50Francis, Herbert E., Jr.
51Francis, W.N.
52Frank, Anna
53Frank, Janice
54Frankel, Peg (Mrs. John)
55Franklin, Sam H.
56Fraser, Helen A.
57Frawley, Mrs. D.
58Frayser, Mary E.
59Fredrickson, George M.
60Freeman, Samuel D.
61Frehse, Dr. Robert M.
62Freifeid, Samuel D.
63Friedberg, Lillian A.
64Friede, Donald
65Friend, Mr.—
66Frumkin, Paul
67Fuller, Helen
68Fuller, Hoyt W.
69Fuller, Jeffrey E.
111Gabel, Hortense W.
2Gadsen, R.W.
3Gaiennie, E.J.
4Gaither, Guy
5Galantierè, Lewis
6Gallup, George
7Galphin, Bruce
8Galvin, Judy
9Gandhi, Indira
10Gannett, Ruth and Lewis
11Gard, Robert E.
12Gardner, Caroline
13Gardner, John Fentress
14Garman, Anne
15Garrett, Romeo B.
15Garroway, Dave
17Gaver, Mary Virginia
18Gay, William T.
19Geffen Felicia
20Gehring, Dr. P.
21Geiger, Mrs. Alfred
22Geiger, Calhoun
23Geismer, Maxwell
24Gerber, Carolyn
25Gershon, "Reb" (Mrs. Harry M.) Rebecca
26Gervasi, Eugene M.
27Getonga, Simon N.
28Gettner, Victor S.
29Gibbs, Wolcott, Jr.
30Gilbert, Marion
31Giles, Dr. Roscoe C.
32Gill, Mrs. Edward P.
33Gillespie, Mrs. Will L.
34Ginsberg, Priscilla
35Ginzberg, Dr. Eli
36Ginzburg, Ralph
37Giovanni, Yolando
38Girson, Rochelle
39Glasscock, Raymond
40Glover, Bevan C.
41Glover, Louise
42Godfrey, Virginia
43Gold, Sol
44Goldberger, Mike
45Golden, Harry
46Goldfischer, Morrie
47Goldsmith, Kathleen
48Gomillion, Charles G.
49Goode, Mrs. E. B.
50Goode, Stephen H.
51Goodwin, Polly
52Gorden, William I.
53Gordon, Alan
54Gordon, Dorothy
55Gorman, Ann
56Goseer, Stanley
57Goss, Mrs. Mack M.
58Gotesky, Rubin
59Gotlieb, Howard B.
60Gottlieb, Robert
61Gould, Kenneth M.
62Graham, Earl C.
63Graham, Frank P. (in Katherine Lackey file)
64Granberry, R. C.
65Grant, Beatrice R.
66Graves, M. Hill
67Gray, Edwina M. (Mrs. Richard)
68Gray, Fred D.
69Gray, Retta W. (Mrs. Charles F.)
70Green, Connie
71Green, Dan
72Green, Guy
73Greenburg, Dr. Sidney M.
74Greene, Lorenzo J.
75Greene, Phyllis
76Greene, Mrs. Velma C.
77Greenleaf, J. Wm.
78Greenleaf, Sue and Bill
79Gregory, Judith
80Grellet, Jacques
81Griffin, John H.
8722-25Griffin, John Howard
21Grismar, Max
1182Griswold, Mrs. Erwin N.
83Griswold, Nat
85Gronowicz, Antoni
86Gubin, Louise
87Guerrero, Gene, Jr.
88Gunther, John
89Gurney, Lilian
90Gutierrez, Margaret H.
91Guzman, Jessie P.
121Haefner, Ruth
2Haggerty, Wm. J.
3Haimowitz, Morris
4Haines, Charles E.
5Hale, D.R.
6Hale., W. H., Jr.
7Hall, Rosalind B.
8Halliday, Brett
9Halligan, Alice L.
10Halsey, Margaret
11Hamilton, Berta
12Hamilton, Edith
13Hamilton, Mrs. G.T.
14Hamilton, Grace
15Hamilton, Mrs. Mathi Boynton
16Hammer, Jane
17Hammes, Jane Touhey (Mrs.R.B.)
18Hance, Wiley F.
19Handen, Forgen Arup
20Hannon, Chancellor I.
21Hansen, Jim
22Hansen, Norm
23Harcourt, Brace and Co., Inc.
24Harden, Pearl E. (Mrs. C.T.)
25Hargrave, Thomas B., Jr.
26Harkey, Louise (Mrs. Don)
27Harlaw, Esther
28Harlow, S. Ralph
29Harmon, Frances S.
30Harmon, Dr.—
31Harmon, George
32Harnick, Sheldon
34Harper & Brothers/ Harper & Row
35Harper, M.L.
36Harrington, Donald S.
38Harris, Becky
39Harris, Betty M. (Mrs. J.C.)
40Harris, Gertrude
41Harris, Jane (Mrs. Louis H.)
42Harris, Juliette
43Harris, Leonard P.
44Harris, Roger
45Harris, Rufus C.
46Harris, Sara (Mrs. Raymond)
47Harrison, Gilbert
48Hart, Moss
49Hart, William B. (Bud)
50Hartley, Margaret L.
51Hartley, Wesley
52Hartney, Mrs. Lou
53Hartsfield, William B
54Hass, Rev. L.H.R.
55Hasselriis, Omark
56Hassler, Alfred
57Hastings' Seeds
58Hathorn, Raban
59Haverlin, Carl
60Hayes, E. Nelson
61Haygood, William C.
62Haywood, J.W.
63Head, Jane
64Hearn, James B.
65Hebson, Ann
66Hecox, Eulalia Sprawls
67Hedgeman, Anna Arnold
68Helms, F. Clyde
69Hellmer, Kurt
70Henderson, Sweet-Pea
71Hendrix, Ruth
72Henkoff, Isaac, Mrs.
73Henle, James
131Hermanson, Milton M.
2Hernton, Calvin
3Herriott, Frank W.
4Herron, Patricia
5Hersey, Evelyn W.
6Hertzberg, Sidney
7Heyman, Josephine
8Hibbett, Laurie L. (Mrs. David B.)
9Hibbler, J. Arnetta
10Hightower, Keene and John
11Hildreth, Mrs. Thomas
12Hill, Betty Jo
13Hill, Rev. Charles H.
14Hill, Dr. Mozell C.
15Hiltner, Frederica Mead
16Hinton, Carmelita
17Henton, Maudelle
18Hitchock, Peggy
19Hobson, Michael Z.
20Hodge, Edward A.
21Hodges, George W.
22Hodges, Luther H.
23Hoershe, Helen
24Hoffman, Halleck
25Hogan, Wayne
26Hoglund, C.Wm.
27Holden, Annie R.
28Holland, Richard D.
30Hood, Elizabeth
31Hoopes, David S.
32Hoover, Edward
33Hopkins, Mrs. Chas.
34Hopkins, Thomas
35Horn, Mary R. (Mrs. Sid)
36Horne, Harold
37Horrigan, Olive K.
38Horton, Phillip
39Hotchkiss, Wesley A.
40Householder, Betty
41Houser, George M.
42Houtz, Philip
43Howard, Mrs. C.H. (Genevieve)
44Howard, Joe T.
45Howard, John
46Howard University
47Howell, Marion I.
48Howerton, Louise
891Howerton, Louise
2Howerton, Louise
1349Howery, Helen
50Howlett, Duncan
51Hoyt, Mrs. Galen W.
52Hozue, Jackie
53Huber, Barbara
54Hudson, Margaret
55Huger, Louise Polk
56Hugo, Herbert H.
57Humphrey, Hubert H.
58Hunsinger, John S.
59Hunt, Horace H.
60Hunter, Charlayne A.
61Hurst, J. Willis, MD
62Hurt, Frank
63Hutcheson, Emanuel
64Hutchinson, Mrs. Carlos
65Hutchinson, Dr. Dorothy H.
66Hutchinson, Pat
67Hutchinson, Wm. L.
69Hyman, Virgie Home (Mrs. George)
141Iggers, George G.
2Irish, Marian D.
3Irving, Marion
4Isensee, Gayle
5Israel, Ellen
6Jack, Homer A.
7Jackson, J.H.
8Jackson, Rev. L.K.
9Jackson, Mrs. N.
10Jacopetti, Benjamin
11Jaffe, Jack A.
12Jain, V. Kumar
13James, John J.
14Jamison, Jeannette
15Jarrard, Jan and Coleman
16Jarrett, Dr. Edwin and Dorothy
17Jefferson, Virgie
18Jelliffee, Belinda (Mrs. Ely Smith)
19Jenkins, Phyllis
20Jenks, — Winders, Mrs. W.F. (Mary)
21Jennison, Keith W.
22Johns, Ralph
23Johnson, Anne Ellis
