Charles Coburn papers

Charles Coburn papers

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Hargrett Library
Creator: Coburn, Charles
Title: Charles Coburn papers
Dates: 1892-1959
Quantity: 100.0 Linear feet 115 boxes, 30 oversize boxes, 6 oversize folders, 4 artifacts
Coll. Number: ms1126

Biographical/Historical Note

Charles Douville Coburn (1877-1961) was a character actor and Georgia native.

For further information, see the article "Charles Coburn (1877-1961)" at New Georgia Encyclopedia.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of papers of Charles Coburn from 1892-1959. The collection includes scrapbooks, scripts, photographs, and interviews. The scrapbooks contain mainly newspaper and magazine clippings dealing with Coburn's film, theater, and television career; his involvement in the Mohawk Drama Festival (1935-1940); and scrapbooks of a more professional nature. The collection includes stage, radio, film, and television scripts and stage and screen photographs of productions in which he appeared. The papers also include Coburn's collection of celebrity photographs, albums containing photographs (1937-1952) of Coburn portraying characters in various productions during his years in Hollywood; typed transcripts of interviews of Coburn by Victor Rosen from November 1955 - April 1956; and printed matter relating to the Coburn Players (1909-1918) who presented classic stage productions at American universities and colleges.


Arranged by record type into 12 series (several of which contain further subseries often divided by stage, film, and television):

1. Scrapbooks 2. Scripts 3. Music to Stage Productions 4. Interviews [of Coburn] with Victor Rosen 5. Photograophs 6. Coburn Players 7. Theater Miscellany 8. Theater Programs 9. Production of Yellow Jacket 10. Coburn in Hollywood 11. Artifacts 12. Oversize certificates, honors, and art

Index Terms

Coburn Players.
Mohawk Drama Festival (Schenectady, N.Y.).
Motion picture actors and actresses--Georgia.
Radio scripts.
Rosen, Victor
Scripts (documents)
Television actors and actresses--Georgia.
Television scripts.
Theater--United States.
Union College (Schenectady, N.Y.).

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

Charles Coburn papers, ms 1126. Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Scrapbooks

1.1 Film Scrapbooks

11'B. F.'s Daughter,', 1948
2'And Baby Makes Three,', 1948-49
3'Bodies and Soul,' 'The Doctor and the Girl,', 1949
4'Around the World in Eighty Days,', 1956-57
5'And Ride A Tiger,', 1957-59
21'Bachelor Mother,', 1939
2'Bachelor Mother II,', 1939 1943-44
3'The Captain Is A Lady,', 1940
4'Edison the Man,', 1940
3Academy Awards, 1944
1'Colonel Effingham's Raid,', 1945-46
2'Colonel Effingham's Raid II,' & 'The Green Years,', 1947
3'Czarina (A Royal Scandal),', 1944-45
41'The Devil and Miss Jones I,', 1941
2'The Devil and Miss Jones II,', 1941
3'The Constant Nymph,', 1942-43
4'The Constant Nymph II,', 1943
51English reviews, 1938
2English reviews, 1940
3English reviews, 1943
4English reviews, 1944
5English reviews, 1944-45
61English reviews, 1945
2English reviews, 1946-47
3English reviews, 1948
71English reviews, 1950-51
2English reviews, 1950-51
3English reviews, 1953
4English reviews, 1955-56
5English reviews, 1957
6English reviews, 1957
81'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes I,', 1952-53
2'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes II,', 1953-54
3'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes III,', 1953
4'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes IV,', 1953
5'George Washington Slept Here,', 1942
6'Everybody Does It,', 1949
7'Florian,', 1940
91'Green Grass of Wyoming,', 1947
2'Green Grass of Wyoming II,', 1948
3'Green Grass of Wyoming III,', 1948
4'The Green Years,', 1946
5'The Green Years,', 1946
101'Has Anybody Seen My Gal,', 1952
2'Heaven Can Wait,', 1943
3'Highwayman,', 1951
4'H. M. Pulham, Esq.,', 1941-42
5'How to be Very, Very Popular,', 1955
111'In Name Only,', 1939
2'In This Our Life,', 1941-42
3'Idiot's Delight,', 1938-39
4'Impact,', 1948-1950
5'The Impatient Years,', 1944
6'The Impatient Years,' & 'Together Again,', 1944-45
121'John Paul Jones,', 1958
2'John Paul Jones II,', 1958-59
3'John Paul Jones III,', 1959
4'KatyDid,', 1950
5'The Kid From Outerspace,', 1953-54
6'King's Row,', 1942
7'Knickerbocker Holiday,', 1948-1950
131'The Lady Eve,', 1940-45
2'Little Woman I,', 1946
3'The Long Wait,', 1951-56
4'The Long Wait II,', 1952-53
5'The Long Wait III,', 1953-54
6'The Long Wait IV,', 1954-55
7'Lord Jeff,', 1938
141'Louisa I,', 1949-1950
2'Louisa II,', 1950
3'Louisa III,', 1950
4'Louisa IV,', 1950-53
5'Louisa V,', 1950
6'Made For Each Other,', 1938-1944
151'The Merry Wives of Windsor I,', 1946
2'The Merry Wives of Windsor II,', 1946-1957
3'Monkey Business I,', 1952
4'Monkey Business II,', 1952-53
161'The More the Merrier I,', 1943
2'The More the Merrier II,', 1945-46
3'The More the Merrier III,' Academy Awards, 1943-44
4'The More the Merrier IV,', 1942-43
5'Mr. Music I,', 1949-1954
6'Mr. Music II,', 1950-54
171'Of Human Hearts,', 1938
2'Oh Money, Money,' & 'Has Anybody Seen My Gal,', 1951-52
3'Our Wife ', 1941-42
4'Over 21,', 1944-45
5'Peggy,', 1949-51
181'The Paradine Case,', 1946-48
2'The Paradine Case II,', 1948-1950
3'Pepe I,', 1960
191'Power and the Prize,', 1956
2'Power and the Prize,', 1957
3'Princess O'Rourke,', 1942-46
4'The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker,', 1958-59
5'Rhapsody in Blue ', 1943-45
6'The Road to Singapore,', 1939-1940
201'The Rocket Man,', 1954-56
2'A Royal Scandal,', 1945
3'Shady Lady,', 1945-48
4'Stanley and Livingston,', 1939
5'Since You Went Away,' & Academy Awards, 1944-45
211'The Story of Alexander Graham Bell,', 1938-39
2'Story of Mankind,', 1956-57
3'Story of Mankind,', 1956-57
4'Three Faces West,', 1940
5'Together Again,', 1944-45
6'Town on Trial,', 1956-57
221'Trouble Along the Way,', 1953
2'Trouble Along the Way & Alma Mater,', 1953
3'Trouble Along the Way & Alma Mater,', 1953-56
4'Uncle George,', 1956-58
5'Unexpected Uncle,', 1941-42
6'Vivacious Lady,', 1938-1946
231'Wilson,', 1943-46
2'Wilson,', 1943-46
3'Without Notice,', 1943
4'Yellow Jack,', 1938
241'Yes sir, That's My Baby II,', 1949-1950
2'You Can't Take It With You,', 1953-54
3'You Can't Take It With You,', 1954-56
4'You Can't Take It With You,', 1954-56
5'You Can't Take It With You,', 1958

