Pierre Daura Archive

Pierre Daura Archive

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Georgia Museum of Art
Creator: Daura, Pierre, 1896-1976
Title: Pierre Daura Archive
Dates: 1886–2011 (bulk 1896-1976)
Quantity: 80.0 Linear feet
Abstract:The collection documents the life and career of the Catalan-American modern artist Pierre Daura (1896–1976) through correspondence, diaries, notes, exhibition catalogues, brochures, announcements, newspaper and magazine articles, oral history, sketches, photographs, slides, films, artifacts, and ephemera. The archive complements more than 600 works of art by Pierre Daura in the collection of the Georgia Museum of Art. Note: The Pierre Daura Center also contains a continually updated collection of related material, including posthumous exhibition information and scholarly and promotional material.
Coll. Number: gmoa001

Biographical/Historical Note

Pedro Francisco Daura y Garcia was born on Minorca, Balearic Islands, Spain, a few days before his parents returned to their home in Barcelona and registered his birth there as February 21, 1896. In Paris, in 1914, his French identity papers were issued with Pierre as his given name, and that is how he is usually known; however, he is known as Pere where Catalan is spoken. Pierre's father, Juan Daura y Sendra, was a musician in the Barcelona Liceo Orchestra and a textile merchant. His godfather was the famed cellist Pablo Casals. His mother, Rosa de Lima Garcia y Martinez, died when he was seven. He and two younger siblings, Ricardo and Mercedes, were raised by their father, who never remarried. Pierre received his art education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Barcelona, known as “La Llotja.” His teachers included Jose Ruiz Blasco (Pablo Picasso's father) and Joseph Calvo. While at La Llotja he also worked for the stage designer Joaquim Jimenez y Sola. At age fourteen, with his young friends Emilio Bosch-Roger and Vidal Salichs, he set up a studio and sold his first painting at its inaugural exhibition to the Catalan artist and collector Pascual Monturiol, who said it reminded him of Paul Cézanne's work. In 1914, Calvo urged Pierre to go Paris to pursue his art career. He arrived there in the early summer that year and first worked in the studio of Emile Bernard, with whom he was friends for many years. Later, he studied engraving under André Lambert. From 1917 to 1920, Pierre served his three years of compulsory Spanish military service on Minorca and then returned to Paris. In 1923, while painting a mural in Normandy, the scaffolding collapsed. He was badly injured, and his left hand became permanently useless because of nerve damage. From 1925 to 1927, Pierre and Gustavo Cochet, an Argentine artist, designed and made batik material for couturiers until fire destroyed their studio and business. In the 1920s Pierre frequently exhibited with the group Agrupacio d'Artistes Catalans, usually in Barcelona. In 1922 and 1926 he exhibited at the Salon d'Automne in Paris, but in 1928 he joined four others rejected by the Salon, Joaquín Torres-García, Jean Hélion, Ernest Engel-Rozier, and Alfred Aberdam, and held a critically acclaimed exhibition at Gallery Marck: Cinq Peintres Refusés par le Jury du Salon. At the request of Charles Logasa, Pierre went to Villefranche-sur-Mer to meet Torres-García in 1925. He obtained and supervised a successful show for Torres-García in Paris at Gallery A.G. Fabre in 1926. With the sale proceeds, Torres-García moved to Paris. In 1927 Pierre met Louise Heron Blair of Richmond, Virginia, who was studying art in Paris, and they married in 1928. Several years later Louise's sister Jean married Hélion. In 1929–1930 Pierre joined Michel Seuphor and Torres-García in organizing the group Cercle et Carré (Circle and Square), which promoted geometric construction and abstraction in opposition to Surrealism. Cercle et Carré included Jean Arp, Wassily Kandinsky, Fernand Léger, Piet Mondrian, Antoine Pevsner, Kurt Schwitters, Joseph Stella, Georges Vantongerloo, and others. Pierre designed the group's logo, which appeared on stationary, posters, and the three issues of a review; Torres-García also used it later for his Círculo y Cuadrado (a name that also translates as Circle and Square) group in Uruguay. The only Cercle et Carré exhibition was held at Gallery 23, in Paris in April 1930. Virtually ignored by the French press at the time, Cercle et Carré is now considered of great importance in the history of modern art. The Dauras visited the medieval cliffside village of St. Cirq-Lapopie, France, while on their honeymoon in 1929. Pierre had sketched in the village in 1914 and had admired the terra cotta–roofed houses clustered around the towering church. One particular thirteenth-century house, although in bad condition, had especially intrigued him, and in 1929 he and Louise purchased it. They moved to St. Cirq in July 1930 and began the house restoration project that continued for most of their lives. Their only child, Martha, was born September 24, 1930. Pierre won the St. Cecilia prize (4,000 pesetas) at a painting competition at the Monastery of Montserrat, Catalonia, in 1931, and used the money for a painting trip to Deya, Majorca, during the winter of 1931/32. Pierre exhibited frequently in the years prior to the Spanish Civil War, with solo exhibitions in Paris at Gallery René Zivy in 1928, in Barcelona at Gallery Badrinas in 1929 and 1931, at Gallery Syra in 1932 and 1933, and at Gallery Barcino in 1935. Pierre, with his family, made his first trip to the United States in 1934–35, where he and Martha met Louise's family. Many Virginia landscapes he painted during this period were sold at the Gallery Barcino exhibition in Barcelona. In February 1937, at age forty-one, Pierre joined the Republican militia to fight against General Francisco Franco's forces. He was a forward artillery observer and was seriously wounded on the Teruel Front in August 1937. Sent home to France to convalesce, Pierre was given a medical discharge. Because he refused to return to Spain after the war, his Spanish citizenship (and Martha's) was revoked by the victorious Franco government. Louise became seriously ill, and in early July 1939 the family made an emergency medical trip to Virginia. She recovered, but World War II prevented their return to France. They established permanent residence in Virginia, and Pierre and Martha became naturalized U.S. citizens in 1943. Following the war, the family returned to their home in St. Cirq most summers. Rockbridge Baths is a small village in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains, near Lexington, Virginia, named after the warm springs once used as a spa. Louise's mother gave her property there, including the springs, and the Dauras used a modest building on the land as a vacation home beginning with their first visit to Virginia in 1934–1935. They also lived at the Baths after they came to Virginia in July 1939 until early 1942, when they moved as caretakers to “Tuckaway,” an historic property in Rockbridge County near Lexington. In the late summer of 1945 they moved to Lynchburg, Virginia, where Pierre was chairman of the art department at Lynchburg College for the 1945–1946 academic year. He taught studio art at Randolph-Macon Woman's College from 1946 to 1953, then returned to painting and sculpture full time. In 1959 the Dauras built a contemporary house beside the springs at Rockbridge Baths where they lived the rest of their lives. Louise died on November 10, 1972, and Pierre on January 1, 1976. They are both buried in the cemetery of Bethesda Presbyterian Church in Rockbridge Baths. In the later years of his life, Pierre said, “All I have ever wanted to do is to find a way to paint. I have painted. I have worked. I have given myself to my art. That is what I have wanted since my very early age . . . to be an artist, good or bad . . . that is what I am.” His prolific output of works in many media (painting, drawing, sculpture, engraving) and the diversity of his subject matter (landscape, still-life, portrait, figure study, abstract) attest to his lifelong commitment to his art. Although the main body of Pierre's work was strongly rooted in representation and the celebration of nature, he returned to abstract themes throughout his life. He is included in standard texts on Spanish and Catalan painting and in 33 Pintors Catalans (Barcelona, 1937, reissued 1976) by the art critic Joan Merli. Before the Spanish Civil War, Pierre ambitiously pursued an artistic career. Subsequently, he created for his own satisfaction, fulfilled commissions, and sold works to support his family. He did not sell through commercial galleries after leaving Europe in 1939. Rather, he sold from his home or at exhibitions at academic venues and local art clubs. In the opinion of his daughter, Martha, traumatic experiences in the Spanish Civil War, followed by the tragedies of World War II, changed his outlook; personal fame ceased to be important. His work is now included in many private collections, primarily in Barcelona, France and Virginia. Major collections are also held by some forty-eight museums in France, Spain, and the United States. The medieval village where Pierre passed so much of his life, St. Cirq, is a French historic monument, as is his former home. The Daura property was donated to the French Région Midi-Pyrenées in 2002, and it is now used as an artists' colony, “Les Maisons Daura,” administered by the Maison des arts Georges Pompidou. Scope and Content

The archive provides primary sources relevant to Pierre's life and work, particularly his role in the formation of Cercle et Carré in Paris, 1929–1930, and his experiences as a Republican soldier in 1937 during the Spanish Civil War. It contains his writings; exhibitions material covering his artistic career; photographs, videos and films of his family, friends, art, and homes in France and Virginia; and correspondence with family, friends, and colleagues, notably André Breton, Jean Hélion, and Joaquín Torres-García.

The archive also houses the papers of Pierre's wife, Louise Blair Daura. There are letters to her family from the late 1920s until her death in 1972, with perceptive observations of the people and events around her, in France and in the United Sates, as well as unpublished manuscripts and lectures.

Also included are published and unpublished writings of Louise's father, Lewis Harvie Blair, a prominent businessman of Richmond, Virginia, who achieved notoriety challenging the accepted Richmond beliefs with respect to free trade and the position of African-Americans in the 1880s.

Scope and Content Note

The archive provides primary sources relevant to Pierre's life and work, particularly his role in the formation of Cercle et Carré in Paris, 1929–1930, and his experiences as a Republican soldier in 1937 during the Spanish Civil War. It contains his writings; exhibitions material covering his artistic career; photographs, videos and films of his family, friends, art, and homes in France and Virginia; and correspondence with family, friends, and colleagues, notably André Breton, Jean Hélion, and Joaquín Torres-García.

The archive also houses the papers of Pierre's wife, Louise Blair Daura. There are letters to her family from the late 1920s until her death in 1972, with perceptive observations of the people and events around her, in France and in the United Sates, as well as unpublished manuscripts and lectures.

Also included are published and unpublished writings of Louise's father, Lewis Harvie Blair, a prominent businessman of Richmond, Virginia, who achieved notoriety challenging the accepted Richmond beliefs with respect to free trade and the position of African-Americans in the 1880s.


The collection is organized into eleven series:

Series 1: Pierre Daura Biography Series 2: Spanish Civil War Series 3: Louise Blair Daura Biography Series 4: Pierre Daura Exhibitions Series 5: Art by Pierre Daura Series 6: Photographs: People and Places Series 7: Videos, Films, and Tapes Series 8: Family Correspondence Series 9: Friends and Colleagues Series 10: Oversize Items Series 11: Clippings (Original)

Index Terms

Bernard, Emile, 1828-1897
Blair, Lewis H., (Lewis Harvie), 1834-1916
Breton, André, 1896-1966
Daura, Louise Blair, 1905–1972
Hélion, Jean, 1904-1987
Painters--United States
Painting, Abstract
Painting, Modern--20th century
Rockbridge Baths (Va.)
Sabaté, Modest
Saint-Cirq-Lapopie (France)
Seuphor, Michel, 1901-1999
Spain--History--Civil War, 1936-1939
Stovall, Queena
Torres-García, Joaquín, 1874-1949
Twombly, Cy, 1928-2011

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

Published citations should take the following form: Pierre Daura Archive, Georgia Museum of Art, University of Georgia

Immediate Source of Acquisition note

The archive was donated to the Georgia Museum of Art in 2002 by Martha Randolph Daura, the daughter of Pierre Daura. It was previously housed, in varying proportions and at various periods, at her residence and at Lynchburg College, Lynchburg, Virginia.

Processing Information note

Martha Daura began sorting material for the archive as early as 1976. From 1989 to 1997 Virginia Davis, the director of the Daura Gallery at Lynchburg College, organized much of the material. The archive was substantially reorganized by Martha and her husband, Thomas W. Mapp, from 2005–2010. All handwritten annotations are by Martha Daura. The archive and finding aid have been completed under the direction of Lynn Boland, Pierre Daura Curator of European Art at the Georgia Museum of Art.