24Johnson, Dr. Bertha F.
25Johnson, Caroline Janette
26Johnson, Charles
27Johnson, D. Edwin
28Johnson, Geneva (Mrs. Gene)
29Johnson, Dr. Guy G.
30Johnson, Katherine
31Johnson, Lyndon Baines
32Johnson, Maggie
33Jones, Adolyn and Bob
34Jones, Charles M.
35Jones, Elizabeth
36Jones, Emilee
37Jones, Frances and Josephine
38Jones, Mrs. Howard Munford (Bessie)
39Jones, John Paul
40Jones, Josephine
41Jones, Dr. Lewis W.
42Jones, Margaret
43Jones, Mrs. Sam
44Jones, Mrs. T. Neil
45Jordan, Clarence
46Jordan, J. Langford
47Jordan, Jack
48Jordan, Millicent Dobbs
49Josey, E. J.
50Jovanovich, William
51Julian, Judith F.
52Junkin, Mrs. R.
53Junod, Violaide
151Kadison, Ellis
2Kahn, Gwyneth
3Kaiser-Braem, Elizabeth
4Kallen, Horace and Rachel
5Kamara, Olive
6Kamarck, Edward L.
7Kapadia, A.R.
8Kaplan, George H.
9Karanja, Joe N.
10Karstens, JoEllen
11Kask, Eleanor
12Kaupman, Betty
13Kavalier, Helena
14Kearney, Lynn and Jack
15Keating, Edward M.
16Keehn, Martha (Mrs. Thomas B.)
17Keenan, John E.
18Keesey, Robert
19Kefauver, Estes
20Keidel, Valerie
21Kellogg, Mary
22Kelly, Dorothy
23Kelly, Mortimer
24Kennedy, Don
25Kennedy, John F.
26Kennedy, Katherine E. (Mrs. George W.)
27Kennedy, Robert F.
28Kennedy, Stetson
29Kennell, Edward F.
30Kessler, Henry and Jessie
31Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation
32Khouri, Yvonne
33Khoury, Polly and Mike
34Kimsey, Cliff C.
35King, Diana
36King, Edward B., Jr.
37King, Hardin W. (Corky)
38King, John
39King, Lonnie C., Jr.
40King, Dr. Martin Luther
41King, Wren
42Kiser, Ellen
43Kissinger, Henry A.
44Kleckley, Rev. Voight
45Klein, Arthur
46Klein, Roger H.
47Kluger, Sidney
48Knight, Rhoda
49Knox, John
50Kocher, Robert L.
51Kollman, Eric C.
52Kooperman, Lennie
53Kostandin, Ann
54Krause, Kathy
55Krents, Milton E.
56Krentz, Jean
56Krentz, Jean
57Krueger, Tom
58Kubie, Dr. Lawrence
59Kubie, Robert H.
60Kulner, Tinka
61Kumar, Ravi
62Kupcinet, Irv
63Kuria, Isaac
64Kurland, Patricia B.
161Laase, Joyce
2Lackey, Katherine
3Ladd, Edward T.
4Laird, James H.
5Lambert, Kay and Jack
6Lambert, P.—
7Landers, Mrs. Fred (Erma)
8Landiss, C. William
9Lane, Howard
10Langenes, Marge M.
11Langford, Elizabeth A.
12Larkin, Gladys
13Larson, Dr. Arthur
14Latimer, James B.
15Latowette, Donna
16Laucks, Irving F.
17Laue, James H.
18Lavender, R. Emory and Carolyn
19Lawrence, Barbara
20Lawrence, Elizabeth
21Lawton, E.N.
22LeClair, Anne
23Lee, Alfred McClung
24Lee, Calvo Lee
25Lee, Helen E.
26Lee, Lillian
27Lee, Sam J.
28Leeper, Robert
29Leet, Pauline M.
30Lehman, B.
31Leigh, W. Colston
32Leighton, W. S.
33Leiper, Rev. Henry Smith
34Lent, Ernest E.
35Lenz, Mrs. R.R. (Frances)
36Leonard, Earl T.
37Leonard, George B.
38Leonard, Irving A.
39Leonard, Sissy
40Lerner, Abe
41Lerner, Gerda
42Lerrigo, Edith
43Letter, Ann B.
44Levin, Arthur J.
45Levin, Jerry
46Levin, Miriam
47Levinthal, Sonia
171Levitas, S.M.
2Levy, Alan J.
3Lewis, Alfred Baker
4Lewis, Frederick H.
5Lewis, Mary
6Lewis, Richard D.
7Lewis, Ruth Day
8Lewis, William A.
9Leys, Helen Benson (Mrs. Wayne A.R.)
10Leys, (Dean) Wayne A.R.
11Libby, Rev. Robert M. G.
12Lichtenthaler, Dr. Marguerite E.
13Life Magazine
14Lindley, Denver
15Lindsay, Howard
16Lindsay, R.B.
17Linville, Lyle E.
18Littledale, Clara Savage
19Lloyd, Mary Norris
20Locke, Hubert G.
21Lockwood, Helen Drusilla
22Loeb, James, Jr.
23Loeb, Mrs. J. C.
24Loescher, Frank S.
25Logan, Joshua
26Long, Harold D.
27Long, Herman H.
28Long, Margaret (Maggie)
893Long, Margaret
1729Longstreet, Ethel (Mrs. Stephen)
30Looker, Nina Hansell (Mrs. Reginald E.)
31Loomis, C. B.
32Lovejoy, Dorothy Sue (Mrs. Geo. Shannon)
33Luce, Robert B.
34Ludgate, Abbie M.
35Luebchow, Irma E.
36Lundgren, Annabel
37Lunt, Storer
38Luter, Barnard K.
39Lyle, David A.
40Lyman, Lorraine
41Lynd, Staughton
42Lyons, Mimi
1826Mackinnon, John G.
27MacKinnon, Sallie Lou
28MsKissick, Floyd
29MacLennan, Charles F.
30McMekin, Clara
31McMillan, Ann
32McMillan, Constance
33MacNair, Annette
34McQuillan, Margaret Mary
35McReynolds, David
36Madison, Barbara
37Mainzer, Robert A. and Sara
38Malcolm, Gladys
39Malin, Patrick Murphy
40Mallery, David
41Malloy, Evelyn Tillman
42Mance, Mary E.
43Mandel, Grace H. (Mrs. Sidney W.)
44Mandeville, Paul
45Maness, David
46Manfred, Ernest F.
47Manhart, Guy
48Manley, Albert E.
49Manos, Charles
50Mapp, Vivian
51Marbon, R.—
52Marboto's Hudson Book Club
53Marchionne, A. M.
54Marchman, Mr. and Mrs. C. R.
55Marcy, Anne
56Marion, Nan Rae
57Markel, Lester
58Marrow, Eula
59Marshall, George N.
60Marshall, Thurgood
61Martin, Gertrude and Louis
62Martin, Harold H.
63Martin, Louis E.
64Martineua, Katherine
65Marton, Ruth
894Marton, Ruth
1866Marty, Martin E.
67Marvel, Elizabeth, E. (Mrs. Archie D.)
68Marvin, Florence E.
69Mason, William Thomas
70Mason, Vivian C. (Mrs. William Thomas)
71Massee, Mary
72Massey, Madison
191Mathews, Lemuel P.
2Mathews, Virginia H.
3Matthews, Lamer
4Matthiesen, Glenon
5Mattingly, CQ
6Maverick, Maury, Jr.
7May, Carole
8May, Kathleen (Mrs. Fred Arnold)
9May, Rollo and Florence
10Mayer, Milton
11Mays, Sadie Gray
12Mead, A.R.
13Means, Avery
14Mearns, David C.
15Mebane, John
16Medows, Edward
17Mellor, Ruthie (Mrs. P.F.)
18Melton. Louis H.
19Menard, Laura (Mrs. Albert)
20Mendelsohn, Madelaine
21Mendelson, Harry G.
22Mendenhall Office Machine
23Mendez, Ann
24Menniger, Ann Catherine
25Menniger, Jean Lyle
26Menniger, Karl
27Meras, Phyllis
28Mercer, Caroline
29Meredith, Scott
30Merton, Thomas
31Metcalfe, Lee
32Metcer, Wilma
33Metoyer, Letitia A.
34Metz, Mrs. Kay
35Meyer, Cecile
36Meyer, Gert
37Meyer, Sylvan
38Michaels, Grant
39Miers, Earl
40Milgram, Morris
41Miller, Dorothy
42Miller, Ida Louise
43Miller, John D.