1.2 Personal Scrapbooks

Clippings dealing with Charles Coburn in all aspects of his stage and film career. The scrapbooks are marked "Personal" and are arranged chronologically.
251Personal, 1938
2Personal, 1940-41
3Personal, 1941-42
261Personal, 1942
2Personal, 1943
3Personal, 1944
271Personal, 1944
2Personal, 1944
3Personal, 1945
4Personal, 1945-46
281Personal, 1946-48
2Personal, 1947
3Personal, 1947-48
4Personal, 1948
5Personal, 1948
6Personal, 1949
291Personal, 1949-50
2Personal, 1950
3Personal, 1950-51
4Personal, 1951
5Personal, 1951
6Personal, 1951-52
7Personal, 1952
8Personal, 1952-53
301Personal, 1953
2Personal, 1954
3Personal, 1954
4Personal, 1954
5Personal, 1955
6Personal, 1955
7Personal, 1955
8Personal, 1955
9Personal, 1955-56
311Personal, 1956
2Personal, 1956
3Personal, 1957
4Personal, 1957
5Personal, 1957-58
6Personal, 1958

1.3 Political Scrapbooks

Clippings dealing with Coburn's involvement in Republican politics, anti-Communism, anti-income tax, McCarthyism, and 'Jeffersonian' ideals.
91959, 1960-61

1.4 Television Scrapbooks

321Television books, 1950-51 1951-53
2Television books, 1953-54
3Television books, 1954
4Television books, 1954
5Television books, 1954-55
6Television books, 1955
7Television books, 1955
331Television books, 1956
2Television books, 1956
3Television books, 1956
4Television books, 1959
5Television books, 1957
6Television books, 1957
7Television books, 1957
8Talk tour, Book I, 1951-52
9Tour thru' the South, 1959
10Years in Show Business, 1958
11University Theater, 1942-48
12Western History, 1948-50

1.5 Theater Scrapbooks

341The Yellow Jacket, 1916
2Music to the Yellow Jacket
353The Yellow Jacket (critical reviews, clippings, etc.), 1928-29
4The Yellow Jacket (script from 1928, the Coburn Theater, NYC)
5The Yellow Jacket I (advance notices, advertisements and criticism, Garrick Theater, Philadelphia, PA, 1934
6The Yellow Jacket II (advance notices, etc.)
7The Yellow Jacket, (Tremont Theater, Boston, MA), 1934
361Coburn Players-reviews, 1915-17
2'So This Is London,', 1922-23
3'So This Is London,', 1923-24
371'The Imaginery Invalid,', 1917-1922
2'The Imaginery Invalid,', 1917-1922
3'Hamlet,' (the script, with blocking)
381'The Farmer's Wife,', 1924
2'Bronx Express,', 1922
3'French Leave,', 1920-21
391'The Right Age To Marry,', 1926
2Vaudville, Mr. & Mrs Coburn, 1927
3'The Tavern,', 1927-28
401'Falstaff,', 1928-29
2'The Plutocrat,', 1929-1931
36A1Scrapbooks. Miscellaneous Theatre Programs., 1892-1909. 1892-1896. 1896-1900. 1931.