Conditions Governing Access note

The collection is available to the public for research at the Louis T. Griffith Library located at the Georgia Museum of Art. The Griffith Library is open to the public Tuesday - Friday from 10:00am - 2:30pm, and at other times by appointment. To make an appointment, call 706.542.0487.

Conditions Governing Use note

The Pierre Daura Archive is owned by the Georgia Museum of Art. Literary rights as possessed by the donor have been dedicated to public use for research, study, and scholarship. The collection is subject to all copyright laws.

Related Material

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Series 1: Pierre Daura Biography

This series documents the personal life of Pierre from his birth on Minorca, Balearic Islands, in 1896, through the early years of his life in Barcelona, then Paris, St. Cirq, Lynchburg, and Rockbridge Baths, Virginia.
Most material relevant to significant events in Pierre's life can be conveniently organized following the sequential order of the events. The chronological subseries uses this organization. Other material is relevant to subjects that are repetitive or important over a relatively long period of Pierre's life; the subject subseries uses this organization. Books, magazines, photographs, and exhibition material of artists other than Pierre and those in the Friends and Colleagues series are housed in the third subseries, Pierre Daura's Library, arranged alphabetically by artist's last name.

1.1: Chronological, 1896-1976

11Pierre birthplace, Minorca, 1896
2Pierre certificates: birth, baptism, vaccination, 1896-1908
3House of Juan Daura in Sarria (Barcelona), 1896-1957
41903-1914 Pierre tape transcripts, 1967
5Visits to aunt in L'Esquirol (Sta. Maria de Corco) and S. Miquel del Fay, 1903-1912
6J. Jimenez y Solá, set designer, Barcelona: letter of recommendation, business card, 1911-1914
7 Serra d'Or July 1973: photo of Pierre, Battle, Girbal, Bosch-Roger p. 16; business card of Girbal set design, 1911
8Paris, early years: Pierre tape transcript, membership Circulo de Bellas Artes (Barcelona), letter from Fausti Gab to Pierre, admission cards, 1914-1917
9Compulsory military service Minorca: administrative documents, letters from commanding officer, correspondence, photos, 1917-1920
10Pierre trip to Spain with Charles Logasa: schedule, expense account, sketchbooks (four), 1920-1921 November 21-January 9 (?)
111920s Pierre tape transcripts - Paris, 1967
12Accident in Cherbourg: overview, letter from Coupard, hospital documents, insurance claim, letters from employer, postal cards, and photos, 1923 May 31
13Accident in Cherbourg, Soeur Marguerite, 1923 May 31
14Accident in Cherbourg: letters from family and friends, 1923 May 31
21Pierre and Cochet Le Batik, design and sale of batiks: letterhead and samples, 1925-1927
2Pierre's request for French naturalization, 1926
3Galerie Selection - H. Vereecken: contract, correspondence, 1927
4Collioure Restaurant Chez Py (?): sketches of Pierre by friends; 1927-1928 sketches by Pierre's friends, 1927 March-April
5Corsica: correspondence, postal cards, outlaw Perfettini, 1928 April-July
6Marriage of Pierre and Louise: announcement, marriage contract, marriage certificate, Aberdam drawings, 1928 December 20
31Travel and addresses, 1915-1929
2Miscellaneous and clippings, 1920-1929
3Trip to Catalonia, 1929 March-May
4Articles about Pierre: April 6 and 13, El Temps, Tarragona; September 2, Chicago Tribune, Paris, by Xceron, 1929
5Move from Paris to St. Cirq-Lapopie, 1930 July
6Birth of Martha Randolph Daura: announcement, letters, copy of birth certificate, 1930 September 24
71940 Association Artistique (Arp, Ernst, Herbin, etc.): letter, statutes, 1931 January 28
8Montserrat competition, St. Cecilia prize: letters, photos, clippings, 1931
9Deya, Majorca: material on Robert Graves and Laura Riding, correspondence, postal cards, photos, 1931-1932 November-March 12
10Family trip to United States: visa correspondence, shipboard material, Pierre's account of his trip, 1934-1935
11Article on Pierre, L'Instant, Barcelona, by Modest Sabaté, 1936 March 25
12Wills of Pierre and Louise, 1937 February 8
13Masons, 1930-1938
14Miscellaneous, 1930-1939
15Documents on French residence and travel between Spain and France, 1915-1939
16Le Havre-N.Y. on S.S. Washington: souvenirs, Pierre and Martha's visas, Pierre's Spanish passport, 1939 June 29-July 6
41Dauras at Rockbridge Baths: articles, 1939-1941
2Rockbridge County: speaking engagements, miscellaneous, 1939-1945
3Pierre application for Guggenheim fellowship, 1941
4U.S. Government interest in Pierre, 1942-1944
5Naturalization of Pierre and Martha: copies of naturalization certificate, administrative material, 1943 June 7
6University of Virginia Extension class, Lynchburg, 1945-1946
7Lynchburg College (LC), 1945-1946
8Lynchburg College (LC), letters from former students, 1945-(ongoing)
9Lynchburg College (LC), letters from former students: Salling, Fred, 1945-(ongoing)
10Lynchburg College (LC), letters from former students: Sangren, Nelson, 1945-(ongoing)
11Lynchburg College (LC), letters from former students: Segel, David, 1945-(ongoing)
12Randolph-Macon Woman's College (RMWC): correspondence and clippings, 1946-1953
13Randolph-Macon Woman's College (RMWC): class registers, faculty lists, Correlated Arts class, publications with photos, 1946-1953
51Lynchburg not art-related, 1945-1959
2Lynchburg art-related, 1945-1959
3Lynchburg art-related: articles, 1945-1959
4 The Lynchburg Art Club, by Ruth Homes Blunt 1962, 1945-1959
5Randolph-Macon Woman's College (RMWC), letters from former students, 1946-1976
6Randolph-Macon Woman's College (RMWC), letters from former students: Kordas, Patricia Holding, 1946-1966
7Randolph-Macon Woman's College (RMWC), letters from former students, Post-1976
8Pierre's trip to Europe, 1947 May-September
9Lynchburg Art Center, Christmas painting, 1953-1957
10Browsings, The News, Lynchburg, by Martha Rivers Adams (M.R.A.), 1953-1958
11Rockbridge Baths, new house, 1959
12Miscellaneous, 1960-1976
13(2nd ed.) A Lot to Remember, by Joan Grant pp. 108-142 and 160, 1962, 1980
14Rockbridge Baths, Maury River flood "Camille", 1969 August 20
15Pierre obituaries, 1976 January
16Sympathy letters, 1976

Series 2: Spanish Civil War

2.1: General, 1936-1939

121Spanish Republic
2Civil War history
3Clippings, 1936-1939
5Refugees from Irun (Basque frontier), 1936
6International Exposition Paris, 1937
7Letters to Pierre from friends in U.S., 1937
8Letters to Pierre from friends in France, 1936-1938
9Letters to Pierre from friends in Catalonia, 1937-1939

2.2: Pierre Daura at war in Spain, February-September 1937

1210Pierre orders, passes, leaves, and insignia
11Pierre party membership CNT and PSOE
12CNT-FAI stamps and handkerchief
13Teruel maps, photos, and information
14Pierre leave (with Louise), April 1937
15Letters from Pierre at front to Louise and Martha, February-May 1937
16Letters from Pierre at front to Louise and Martha, June-September 1937
17Letters from Louise and Martha to Pierre at front, February-September 1937
18Semanario del Frente (weekly from the front), 1937
19Pierre writings for unit newsletter, February-September 1937
20Gone with the Wind read to soldiers at front by Pierre: correspondence with Margaret Mitchell
21Rockwell Kent: correspondence, note from Betty Blair, clippings
22Photos from the front, Cochet portrait of Pierre and "Wounded Soldier"
131Artillery fire control material
2Pierre writings on war, February-September 1937
3Pierre account of retreat, August 1937
4Pierre bone fragments from arm wound August 1937, knife used for bones
5Louise de Daura, "The Soldier Returns," The Atlantic, January 1938: clippings, copies of article pp. 28-34
6Louise de Daura, "The Soldier Returns," The Atlantic, January 1938
7Louise de Daura, "The Soldier Returns," The Atlantic, January 1938

2.3: Pierre Daura in France, October 1937-June 1939

138Civil War engravings
9Trips to Paris, October-November 1937 and February 1938, army discharge and possible work for Republic
10Letters to Pierre from comrades at front, 1937-1939
11Letters to Pierre from Berthold Cohn at front, 1937-1938
12Swift and Co. (Paris) correspondence about meat for Republican relief, June 1938
13Correspondence with Spanish Embassy Paris, 1938
14Food package for Ricardo Daura, Barcelona: letter from Spanish Consul, Toulouse, January 12, 1939
15Pierre writings on war January 1939
16Death of Frederic Faulkner: correspondence, April-May 1939
141Correspondence general
2Postal cards of camps and clippings
3Pierre's relatives
4Letters from Berthold Cohn, 1938-1939
5Letters from refugees, A-F
6Letters from refugees, G-M
7Letters from refugees, N-V
2.4 Pierre Daura in Virginia, July 1939-1968
151Pierre reminiscences of Civil War (taped 1967-1968): transcripts of Grundig cartridges (tapes) II and III
2Pierre lecture, Spanish Civil War, ca. 1945: notes
3Clippings, 1940-1957
4Correspondence on Spanish Civil War, 1939-1944
5The Nation Associates, 1945
6Letters to Richmond Times-Dispatch from Katharine Raffalovich and Pierre, 1947-1948
7Poem by Sgt. John Rossen about Herman Bottcher
8Letters to Pierre from Berthold Cohn, North Africa, 1940-1943
9Letters to Pierre from Berthold Cohn, Russia, 1944-1952
10Letters to Pierre from Johanna Schmidt about Berthold Cohn, her nephew, 1941-1946
11Letter to Pierre from Dr. Max Herzog about Berthold Cohn, his cousin, 1941-1967
12Letters to Pierre from Alfredo Lebenheim about Berthold Cohn, his nephew, 1948-1950

Series 3: Louise Blair Daura Biography

3.1: Chronological, 1905-1972

1611905-1918 Louise
21918 Sunday School prize
31918-1923 St. Catherine's period
41923 St. Catherine's Annual
51923-1927 Bryn Mawr period
61927 Bryn Mawr Annual
7Louise papers at Bryn Mawr
81927 December Meeting of Louise and Pierre
91928 Louise's engagement to Pierre
101927-1929 Louise drawings
111927-1930 Paris
1711928 November 4-December 16 Paris Salon d'Automne Catalogue
21928 November 4-December 16 Paris Salon d'Automne: reviews and administrative material
31929-1930 Louise letters on Torres-García and Cercle et Carré
51938 January Louise de Daura, "The Soldier Returns," The Atlantic: correspondence, clipping
61938 January Louise de Daura, "The Soldier Returns," The Atlantic
71938-1939 Correspondence on Iberia Calls and Rounding Out
81939 Louise's illness
91940 June Louise Blair de Daura, "500,000 on the March," Bryn Mawr Alumnae Bulletin, p. 13: correspondence, article
101939-1945 Rockbridge County
111945-1949 Lynchburg
121945-1948 Lynchburg College
131948 Trip to Europe
141950 Article on Pisgah Fakes
1811950-1954 Lynchburg
21955-1959 Lynchburg
31956 April 20 St. Catherine's Alumnae meeting
41960-1972 Rockbridge Baths
51972 Obituaries
61972-1973 Sympathy letters

3.2: Subjects

8Biographies and genealogy
9Art by Louise
11Art History
12Correspondence (not family), A-G
13Correspondence (not family), Helm, Mrs. Avery, 1929-1935
14Correspondence (not family), Helm, Mrs. Avery, 1936-1951
15Correspondence (not family), I-Z
16Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond

3.3: Louise Blair Daura's writings

19Diaries, 1923-1929
20Diaries, 1930-1972
211Iberia Calls (manuscript), original pp. 1-136
2Iberia Calls (manuscript), original pp. 137-268
3Iberia Calls (manuscript), original pp. 269-402
4Iberia Calls (manuscript), carbon copy pp. 1-136
5Iberia Calls (manuscript), carbon copy pp. 137-268
6Iberia Calls (manuscript), carbon copy pp. 269-402
221"Parnassac Letters" (became Rounding Out)
2Rounding Out, original - Part I
3Rounding Out, original - Part II
4Rounding Out, carbon copy - Part I
5Rounding Out, carbon copy - Part II
231L'Isle de Beauté (Corsica) (article), 1930
2Life, Customs and Superstitions of a French Village (lecture), 1941
3Under German Rule (article), 1941
4Letter from Tunisia (article), 1943
5Lemonade Miracle (article), ca. 1946
6France in 1948 (lecture), 1948
7I Lived in the 13th Century (lecture), 1952
8St. Cirq-Lapopie Characters (article), ca. 1952
9Both Sides of Paradise (lecture), ca. 1954
10Last Summer in France (lecture), 1956
11Changing France (lecture), 1962
12St. Cirq Yesterday and Today (lecture), 1969
13French Village Gardens (lecture), 1941
14An Old Nantucket Garden (lecture)
15Spanish Gardens (article and lecture), 1942
16Herbs and Herb Cookery (article and lecture), 1949
17Cooking and Household (articles), 1943
241Limerick History of Art (lecture), ca. 1948
2Exploring the Prehistoric Caves of France (lecture), 1948
3Willy the Woolly Mammoth (article)
4Gothic Cathedrals of France (lecture), 1946
5Romanesque Rambles in Southern France (lecture), 1957
6Mediaeval Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella (lecture), 1961
7Chinese Painting (lecture)
8Spain's Reconstruction Days (lecture), 1941
9Christmas in Spain (lecture), 1941
10How Not to Envy Your Friends Who Are Going Abroad (article and lecture), 1951
11You Ought to Write a Book (lecture), 1952
12From Condottiere to Statesman in 20 Generations (lecture), after 1952
13Lectures, miscellaneous
14Articles, miscellaneous
251Miscellaneous course material
2Lectures 1-5
3Lectures 6-10
4Lectures 11-15
5Lectures 16-20
6Lectures 21-26
3.4 Art by Louise Blair Daura
2611949 Valentine Rainbow
21950 Valentine Joshua Roll
31951 Valentine to a French Major
41952 Valentine Heart Felt
51953 Valentine How do we love thee? (see Oversize Box - Louise Valentine/Birthday Cards)
61954 Valentine Exhibition Catalogue
71955 Valentine Loyalty Report
81956 Valentine With Love through the Ages
91957 Valentine Bedsteada Hospital
101958 Valentine from Europe
111959 Valentine The Spheres
121960 Valentine American Institute of Decorators
131961 Valentine Martha, the Randolph Daura (to the tune of Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer)
141962 Valentine United Nations
151963 Valentine Flannelette
2711964 Valentine The Flowers
21965 Valentine Book of Hours
31966 Valentine Italian Renaissance
41967 Valentine Africa
51968 Valentine Rockbridge Baths
61969 Valentine Pharaohs
71970 Valentine Father Nile
81971 Valentine Model Parents
91972 Valentine Papa Sweden
2811949 Birthday Abstract or "pops"
21950 Birthday Martha is Leaving Her Teens
31951 Birthday
41952 Birthday Birthday Cake (Martha has a job)
51953 Birthday Liberté Menu
61954 Birthday Automobile
71955 Birthday Clos Daura (wine bottle)
81956 Birthday Gothic Door St. Cirq
91957 Birthday Guide to Luxembourg
101958 Easter
111958 Birthday Our Child's Garden of Verses
2911959 Birthday House Plans Rockbridge Baths
21960 Birthday I am the Village of St. Cirq-Lapopie
31961 Birthday La Petite Fille Modèle (see Oversize Box - Louise Valentine/Birthday Cards)
41962 Birthday McCall's Magazine - Home Leave (see Oversize Box - Louise Valentine/Birthday Cards)
51963 Birthday A Lot to Remember
3011964 Birthday Home, Sweet Home
21965 Birthday The Months
31966 Birthday Hall of Fame
41967 Birthday Ses Amis de St. Cirq-Lapopie
51968 No birthday card. Louise's first cancer operation on that day
61969 Birthday Newspaper Headlines
71970 Birthday The Saints
81971 Birthday All the Family (see Oversize Box - Louise Valentine/Birthday Cards)
31Prehistoric animals
32Prehistoric animals

3.5: Louise Blair Daura's parents

331Lewis H. Blair: biographic
2Lewis H. Blair: Unwise Laws, 1886 original edition
3Lewis H. Blair: documents about Unwise Laws, 1886
4Lewis H. Blair: The Prosperity of the South Dependent on the Elevation of the Negro, 1889 original edition
5Lewis H. Blair: documents about The Prosperity of the South...
6Lewis H. Blair: Southern Prophecy, C. Van Woodward, editor, 1964 edition
341Lewis H. Blair: documents about Southern Prophecy
2Lewis H. Blair: "Texas Travels, 1851-1855," The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, October 1962, Charles E. Wynes, editor, pp. 262-270
3Lewis H. Blair: "... Virginia Reformer, the Uplift of the Negro... ," The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, January 1964, Charles E. Wynes, editor, pp. 3-18
4Lewis H. Blair: correspondence Charles E. Wynes and Louise, 1960-1964
5Lewis H. Blair: Charles E. Wynes notes for "... Virginia Reformer... "
6Martha Feild Blair
351Lewis H. Blair autobiography (handwritten), Volume 1, 1897
2Lewis H. Blair autobiography (handwritten), Volume 2, 1897
3Lewis H. Blair autobiography (handwritten), Volume 3, 1897
4Lewis H. Blair autobiography (1897), Chapters I, II, XXII typed after his death November 26, 1916
361Lewis H. Blair: The Negro: His Unfitness for Citizenship, 1914
2Lewis H. Blair autobiography, 1915 revision pp. 1-171
3Lewis H. Blair autobiography, 1915 revision pp. 172-350
4Lewis H. Blair autobiography, 1915 revision copies of 6 chapters
5Lewis H. Blair autobiography, possible additions 1916
6Lewis H. Blair autobiography, Xerox of 1915 revision pp.1-350
7Lewis H. Blair autobiography, Xerox 1915 revision pp. 57-96

3.6: Louise Blair Daura's siblings

371Lelia to Martha Feild Blair (Mattie), 1899 and 1901
2Europe trip plans, 1904
3Europe trip Lelia to family, December 1904-January 1905
4Europe trip Lelia to family, February-April 1905
5Europe trip Lelia to family, May 1905
6Europe trip Lelia to family, June-August 1905
7William Northrop to Lelia, 1907
37 Box 8William to Lelia, May-June 1908
379Lelia and William Engagement, June 1908
10William to Lelia, July 1-14, 1908
11William to Lelia, July 21-31, 1908
12William to Lelia, August 3-13, 1908
13William to Lelia, August 14-22, 1908
14William to Lelia, September-October 1908
15Lelia and William Wedding, October 14, 1908
381Lelia to William, December 1908
2William to Lelia, June 24-July 28, 1909
3Trip west, July 31-September 18, 1909
4William to Lelia, January-June 1910
5Canada and Alaska, July 1910
6Canada and Alaska, August 1910
7William to Lelia, November 1910
8William to Lelia, January-May 1911
9Temagami, Ontario, July 22-September 5, 1911
10William to Lelia, September 1911 and May 1912
11Death of William, June 11, 1912: clippings
12Death of William 1912: sympathy letters
391Lelia to Walter, January-April 1918
2Lelia to Walter, May-August 1918
3Lelia to Walter, September-December 1918
4Lelia to Walter, January-April 1919
5Lelia to Walter, May-August 1919
6Lelia to Walter, September-December 1919
7Lelia to Walter, January-June 1920
8Lelia to Walter, July-December 1920
9Lelia to Walter, January-June 1921
10Lelia to Walter, July-December 1921
401Lelia cruise Europe-Middle East, 1922
2Lelia Europe, November-December 1926
3Lelia Europe, January-March 1927
4Lelia trip West, February 4-21, 1931
5Lelia to family, 1950-1959
6Lelia home, Norcroft
7Lelia diaries, 1908-1909
8Lelia diaries, 1910-1911
9Donald McKensie Blair
10Walter Dabney Blair
11Lewis H. Blair, Jr.