44Miller, W.E.
45Miller, William Robert
46Millwood, Evelyn
47Milner, Edward D.
48Miner, Ruth
49Minor, Edith
50Mitchell, Molly
51Mitchell, Morris R.
52Mizruchi, Epharaim H.
53Moe, Henry Allen
54Mohaptra, Jayant
55Mollnow, Fran
56Monaghan, William E.
57Mohblatt, Annette K.
58Mandadori, Arnoldo
59Monroe, Margaret E.
60Montagu, Ashley
61Montgomery, Homer
62Montgomery, Jack
63Montgomery, Marion
64Moore, Augustine
65Moore, Mrs. Dudley
66Moore, Eugene
67Moore, Richard V.
68Moore, Robert L.
69Moran, Charlotte D. (Mrs. Neil)
70Morehouse, Letty
71Morgan, Edward P.
72Morgan, Elizabeth and Ernest
73Morgan, Gerald D.
74Morgan, George W.
75Morganthal, Henry
76Moron, Dr. Alonzo
77Morris, Ira and Eklita
78Morrison, Esther
79Morrison, Frances (Mrs. James L.)
80Morrison, Helen B.
81Morrison, Joseph L.
82Mosely, Fred S.C.
83Mosely, Jim
84Mould, Ralph N.
85Moynihan, Daniel P.
86Moynihan, David
87Mukerji, Pratulla C.
88Muller, Jullian P.
89Mumford, Lewis
90Munroe, Cynthia
91Munson, Dr. H.B.
92Murchison, Helen S. and Charles
93Murphy, Anna F.
94Murphy, Carl
95Murphy, Claude
96Murphy, J. Stanley
97Murray, N. Patrick
98Murray, Pauli
99Music Appreciation Records
201Nachman, Harry S.
2Nalbandian, Mrs. Chasik
3Namuth, Hans
4Nance, Jim
5Needham, Laurina and Tom
6Neely, Dick
7Neely, Frank
8Neiman, Judy
9Nelbandian, Mrs. Chasik
10Nelson, Jack and Virginia
11Nelson, William Stuart
12Neuman, Willis P.
13Neumann, Margo
14New York Times
15Newcomb, Mimi
16Newcombe, Jack
17Nichols, Dave
18Niebuhr, Reinhold
19Nissley, Eleanor
20Norman, Andrew
21Norman, Dorothy
22Norman, Ronald
23Norris, Hoke
24Norton, Katherine
25Norton, W.W. Co. Sales Dept.
26Novak, Ollie Belle
27Oakley, Charlotte
28Oden, G. C.
29Oettingen, Carolyn (Mrs. Waldo)
30Office Machine Company
31O'Gorman, Ned
32Oldham, Charles R.
33Oliver, Rev. C. Herbert
34Olsen, Vern
35Oman, Jessie B. (Mrs. A. E.)
36O'Neal, Freeman
37Oppenheimer, Marilain
38Orkin Co.
39Otis, Elizabeth
40Otis, J. R.
41O'Toole, Margaret
42Otto, Sarah (Mrs. Herbert Arthur)
43Outerbridge, David
44Overton, E. O. and Holly
45Owens, Harley Lewis
46Oyler, Eston W.
211Padovano, Giorgio - RAI Corporation Italian Radio TV System, 1966
Regarding Martin Luther King documentary
2Page, Jeffrey J. - Fact Magazine, 1965
Regarding interview about interracial marriage
3Palfi, Marion - social documentary photographer, 1953-1963
4Palmour, Jody - Southern Student Organizing Committee, 1966
5Pandit, Vijaha Lakshmi - United Nations, 1954
6Pappenheim, Mrs. Fritz (Yvonne) - social activist, 1959
7Pardivala, H.R. - Com. for Cultural Freedom, 1955-1956
8Parish, May - Berry College, 1966
9Parker, Eloise C.
10Parker, Rev. Nathaniel E., Jr. - Chaplain, Hodgson House, University of Georgia, 1957
11Parker, Pearson - Kappa Alpha Psi, Clark College, 1957
12Parker, Peg, 1965
13Parks, Elliene Templeton (Mrs. Joseph Howard)
14Parrott, Mollie C. (Mrs. Fred D.), 1957
15Parshalle, Eve - author, 1963
16Parsons, Mrs. William Barclay - National Council of Women of the United States, 1957-1958
17Paschall, Eliza - Greater Atlanta Council on Human Relations, 1961-1966
18Pass, Mrs. Shelba, 1966
19Pate, Martha B. Lucas (Mrs. Maurice), 1964
20Patterson, Eugene - Editor, Atlanta Constitution, 1960-1961
21Patterson, Virginia H., 1960
22Patterson, William D. - Saturday Review, 1961
23Patton, Frances
24Paty, Mrs. Robert Morris (Katherine), 1965
25Pauley, Francis - Georgia Council on Human Relations, 1963
26Pauli, Hertha, 1962
27Peacock, Bernon, 1965
28Pearson, W. L., 1955, 1960
29Peck, Jim - Congress of Racial Equality, CORE, 1961, 1966
30Peck, Louise O., 1963
31Peebles, Cary - Hampton Institute, 1956
32Peeler, Annie Laurie, 1955-1965
891-4Peeler, Annie Laurie (Mrs. Casper S.)
2133Peeler, Ruth
34Peeples, Ruth, 1964
35Pence, Fern M., 1964
36Penningroth, Perses (Mrs. Paul W.), 1957
37Perez, Miss Ambrosita, 1952
38Persky, Sylvia - Indiana Civil Liberties Union, 1961-1962
39Peters, William - CBS News, 1962
40Peterson, Dorothy, (Mrs. Chester) - Human Relations Council of Nutley, 1955
41Petit, Leo F. - Sacred Heart Mission Seminary, 1965
42Pfaff, Cliff, 1961
43Pfeiffer, Karl G., 1963
44Pfuetze, Paul E. - Philosophy Department, University of Georgia, 1955
Discusses University of Georgia attitude towards Lillian Smith
45Phillip, Theodosia Murphy (Mrs. David H.)
46Phillips, Frances, 1956
47Phillipson, Josie, 1965
48Phinazee, Annette H. - Atlanta University, 1963
49Picon, Elsie L. - Latin American Committee, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, 1957
50Pierce, J. E. - Alabama State College, 1955
51Pierce, Louis J., 1961
52Pike, James A. - American Committee on Africa, 1959
53Pirkle, Elva and Thad
54Pittman, Kitty (Mrs. James Thomas), 1961
55Polier, Justine Wise - Women's Division American Jewish Congress, 1957
56Porter, Alan S. - Western Printing and Lithographing Co., 1954
57Poteat, Gordon, 1964
58Potofsky, Mr. Jacob - Sidney Hillman Foundation, 1962
59Poulsen, Ezra J. - Granite Publishing Company, 1966
60Powell, Peter, 1966
61Power, Sylvia, 1958
62Prater, Howard E., 1958, 1962
63Preece, Harold, 1957
64Prentice, S. D.
65Prescott, Edith - Emma Willard School, 1963
66Price, Bill - National Paper Box Manufacturing Association, 1961
67Pritchard, Rev. J. C., 1943-1945
68Probst, Marian, 1965
69Purcell, Lee - University of Florida, 1962
70Putnam, Ruth (Mrs. Richard H.), 1965
71Quarterman, Mrs. Bill
72Rabun County Memorial Hospital Auxiliary
73Raebeck, Helen - National Council of Jewish Women, 1961
74Raffaelli, Betty Weatherly, 1957
75Rambo, Pat and Lawrence, 1964, 1966
76Ramsay, Jim, 1966
77Ramsey, Theodore R., 1965
78Randall, Dr. Henry T., 1955, 1958