1.6 Bound Scrapbooks

411Mohawk Drama Festival, Vol. I, no. 1, 1935
2Mohawk Drama Festival, Vol. II, no. 1, 1936
421Mohawk Drama Festival, Vol. II, no. 2, 1936
2Mohawk Drama Festival, Vol. III, no. 1, 1937
431Mohawk Drama Festival, Vol. III, no. 2, 1937
2Mohawk Drama Festival, Vol. IV, no. 1, 1938
441Mohawk Drama Festival, Vol. IV, no. 2, 1938
2Mohawk Drama Festival, Vol. V, no. 1, 1939
451Mohawk Drama Festival, Vol. V, no. 2, 1939
2Mohawk Drama Festival, Vol. VI, no. 1, 1940
461Mohawk Drama Festival, Vol. VI, no. 2, 1940
2Mohawk Drama Festival, Vol. VI, no. 3, 1940

1.7 Scrapbooks, photo sets- addenda

118Merry Wives of Windsor, 1946
119Yellow Jacket, 1928
120Bound photobook: Charles Coburn, vol. II, Hollywood stills; boxed set of photographs: Motion Picture Country House and Hospital
121Bound miscellaneous scrapbooks, various dates
122Scrapbooks: 'The Better 'Ole'

2. Scripts

2.1 Stage Scripts

481'Abraham Lincoln'
2'The Beaux' Strategem'
3'The Beaux' Strategem'
4'The Beaux' Strategem'
5'The Better 'Ole'
6'The Better 'Ole'
7'The Better 'Ole'
8'The Better 'Ole'
491'The Better 'Ole'
2'That's Done It!'-a version of the 'The Better 'Ole'
3'The Better 'Ole'
4'The Better 'Ole'
5'The Better 'Ole'
6'The Better 'Ole'
7'The Better 'Ole'
8'The Better 'Ole'
501Sheet music
2Loose music and lyrics
4Music for particular instruments
5Mementoes & addenda
511'The Bronx Express'
2'The Bronx Express'
3'The Bronx Express'
4'The Bronx Express'
5'The Bronx Express'
6'The Bronx Express'
7'The Bronx Express'
521'The Bourgeois Gentleman'
2'Charlotte Corday'
3'The College Widow'
4'This Crazy Lovely World'
5'David Harum'
6'David Harum'
7'David Harum'
531'The Farmer Takes A Wife'
2'French Leave'
3'French Leave,' individual parts
4'French Leave,' property plot and music
5'French Leave,' list of decorations used in the play
6'Gilded Age or Colonel Sellers'
541'High Tor'
2'Imaginery Invalid'
3'Imaginery Invalid'
5'The Long Watch'
6'The Long Watch'
551'Master of the Revels'
2'Master of the Revels'
3'Master of the Revels'
4'Master of the Revels'
6'Moonshine and Flowers'
561'The Plutocrat'
2'The Plutocrat'
3'The Plutocrat'
4'The Plutocrat'
5'The Right to Marry'
571'The Rivals'
2'The Rivals'
3'The Rivals'
4'The Rivals'
5'The Rivals'
581'The School for Husbands'
2'A School for Scandal'
3'A Texas Steer'
4'A Texas Steer'
5'That's Done It!'
6'Three Showers'
7'Three Showers'
591'Three Showers'
2'Three Showers'
3'Three Showers'
4'Three Showers'

2.2 Shakespeare Scripts

601'As You Like It'
2'As You Like It'
3'As You Like It'
4'Comedy of Errors'
7'King Henry the Fifth'
621'Julius Caesar'
2'Merry Wives of Windsor'
3'Merry Wives of Windsor'
4'Merry Wives of Windsor'
6'Midsummer's Night Dream'
631'Much Ado About Nothing'
2'Much Ado About Nothing'
3'Much Ado About Nothing'
4'Much Ado About Nothing'
5'Much Ado About Nothing'
641'Romeo and Juliet'
2'Richard III'
3'Taming of the Shrew'
4'Taming of the Shrew'
5'The Tempest'
6'Twelfth Night'
7'Twelfth Night'
8'Twelfth Night'

2.3 Radio Scripts

651'Dinah Shore-Program,', 4 May 1944
2'The Rumour' by Jo Eisinger
3'The Ginny Simms Show,', 18 January 1946
4'Don Lee, Mutual Network,' Democrats for Dewey against Roosevelt
5'The Masquers Entertain'
6'The Con Man' by Franken, et. al.
7'Yarns for Yanks, no. 155, The Man Who Married A Dumb Wife'
8'Adorable,', 28 October 1946
9'The Green Years'
10'Stage Door Canteen,', 19 May 1944
11'Citizens Forum,' Citizens National Bank, 7 September 1944
12'Filipino Fiesta'
13'Mr. Barry's Etchings,' Philip Morris Playhouse on Broadway, 25 March 1953
14'The Taming of the Shrew'
15'The County Chairman'
16'The Imaginery Invalid'-Mr. Coburn
17'The Imaginery Invalid'-Argan
18'The Imaginery Invalid'-Tornette
19'The Imaginery Invalid'-Angelique
20'The Imaginery Invalid'-Pargon
21'The Imaginery Invalid'-Thomas
22'The Imaginery Invalid'-Beralde
661Radio interview-Coburn
2'Duffy's Tavern,', 27 April 1949
3'Duffy's Tavern,', 15 December 1950
4MGM Theater of the Air: "The Stranger's Return'
5'Bachelor Mother,', 28 April 1949
6'You Can't Take It With You,', 7 April 1951
7'You Can't Take It With You,' revised, 7 April 1951
8'Hollywood Story,' by Erskine Johnson
9Edgar Bergen with Charlie McCarthy
10'It Started With Eve,', 14 January 1952
11Screen Guild Promotion, 5 May 1949
12'Yellow Jacket'-Suey
13'Yellow Jacket'-Chee Moo
14'Yellow Jacket'-Lee Sin
15'Yellow Jacket'-Gong
16'Yellow Jacket'-Tai
17'Yellow Jacket'-Ling
18'Yellow Jacket'-Chorous
19'Yellow Jacket'-Chinese dance
20'MacBeth,', 16 June 1930
21'MacBeth,' with changes, 16 June 1930
22'MacBeth,', NBC, 23 April 1936
23'MacBeth,' miscellaneous
25'MacBeth,'-Lady MacBeth
29'MacBeth,'-Ross, McDuff
31'MacBeth,'-Scotch music
32'The Rivals,' with scripts for individual parts