Series 4: Pierre Daura Exhibitions

4111911, 1912 November (both) Barcelona, L'Estudi Vert, Daura, E. Bosch-Roger, A. Vidal Salichs: invitations, newspaper review
21919 February 1-15 Barcelona, Galeries Dalmau, I Exposició de l'Agrupació d'Artistes Catalans, Daura and others: catalogue
31919 Paris, Exposició d'Art Espanyol, Daura and others: note on Daura painting sold to French government
41922 February Barcelona, Galeries Dalmau, III Exposició de l'Agrupació d'Artistes Catalans: reviews in newspapers and Catalunya Gráfica
51925 January 7-22 Barcelona, Galeries Dalmau, IV Exposició de l'Agrupació d'Artistes Catalans: catalogues
61926 November 5-December 19 Paris, Salon d'Automne: exhibitor card, catalogue, reviews
71927 April 25 Paris, Galerie La Selection, Peinture Moderne, Daura and others: invitations, clipping
81927 Exhibitions, miscellaneous: April Le Salon des Tuileries; May 14-June 12 Marseilles, Salon du Sud-Est; September exhibition clipping
91928 October 6-19 Barcelona, Sala Pares, Saló de Tardor, Daura and others: letter from Daura on Capdevila review
101928 November 3-15 Paris, Galerie Marck, Les Cinq Refusés, Daura, Aberdam, Engel-Rozier, Hélion, Torres-García: brochures, clippings, holiday greetings from Charles Marck
111928 December 1-28 Paris, Galerie René Zivy, Daura: invitations, catalogues, Zivy letters to Pierre, Louise Blair letter, congratulations
121928 December 1-28 Paris, Galerie René Zivy, Daura and concurrent exhibition Descossy, Okanouyé, Kono, Toda, Toor: notices, reviews, draft article by Eugene Vovard
131929 May 18-30 Barcelona, Galeries Badrinas, Daura: catalogues, notices, reviews
141929 October 26-November 25 Paris, Les Surindépendants Première exposition, Daura and others: catalogues, administrative material, reviews
151929 October 31-November 15 Barcelona, Galeries Dalmau, Exposició d'Art Modern, Daura (Pierre and Louise) and others: catalogue, exhibition list, reviews
421Cercle et Carré journal Nos. 1 and 2 (of 3): No. 1 March 15, 1930 includes Daura paragraph; No. 2 April 15, 1930 includes catalogue and exhibition poster
2Bibliography, excerpts from Grove Art Online, da Cruz, Mondrian, Seuphor and Martano
3Excerpt from Nancy Versaci manuscript (unpublished as of February 1999)
4Daura diary excerpts on the founding of Cercle et Carré, letters from Nancy Versaci to Martha Daura, envelopes with Cercle et Carré logo
5Excerpts from Louise letters to her Virginia family 1929-1930
6Seuphor letter to Daura April 14, 1930 on Daura paintings for exhibition, Seuphor photo of art by Daura, exhibition photo showing art by Daura
7Photos of group at Galerie 23
8Daniel Robbins (Director, Fogg Museum, Harvard University) correspondence to Pierre February 21, 1973-December 1974
9Administrative correspondence: Torres-García letter to Seuphor February or March 4, 1930, V. Idelson card to Daura, July 16, 1930
4311930 June 7-29 Les Surindépendants Deuxième Exposition; October 24-November 24, Troisième Exposition: invitations, administrative material
21930 October 4-17 Barcelona, Galeries Laietanes, Obres de la Collecció d'en Ferran Benet, Daura and others: catalogue
31930 October 14-27 The Hague, Amsterdam, ESAC, Daura and others: catalogue, administrative material
41931 June 26-July 9 Paris, Galerie Billiet, Casa de Catalunya, Daura and others: invitation, catalogue, notice, review
51931 October 24 Monserrat (painting competition), Montserrat Vist Pels Pintors Catalans, Daura and others: invitation, catalogues, newspaper articles, congratulations letters, permission to sell winning painting
61931-1932 December 8-February 2 Barcelona, Montjuic, Monserrat Vist Pels Pintors Catalans, Daura and others: catalogue, reviews, notice of dinner for winners
71931-1932 December 19-January 9 Barcelona, Sala Badrinas, Exposició Collectiva, Daura and others: catalogue
81932 May 22-July 3 Barcelona, Saló de Montjuic, Exposició de Primavera, Daura and others: catalogue, member card, reviews, materials on organization of Saló de Montjuic
91932 June 4-11 Barcelona, Galeries Syra, Fira del Dibuix, Daura and others: announcement, catalogue, Syra letter about sale
101932 September Rosario, Argentina, Signo Club, Daura: invitations, catalogues, review
111932 October 29-November 15 Cahors, Musée de Cahors, Daura: invitations, notices, reviews
121932 November 11-24 Barcelona, Galeries Syra, Exposició d'artistes Catalans contemporanis, Daura and others: list of works
131932 November 26-December 9 Barcelona, Galeries Syra, Daura: invitations, list of paintings, reviews, letters from Syra, Rovira, and Capdevila
141932 November 26-December 9 Barcelona, Galeries Syra, Daura: December 10 dinner in honor of Daura at Restaurant Nuria, guest list, group photo (3), cards, letters, drawings
4411933 January 14-February 10 Amsterdam, Galerie A. Vecht, Exposition d'Art moderne Catalan, Daura and others: invitations, catalogue, letters from Ajuntament de Catalunya, reviews
21933 May 20-July 2 Barcelona, Saló de Montjuic, Exposició de Primavera, Daura and others: catalogue, reviews
31933 September 1-25 Figeac, Exposition des Beaux Arts et du Livre, Daura (Pierre and Louise) and others: invitations, catalogue, exhibitor cards, administrative material, reviews, articles about purchase
41933 October 14-27 Barcelona, Sala Busquets, Exposició Collectiva, Daura and others: list of works, letter from Busquets, review
51933 December 2-15 Barcelona, Galeries Syra, Daura: catalogues, administrative material, reviews
61933 December 10 Barcelona, Circol Artistic, Exposició del Nu, Daura and others: catalogue, registration fee, reviews
71933 Lyon, Foire de Lyon, Art Moderne Espagnol, Daura and others: catalogue
81934 May 20-July 8 Barcelona, Saló de Montjuic, Exposició de Primavera, Daura and others: catalogue
91934 May Toulouse, Galerie Chappe et Fils, Daura: letter from L. Chappe, review
101935 April 28-May 12 Tarrytown, New York, Westchester Art Institute, Annual Exhibition of the Hudson Valley Art Association, Daura and others: catalogue, notices
111935 December 14-27 Barcelona, Sala Barcino, Daura: catalogue, list of works, reviews
121936 August-September Figeac, Hotel de la Monnaie, Daura, Martinet, Bach, and Ramey: list of works, letters on exhibition
131936 Buenos Aires, Sociedad de Amigos del Arte, Pintura Catalana, Daura and others
141938 August 1-September 30 Figeac, Hotel de la Monnaie, Salon des Artistes Amis du Quercy, Daura and others: administrative material
151938 October 1-19 Barcelona, Saló de Tardor, Daura and others: catalogues, administrative material
161939 April 11-23 Chambéry, France, Galerie Aux Beaux Arts, St. Cirq Landscapes, Daura: list of works, letter from Cabinet du Prefet, review
171928-1938 Exhibition-related material
4511940 September Nantucket, Daura: record of sales
21940 November 6 Hopewell, Virginia, Woman's Club, Virginia Scenes, Daura: notices
31941 April New Haven, Yale University, Daura: receipts for shipment of works, letter referring to exhibition
41941 November 15-23 Lynchburg, Virginia, Millner's Department Store, National Art Week, Daura and others: administrative material, review
51941 December 7-21 Lynchburg, Lynchburg Art Gallery, Daura: invitations, list of works, photograph, review
61942 March-April Staunton, Virginia, Mary Baldwin College, Daura: correspondence
71942 May 12-30 Richmond, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Hélion and Daura: invitation, catalogues, price list, correspondence, review
81942-1943 November 25-January 3 New York, Museum of Modern Art, National War Poster Competition, Daura and others: invitations, photo of Daura with posters, administrative material, press releases
91944-1945 Richmond, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Traveling exhibitions: Prints and Watercolors, Daura and others: program, correspondence
101945-1946 Richmond, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Traveling exhibitions: Prints and watercolors, Daura and others: correspondence
111945 January 5 Lynchburg, Woman's Art Club, Daura and lecture: correspondence
121945 April 29-May 15 Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, studio of Constance Drake, Daura: correspondence
131945 October 20-November 25 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, 43rd Annual Watercolor and Print Exhibition, Daura and others: invitation, catalogue, exhibitor card, correspondence
141945 October 26-November 16 Philadelphia, The Print Club, Daura: invitation, correspondence, reviews
151946 June Staunton, Mary Baldwin College, Daura and others: correspondence
161946 Richmond, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Traveling exhibitions: Prints and watercolors, Daura and others: correspondence
171947 June 25 Richmond, State Police Headquarters, Honor Gallery of Fallen Troopers, Daura and others: dedication material, clippings
181947 November 9-December 14 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, 45th Annual Watercolor and Print Exhibition, Daura and others: exhibitor card
191948 Richmond, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Traveling exhibitions: Prints and Watercolors, Daura and others: correspondence
201948 October 9-29 Barcelona, Galerias Layetanas, 1er Salon de Octubre, Daura and others: catalogue
211948 October 31-November 14 Lynchburg, Civic Art Exhibition, Daura and others: list of works
221948 November Tampa Art Institute, Paintings by Lynchburg Artists, Daura and others: clipping
231949-1950 Richmond, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Traveling exhibitions: Prints and Watercolors, Daura and others: correspondence
241949 October 30-November 6 Lynchburg, Civic Art League, Annual Art Exhibition, Daura and others: list of works
251950 May 7-June 4 Lynchburg, Randolph-Macon Art Gallery, 39th Annual Exhibition of Contemporary American Painting and Sculpture, Daura and others: catalogue, clipping
261951 May 12-June 4 Lynchburg, Randolph-Macon Art Gallery, Paintings, etc. by art faculty in Virginia colleges, Daura and others: catalogues, clippings
271952 November 1-15 Lynchburg, Civic Art League, Daura and others: list of works
281953 March 15-April 21 Lynchburg, Randolph-Macon Art Gallery, Selected paintings from the college collection, Daura and others: catalogue, clippings
291953 May 9-June 9 Lynchburg, Randolph-Macon Art Gallery, 42nd Annual loan exhibition of contemporary American paintings, Daura and others: catalogues, clippings, talk by Dr. Williams
301953 November 1-15 Lynchburg, Lynchburg Art Center, Daura: catalogues, correspondence, clippings
311953 November 1-15 Lynchburg, Lynchburg Art Center, Daura: photographs by Howard Hammersley
321954 April 24 Lynchburg, Lynchburg Art Club, Clothesline Exhibition, Daura and others: clippings
331954 November Lynchburg, Randolph-Macon Art Gallery, Selected paintings from the college collection, Daura and others: clipping
341955 March 27-April 30 Roanoke, Hollins College, Daura: correspondence
351955 December 4-17 Lynchburg, Lynchburg Art Center, Variations on a few familiar pictorial subjects, Daura: invitations, catalogues, list of works, clippings
4611957 October 28-November 17 Roanoke, Roanoke Fine Arts Center, Daura: invitations, catalogues, correspondence, clipping
21957 November 10-17 Lynchburg, Civic Art League, Daura and others: invitations, list of works, clippings
31958 Spring Roanoke, Daura: note, negatives
41959 February 1-28 Roanoke, Hollins College, Daura: list of works, correspondence, photo, clippings
51959 April 19-May 1 Lynchburg, Lynchburg Art Center, Daura: invitations, list of works, correspondence, photos, clipping
61960 Barcelona Dau al Set, A la reserca de la llibertat Barcelona-Paris, 1900-1960, Daura and others: catalogue
71960 February 23-24 Lexington, Community Art Festival, Daura and others: letter, clipping
81960 November 8-December 31 Williamsburg, Twentieth Century Gallery, Ecclesiastical Exhibition, Daura and others: correspondence
91960-1961 December 4-January 5 Lynchburg, Lynchburg Fine Arts Center, Christmas exhibit, Daura: notice
101961 January 5-31 Lexington, Washington and Lee University, Daura: invitations, lists of works, correspondence, clippings
111961 January 5-31 Lexington, Washington and Lee University, Daura: photographs
121961 March 26-31 Blacksburg, Blacksburg Art Festival, Daura (special exhibition) and others: catalogue, clipping, correspondence
131961 April 20-23 Lexington, Rockbridge Art Festival, Daura and others: clippings
141962 February 5 Roanoke, Roanoke Fine Arts Center Loan Gallery, Daura and others: catalogue
151962 April 15-May 8 Staunton, Staunton Art Center, Daura: lists of works, correspondence, clippings
161962 April Lexington, Rockbridge Art Festival, Daura and others: clippings
171962 October 20-November 9 Roanoke, Roanoke Fine Arts Center, Daura: invitation, catalogues, correspondence, clippings
181962 October 20-November 9 Roanoke, Roanoke Fine Arts Center, Daura: photographs by Howard Hammersley
191962 November-December Lexington, Washington and Lee University, Three one-man shows Daura, Carter, Smith: clippings
4711962 November 18-December 7 Lynchburg, Lynchburg Fine Arts Center, Daura: catalogues, correspondence, clippings
21962 November 18-December 7 Lynchburg, Lynchburg Fine Arts Center, Daura: guest book
31963 January 20 Lynchburg, Lynchburg Fine Arts Center, special exhibition and film premiere, Daura: letter, clipping
41964 September 11-October 18 Richmond, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Paintings as Teachers: The RMWC Collection, Daura and others: VMFA Bulletin
51965 October Blacksburg, Virginia Polytechnic Institute (?), Daura: exhibition list
61966 June-July St. Cirq-Lapopie, Musée Rignault, 1er Salon d'art, Daura and others: clipping
71967 April 6-30 Lexington, Washington and Lee University, Daura: invitations, catalogues, correspondence, clippings
81967 April 6-30 Lexington, Washington and Lee University, Daura: photographs
91968 April 1-19 Lexington, Virginia Military Institute, Daura and Marion Junkin: invitation, lists of works and purchases, correspondence, photos, article, clippings
101940-1965 Exhibition-related material
4811970 April Lynchburg, Lynchburg Fine Arts Center, Daura sculptures: letter
21970 August 9-September 30 St. Cirq-Lapopie, Musée Rignault, Daura and others: invitations, clippings
31971 January Lynchburg, Lynchburg Art Club, Daura and others: correspondence, photos
41973 October 29-November 17 Staunton, Mary Baldwin College, Daura: catalogues, letter, clipping
51974 November 24-December 13 Lynchburg, Lynchburg College, Daura: invitation, catalogues
61974 November 24-December 13 Lynchburg, Lynchburg College, Daura: loans, correspondence, clippings

Series 5: Art by Pierre Daura

5.1: Documents relating to restorations, portrait copies, and decorative art by Pierre Daura

491Restorations by owner, A-L
2Restorations by owner, M-Z
3Restorations: Randolph-Macon Woman's College (RMWC), Virginia Military Institute (VMI), Washington and Lee University (W&L)
4Restorations: Court Houses Campbell County and Halifax County; Miller Home
5Restorations: Pierre notebook, formulas, inscription on back
6Restorations: attribution of paintings
7Copies of portraits
8Decorative art