79Randel, William - Florida State University, 1963
80Randerson, Lois Ann - Talk Back, 1958
81Randolph, A. Phillip - Modern Community Developers, 1958-1963
82Raper, Arthur F. and Martha - Michigan State University, 1965-1966
83Raskin, Julius - Board of Education, City of New York, 1961
84Rasmussen, Loy G., 1957
85Rattner, Lillian, 1956
86Rauh, Joseph L., Jr. - Americans for Democratic Action, 1957-1966
87Rawls, Eugenia, 1962
88Rawls, Flora - Memphis State University, 1964
89Ray, Gordon N. - John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, 1960
90Raymond, Albert L. - Julian Laboratories, 1955
91Raymond, Catharine - Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), 1954
92RCA Victor Society of Great Music, 1959-1960
221Reader's Subscription
2Record, Jane Cassels
3Record, Wilson
4Redd, Bryan L., Jr.
5Reddick, L. D.
6Reeb, James J.
7Reece, Byron Herbert
8Reed, Rev. J. W.
9Reich, Dorothy M.
10Reich, Valarie
11Reid, Rebecca
12Reitman, Alan
13Reynal, Eugene
14Reyneau, Betsy Graves
15Rhoades, Edith
16Rhoades, W. D.
17Rhynsberger, Donovan
18Rich, Marvin
20Richard, Mertice A.
21Richards, Harriet M.
22Richardson, Louise
23Ricnman, Geraldine
24Richman, Thelma
25Richter, E. Walt
26Riddick, Martha E.
27Riffaterre, Virginia
28Riley, Lloyd H.
29Riley, Nathalie D.
30Riseman, Meta (Mrs. H.)
31Riviera, The
32Roberts, Ellen
33Roberts, Henry B.
34Robertson, Ann Douglas
35Robeson, Paul
36Robison, Nanette and Jim
37Robinson, Dr. Ira E.
38Robinson, James R.
39Robinson, Mazie
40Robinson, Mimi
41Robinson, N. Fuller
42Rochester, Mrs. Gladys Miller
43Rodell, Marie
44Rodgers, Charles M.
45Rogan, Nathan
46Rogers, Bill
47Rogers, Elizabeth
48Rogers, Emmett
49Rogers, William
50Rogier, Melton
51Rolfe, Mrs. C.L. (Wilma)
52Romaine, Howard
53Roosevelt, Eleanor
54Rosaaen, Karleen
55Rosahn, Otto K.
56Rose, Ethel S. (Mrs. Samuel E.)
57Rose, James L.
58Rosenberg, Helen N.
59Rosenblatt, Irving S., Jr.
60Rosenthal, Dorothy B.
61Rosenthal, Rudolph (Rabbi)
62Ross, Irwin
63Ross, Marcia
64Ross, Mildred
65Roth, Dr. Arthur L.
66Roth, Harold L.
67Rothberg, Robert L.
68Roundtree, T. L.
69Rowan, Carl
70Roy, Ellen
71Royal, Mrs. Ruth K.
72Rubin, Morris H.
73Rubin, Sandra
74Rudolph, Allen
75Rundquist, George E.
76Runyon, Marie M.
77Rusk, Dean
78Ruth, Kent
79Rutledge, Clara
22a1Saltonstall, John L., Jr.
2Samuel, Howard D.
3Sanborn, William E.
4Sandburg, Carl
5Sanders, Carl E.
6Sanders, Sharon
7Sanders, Sol
8Sanderson, Ross W.
9Sanford, Willie Mae
10Saturday Evening Post
11Saturday Review
12Sauer, Caroline
13Saunders, Cicely
14Savage, Clara
15Savage, Louise
16Sawyer, Anna Grace
17Scaible, Max A.
18Scammon, Richard M.
19Scharper, Philip
20Schatz, Julius
21Scheffer, John R.
22Scheiber, Josephine
23Schirmer, G., Company
24Schonberg, Harold C.
25Schrag, Orpha
26Schroeder, Karin
27Schultheis, Eugenia Barnett (Gene) & Fred
899Schultheis, Genie
22a28Schwenk, Emerson S.
29Scott, Evelyn
30Scott, Janice
31Scriba, Jay
32Scribner, The Book Store
33Sears Roebuck Co.
34Scaton, Esta
35Seaver, Edwin
36Seawell, Don & Genie
37Seawell, Eugenia Rawls
38Sechrist, Mary Lou
39Seiden, Dr. Rudolph
40Sergio, Lisa
41Severeid, Eric
42Sevier, Mary & John
43Seward, George C.
231Shacni, Gusti
2Shannon, Dorothy Sue and George
3Shapleigh, Teresa Galt (Mrs. Roger W.)
4Shayon, Robert Lewis
5Sheppard, Clara and Marvin
6Sheridan, Rev. Edward A.
7Sheridan, Joseph
8Sheridan, Mary
9Sherrod, Charles M.
10Shipley, —
11Shoemaker, Alice
12Shufelt, Lynn Frederick
13Shumacker, Ralph
14Sibley, Mr.—
15Sibley, Celestine
16Siceloff, Courtney
17Silberman, James H.
18Silver, Frances (Mrs. E. G.)
19Silver, James
20Simkins, Elizabeth
21Simons, Margaret
22Simpson, Robert R. and Alice Pearl
23Sion, George
24Skinner, Frances and Sherman
25Skinner, Lemoine
26Slater, Fred and Ginnie
27Sloan, Jacob
28Sloan, Viva O.
29Sloane, William
30Slosser, G. J.
31Small, Morris J.
32Smiley, Marjorie B.
33Smith, Alice Gullen
34Smith, Alison
35Smith, Alvaretta (Mrs. Joseph A.)
36Smith, Austin and Elise
37Smith, Barbara
38Smith, Betty
39Smith, Bradford
40Smith, Charles Z.
41Smith, Elizabeth S.
42Smith, Elise May
891-2Smith, Elise (Mrs. W. Austin)
2343Smith, Esther
44Smith, Frank Adams
891-2Smith, Frank Adams
2345Smith, Frank E.
46Smith, Franklin P.
47Smith, H. R.
48Smith, Helen
891-3Smith, Helen (Mrs. Wallace)
2349Smith, Jared (Jaddie)
50Smith, Kirksey
51Smith, Judge Lamar
52Smith, Lella
53Smith, Louis P.
54Smith. Lula
55Smith, Marion
56Smith, Maud
57Smith, Nancy
58Smith, Oscar Bud
59Smith, Raymond A.
60Smith, R. Stewart and Frances
61Smith, Mrs. Robert D.
62Smith, Robert G.
63Smith, Sara
64Smith, Mrs. Stanley R.
8920Smith, W. Austin
1-5Smith, Wallace
2365Smith, Wallace
66Smith, Wallace Austine II (Tink)
67Smith, W.C. (Reverend)
68Smith, Warren
69Smoczynski, Edmund
70Snelling, Dick & Erolyn
71Snelling, Edna & Palmer
881Snelling, Paula
2372Snitow, Mrs. Charles L.
73Snyder, Edith
74Sobel, Stuart
75Societe des Gens de Lettres de France
76Sokastewa, Juan R.
77Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Co.
78Southern Railway
79Southwood, Dene
241Spalding, Jack
2Sparling, Edward J.
3Spearman, Alice N.
4Spears, Arthur
5Spencer, Frank W. and Lillian
6Spencer, Page
7Spencer, Sue
8Spivey, Lenore W.
9Spivey, Willis T.
10Squibb, Mary Zinn
11Squires, Vera Moore
12Staggers, Serena L.
13Stancil, John
14Stanley, Mrs. John Fern
15Staples, Charles L.
16Stasch, Amy, (Mrs. Phillip)
17Stead, William W. Dr.
18Steanson, Karen
19Stecher, Ada E.
20Steele, Lee Z.
21Steigman, Benjamin M.
22Stein, Robert
23Steinbrecher, Pat (Mrs. L. Trimble)
24Steinmetz, Edith
25Stembridge, Jane
882Stembridge, Jane
2426Stepner, Beatrice
27Stevenson, Adlai E.