2.4 Film Scripts

671'Alibi in Ermine'
2'Alice Adams'
3'Alma Mater,' final script
4'Alma Mater,' estimating script
5'And Baby Makes Three'
6'And Ride A Tiger'
681'Around The World In Eighty Days,', 30 August 1955
2'Around The World In Eighty Days,', 27 July 1956
3'B. F.'s Daughter,', 9-10-1947
4'B. F.'s Daughter,', 9-12-1947
5'Bloomer Girl,' first draft
6'Bodies and Sould'
691'Colonel Effingham's Raid,', 29 October 1943
2'Colonel Effingham's Raid,', 16 November 1944
3'The Czarina'
4'Everybody Does It,', 30 December 1948
701'Gentlemen Prefer Blonded'
2'Green Years'
3'The Highwayman'
4'How to be Very Very Happy'
6'I Love Louisa'
711'The Impatient Years'
2'John Paul Jones'
3'Katy Did'
4'Katy Did'
5'The Kid From Outer Space'
6'Little Women'
721'The Long Wait'
3'Made For Each Other'
4'The Magnificent Yankee'
5'(Mary O'Hara's) Green Grass of Wyoming
6'Mr. Music'
731('Monkee Business')-'Darling, I Am Growing Younger', (7 November 1951)
2'Darling I Am Growing Younger,', 28 February 1952
3'Darling I Am Growing Younger,', 6 February 1952
4'The Monster'
5'Oh Money! Money!'
6'Orchestra Wife'
741'Over Twenty-one,', 14 December 1944
2'Over Twenty-one,', 3 January 1945
3'The Paradine Case,', 10 August 1946
4'The Paradine Case,', 10 December 1946
5'Personal Column
751'The Power and the Prize,', 14 January 1955
2'The Power and the Prize,', 15 March 1956
3'The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker,', 19 May 1958
4'The Power and the Prize,', 4 June 1958
5'Road to Yesterday,', 31 June 1944
6'Road to Yesterday,', 29 June 1944
761'Rose Queen,', 25 October 1949
2'Rose Queen,', 20 December 1949
3'Story of Mankind'
4'Town on Trial'
5'Uncle George'
771'Upward to the Stars'
2'Wagon Show'
3'The Western Story,', 31 March 1948
4'The Western Story,', 22 December 1948
6War Tax Film
7'The World's My Oyster'
8'Yes, Sir That's My Baby'

2.5 Television Scripts

781The Eddie Cantor Comedy Theater, 6 January 1955
2The Jack Carter Show, 23 December 1950
3The Rosemary Clooney Show
4'Colonel Effingham's Raid,' Hallmark Playhouse no. 61, 3 November 1949
5'Colonel Wellington Bixby'
6'Colonel Wellington Bixby,' revised
7'The Country Doctor,' in three parts
8'The Country Doctor,' Desilu production
9'The Cuckoo in Spring,' Studio One
10'Easter Morn in Tony's'
11'Family Affair,' Stage 7
12'Family Affair,' story and teleplay
13'Fun with Mr. Shakespeare'
791'The Gentle Grafter,' in three acts, Kraft Television Theater
2The George Gobel Show, no. 7, 27 November 1954
3The George Gobel Show, revised
4'The Gun,' Kate Smith Hour, 17 April 1953
5Hollywood Screen Test
6Erskine Johnson's Hollywood Story
7'The Hot Oil Treatment,', 9 November 1955
8'Jingle Bells Last Christmas'
9'Kirsti,', 1/11/1956
10'Lily and the Wolf,' December Bride Show, no. 39
11'Louisa,' in three acts
12'Mr. Kagle and the Baby Sitter,', 13 March 1956
13"The Murphy that Made America'
14The Arthur Murray Show, 24 December 1950
801Donald O'Connor Show, 20 December 1953
2Omnibus, 4 March 1950
3'One for the Road,', 9/10/1954
4'One for the Road,', 11/22/1954
5'Operation Titanic,', 7 April 1953
6'Perfume for Patricia...'
7'A Pardon for Tippie'
8'Pickwick Papers,' episode 31, 13 March 1949
9'Pretend Your'e You,', 8 July 1954
10The Martha Raye Show
2The Red Skelton Show, 8 February 1955
3The Red Skelton Show, 20 March 1956
4Song of Liberty speeches
5Song of Liberty speeches
6'The Southeast Corner'
7The Star and the Story-'The Difficult Age'
8The Star and the Story-'The Lady's Game'
9Tales of the City,' no. 4, 6 August 1953
10Texaco Star Theater, no. 34, Milton Berle, 8 May 1951
11Texaco Star Theater, no. 22, Milton Berle, 31 March 1953
12'A Ticket for Thaddeus,', 23 March 1956
13Tonight Show with Steve Allen
14Treasury Star Parade, 7 June 1942
15'Trouble Along the Way'
821'Uncommon Thief,' Justice no. 63
2'Will Power'
3'Winter and Spring'
4'Woman's Work,' DuPont Theater
5'Worthy Oppenant,' first mimeo
6'Worthy Oppenant,' final revision
7'You asked for It,', 25 May 1952
8'You Can't Take It With You,' audition script
9'You Can't Take It With You,'
10'Yours For A Dream,', 15 July 1951
11Alan Young Show, 2 February 1951
12Alan Young Show, 3 April 1951
13Alan Young Show, 11 September 1951