5.2: Publications relevant to art by Pierre Daura

5011919 Vell i Nou: Pierre painting p. 86
21924 Janus, André Lambert: bound volume of several issues, article by Pierre, September 1924
31929 June Gaseta de les Artes: M. Alcàntara i Gusart, "L'esperit patétic del Mediterrani," review of art by Pierre pp. 143-144
41934 March ART no. 6: Joan Mates, "Pere Daura a St. Cirq," pp. 177-181
51942 March Catalunya: reproduction of Pierre print p. 20
61944 September Tomorrow: Elizabeth Hollister Frost, "The Painter of Lapopie" (about Pierre and Louise), illustrations by Pierre
5111924 September "Memoir of Menorca," text and woodblocks by Pierre, Janus: copies of article (2), Drake and Nelson translations from Latin
21929 John Reed, Ten Days that Shook the World, Italian edition: preliminary cover designs by Pierre
31929 ca. Les Douze: preliminary cover designs by Pierre
41929 June M. Alcàntara i Gusart, "L'esperit patétic del Mediterrani," Gaseta de les Artes: copy of article
51934 March Joan Mates, "Pere Daura a St. Cirq," ART no. 6: copies of article (2)
61939 Elizabeth Hollister Frost, The Wedding Ring, cover and illustrations by Pierre: proof, correspondence, cover, drawings
71940s Church bulletins, covers by Pierre; 1944 Boley's Bookstore calendar by Pierre
81942 Elizabeth Hollister Frost, This Side of Land, cover and illustrations by Pierre: photos, sketches, correspondence, book cover
91942 Elizabeth Hollister Frost, This Side of Land, cover and illustrations by Pierre: order cards, publicity booklets, reviews, clippings
101942 Elizabeth Hollister Frost, This Side of Land, cover and illustrations by Pierre: proofs
111944 September Elizabeth Hollister Frost, "The Painter of Lapopie," Tomorrow, illustrations by Pierre: copy of article, correspondence
121946 Elizabeth Hollister Frost, Mary and the Spinners: correspondence, cover design (never completed)
131963, 1967 St. Cirq-Lapopie tourist booklets, covers by Pierre
141970 May 25 Aniversario de la Liberación de los Campos Nazis, frontispiece by Pierre

5.3: Reproductions of art by Pierre Daura and cards

521Christmas cards summary 1930-1976
31939 Martha Feeding the Chickens
41940 and 1961 Shepherds and Angels
5SPES (with drawings)
61942 and 1971 Nativity
71943 (?) Christmas Angel
81944 Magi
91945 Angels
101946 Family at Rockbridge Baths
111947 Saint Lo
121948 (?) Annunciation Gracia Plena
131949 Angels and Shepherds
141950 Mandorlas
151951 Angel and Magi Ship
161952 Magi
171953 Madonna and Angel
181954 Adoration of the Magi
191955 and 1966 Magi
201956 Shepherds and Angels
211957 From Autun Cathedral
221958 (?) Stigmata of the True Christmas Spirit
231959 The Lissajou's Beam of Light
241960 Holy Family and St. Cirq Church
251962 Invitation to October 1962 exhibition
261963 Nativity
271964 Nativity
281965 Holy Family
291967 Nativity and Angels
301968 Holy Family and Magi
311969 Nativity
321970 Nativity
331971 and 1973 Holy Family
341972 Louise as Majorcan Woman
351974 Annunciation
361975 Shepherds and Angels
37(date?) Crucifixion
38Christmas cards - clippings

5.4: Original art

53Batik fragments
54Pottery from still lifes by Pierre Daura

Series 6: Photographs: People and Places

6.1: People

551Pierre, 1896-1927
2Pierre Minorca, military service, 1917-1920
3Louise, 1910-1927
4Pierre and Louise, 1928-1930
5Pierre, Louise and Martha, July 1930-1931
6Pierre, Louise and Martha Majorca and Minorca, 1932
7Pierre, Louise and Martha, 1932-April 1934
8Pierre, Louise and Martha Virginia, May 1934-September 1935
9Pierre, Louise and Martha, October 1935-June 1939
561Pierre, Louise and Martha, July 1939-1942
2Pierre, Louise and Martha "Tuckaway", 1943-1945
3Pierre, Louise and Martha, 1946-1949
4Pierre, 1947
5Pierre, Louise and Martha, 1950-1952
6Pierre, Louise and Martha, 1953-1954
7Pierre, Louise and Martha, 1955-1956
8Pierre, Louise and Martha, 1957-1959
9Pierre, Louise and Martha, 1950's
10Pierre, Louise and Martha, 1960-1963
11Pierre, Louise and Martha, 1964-1966
571Pierre, Louise and Martha, 1967-1969
2Pierre, Louise and Martha, 1960's
3Pierre, Louise and Martha, 1970-1975
4Daura, Juan and Rosa Garcia de Daura (Pierre's parents)
5Daura, Ricardo (Pierre's brother), Blanca (wife), Rosita and Mercedes (daughters)
6Daura de Pi, Mercedes (Pierre's sister)
7Navarra, Joan (Pierre's cousin), Pilar (wife), Teresa and Lolita (daughters)
8Blair, Lewis H. and Martha Feild (Louise's parents)
9Feild family
10Blair, Walter H. (Louise's brother) and Betty (Betty = Elizabeth Hollister Frost)
11Northrop, Lelia Blair (Louise's sister), William Northrop (husband)
12Blair, Donald M., Lewis H. Jr., Josephine, Jean (Louise's siblings)

6.2: Places

58St. Cirq-Lapopie (oversize)
59Virginia (oversize)

6.3: Photographs by E. Howard Hammersley, Jr.

Box 60Photographs and photographic negatives by E. Howard Hammersley, Jr. (oversize); See also Friends and Colleagues, Box 117, Hammersley, E. Howard Jr.

Series 7: Videos, Films, and Tapes

This series contains videos, films, and tapes relevant to Pierre and his art. Posthumous documentary materials are held in the Pierre Daura Center.
61Pierre reminiscences, taped 1967–1968 of period 1903–1968: tapes and transcriptions
62Documentary material (oversize): Pierre Daura, documentary film by Riegel, Balance, Hawthorne and Nugent 1960s (edited and released 1983): 4 films, 4 videos, explanatory card; TV Sud 3 interview 1960s
63Daura Requiem 1977, 1990: tapes, score, programs, photographs

Series 8: Family Correspondence

This series contains correspondence, the majority of which is from the 1930s through the 1960s. Letters between Louise and Pierre at the front in 1937 are in Box 12, Spanish Civil War series. Box 78 includes two letters to Pierre written by Navarra not long after he was found by American troops on a pile of bodies at Mauthausen on May 5, 1945. The letters give a history of his imprisonment beginning with that by the Vichy French Government in November 1941.
In 1927 Louise began writing letters to “Dear family” when she was not in Richmond where most of them lived. The letters were more or less weekly and were usually mailed to her mother, Martha F. Blair, but they were intended for circulation to all of her interested family members. From the outset, when Louise was in Paris, these letters contained astute comments about life in France in general and the art scene in particular. After her engagement to Pierre, the family letters expanded to include their activities, and information about Pierre's artistic life. Louise often described Pierre's works, and because he seldom dated them, the family letters became a virtual history of Pierre's production.

8.1: Between Pierre, Louise, and Martha Daura

641Pierre to Louise, December 1927-January 1928
2Pierre to Louise, February 1928
3Pierre to Louise, March 1928
4Pierre to Louise, April 1928
5Pierre to Louise (Italy), July 4-19, 1928
6Pierre to Louise (Italy), July 21-August 9, 1928
7Pierre to Louise (England), August 1928
8Pierre to Louise (England), September 1928
9Pierre (Montserrat) to Louise, May 1931
10Pierre (Montserrat) to Louise, June 1931
11Pierre (Montserrat) to Louise, May-June 1931, undated
12Pierre (Barcelona) to Louise, May 14-17, 1932 Saló de Montjuic
13Pierre (Barcelona) to Louise, November 1932 Syra Exhibition
14Pierre (Barcelona) to Louise, December 1932 Syra Exhibition
651Pierre (Barcelona) to Louise April 30, 1933 Saló de Montjuic, October-November 1933 Exposició del Nu
2Pierre to Louise (Virginia), May-June 1934
3Pierre to Louise (Virginia), May-August 8, 1935
4Pierre (St. Cirq) to Louise (Virginia), August 10-September 10, 1935
5Pierre (St. Cirq) to Louise (Virginia), September 12-October 21, 1935, Pierre (Toulouse) to Louise (St. Cirq) December 13-14, 1935
6Pierre to Louise, August-December 1936
7Pierre to Louise, February-September 1937 (see Box 12, Spanish Civil War series)
8Pierre to Louise, 1941-44
9Pierre (France) to Louise, May 26-June 15, 1947
10Pierre (France) to Louise, June 18-July 22, 1947
11Pierre (France) to Louise, July 23-August 21, 1947
12Pierre to Louise (France), June 16-August 16, 1948
13Pierre to Louise, February 11, 1950-July 6, 1953
14Pierre (Blue Ridge Sanitarium) to Louise, December 12, 1953-January 5, 1954
661Pierre (Blue Ridge Sanitarium), January 7-January 26, 1954
2Pierre (Blue Ridge Sanitarium) to Louise, January 28-February 25, 1954
3Pierre (Blue Ridge Sanitarium) to Louise, February 26-March 16, 1954
4Pierre to Louise, 1957-1967
5Louise to Pierre, January-February 8, 1928
6Louise to Pierre, February 9-29, 1928
7Louise to Pierre, March 1928
8Louise to Pierre, April 1928
9Louise (Corsica) to Pierre, June-July 1928
10Louise (Italy) to Pierre, July 11-25, 1928
11Louise (Italy) to Pierre, July 25-August 9, 1928
12Louise (England) to Pierre, August 18-27, 1928
13Louise (England) to Pierre, August 28-September 6, 1928
14Louise (England) to Pierre, September 7-17, 1928
671Louise to Pierre (Montserrat), May 20-31, 1931
2Louise to Pierre (Montserrat), June 1-14, 1931
3Louise to Pierre (Montserrat), June 15-25, 1931
4Louise to Pierre, 1932-1933
5Louise (Virginia) to Pierre, May 5-July 2, 1934
6Louise (Virginia) to Pierre, May 20-September 7, 1935
7Louise (Virginia) to Pierre, September 11-October 25, 1935
8Louise to Pierre, December 1935-September 1936, November 7-30, 1936
9Louise to Pierre, February -September 1937 (see Box 12, Spanish Civil War series)
10Louise to Pierre, October 1937-March 1939
11Louise to Pierr, April 1942-1944
12Louise (Quebec) to Pierre, September 20-26, 1946
13Louise to Pierre (France, May 21-June 30, 1947
14Louise to Pierre (France), July 2-August 17, 1947
681Louise (France) to Pierre, June 17-August 23, 1948
2Louise to Pierre, 1949-1954
3Louise to Pierre, December 1, 1971-June 27, 1972 from UVA hospital
4Louise to Pierre anniversary, birthday cards
5Pierre or Louise to Martha, 1947-1948
6Pierre or Louise to Martha, January-February 1949
7Pierre or Louise to Martha, March -April 1949
8Pierre or Louise to Martha, May-June 1949
9Pierre or Louise to Martha, September-October 1949
10Pierre or Louise to Martha, November-December 1949
11Pierre or Louise to Martha, January 1950
12Pierre or Louise to Martha, February 1950
691March 1950
2April 1950
3May-June 1950
4September-October 6, 1950
5October 8-31, 1950
6November 1-17, 1950
7November 18-December 1950
8January 1951
9February 1951
10March 1951
11April 1951
12May-June 1951
701July 1952
2August 1952
3September 1952
4October 1952
5November 1952
6December 1952
7January 1953
8February 1953
9March 1953
10April 1953
11May 1953
12June-September 1953
13October-November 18, 1953
14November 21-December 1953
711January-February 8, 1954
2February 11-March 1954
3April-May 1954
4June-July 1954
5August-September 14, 1954
6September 15-October 1954
7November-December 1954
8January-March 1955
9April-May 1955
10June-July 1955
11August-September 1955
721October-November 10, 1955
2November 12-December 1955
3January-February 18, 1956
4February 19-March 1956
5April-May 1956
6June-July 1956
7August-September 11, 1956
8September 14-October 1956
9November 1956
10December 1956
11January 1957
12February 1957
731March 1957
2April 1957
3May-June 11, 1957
4June 15-September 20, 1957
5September 21-November 9, 1957
6November 10-December 1957
7January-February 1958
8March-May 1958
9June-July 1958
10September-October 1958
11November-December 1958
741January-February 11, 1959
2February 12-March 1959
3April-May 1959
4June-July 1959
5August 1959
6September-October 1959
7November-December 1959
8February-March 15, 1960
9March 16-April 1960
10May-June 1960
11July-September 1960
12October-November 16, 1960
13November 17-December 1960
751January-February 1961
2March-May 1961
3June-July 20, 1961
4July 21-October 1961
5November-December 1961
6January-April 1962
7May-July 1962
8October-December 1962
9January-April 1963
10May-October 1963
11November-December 1963
12January-March 1964
13April-July 1964
14August-November 1964
761January-May 1965
2June-December 1965
6January-July 1969
7August-December 1969
9January-August 1971
10September-December 1971
11Martha to Pierre or Louise 1954-1969