28Stevenson, William E.
29Stewart, Albert F.
30Stiffler, Glenna H. (Mrs. John M.)
31Stiles, B. J.
32Still, James
33Stipp, John L. and Cleo
34Stockton, Mrs. Floyd E.
35Stoddard, Haila
36Stokely, Wilma Dykeman
37Stolley, Carol
38Stone, Rev. Robert J.
39Storper, Bernard S.
40Story, Mildred Cannon
41Stout, Rex
42Stovall, Carrie Nell and Farrell
43Strauss, Helen
44Stroud, Virgil C.
45Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee
46Stukes, Courtney and Joe
47Stulman, Julius
48Suddeth, Fran (Mrs. James Harmon)
49Suiter, Lottye
50Sullivan, Alice
51Sullivan, Gregory
52Sullivan, Margaret
881-3Sullivan, Margaret
2453Sullivan, Virginia and Richard
54Sulzberger, Arthur Hays
55Summerfield, Jack D.
56Summerour, Larry H.
57Sunderlin, Sylvia
59Swann, Ura
60Switzer, Mary
61Sydnor, Victor B.
62Sykes, Gerald
251Tailored Woman
2Taitt, Lenora
3Talayco, Lauri(Mrs. John)
4Tang, Me Tsung (Mrs. L. B.)
5Tanner, Billy
6Tanner, Billy Burton
7Targ, William
8Tate, Paul
9Tatum, Leo B.
10Taylor, Allen
11Taylor, Bessie C.
12Taylor, Frank
13Taylor, G. Dekle M.D.
14Taylor, Harold
15Taylor, Louise
16Tearse, Mabel (Mrs. C. D.)
17Temnick, Helen R.
18Templeton, John
19Templeton, Lloyd
20Terkel, Studs
21Terrien, Sara and Sam
22Tesdell, Margaret
23Thomas, Charles C.
24Thomas, Elizabeth
25Thomas, Evan
26Thomas, Grace Wilkey
27Thomas, Marguerite (Mrs. John R.)
28Thomas, Norman E.
29Thomas, Norman E. (Insurance Agent)
30Thome, Andy
31Thompson, Father August
32Thompson, Laurie H.
33Thompson, Mary S.
34Thomson, Eunice
35Thomson, Joe
36Thrasher, Sue
37Thumm, Milford V.
38Thurman, Mimi
39Tillich, Dr. Paul
40Tillman, Barbara
41Tipton, James H.
42Titus, Joan
881-3Titus, Joan
2543Tobey, Lillian
44Tobin, Eileen
45Touster, Ben
47Towne, Claude
48Towner, Marion W. (Mrs. R. H.)
49Tracy, Eleanor J.
50Tribby, Bill
51Trotter, Novella
52Troyer, Howard
53Truxal, Alexander G.
54Tubman, Kenneth
55Tunis, John R.
56Turner, Etter
57Tuttle, Lucile Burdette
58Twitty, Frank S.
59Tyre, Nedra
60Ulmer, Kathryn
881-3Ulmer, Kathryn
2561Unger, Arthur
62United States Commission on Civil Rights
63United States-Dutch Bulb Corporation
64United States Treasury
65Untermeyer, Mrs. Jean Starr
66Uphaus, Ola H. (Mrs. Willard)
67Van Buren, Mildred K.
68Van Clute, Sue
69Van Doren, Irita
70Van Dusseldorp, Wilma
71Van Orben, Marie
72Van Roden, Helen Morton (Mrs. John J.)
73Van Sant, Genee E.
74Van Vliet, Julie
75Vandiver, Gov. Ernest
76Vassar, Marguerite A.
77Vaughan, Betty
78Veal, Midge and Curry
79Vincent, Rachel A.
80Vinick, Larry
81Vital Speeches
82Vogel, Amos
83Vogel, John G.
84Vogler, A.—
85Vollmer, Ute
86Von Eckardt, Wolf
87Vursell, H.D.
261Wade, Charles B., Jr.
2Wade, Montague
3Walker, Florence
4Walker, Wyatt T.
5Wallace, Elaine
6Wallis, Charles L.
7Wallis, Joan Louise
8Walls, Martha E. (Lyons)
9Walsh, Richard J.
10Walter Marx Gardens
11Walter, Millie R. (Mrs. Henry A.)
12Walzer, William C.
13Wanamaker, Dr. William
14Ward, A. Dudley
15Wadr, Bruce
16Ward, Mrs. Harry (Jane)
17Ward, Minnie Marsden
18Warren, Bill
19Waterman, Rollene
20Watkins, Edwin
21Watters, Pat
22Watts, Franklin
23Wayland, David F.
24Webb, Mrs. Herbert
25Webb, Theodore A.
26Weber, H. Hamilton
27Weber, Louise (Mrs. W.E., Jr.)
28Wechsler, James
29Wedel, Theodore O.
30Weems, J. E.
31Weichman, Myrtle L.
32Weigl, Vally
33Weil, Carolyn (Mrs. Ben H.)
34Weinberg, Alvin M.
35Weinberg, Lila (Mrs. Arthur)
36Weinstein, W. R.
37Weinstock, Betty
38Weiss, Dr. Gisela
39Welborn, Katharine
40Welch, Joseph N.
41Wells, Guy G.
42Werfell, Ethel
43Werner, David D.
44Wersells, Maj. McDonald and Mary
45Wesley, Carter
46Wesley, Marie Hansen (Mrs. David)
47West, Clifford B. and Eleanor
48West, Stanley L.
49West, Wilbur W.
50Westerfeldt, Claudia (Mrs. R. C.)
51Whaley, Carolyn
52Wheelock, Ward
53Wheery, Charles D.
271Whisnant, Charleen
2Whitaker, Dr. Carl A.
3Whitaker, Nancy
4White, Frank L.
5White, George L.
6White, Margaret
7White, Marjorie
8White, Nadine
9Whiteford, Joseph S.
10Whitehead, Mollie Snelling
11Whitfield, Florence (Mrs. Nathan A.)
12Whitman, Wilson
13Whitney, Dale
14Whitney, Norman J.
15Wickenden, Dan
16Wiesenthal, Sam
17Wigger, Anne
18Wilbur, Miriam
19Wilhoit, Francis M.
20Wilkin, Helen
21Wilkins, Roger
22Wilkins, Roy
23Wilkins, Tommy
24Willey, John C.
25Williams, Annie Laurie
26Williams, Aubrey
27Williams, Charles J.
28Williams, Dan
29Williams, David C.
30Williams, Katharine R.
31Williams, Olive J.
32Wilson, Doris V.
33Wilson, Helen Martha
34Wilson, Louise Baker
35Wilson, Page
36Wilson, Patricia B.
37Windom, Mrs. Frances L.
38Winslow, Elizabeth
39Wise, Jewel
40Wiser, Art and Mary
41Wiser, Bill
42Wiser, Charlotte
43Withrow, J. B.
44Wolf, Anna W.M.
45Wolff, Kurt
46Wood, Mrs. Howard (Mary)
47Wood, Louise Perry
48Woods, Thelma
49Wooten, Bill
50Wooten, Mrs. J. J.
51Work, Murray S.
52Wortman, F. P.
53Wrage, Ernest J.
54Wright, Elzy L.
55Wright, Marian E.
56Wright, Tommie Lou
57Wygal, Winnifred
281Yaba Academy
2Yamamoto, Kenichi
3Yancey, A.H.
4Yeager, thomas W.
5York, Clifford J.
6Yost, Edna
7Young, Genevieve
8Young, Jimmy (James A.)
9Young, Pauline
10Young, Peggy
11Zausmer, Otto
12Zeller, Paula Ingerman
13Zenan, Antoinette
14Zerwick, Mrs. Chloe
15Zevin, Ben
16Zipper, Trude Dubsky
17Zorn, Walter Lewis
18Zweig, Leonard
291Christmas Cards
2Christmas Cards
3Christmas Cards
4Christmas Cards
5Christmas Cards
6Special Christmas Cards
7Christmas Cards. University of Florida
29a1Unidentified Correspondence, 1944-1966
901Unidentified Correspondence
2Unidentified Correspondence
3Unidentified Correspondence
4Unidentified Correspondence
5Unidentified Correspondence
Misc. Notes, Drafts, Schedules
301-25Misc. Notes
26Misc. Drafts