2.6 Miscellaneous

831'The Canterbury Pilgrims,' acts I & II
2'The Canterbury Pilgrims,' act III
3'The Farmer's Wife,' three acts
4'The Farmer's Wife,'
5'The Farmer's Wife,'
841'The Farmer's Wife,' 20 individual parts
2Addenda to the 'The Farmer's Wife,' programs, photos, music, etc.
3'Iphigenia in Tauris'
4'Old Bill'
5'Old Bill'
6'Old Bill'
851'Old Bill,' act I
2'Old Bill,' act II
3'Old Bill,' act I
4'Rip Van Winkle'

3. Music to Stage Productions

87'The Better 'Ole'

4. Interviews [of Coburn] with Victor Rosen

891Interview 1-5/6, November 2-10, 1955
2Interview 5/7-8/12, November 13-21, 1955
3Interview 8/13-11/18, November 22-28, 1955
4Interview 11/19-12/24, November 28-30, 1955
5Interview 13/25-16/30, November 30 December 7-8
6Interview 16/31-19/36, December 7-8, 1955 December 10, 1955
7Interview 20/37-21/42, December 13-14, 1955
8Interview 22/43-24/48, December 16-18, 1955
9Interview 24/49-26/54, December 18-21, 1955
901Interview 27/55-29/60, December 22, 1955-January 14, 1956
2Interview 29/61-32/66, January 14-17, 1956
3Interview 32/67-33/72, January 17-18, 1956
4Interview 34/73-36/78, January 19-21, 1956
5Interview 36/79-37/84, January 21-23, 1956
6Interview 37/85-40/90, January 23-26, 1956
7Interview 40/91-43/96, Janaury 26-February 7, 1956
8Interview 43/97-46/102, February 7 1956 and February 27-29, 1956
9Interview 47/103-50/108, March 1-5, 1956
10Interview 51/109-55/114, March 7-15, 1956
11Interview 55/115-58/120, March 15-April 17, 1956
12Interview 59/121. Additional notes, April 30, 1956

5. Photographs

5.1 Stage Stills

911'Around the Corner'
2'As You Like It'
3'The Better 'Ole'
4'The College Widow'
5'David Harum'
6'The Devil's Disciple'
7'Don Caesar de Bazan'
9'The First Legion'
10'Fresh Water Jack'
11'Geisha Girl'
13'High Tor'
14'Imaginery Invalid'
16'Master of the Revels'
17'Merry Wives of Windsor'
19'Much Ado About Nothing'
20'McDowell Club Performance'
21'Merchant of Venice'
22'The Marris Dancers'
921'Old Bill'
2'Peter Ibbetson'
3'The Plutocrat'
4'The Right Age To Marry'
5'The Rivals'
6'Rip Van Winkle'
7Talk tour
8'Taming of the Shrew'
9'A Texas Steer'
10'Troillus and Cressida'
11'Under Two Flags'
12'The Yellow Jacket'
13'You Can't Take It With You'
14Coburn in his younger year, without monacle
15Coburn in his younger year, without monacle
16Coburn in his younger year, without monacle
91AStage Stills - M

5.2 Film Stills

931'Alexander Graham Bell'
2'Bachelor Mother'
3-6'The Captain Was A Lady'
7-10'Colonel Effingham's Raid'
11-13'The Constant Nymph'
14-22'The Devil and Miss Jones'
23'Doctor and the Girl'
24'Edison the Man'
25'Everybody Does It'
941'The Farmer's Wife'
3'The Gal Who Took the West'
4'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes'
5'George Washington Slept Here'
6'Green Grass of Wyoming'
7'The Green Years'
8'Has Anybody Seen My Gal'
9'Heaven Can Wait'
10'The Highwayman'
11'In This O r Life'
12'In Name Only'
14'Impatient Years'
15'Idiot's Delight'
951'John Paul Jones'
2'King's Row'
3'Knickerbocker Holiday'
4'The Long Wait'
6'Lady Eve'
7'Lord Jeff'
8'Mr. Music'
9'Made For Each Other'
10'Minute Mysteries'
11'Monkee Business'
12'More the Merrier'
13'My Kingdom for a Cook'
961'Of Human Hearts'
2'Our Wife'
3'Over 21'
4'Paradine Case,' includes final shooting script with stills
5'Paradine Case'
7'Princess O'Roarke'
8'H. M. Pulham, Esq.'
9'The Remarkable Mr. Pennycracker'
10'Road to Singapore'
11'Royal Scandal,' includes bound photo-book
12'Royal Scandal'
971'Shady Lady'
2'Stanley and Livingston'
3'Story of Alexander Graham Bell'
4'Stranger in my Arms'
5'Three Faces East (Doctor's Don't Tell, The Refugee)'
6'Together Again'
7'Town on Trial'
8'Trouble Along the Way'
9'Unexpected Uncle'
10'Vivacious Lady'
12'The Yellow Jack'
13'Yes Sir, That's My Baby'