8.2: Between Pierre Daura and his family

771Introduction to Pierre's family
2Daura, Juan: family, orchestra, textile business
3Daura, Juan: concert programs, 1906-1913
4Daura, Juan: concert programs, 1914-1929
5Daura, Juan: letters to Pierre, 1915-1923
6Daura, Juan: letters to Pierre, 1924-1935
7Daura, Juan: letters to Pierre, 1936-1938
8Daura, Ricardo (Blanca and Rosita): letters to Pierre 191? -1934
9Daura, Ricardo (Blanca and Rosita): letters to Pierre 1935-1937
10Daura, Ricardo (Blanca and Rosita): letters to Pierre 1938
11Daura, Ricardo (Blanca and Rosita): letters to Pierre 1939-1943
12Daura, Ricardo (Blanca and Rosita): letters to Pierre 1944-1948
13Daura, Ricardo (Blanca and Rosita): letters to Pierre 1949-1973
14Daura de Pi, Mercedes (Luis Pi): letters to Pierre 1915-1972
781Navarra, Joan: introduction and general
2Navarra, Joan (Guillermina, sister) 1939-1941: letters to Pierre
3Navarra, Joan (Guillermina, sister) 1944-1945: letters to Pierre
4Navarra, Joan (Guillermina, sister) 1946: letters to Pierre
5Navarra, Joan 1947: letters to Pierre and Louise
6Navarra, Joan 1948-1949: letters to Pierre and Louise
7Navarra, Joan (Pilar, Lolita and Teresa) 1950-1951: letters to Pierre and Louise
8Navarra, Joan (Lolita and Teresa) 1952-1954: letters to Pierre and Louise
9Navarra, Joan (Lolita and Teresa) 1955-1965: letters to Pierre and Louise; April 30, 1965 from Pierre Lafargue to Pierre
10Navarra, Joan 1968-1993: letters to Pierre, Louise, and Martha

8.3: Between Pierre Daura and Louise's family

781Blair, Martha Feild (Louise's mother)
2Blair, W. Harrison (Louise's half brother)
3Blair, Donald M. (Louise's half brother)
4Jennings, Anne Matthews (Louise's cousin)
5Miller, Josephine Blair Lee (Louise's sister)
6Feild, Hamilton and Samuel (Louise's uncles)

8.4: Between Louise Blair Daura and her family

In 1927 Louise began writing letters to "Dear family" when she was not in Richmond where most of them lived. The letters were more or less weekly and were usually mailed to her mother, Martha F. Blair, but they were intended for circulation to all of her interested family members. From the outset, when Louise was in Paris, these letters contained astute comments about life in France in general and the art scene in particular. After her engagement to Pierre, the family letters expanded to include their activities, and information about Pierre's artistic life. Louise often described Pierre's works, and because he seldom dated them, the family letters became a virtual history of Pierre's production.
2January-April 1929
3May-August 1929
4September-December 1929
5January-March 1930
6April-June 1930
7July-September 1930
8October-December 1930
9January-April 1931
10May-August 1931
11September-December 1931
12January-July 1932
13August-December 1932
811January-March 1933
2April-July 1933
3August-December 1933
4January-April 1934
5January-June 1935
6October-December 1935
7January-April 1936
8May-August 1936
9September-December 1936
10January-March 1937
11April-May 1937
12June-August 1937
13September-December 1937
821January-April 1938
2May-August 1938
3September-December 1938
4January-February 1939
5March-May 1939
6June 1939-December 1941
7January-March 1942
8April-June 1942
9July-September 1942
10October-December 1942
11January-March 1943
12April-June 1943
13July-September 1943
14October-December 1943
15January-December 1944
831January-December 1945
2January-December 1946
3January-December 1947
4January-December 1948
5January-March 1949
6April-June 1949
7July-December 1949
8January-April 1950
9May-August 1950
10September-December 1950
11January-March 1951
12April-July 1951
13August-December 1951
841January-May 1952
2June-August 1952
3September-December 1952
4January-March 1953
5April-June 1953
6July-December 1953
7February 1954-June 1955
8July-December 1955
9February-June 1956
10July-September 1956; February and October 1957
11January-May 1958
12June-September 1958
13January-April 1959
851February-May 1960
2June-August 1960
3September-December 1960
4January 1961
5February 1961
6March 1961
7April 1961
861May 1961
2June 1961
3July 1961
4August 1961
5September 1961
6October 1961
7November 1961
8December 1961
871January 1962
2February 1962
3March 1962
4April 1962
5May 1962
6June 1962
7July 1962
8August 1962
9September 1962
10October 1962
11November 1962
12December 1962
881January 1963
2February 1963
3March 1-23, 1963
4March 25-April 19, 1963
5April 20-May 11, 1963
6June 1963
7July 1963
8August 1963
9September 1963
10October 1963
11November 1963
12December 1963
891January 1964
2February 1964
3March 1964
4April 1964
5May 1964
6June 1964
7July 1964
8August 1964
9September 1964
10October 1964
11November 1964
12December 1964
901January 1965
2February 1965
3March 1-25, 1965
4March 29-April 21, 1965
5April 23-May 31, 1965
6June 1965
911July-August 1965
2September 1965
3October 1-25, 1965
4October 26-November 16, 1965
5November 17-December 8, 1965
6December 9-31, 1965
921January 1966
2February 1966
3March 1966
4April 1966
5May 1966
6June 1966
931July 1966
2August 1966
3September 1966
4October 1966
5November 1966
6December 1966
941January 1-27, 1967
2January 29-February 1967
3March 1967
4April 1967
5May 1967
6June 1967
951July 1967
2August 1967
3September 1-October 4, 1967
4October 5-31, 1967
5November 1967
6December 1967
961January 16-February 6, 1968
2February 7-29, 1968
3March 1968
4April 1968
5May 1968
6June 1968
7July 1968
8August 1968
9September 1968
10October 1968
11November 1968
12December 1968
971January 1969
2February 1969
3March 1969
4April 1969
5May 1969
6June 1969
7July 1969
8August 1969
9September 1969
10October 1969
11November 1969
12December 1969
981January 2-27, 1970
2January 28-February 1970
3March 1970
4April 1970
5May 1970
6June 1970
7July 1970
8August 1970
9September 1970
10October 1970
11November 1970
12December 1970
991January 1971
2February 1971
3March 1971
4April 1971
5May 1971
6June 1971
7July 1971
8August 1971
9September 1971
10October 1971
11November 1971
1001December 1927-July 1929
2August-December 1929
3January-May 1930
4June-December 1930
81936-March 1937
9April-December 1937
6January-May 1937
7June-December 1937
8January-May 1938
9June-December 1938
Louise correspondence with various family members
1021Introduction to Louise's family
2Blair, W. Harrison (Louise's half brother)
3Blair, Lewis H., Jr. (Louise's half brother)
4Blair, Donald M. (Louise's half-brother) 1927-1936
5Blair, Donald M. (Louise's half-brother) 1939-1962
6Hélion, Jean Blair (Louise's sister) 1927-1928
7Hélion, Jean Blair (Louise's sister) 1929-1939
8Miller, Josephine Blair (Louise's sister)
9Matthews, Jean Lee (Louise's niece)
10Jennings, Anne Matthews (Louise's cousin) 1929
11Jennings, Anne Matthews (Louise's cousin) 1930
12Jennings, Anne Matthews (Louise's cousin) 1932-1949
13Feild, Samuel and Fannie (Louise's uncle and aunt)
14Skipwith, Mary Feild (Louise's aunt)
15Skipwith, Ruth and Dookie (Louise's cousins)
Walter D. Blair and Betty (Elizabeth Hollister Frost) correspondence with Louise and Pierre, 1928–1958
2From Louise or Pierre, 1929-1935
3From Louise or Pierre, 1936-1937
4From Louise or Pierre, 1938-1940
5From Louise or Pierre, 1941
6From Louise or Pierre, 1942-1958
7From Walter, 1928-1931
8From Walter or Betty, 1932
9From Walter or Betty, 1933
10From Walter or Betty, 1934-1935
11From Walter or Betty, 1936
12From Walter or Betty, 1937
13From Walter or Betty, 1938
1041January-May 1939
2June-September 1939
3October-December 1939
4January-July 1940
5August-December 1940
6January-August 1941
7September-December 1941
8January-April 1942
9May-July 1942
10August-December 1942
11January-June 1943
12July-December 1943
1051January-June 1944
2July-December 1944
8From Betty, January-July 1950
9From Betty, August-December 1950
10From Betty, 1951
11From Betty, January-May 1952
12From Betty, June-December 1952
13From Betty, 1953
1061From Betty to Louise and Pierre, January-April 1954
2From Betty to Louise and Pierre, May-September 1954
3From Betty to Louise and Pierre, October-December 1954
4From Betty to Louise and Pierre, January-May 1955
5From Betty to Louise and Pierre, June-December 1955
6From Betty to Louise and Pierre, January-May 1956
7From Betty to Louise and Pierre, June-December 1956
8From Betty to Louise and Pierre, January-July 1957
9From Betty to Louise and Pierre, August-December 1957
10From Betty to Louise and Pierre, 1958
11From Walter or Betty to Martha F. Blair, 1929-1952
12From Betty to Martha F. Blair, 1954-1958
Lelia Blair Northrop correspondence with Louise and Pierre
10613From Walter and Betty to Lelia Northrop, 1935-1956
1071From Louise or Pierre, 1928-1929
2From Louise or Pierre, 1930-1932
3From Louise or Pierre, 1934-1935
4From Louise or Pierre, 1936-1939
5From Louise or Pierre, 1940
6From Louise or Pierre, January-July 1941
7From Louise or Pierre, August 1941-August 1943
8From Louise or Pierre, 1948-1960
9From Louise or Pierre, 1961-1963
10From Louise or Pierre, 1964-1972
11From Louise (cards)
12From Lelia, 1930-1960
13From Lelia, 1961-January 1964
14From Lelia March, 1964-1967