1.3 Pictures

311Miscellaneous Pictures of Unidentified People
2Rural South by Farm Security Administration, 1930s
3Photographs of African Americans
4Photographs of Lillian Smith

1.4 Financial Papers

7Legal Documents
331-21Paid Bills, Pre-1955
341-27Paid Bills, 1955-1956
351-16Paid Bills, 1957-1959
361-19Paid Bills, 1960-1961
371-26Paid Bills, 1962-1963
381-33Paid Bills, 1964-1968

2. Literary

2.1 Anthology for the Handicapped

4Printed material by other Authors concerning various handicaps

2.2 Ely-Notebooks

401 Ely-Work Sheets on the Introduction
2Notebooks-Notes for the Golden Gate Ballroom Speech, December 17, 1948
3Notebooks-The Negro Woman in Slavery
4Notebooks-General Notes
5Notebooks-Notes on the Negro in Contemporary American Literature
6Notebooks-Laurel Leaf Notes, South Today Notes, 1939
7Notebooks-Laurel Leaf Notes, South Today Notes, Galley Corrections for Strange Fruit, 1939
8Galley Corrections for Strange Fruit
9Galley Corrections for Strange Fruit

2.3 The Journey

411Excerpts from Correspondence relating to The Journey
2Book Reviews (In alphabetical order by State Newspapers)

2.4 Killers of the Dream

421Draft of Foreward and Chapter One of Part One
2Draft of Chapters One and Two of Part Four
3Galley Proofs of Chapter Three of Part One
4Galley Proofs of Chapter One of Part Two
5Galley Proofs of Chapter Three of Part Two
6Galley Proofs of Chapter One of Part Three
7Galley Proofs of Chapter Three and Four of Part Three
8-17Galley Proofs
431Book Reviews from Newspapers
2Book Reviews from Magazines and Journals: Community
2Book Reviews from Magazines and Journals: The Nation
2Book Reviews from Magazines and Journals: Negro Digest
2Book Reviews from Magazines and Journals: The New York Herald Tribune
2Book Reviews from Magazines and Journals: The Progressive
2Book Reviews from Magazines and Journals: Southwest Review
3Excerpts from Book Reviews
4Notes on Publicity

2.5 One Hour-Book Reviews

43a1-38Book Reviews. Alphabetized by State
39Photocopying of Book Reviews
40UPI Book Reviews
41AP Book Reviews
42Foreign Countries-Book Reviews
43Journal and Magazine-Book Reviews
44Clippings re. One Hour
45Book Ads and Book Cover

2.6 Memory of a Large Christmas

441Galley Proofs with Pictures
2Galley Proofs
3Galley Proofs
4Galley Proofs
5Final Draft
7Book Reviews Unknown Source
8Book Reviews Canada
9Book Reviews Christian Science Monitor
10Book Reviews Colorado
11Book Reviews Delaware
12Book Reviews Georgia
13Book Reviews Illinois
14Book Reviews Indiana
15Book Reviews Iowa
16Book Reviews Massachussetts
17Book Reviews Michigan
18Book Reviews Minnesotta
19Book Reviews Missouri
20Book Reviews Nebraska
21Book Reviews New York
22Book Reviews North Carolina
23Book Reviews Ohio
24Book Reviews Pennsylvania
25Book Reviews Saturday Review
26Book Reviews South Carolina
27Book Reviews Texas
28Book Reviews Vermont
29Book Reviews Virginia
30Book Reviews Washington D.C.
31Book Reviews Wisconsin

2.7 Now is the Time

451Book Reviews
2Business Papers
3Drafts-Misc. Papers
4Draft of Chapter One
5Draft of Chapter Two
6Draft of Chapter Three

2.8 One Hour

461Scenes, Characters, Chapter Outlines
2Phrases, Words, Quotes used in One Hour
4Storyline, Theme, Focus, Design
5Editorial Changes
6Original Notes
7Original Notes
471Chapter One-Draft
2Chapter One-Draft
3Chapter Two-Draft
4Chapter Three-Draft
5Chapter Four-Draft
6Chapter Five-Draft
7Chapter Six-Draft
8Chapter Seven-Draft
9Chapter Eight-Draft
481Chapter Nine-Draft
2Chapter Ten-Draft
3Chapter Eleven-Draft
4Chapter Twelve-Draft
5Chapter Thirteen-Draft
6Chapter Fourteen-Draft
7Chapter Fifteen-Draft
8Chapter Sixteen-Draft
9Chapter Seventeen-Draft
10Chapter Eighteen-Draft
11Chapter Nineteen-Draft
12Chapter Twenty-Draft
13Chapter Twenty-one-Draft
14Chapter Twenty-two-Draft
15Chapter Twenty-three-Draft
491Chapter Twenty-four-Draft
2Chapter Twenty-five-Draft
3Chapter Twenty-six-Draft
4Chapter Twenty-seven-Draft
5Chapter Twenty-eight-Draft
6Chapter Twenty-nine-Draft
7Chapter Thirty-Draft
8Final Copy Chapters 1-5
9Final Copy Chapters 6-10
10Final Copy Chapter 11
11Final Copy Chapter 12
12Final Copy Chapter 13-15
13Final Copy Chapter 16-18
14Final Copy Chapter 23-24
501Chapter 1 and 2-Draft
2Chapter 3-Draft
3Chapter 4-Draft
4Chapter 5-Draft
5Chapter 6-Draft
6Chapter 7-Draft
7Chapter 8-Draft
8Chapter 9-Draft
9Chapter 10-Draft
511Chapter Eleven-Draft
2Chapter Twelve-Draft
3Chapter Thirteen-Draft
4Chapter Fourteen-Draft
5Chapter Fifteen-Draft
521Chapter Sixteen-Draft
2Chapter Seventeen-Draft
3Chapter Eighteen-Draft
4Chapter Nineteen-Draft
5Chapter Twenty-Draft
6Chapter Twenty-one-Draft
7Chapter Twenty-two-Draft
8Chapter Twenty-three-Draft
9Chapter Twenty-four-Draft
10Chapter Twenty-five-Draft
11Chapter Twenty-six-Draft
12Chapter Twenty-seven-Draft
13Chapter Twenty-eight-Draft
531Chapter Twenty-nine-Draft
2Chapter Thirty-Draft
3Chapter Thirty-one-Draft
1Promotional Item -- Mock oversized book for "One Hour"