5.3 Autographed, Celebrities

5.3.1 Autographed Celebrity Photographs, Oversize
981June Allyson
2Don Ameche
3Jean Arthur
4Bruce Bairnsfather
5Lucille Ball
6Ethel Barrymore
7Ann Baxter
8Jack Benny
9Ward Bond
10Beulah Bondi
10AEdwin Booth
11Victor Borge
12Selena Boyle
13Spring Boyington
14Scott Brady
15Fairfax Burgher
16Jeff Chandler
17Carol Channing
18Joe Chase
19Maurice Chevalier
20George M. Cohane
21Claudette Colb
22Nancy Coleman
23Curtis Cooksey
24Nrada Harrigan Connoly
25Mr. & Mrs. Connoly
26Joan Crawford
27Bing Crosby
28Bob Cummings no. 1
29Bob Cummings no. 2
30Tony Curtis
31Bette Davis
32Olivia de Haviland
33Isadora Duncan
34Irene Dunne
35Donna Earl
36Sally Eilers
37Tom Q. Ellis
38Gus Eyssrll
39Lynn Fontaine
40Kay Francis
41Clark Gable
42Louise Gainsgrough
43Judy Garland
44Bel Geddes
45Franklin Glynn
46Betty Grable
47Phil Green
48John C. A. Guntner
49Renée Haan
50Walter Hampden
51Oliver Hardy
52Louie Harwick
53Jean Hersholt
54Alfred Hitchcock
55Leigh Mitchell Howyes
56Sir Henry Irving
57Joseph Jefferson
58Edwin Booth
59Guy Kibber
60Dennis King
61Harry Lauder
62Janet Leigh
63Eugenie Leontovich
64Marty Love
65William R. Lockwood
66Percy MacCay
67Jeanette MacDonald
68Joel McCrea
69Dorothy McGuire
70L. Melchior
71Phillip Meriwale
72Pat Milliken
73Marilyn Monroe
74Oscar Natzka
75General Nedermeyer
76Lloyd Nolan
77Erin O'Brien
78Luella Parsons
79Martha Paven
80Gregory Peck
81Jan Peerce
82Bill Post
83Guy Post
84Claude Raines
85Gene Raymond
86Ronald Reagen
87Ginger Rogers
88Jane Russell
89Rosalind Russell
90Norma Shearer
91Cornelia Otis Skinner
92Alexis Smith
93Lucian L. Sprague
94Barbara Stanwick
95Frances Starr
96Jimmy Stewart
97Marcia Stein
98Fred Stone
99John Sutton
100Elizabeth Taylor
101Robert Taylor
102John Wayne
103Anna Wheaton
104Betty White
105Francis Wilson
106Marie Wilson
107Tom Wise
108Jane Wyman
109Loretta Young
110Mary Young
98AOversize Celebrity Photographs; D-J
98BOversize Celebrity Photographs; K-R
98COversize Celebrity Photographs; S-Z (come unidentified)
5.3.2 Autographed Celebrity Photographs, Regular Size
991Keene Abbott
2Brian Ahern
3Judith Anderson
4Fred Astaire
5Curtis Beutard
6Sidney Blackman
7Charles Braderr
8Bruse Bairnsfather
9Shirley Booth
10Walter Brennen
11Harry Joe Brown
12Joe E. Brown
13Virginia Bruce
14Fred Calvin
15Eddie Cantor
16Georgia Caeier
17Colin Campbell
18Leo G. Carroll
19Leo G. Carroll
20John Carroll
21Marguerite Chapman
22Bobby Clark
23Charles and Ellen Coborn
24Winnifred Coburn
25Lily Cooper
26Katherine Cornell
27Melville Cooper
28Herb Corttius
29Noel Coward
30Hume Cronyn & Jessica Tandy
31Fred de Cordova
32Peoro de Córdova
33Walt Disney
34Paul Douglas
35Melvyn Douglas
36John Drew
37Augustin Dunean
38Ray Eliot
39William Farnum
40Eddie Fisher
41Mrs. Fiske
42Henry Fonda
43Glenn Ford
44Frank Freeman
45Helen Freeman
46Archie Gardner
47Peter Godfrey
48Charlotte Greenwood
49Rosa Goule
50Rosa Goule
51Billy Green
1001Renée Haal
2Susan Hall
3Thurston Hall
4Gerald Hamer
5Walter Hampden
6Dixie Hardwicke
7Helen Hayes
8Josie Heather
9Rosa Heppner
10Marguerite Henry
11Dick Hoffman
12Celeste Holmes
13Taylor Holmes
14Herbert Hoover
15Bob Hope
16Hedda Hopper
17Henry Hull
18Ruth Hussey
19Mary Hutchinson
20Betty Hutton
21Brandy Ivans
22Burl Ives
23Thom. E. Jackson
24Nunnally Johason
25Jimmie Jollay
26Eilene Jansson
27Kenneth Kenna
28Madge Kennedy
29Percy Kilbrick
30Jack King
31Louie King
32Hilda Kosta
33Ben Lackland
34Dorothy Lamour
35Harry Levin
36Mervin LeRoy
37Fulton Lewis
38Joe Lewis
39Art Linkletter
40The Lockhart family
41Leonard Lord
42Larry Lockwood
43Bert Lytell
44Frederich March
45Mary Martin
46Edgar Lee Masters
47Harry McNaughton
48Adolphe Menjou
49Torben Meyer
50Thomas Mitchell
51Thomas Mitchell
52Chester Morris
53Alan Mowbrey
54Conrad Nagel
55James & Edythe Nagel
56David Niven
57Elliott Nugent
1011Pat O'Brien
2Hugh O'Connell
3Donald O'Conner
4Eileen O'Dare
5Jack Paar
6Robert Paige
7Jack Parnell
8Arvid Paulson
9George Peaton
10Charlotte Parker
11Gigi Perreau
12Mary Pickford
13Mary Phillips
14Enzio Pinza
15Sherry Ponty
16Eleanor Powell
17Vincent Price
18Martha Ray
19Donna Reed
20Erica Reed
21Jim Revine
22Elizabeth Risctou
23Maury Ryskind
24George Sanders
25Royce Sargent
26Lew Silvers
27Margaret O'Brien Silvers
28Red Skelton
29C. Aubrey Smith
30Robert Stack
31Henry Stephenson
32Jan Sterling
33Kay Strozzi
34Irving Thalberg
35Bill Thompson
36Mike Todd
37Spencer Tracy
38Ruth Urban
39Norma Varden
40Gwen Verdon
41Raymond Walburn
42Helen Walker
43Percy Waram
44Henry Warner
45Jack Warner
46Ned Wener
47Clifton Webb
48Esther Williams
49Richard Whorf
50Dame May Witty
51Robert Young
52Blanche Yurka
53Daryl Zanuck
54Dorothy Gish
55Jessie Lasky
56Otis Skinner
57Walter Wanger
58Charles Winniger
59Edmund Goulding
60-83Unidentified portraits