Series 9: Friends and Colleagues

This series contains correspondence between either Pierre or Louise and the friends and colleagues in the series, organized in alphabetical order by the surnames of the persons, as well as items related to them, such as photographs, exhibition material, clippings, drawings, and their Christmas cards.
The series includes persons of particular importance, such as André Breton, the writer and founder of the Surrealist group, and the artists Emile Bernard, Jean Hélion, and Joaquín Torres-García.
1081Acheson, Alice (Mrs. Dean Acheson)
2Adams, Martha Rivers
3Albertin, André
4Albesa, Carles
5Alnutt, Dolly
6Anderson, Ellen
8Arnoux, Serge: Pierre connection, letters to Pierre, 1966
9Arnoux, Serge: letters to Pierre, 1967
10Arnoux, Serge: letters to Pierre, 1968-1969
11Arnoux, Serge: letters to Pierre, 1970-1973
12Arnoux, Serge: letters from Pierre, 1966-1967
13Arnoux, Serge: letters from Pierre, 1968-1969
14Arnoux, Serge: letters from Pierre, 1970
15Arnoux, Serge: letters from Pierre, 1971-1972
16Arnoux, Serge: letters from Pierre, 1973-1975 and undated
17Bader, Jean and Elia
18Ballator, John
19Bangley, Bernard
20Barber, Margaret (Mrs. John Barber)
21Battle, Esteve
1091Benguerel, Xavier
2Bernard, Emile: Pierre connection, letters from Bernard to Pierre 1914 and 1919, clippings
3Bernard, Emile: Souvenirs sur Paul Cézanne et Lettres
4Bernard, Emile: L'Esthétique Fondamentale et Traditionnelle, inscribed by Pierre
5Bernard, Emile: Tintoret. Greco.-Magnasco. Manet
6Bevin, Newton
7Bizet, Raoul and Claire: letters from Pierre
8Bordinat, André: letters to Pierre, 1932-1939
9Bordinat, André: letters to Pierre, 1940-1946
10Bosch-Roger, Emilio: Pierre connection, letters to Pierre, 1920-1935
11Bosch-Roger, Emilio: letters to Pierre, 1962-1969
12Bosch-Roger, Emilio: letters to Pierre, 1970-1976
13Bosch-Roger, Emilio: Christmas cards 1966-1979, photographs of works
14Bosch-Roger, Emilio: exhibition catalogues and clippings
15Bowman, Ellen
16Bracons, Lluís
André Breton
1101Pierre connection, letters to Pierre and Louise 1954-1964, copies of these letters
2Letters from Elisa (Breton's wife) to Pierre and Louise, letter from Aube (Breton's daughter) to Martha
3Draft of Pierre letter to Breton, letter from Pierre to Martha about Breton
4Poem by Breton about Pierre (September 1951) inscribed on first page of André Breton, by Jean-Louis Bedouin, 1950
5Breton's uncertain birth date: letters from Georges Sebbag to Martha 1987, L'Imprononçable Jour de Ma Naissance 17ndre 13reton, by Georges Sebbag, 1988
6 Les Manifestes du Surréalisme, by André Breton, 1955
7 L'Art Magique, by André Breton 1957, inscribed by Breton with contributions by Pierre
8Exhibitions 1953-1965: 1953 Dada 1916-1923; 1955 Degottex, Svanbertg, Toyen, Duvillier, Crépin; 1959 VIIIe Exposition Internationale du Surréalisme; 1965 XIe Exposition Internationale du Surréalisme
9Breton in New York during WWII
10Pech Merle incident, 1952-1953
11Articles on Surrealism
12Political manifestos: 1960 Algerian War, 1964 Spain
13Death of Breton September 28, 1966: clippings
14Death of Breton: letter to Pierre from Dr. Jean Peindarie, attending physician, with clinical account of Breton's condition in last days
15Sale of Breton's collection
1111Busch-Alsen, Hans: letters to Pierre, 1931-1937
2Busch-Alsen, Hans: letters to Pierre, 1945-1977
3Busch-Alsen, Hans: sketches of Pierre and Martha, announcement of birth of Karin Busch
4Busch-Alsen, Hans: photos of works, exhibition catalogues, clippings
5Cano de Castro, Manuel
6Carroll, John: letters from Pierre to Louise and Martha, February 12, 1950
7Casals, Pablo
Cochet, Gustave
1121Pierre connection, letters to Pierre, 1925-1931
2Letters to Pierre, 1932-1938
3Letters to Pierre, 1939
4Letters to Pierre, 1940-1949
5Letters to Pierre, 1952-1958
6Letters to Pierre, 1960-1966
7Letters to Pierre, 1967
8Letters to Pierre, 1968-1972
9Letters to Pierre, 1973-1975
1131Cochet, Gustave: letters from Pierre, 1963-1974
2Cochet, Gustave: letters to Martha from Gustave and Francisca Cochet, 1976-1988
3Cochet, Gustave: letters to Martha from relatives of Cochet, 1988-1999
4Cochet, Gustave: Le Batik (Pierre and Cochet partnership) 1925-1927, Batik (Senabré-Cochet partnership), letterheads
5Cochet, Gustave: exhibitions 1927-1939, catalogues, clippings
6Cochet, Gustave: exhibitions 1940-1949, catalogues, clippings
7Cochet, Gustave: exhibitions 1962-1975, catalogues, clippings
8Cochet, Gustave: Diario de un Pintor, 1932, 1941, 1967; Mensajes y Pensamientos de un Pintor, 1936; El Grabado Historia y Tecnica, 1943
9Cochet, Gustave: clippings about Cochet articles and lectures, TV homage to Cochet
10Cochet, Gustave: Cochet woodblock prints with letter to Pierre at Teruel front, August 1937
11Cochet, Gustave: reproductions of art by Cochet
12Cochet, Gustave: photos of Cochet family
13Coleman, Howard: letters from Pierre
14Coll, Ferran
15Commeleran i Carrera, Joan
16Costas, Basil (Bill) and Celeste: letters from Pierre, 1946-1961
17Costas, Basil (Bill) and Celeste: letters from Pierre 1970-1974, letter from Costas December 20, 1972, Rolfe interview with Costas
1141Coupard, Yves
2Creixams, Pierre: correspondence, 1922-1928
3Creixams, Pierre: Manuscrit Trouvé dans une Poche, catalogue, photos of works, clippings
4Crittsinger, Clifford
5Cuadrat Realp, Jaume
6Cueto, German
7Dacos, Fernand
8Dajean, Roger
9Day, Horace
10Debrix, Jean
11Descossy, Camille
12Desportes, Ulysse
13Diaz de Soria, Robert
14Dionet, Marthe
15Domingo i Segura, Francesc
1151Donnelly, Albert
2Dowdy, E. Wallace
3Drake, Constance
4Duran-Reynals, Francisco
5Echols, Porter B.
7Esquerra, Ramon
8Evans, W. Donald
9Faure, Urbain
10Fenosa, Enric
11Fernandez, Louis
12Ferrant i Vásquez, Àngel
13Ferret, Andrés
14Fontbona, Francesc
1161Foster, Dean
2Gausachs i Armengol, Josep
3Gay, Josep
4Gérard, Emilien
5Gerassi, Fernando
6Gimenez Cabailero, E.
7Grivot, Denis (Abbé)
8Guggenheimer, Mary (Mrs. Max)
9Guillois, Marcelle: letters to Pierre and Louise, 1934-1941
10Guillois, Marcelle: letters to Pierre and Louise, 1945-1959
11Guillois, Marcelle: letters from Pierre, 1934
1171Guillois, Marcelle: letters from Louise, 1936-1940
2Hackett, Helen
3Hallen, Ambrose Lance
4Hamaker, Ray
5Hammersley, E. Howard Jr.: letters to Pierre, 1942
6Hammersley, E. Howard Jr.: letters to Pierre, January-July 1943
7Hammersley, E. Howard Jr.: letters to Pierre, October 1943-December 1974
8Hammersley, E. Howard Jr.: letters from Pierre, 1939-1974
9Hammersley, E. Howard Jr.: exhibition catalogues, original Christmas cards, photos, letter from Anne Hammersley to Virginia Davis, 1994
10Hankey, Cora
1181Hanson, Joseph Mellor
2Hardy, Gelston: correspondence, 1932-1935
3Hardy, Gelston: correspondence, 1936-1975
4Hardy, Gelston: letters from Gelston or Barbara to Martha, 1977-1990
5Hartung, Hans
6Heesters, Jan
7Hélion, Jean (see Boxes 120 and 121)
8Hoyt, Margaret Howard Yeaton
9Hurtuna, Josep
10d'Indy, Vincent
11Jackson, James Ranalph: correspondence, 1927-1935
12Jackson, James Ranalph: correspondence 1939-1958, note from Jacqueline to Martha 2001 with reproduction of Jackson painting
1191Jou, Louis
2Junkin, Marion
3Junyent i Quinquer, Albert
4Junyer i Pascual-Fibla, Joan
5Kasler, M.M.
6Kelly, William E.
7Khan, Simone
8King, Francis T.
10Laborie, Marcel
Hélion, Jean
1201Pierre connection, biography, fragments of Hélion letters, letters 1926-1929 (one to Lafnet, rest to Pierre)
2Letters to Pierre, 1961-1964
3Letters to Pierre, 1965-1966
4Letters to Pierre, 1967
5Letters to Pierre, 1968
6Letters to Pierre, 1969
7Letters to Pierre, 1970
8Letters to Pierre, 1971
9Letters to Pierre, 1972-1973
10Letters to Pierre, 1974-1976
11Letters from Cantor to Pierre re: Hélion, 1961-1963
12Letters to Martha, 1976-1980
13 L'Acte, No. 1, November 1927
14 Proclamation, Hélion to Pierre 1928 "tu as eu faim aussi, toi"
15 Art Concret, No. 1, April 1930, Carlsund, Doesburg, Hélion, Tutundjian, Wantz
16 They Shall Not Have Me, by Jean Hélion 1943: reviews, lecture invitation, photo
17Louis Blair Hélion custody case 1945: letters, clipping re: Pegeen attempted suicide
18Protest re: expulsion of artists 1968: clippings
19Exhibitions, 1934-1944
20Exhibitions, 1962-1965
1211Exhibitions, 1966
2Exhibitions, 1967-1969
3Exhibitions, 1970
4Exhibitions, 1971-1974
5Exhibitions, 1975
6Interviews 1957-1965, clippings
7 Études, "Jean Hélion ou l'exercice de la liberté," by Daniel Abadie, May 1969 pp. 689-701
8 Jean Hélion, by P.G. Bruguiere, Paris 1970
9 Hélion ou la force des choses, by Daniel Abadie, Brussels, 1975
10Hélion art given to Lynchburg College (1996) and Georgia Museum of
1221Lafargue, Pierre: letters to Pierre, 1932-1936
2Lafargue, Pierre: letters to Pierre, 1937-1938
3Lafargue, Pierre: letters to Pierre, 1939-1941
4Lafargue, Pierre: letters to Pierre, 1945-1946
5Lafargue, Pierre: letters to Pierre, 1947-1962
6Lafargue, Pierre: letters to Pierre, 1964-1968
7Lafargue, Pierre: letters to Pierre, 1969-1970
8Lafargue, Pierre: letters to Pierre, 1972-1975
9Lafnet, Luc
10Lallemand, Stephane
11Lambert, André
12Lamouche, A.
1231Lauzet, Luis
2Leepa, Harvey: Letters to Pierre, 1957-1970
3Leepa, Harvey: Christmas cards, catalogues
4Léon-Lupion, Alfredo: Letters to Pierre, 1939-1940
5Léon-Lupion, Alfredo: Letters to Pierre, 1941-1945
6Letellier, Suzanne
7Linden, Carl and Barbara (see Box 125)
8Lipscomb, Herbert
9Littlefield, Tom H.
10Logasa, Charles: letters to Pierre, 1921-1922
1241Logasa, Charles: letters to Pierre 1924-1935, exhibitions
2Lundgren, Tyra
3MacLeod, Yan
4Malraux, André
6Marck, Charles and Maude
7Marshall, Walter C.
8Mates, Joan
9Maurer, Alfred
10Menanteau, Pierre
Linden, Carl and Barbara
1251Letters from Barbara to Louise, 1932-1933
2Letters from Barbara to Louise, 1934-1939
3Letters from Barbara to Louise, 1940-1944
4Letters from Barbara to Louise or Martha, 1945-1977
5Letters from Louise to Barbara, 1932-1934
6Letters from Louise to Barbara, 1935-1937
7Letters from Louise to Barbara, 1938-1941
8Letters from Louise to Barbara, 1942-1946
9Letters from Louise to Barbara, 1947-1971
10Letters from Carl or Anne to Martha, 1977-1990
1261Menot, Fabien and Odette: letters to Pierre, 1935-1939
2Menot, Fabien and Odette: letters to Pierre and Louise, 1940-1942
3Menot, Fabien and Odette: letters to Pierre and Louise, 1945-1948
4Merli i Pahissa, Joan
6Milbauer, Joseph (Josephin) and Glika: letters to Pierre and Louise, 1931-1974
7Milbauer, Joseph (Josephin) and Glika: Milbauer poetry books (2)
8Milliken, Henry
9Mondrian, Piet
10de Montoliu, Lucia
11Montserrat, Daniel
12Monturiol, E. Pascual
13de Monzie, Anatole
14Morgan, Georgia Weston
1271Motto, Angelo: letters to Pierre and Louise, 1925-1940
2Motto, Angelo: letters to Pierre and Louise, 1945-1948
3Motto, Angelo: letters to Pierre and Louise, 1949-1963
4Motto, Angelo: letters to Pierre and Louise 1965-1971, letters from Angelo and relatives to Martha 1977-1978
5Naviasky, Philip
6Neujean, Nathaneal
7Niel, Gabriel
8Olombel, Maurice
9Pacey, Don and Marge
10Pascal, Georges
1281Paxton, Matthew W. Sr., Jr., IV
2Peindarie, Dr. Jean: letters to Pierre and Louise, 1937-1970
3Peindarie, Dr. Jean: letters to Pierre and Louise, 1971-1974
4Peindarie, Dr. Jean: letters to Martha, 1976-1985
5Pena Rumia, Antoni
6Peret, Benjamin
7Perkins, Margaret
8Perrow, Epps: letters to Pierre and Louise, 1958-1974
9Perrow, Epps: letters from Pierre and Louise, 1955-1966
10Perrow, Epps: letters from Pierre and Louise, 1967-1974
1291Phillips, Duncan
2Popper, Hans
3Planas, Pau
4Pougel, J. and René
5Prax, Valentine
6Prohaska, Ray
8Pulgar, Santiago
9Recasens, Joan: letters to Pierre, 1914-June 1923
10Recasens, Joan: letters to Pierre, July-September 1923
11Recasens, Joan: letters to Pierre, October 1923-January 1936
12Recasens, Joan: letters from Gaby Desaunay, 1914-1915, photos, handkerchief
13Remy, Tristan
14Riegel, O.W. (Tom): biography and obituary
15Riegel, O.W. (Tom): summary of Pierre-Riegel correspondence
16Riegel, O.W. (Tom): letters to Pierre, 1945-1973
17Riegel, O.W. (Tom): letters from Pierre, 1942-1965
18Riegel, O.W. (Tom): letters from Pierre and Louise, 1966-1970
19Riegel, O.W. (Tom): letters from Pierre and Louise, 1971-1974
20Rignault, Joseph
21Rossen, John
Sabaté, Modest
1301Letters to Pierre, 1931-August 1936
2Letters to Pierre, September-October 1936
3Letters to Pierre, November 1936-1938
4Letters to Pierre, 1945-1961
5Letters to Pierre, 1962-1963
6Letters to Pierre, Louise, and Martha, 1964-1996
1311Letters from Pierre, 1933-1941
2Letters from Pierre, 1949-March 1957
3Letters from Pierre, April-November 1957
4Letters from Pierre, 1958
5Letters from Pierre, 1959-1960
6Letters from Pierre, February-July 1961
7Letters from Pierre, September 1961-1962
8Letters from Pierre, 1963
9Letters from Pierre, 1964
10Letters from Pierre, 1965-1966
11Letters from Pierre, 1967-1968
12Letters from Pierre, 1969
13Letters from Pierre, 1970-1972
14Letters from Pierre, 1973-1975
1321Sabater, Daniel
2Salvadó, Jacinto
3Sastre de Cureil, Ramon
4Sauvage, Marcel: copy of 1921 Voyage en Autobus, 1927 letter to Pierre about Mémoires de Josephine Baker
5Sauvage, Marcel: copies of 1922 Le Chirurgien des Roses, 1926 Libre-Échange
6Scher, Peter and Lene
7Schewel, Elliot and Rosel
9Stovall, Queena: correspondence, postcards of works
1331Stovall, Queena: exhibitions
2Stovall, Queena: clippings
3Subiranas, Joan: letters to Pierre, 1945-1946
4Subiranas, Joan: letters to Pierre, 1948-1971
5de Sucre, Josep Maria
6Susanna, Francisco: letters to Pierre, 1923-1924
7Susanna, Francisco: letters to Pierre, 1926-1928
Taltavull, Domingo and Rija
1338Taltavull, Domingo and Rija: letters to Pierre, 1931-1934
9Taltavull, Domingo and Rija: letters to Pierre, 1936-1937
1341Letters to Pierre, 1938-1939
2Letters to Pierre, 1940-1942
3Letters to Pierre, 1945-1947
4Letters to Pierre, 1948-1954
5Letters to Pierre, 1956-1961
6Letters to Pierre, 1962-1965
7Letters to Pierre, 1966-1968
1351Taltavull, Domingo and Rija: Letters from Pierre, 1939-1942
2Taltavull, Domingo and Rija: Letters from Pierre, 1946-1953
3Taltavull, Domingo and Rija: Letters from Pierre, 1954-1959
4Taltavull, Domingo and Rija: Letters from Pierre, 1960-1962
5Taltavull, Domingo and Rija: Letters from Pierre, 1963-1965
6Taltavull, Domingo and Rija: Letters from Pierre, 1966
7Taltavull, Domingo and Rija: Letters from Pierre, 1967
8Tomas, Juan
Torres-García, Joaquín
1361Pierre connection
2Letters to Pierre, March 1925-April 1926
3Letters to Pierre, May-November 1926
4Letters to Pierre, 1927-1936
5French translation of letters to Pierre
6Copies of letters to Pierre, March 1925-July 1926
7Copies of letters to Pierre, August 1926-1936
8Letters from Pierre, 1925-1935
9Letters from Manolita to Pierre, Louise, and Martha, 1930-1985
10Miscellaneous correspondence
1371Letters from Emilio Ellenas to Pierre and Louise
2 Manifesto I., September 1934
3 Círculo y Cuadrado, 1936-1938
4Photos of art
6Exhibition: 1926 Paris, Galerie A.-G. Fabre
7Exhibitions: 1928 Paris, Galerie Zak; 1931 Paris, Galerie Jeanne Bucher
8Exhibitions: 1950 Washington, D.C., Pan American Union; 1955 Barcelona, Bienal Hispanoamericana de Arte; 1955 Paris, Musée National d'Art Moderne
9Exhibitions: 1970 Ottawa, New York and Providence
10 El Descubrimiento de Sí Mismo, by J. Torres-García, Gerona 1917
11Booklets 1919, 1926; article 1938
12Portraits of Torres-García family by artist friends
1381Toujan, P.
2Tucker, Mary
3Tuttle, (Henry) Emerson and Isabelle: exhibition material, letters to Pierre and Louise 1935-1940
4Tuttle, (Henry) Emerson and Isabelle: letters to Pierre and Louise, 1941-1976
5Twombly, Cy: correspondence
6Twombly, Cy: articles
7Van Doesburg, Theo
8Vassal, Jean
9Ventura y Sureda, Jacob
10Vidal Goma, Francesc: letters to Pierre, 1923-1969
11Vidal Goma, Francesc: photos of works, exhibition catalogue, clippings
12Vidal de Llobatera, Xavier
13Vinot, E.
14Vives, Mario: letters to Pierre, 1957-1972
15Vives, Mario: letters to Pierre 1974-1977, photos of works, exhibition catalogues
16Webster, H.A. (Herman Armour)
1391Wiegersma, Hendrik: drawing, photo, books (3), exhibition invitation
2Wiegersma, Hendrik: Hendrik Wiegersma, by Jan van der Harten, 1961
3Wiegersma, Pieter
4Worcester, Albert: letters to Pierre, 1932
5Worcester, Albert: letters to Pierre, 1933
6Worcester, Albert: letters to Pierre, 1934 (one letter Louise to Worcester)
7Worcester, Albert: letters to Pierre, 1935
8Worcester, Albert: death of Albert Worcester, location of personal effects
9Worcester, Albert: death of Albert Worcester, correspondence between Pierre and Louise and Worcester family
10Worcester, Albert: photos, Worcester sketchbook
11Xceron, John
12Xuriguera i Parramona, Ramon: letters to Pierre, 1953-1971
13Xuriguera i Parramona, Ramon: Goya peintre du peuple