2.9 Our Faces, Our Words

541Intermediate Drafts
2Galley Proofs
4Typesetter Notes
5Book Reviews - California
6Book Reviews - Connecticut
7Book Reviews - Florida
8Book Reviews - Illinois
9Book Reviews - Indiana
10Book Reviews - Kentucky
11Book Reviews - Massachusetts
12Book Reviews - Minnesota
13Book Reviews - Missouri
14Book Reviews - New York
15Book Reviews - North Carolina
16Book Reviews - Oklahoma
17Book Reviews - Rhode Island
18Book Reviews - Tennessee
19Book Reviews - Texas
20Book Reviews - Virginia
21Book Reviews - Unknown Source
22Book Reviews - Magazines

2.10 Strange Fruit

551Chapter One-Draft
2Chapter Two-Draft
3Chapter Three-Draft
4Chapter Four-Draft
561Chapter One-Draft
2Chapter Two-Draft
3Chapter Three-Draft
4Chapter Four-Draft
5Chapter Five-Draft
571The Broadway Production
2Misc. Papers about Movie Contract
3Galley Corrections
4Partial Script
5Book Reviews from Magazines: Look, New Republic, Christian Advocate
6Book Reviews Georgia
7Book Reviews Massachusetts
8Book Reviews New York

2.11 South Today Questionaires

581Alexander, Will W.
2Brown, Sterling A.
3Channing, H. Tobias
4Ethridge, Mark F.
5Heyward, Dubose
6Lackey, Katherine (Graham, Frank)
7McLain, Wayne
8Mason, Lucy Randolph
9Nixon, Herman Clarence
10Odum, Howard W.
11Paty, Raymond Ross
12Rainey, Glen W.
13Raper, Arthur
14Scott, Evelyn (Mrs. John Metcalfe)
15Stribling, Thomas S.
16Vance, Rupert B.

2.12 Writings About Lillian Smith

591"The Fast Changing South" by Austin Briggs. Look, November 16, 1965
2"Letter from Buss-Eye" by Jane Parks Ward, September 1966
3"Lillian Smith-A Match for Old Screamer" by Margaret Long. The Progressive, February 1965
4"Lillian Smith of Clayton, Georgia" by Homer A. Jack. The Christian Century, October 2, 1957
5"Lillian Smith of Georgia" by Homer A. Jack. The Christian Century, October 2, 1957
6"Lillian Smith, Prophet for Our Time" by Dorothy Besal. Community, June, 1965
7Interview with John T. Frederick about Strange Fruit Program entitled: "Of Men and Books", March 4, 1944
8" Strange Fruit" Reviewed by Struthers Burt Saturday Review, March 11, 1944
9"To Lillian and Paula with Love" by Lawrence S. Kubie Southern Voices, March-April 1974
10"The Winner Names the Age" Reviewed by John Egerton. The Progressive, November 1978
11"The Winner Names the Age" Reviewed by Rose Gladney. Southern Changes, July 1979
12"A Bluffer's Guide to Recent Southern Fiction" by Mary Frances Derfner. Southern Changes, July 1979
13"Lillian Smith-Reflections on Race and Sex" by Jo Ann Robinson. Xerox of an article, provenance unknown
14"The Winner Names the Age-A Collection of Writings by Lillian Smith"-Xerox from dust jacket

2.13 Writings By Lillian Smith

5915The Day It Happens to Each of Us" McCalls, November, 1964
16"The Demagogues" Say, Spring, 1955
17"The Earth: A Common Ground for Children" South Today Reprint, Spring-Summer 1944
18 Ely Review. Seabury Press, Fall, 1966
19"Humans in Bondage" Social Action, February 14, 1944
20"Intergration: What you can do about it" Datebook, June, 1961
21A Letter from Lillian Smith to members of the Blue Ridge Conference, 1944
22"Lillian Smith Answers some Questions about Strange Fruit"
23Nomimation of Margaret Long for the Fiorina Lasker Award of the A.C.L.U., October 20, 1960
24 Mary McLeod Bethune Review, June 14, 1964
25"Miss Smith on SNCC" New South, Winter, 1966
26 Mr. Kennedy and the Negros Review
27"The Obsessive Mind of W.J. Cash" Virginia Quarterly, Spring, 1965
28"Only the Young and the Brave" Sit-Ins, May, 1960
29"Portrait of a Family" Redbook
30"The Right Way is Not a Moderate Way". The Atlanta University Review of Race and Culture, 1956
31"A Semantic Journey in the South" New South, March, 1962
32"Songs, Stereotypes and Censorship" New South, April, 1965
33"The South Reacts to Segregation" The New Leader
34"There are Things to Do" South Today, Winter, 1942
35"Two Men and a Bargain" South Today, Spring, 1943
36"The White Christian and his Conscience" South Today
37"The Winner Names the Age" The Progressive, August 1957
38"Words and the Mob" Liberation, November, 1957
39"On Women's Autobiography". Excerpted from a speech made at the University of Florida, provenance unknown, 1962

2.14 Speeches By Lillian Smith

5940"Are We Still Buying a New World with Old Confederate Bills?" Speech at the Regional Students Nonviolent Movement Conference
41"Autobiography as Dialogue between King and Corpse" Speech given at the Univ. of Fla. Lobrary, May 10, 1962
42"The Changing Heart of the South" Speech given for the 12th Annual Prize Awards for the Sidney Hillman Foundation
43"Demagoguery: A World Size Danger-Have We World Size Defenses?" Sidney Hillman Lectures
44"A Journey to Israel" Speech before the Savannah Chapter Hadassah, March 4, 1961
45"The Role of the Poet in the World of Demagogues" Speech given for the Queen Esther Award by the American-Jewish Congress
46Speeches written for President Kennedy to be given in Warm Springs and Harlem

2.15 Tapes

2Lillian Smith Interviewed by Studs Terkel
3The Children Should be Heard
4Readings from Strange Fruit
6Baldwin vs. Buckley
7 Our Faces, Our Words
8Lillian Smith reading a selection of monologues from Our Faces, Our Words
9 Strange Fruit Play
10Three Monologues
11Readings from The Journey
12Susie Sequence from The Journey

3. Carolyn Loeb

611Negatives of Camp Pictures
3Clippings re South
4Pictures of Camp
5Pictures of Camp
6Laurel Falls Memories, 1934
7Pictures of Camp (Duplicates)
8Clippings re. Lillian Smith (Reproductions)
9Articles and Clippings re Lillian Smith (Originals and Reproductions)
10"The Fast Changing South" Tear Sheets from LOOK, November 16, 1965
11Lillian Smith Answers some Questions about Strange Fruit
12"Memory of a Large Christmas"
13"An Interview with Lilliam Smith" LOOK, 1966
14Slides and Pictures re exhibit on Lillian Smith By Carolyn Loeb Weil
621Notebook with Correspondence, Slippings and Pictures
2"Documentary of Lillian Smith" by Carolyn Weil
3Carolyn Loeb's Camp Trophies

4. Laurel Falls Camp

4.1 Correspondence

651O, P, and Q
4T, U
7X, Y, and Z
671Christmas Cards A-Z
2Christmas Cards. Unknown Source
3Post Cards