5.4 Autographed, Coburn

1021Max Baer
2Ed Baker
3Porter Ball, et. al.
4Sid Bluenstock
5Clarence Brown
6Gordon Browning
7Myron Cohen
8Maurice Chevalier
9Peggy Cummings
10Irene Dunne
11Charley Gregor
12Alden Grey
13Bill Harris
14Lewis Harus
15Ray Holtz
16J. Brachour Lee
17Jimmie Kern
18Charley Koons
19Walter Mulligan
20Gen. H. Nichols
21Eileen O'Dare
22Phil Paval
23Sig Schlager
24Ginny Simms
25Harold Stassen (autograph only)
26Vic Stein
27William B. Stratton
28Ed Wynn
29John Wayne, Fred Brisson, Hoagy Carmichael, & Rosalind Russell
31Paul Lukas, Jennifer Jones, Katina Paxinon
32Ray Holtz & John Barnes
33Mr. & Mrs. Ward Swarthout
34Captain Wer & Danny Nelson
35Peter Donald & Wally Neuthold
36Unidentified persons
37Coburn alone
1031Coburn with Marilyn Monroe & Rosalind Russell
2Coburn alone
3Coburn with unidentified people
4Coburn with Henry Fonda & Barbara Stanwicke
5Coburn with Clark Gable, Burgess Meredith, et. al.
6Coburn with David Niven, et. al.
7Coburn alone
8Coburn alone
9Coburn alone
10Coburn alone
11Coburn as Ben Franklin
12Coburn with wife
13Coburn with.Frederick Marck, Helen Hayes, Claudette Colbert, Nancy Olson, Kent Smith
14Coburn with Jean Arthur

5.5 Theater Stills

1041'The Better 'Ole'
2'Bronx Express'
4'Farmer's Wife'
5'French Leave'
6'Irish Legion'
7'Imaginery Invalid'
8'Knickerbocker Holiday'
9'Great Tycoon'
11'Master of the Revels'
12'Peter Ibbetson'
13'The ight Age to Marry'
14'Rip Van Winkle'
15'So This Is London'
16'The Tavern'
17'Trelawney of the Wells'
18'Yellow Jacket'
1051'Canterbury Pilgrims'
2'Comedy of Errors'
5'Much Ado About Nothing'
6'Taming of the Shrew'
104AMisc. Photographs