Series 10: Oversize items

Items in the oversize box are indexed in the container lists where they would actually be if they fit the container. Instead, a relocation sheet is used to represent the missing item.

Series 11: Clippings (Original)

In accordance with archival practice, most original clippings have been removed from their appropriate containers, and copies have been substituted.
The originals are stored in this series, and their file folders or internal wrappers are labeled to identify the containers from which they were removed.
Copying large clippings often requires several smaller pages, making it difficult for a user to match the pages and read the text with ease, especially when the clippings are in a foreign language. When there are multiples of clippings, at least the two best originals are usually stored in this series, but to facilitate reading, the extra originals are left in the appropriate containers.
1401Pierre Daura Biography
2Spanish Civil War
3Art by Pierre Daura
141Pierre Daura Exhibitions
1421Louise Blair Daura Biography
2Family Correspondence
143Friends and Colleagues

1.2: Subjects

61Transatlantic ship crossings, 1947, 1948, 1951, 1953, 1955, 1965
2Passports Pierre, 1947-1975
3Address books Pierre, n.d., 1928
4Address books Pierre, n.d., 1940s to 1970s
5Poems to Pierre, Louise, and Martha
6Pierre fan mail
7Biographies of Pierre
71St. Cirq, purchase of property, 1929-1989
2St. Cirq, plans of house
3St. Cirq, restoration of buildings
4St. Cirq, furnishings
5St. Cirq, Louise drawings of interior and garden
6St. Cirq, stationery and plate for Louise and Pierre card
7St. Cirq, World War II
8St. Cirq, designation of house as "Monument Historique" 1973, Rousset study of house 1991
9St. Cirq, Société des Amis de St. Cirq-Lapopie
10St. Cirq, tourist articles and brochures
11St. Cirq, tourist booklets
12Rockbridge Baths
13Pierre's writings, personal: brief survey of life (tape 5), poems, letter to Betty Blair about "home", June 7, 1955
14Pierre's writings, his art by specific works
81Pierre's writings, his art in general
2Pierre's writings, art in general
3Pierre's writings, art in general
4Pierre's writings, art lectures
5Pierre's writings, to media
6Pierre's writings, political
7Pierre diaries, 1928-1930
8Pierre diaries, 1928-1930 (excerpts from and summaries of)
9Pierre diaries, 1935, 1936, 1940
10Pierre diaries, 1958-1959

1.3: Pierre Daura's Library

91Pierre Library contents
2Exhibition material, A
3Exhibition material, B
4Exhibition material, C
5Exhibition material, D-E
6Exhibition material, F-G
7Exhibition material, H-K
8Exhibition material, L
9Exhibition material, M
10Exhibition material, N-O
11Exhibition material, P-Q
12Exhibition material, R-S
101Exhibition material, T-Z
2Exhibition material, 1927-1931 Phillips
3Exhibition material, 1930-1932
4Exhibition material, 1935
5Exhibition material, 1939
6Exhibition material, 1948-1949
7Exhibition material, 1953-1955
8Exhibition material, 1957
9Exhibition material, 1961-1962
10Exhibition material, 1967
11Exhibition material, 1970-1971
12Exhibition material, 1972
13Exhibition material, 1974-1975
11Books, magazines, list of maps and engravings, Christmas cards (from artist friends not included in Friends and Colleagues series)