4.2 Camp Documents

681Travelling and Safety Instructions
2Personality Sheets of Campers
3Counselor Evaluations
4Form Letters to Counselors
5Laurel Leafs for Parents
6Laurel Leafs For Campers
7Physical Exams for Campers
9Form Letters to Parents, 1942-1949, N.D.
691Art and Creative Work done by Campers
2The Laurel Leaf Newspaper, 1924-1932
3Photographs of Campers
4Scripts and Music to Plays
5Fragmentary Notes, Schedules, Bill, etc
6Lists of Campers and Counselors, 1944, No Date
Abbess, Linda
Abbott, Lillian
Acree, Anne
Adams, Eve
Andeman, Laura
Anderson, Deyerle
Anderson, Faye Martin
Anderson, Katherine
Baggs, Beverly Jean
Beck, Mary Elizabeth
Beeland, Joanne
Brandt, Barbara
Brown, Bettie Hall
Buie, Sasan and Julie
Callaway, Sallie
Carter, Betty
Chapman, Jane S.
Chrisman, Selma Anne
Clarke, Laura Payne
Cohen, Lois
Davis, Rita
De La Haye, Joan
Dolin, Harriet
Duncan, Eleta Padgett
Duncan, Peggy Ann
Edenfield, Elene and Betty Jean
Elkan, Kaye
Fendig, Jane
Foreman, Shelagh
Garner, Happy
Garner, Joan
Gillican, Lynn
Gowen, Anne Wakefield
Grabbe, Mary Lou
Hanemann, Joanna
Hardin, Daughtry
Hardin, Sandra
Hempel, Gretchen
Hicks, Carol
Hitchcock, Joan
Hoffman, Marian Sue
Holzman, Mary Louise
Hopkins, Margaret Webb
Israel, Ellen
Ivey, Mary C.
Jacobi, Joan
Joel, Susan
Jomes, Mary Ellen
Kauffman, Betty
Kauffmen, Julianne
Kingloff, Sandy
Kirchoff, Gretchen
Kirchoff, Nikie
Kohn, Joyce
Kihn, Natalie
Lanier, Martha
Lavender, Kathleen
Lee, Mary Margaret
Lichtenstein, Peggy
McAllister, Ann
McClatchey, Eve
McGowin, Cecelia
Malone, Pat
Martin, Carol
Martin, Gail S.
Mayer, Stella
Nenneker, Phyllis
Newell, Frances
Newton, Dottie
Newton, Nell
Passamaneck, Miriam
Payne, June Elaine
Pringle, Margaret Victoria
Prisant, Leah
Reeves, Barbara
Reeves, Llewellyn
Richmond, Ellen
Richardson, Emma Arnold
Richter, Phyllis
Rothschild, Ellen
Rothschild, Nancy
Shoun, Martha Ann
Smith, Elise Warring
Smith, Nancy Warren
Smith, Patricia
Stanton, Sara
Stillwell, Norma
Stone, Barbara Ann
Thomas, Eugenia
Toombs, Betty Bond
Trice, Fabia Raines
Wickerson, Molly
Wien, Claire and Joan
Wight, Juliette
Wilcox, Collin
Williams, Dorothy
Willis, Helen Hill
Witten, Sally Anne
Young, Mary

4.3 Scrapbooks

701Schedule Book
2Scrapbook of Counselor's nightly reports on Campers
3Scrapbook of Counselor's nightly reports on Campers

4.4 Catalogs


5. Printed Materials

5.1 Programs


5.2 Clippings


5.3 Associations

761American Association of University Women
2American Civil Liberties Union
3American Committee on Africa
4American Council on Human Rights
6American Friends Service Committee
7American Veterans Committee
8Americans for Democratic Action
9Artists Civil Rights Assistance Fund
10Association of County Commissioners
11Author's Leagur of America, Inc.
12Baha'i Faith
13B'nai B'rith
15Bureau for Intellectual Education
771Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions
2Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions
3Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions
4Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions
5Citizen's Committee for Constitutional Liberties
6Clayton Woman's Club
7Commission on Unitarian Intergroup Relations
8The Comittee of Correspondence
9Committee of First Amendment Defendants
10Committee of 100
11The Communittee Church of New York
12Community Relations Service (U.S. Dept. of Commerce)
13Conference on Economic Progress
14Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)
15Congressional Records
16Constructive Action, Inc.
17Council for Civic Responsibility
18Crane, Dr. Henry Hitt
19Crusade Against Poverty
781Democratic National Committee
2Educational Committee to Halt Atomic Weapons Spread
3Emory Student-Faculty Colloguim
4Episcopal Church
5Facts Concerning the Right-Wing Complex in the United States
6Fellowship in Prayer
7Fellowship of Reconciliation
8Florida Women's Press Club
9The Fund for the Republic
10Georgia Association for Mental Health
11Georgia Association for Mental Health
12Georgia Conference on Educational Opportunities
13Greater Atlanta Council on Human Relations
14Help Our Public Education, Inc. (HOPE)
15Help Our Public Education, Inc. (HOPE)
16Highlander Folk School
17The Human Relations Council of Greater Jacksonville
19International City Manager's Association
20Interracial News Service
21Jesus Christ, II
22King, Martin Luther, Jr.
23Leadership Conference on Civil Rights
24League of Women Voters of Georgia
791Mayer, Albert
2Meaning of the Sit-in
3Miami Interracial Action Institute
4Modern Community Developers, Inc
5Motgomery Improvement Association
6National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
7National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy, Inc.
8National Committee to Abolish the House Un-American Activities Committee
9National Council of the Churches of Christ
10National Council of Women of the United State
11National Gallery of Art
12New York Civil Liberties Union
13Pandit, Madame V.L.
14P.E.N. American Center
15Penn Community Services
16Potomac Institute Inc.
17Proposal for Atlanta Periodical
18Public Affairs Committee, Inc.
19Racial Manifesto, Atlanta Ministers Signing
20Research Institute of America
21Rusk, Dean
22Save Our Schools, Inc. (SOS)
23Scholarship, Education and Defense Fund for Racial Equality, Inc.
24School Resolution
25Smith and Gillespie, Yearbooks
26Southern Christian Leadership Conference
27The Southern Regional Council, Inc.
28Southern Student Organizing Committee
29Statement by National Leaders on Cuban Crisis
30Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee
801Tennessee Council on Human Relations
2Tuskegee Civic Association
3Unitarian Fellowshop for Social Justice
4United Church Women of Georgia
5United States Committee for the United Nations
6U.S. National Student Association
7Washington Fellowship House
8Wast Suburban World Affairs Forum
9World Education, Inc.
10World Perspectives
12Youth Opportunity Campaign

5.4 Miscellaneous

811Address before Rotary Club of Atlanta by Malcolm Bryan
2Address to Women's Schorlarship Association Luncheon for Roosevelt University by Lorraine Hansberry, May, 1959
3"Africa is Here" by Dr. Tracy Strong
4"Albert Camus and the Soul's Invincible Summer" by Donald Harrington, 1959-1960
5"The American Dream and the Negro" by St. Clair Drake, January, 1963
6"American Segregation and the World Crisis" by William Faulkner, November 1965
7"Anti-Atom" by Homer A. Jack, August, 1957
8"Basic Facts of the Baha 'i Faith" by W. Kenneth Christian
9"The Biology of the Race Problem" by wesley Critz George, 1962
10"Black Boat" by Julia Cooley Altrocchi
11"A Case Study of Democratic Procedures in Rural Developement" by Arthur f. Raper, 1965
12"The Changing Mind of the South: The Exposed Nerve" by Leslie W. Dunbar
13"Creation of the Beloved Community" by Helen Fuller, May 2, 1960
14"Crisis in the Public Schools" by James A. McKay
15"Damon" by John Paiman Brown
16"Day by Day in a Mtoko Suburb" by Marianne Fink, June, 1960
17"Daybreak in Georgia" by Stella Muse Whitehead
18"The Dramatists Guild" by George Middleton, 1966
19"The Economic Effect of School Closing" by Jim Montgomery, January, 1959
20"The Economic Status of Negros: In the Nation and in the South" by Vivian W. Henderson
21"Ethics in Five Acts" by Robert Lewis Shayon
22"The Faith of Baha 'u' llah" by Shoghi Effendi, 1959
23"Fear and Prejudice" by Selma Hirsh, 1957
24"Framework for Love" by Carleton Putnam, December, 1964
25"Gandhi in Greensboro" by Edward P. Morgan, April, 1960
26"Georgia's Most Liberal Voice"
27"The Gratification Element" by A.G. Keller, 1942
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831Ads and Calendars
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5.5 Periodicals

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