5.6 Mr. and Mrs. Coburn

1061Mr. & Mrs. Coburn
2Mrs. Coburn, includes scrapbook of photos
3Mrs. Coburn, includes scrapbook of photos
4Mrs. Coburn, includes scrapbook of photos
5Mrs. Coburn, includes scrapbook of photos
6Mrs. Coburn, includes scrapbook of photos
7Mrs. Coburn. in 'As You Like It'
8Mrs. Coburn in 'The Better 'Ole'
9Mrs. Coburn in 'Canterbury Pilgrims'
10Mrs. Coburn in 'Electra'
11Mrs. Coburn in 'French Leave'
12Mrs. Coburn in 'Imaginery I
13Mrs. Coburn in 'Lysistrata'
14Mrs. Coburn in 'Master of the Revels'
15Mrs. Coburn in 'Merry Wives of Windsor'
16Mrs. Coburn in 'Midsummer's Night Dream'
17Mrs. Coburn in 'The Plutocrat'
18Mrs. Coburn in 'Rip Van Winkle'
19Mrs. Coburn in 'So This Is London'
20Mrs. Coburn in 'The Tavern'
21Mrs. Coburn in 'The Wife Hunter'
22Mrs. Coburn in 'The Yellow Jacket'
23Assorted snapshots
24Old theater photographs
25Unidentified theater stills
26Coburn and assorted personalities
28Coburn with horses, (Sulkies)
27Assorted paintings and drawings
10629Assorted stage stills

5.7 Miscellany

1071Young Coburn on bicycle
2Outdoor theater shots
3Coburn negatives
4Certificate: honorary geechie
5Old Savannah theater
6Outdoor theater, 1912-1927
7Theater at the White House
8Early Coburn as actor
9Early Coburn as actor
10Coburn on vacation
11An outdoor theater production
12Stills form 'Tarus'
13Coburn the football player
14Coburn at 18 years
123Misc. Photo Stills: Film, Stage

6. Coburn Players, 1909-1918

108Coburn Players, printed matter, 1909-1913
109Coburn Players, printed matter, 1914-1918

7. Theater Miscellany

1101Mohawk Drama Festival cut files
2'Talk tour' material
3Script: 'Romeo and Juliet'
4'Meemories or Naritive of the greate Pikespeak or Colorado Stampede of 1859'[sic]
5(2) scripts-Faust, English version
1111Script-'Iphigenia in Tauris'
2Clippings-letter from Luther B. Anthony
3Pamphlet-The Coburn Players
4Script-'The Merry Wives of Windsor'
5Assorted theater programs
6Stage Magazine, August, 1933
7The Burr McIntosh Monthly, July 1909
8Mohawk Drama Festival Stationary
9Blueprints-Mohawk Drama Festival Outdoor stage
10Los Angeles Times, 1 November 1961
1121Newspaper clippings, 1905-1938
2Telegrams, October, 1924
3'Club & Campus,', Summer, 1930
4Assorted clippings & notes in Hollinger box: Coburn postcards & bookmarks
5'Where' magazine, 12 June 1954
6Notebook, clippings, 1896-1927
7 An evening with Charles Coburn
124Duplicates of Scripts, programs, sheet music
125Printed material- Plays

8. Theater Programs

1131Notebooks: Programs-melodrama, 1857-1935
2Notebooks: Programs-comedy, farce, music, 1832-1935
3Notebooks: Programs-drama, tragedy, 1752-1934
4Notebooks: Programs-playbills, 1791-1890
1141Photographs [NOTE: oversize photos are in Box 103, folder 18]
4736 Mohawk Drama Festival magazines, 1935 to 27 August 1940

9. Production of Yellow Jacket


10. Coburn in Hollywood, 1937-1952

115Bound notebook: Coburn in Hollywood, 1937-1942
116Bound notebook: Coburn in Hollywood, 1942-1947
117Bound notebook: Coburn in Hollywood, 1947-1952

11. Artifacts

2Smaller Mandolin
3Larger Mandolin
4Ash Bucket
126Clothing- Asian style shoes (3 pairs), robes, decorative fabric, scarf, possibly Chinese, [circa 1950s?]
127Clothing- Asian style shoes (3 pairs), robes, decorative fabric, scarf, possibly Chinese, [circa 1950s?]
128Red fabric [costume?]
129Tapestry [Asian origin]
130Gold fabric [costume?]; embroidered scarves [Asian origin]
131Painting on fabric- depicting Indians and the Taj Mahal; fabric remnants, Asian origin
132Blue coat embroidered with gold imperial dragon design, Asian origin, probably Chinese, mid 20th century
133Ornamental box, ceremonial candles (Asian origin); knife; antique lighter; pipe; framed portrait of Edwin Booth
134Decorative hangings with colored tassles (red, orange, green and gold) and metal medallions
135Decorative hangings with colored tassles (red, orange, green and gold) and metal medallions
136Ceramic figurines depicting a Chinese male and female; wooden knobs
1372 metal helmets
138metal and wood figurines
139Red tapestry, Chinese origin
OS BoxItem
1401-2Cymbals (2) decorated with Chinese characters
5Cymbal (1) decorated with Chinese characters

12. Certificates, honors, and artwork

OS Folder
1AEmbossed news broadsides (2)
OS Folder
2ACertificate, Diploma, 1949, 1936
OS Folder
3AArtwork (1), Union College letter (1), drawing (1), "God Help the King" program (1), "Merry Wives of Windsor" and "A Midsummer Night's Dream" paintings by John Massey Wright (2)
OS Folder
4BArtwork (1)- FRAGILE
OS Folder
5BPosters (3)
OS Folder
6BRotogravure Section N. Y. Tribune, 1919