Alumni Society collection

Alumni Society collection

Descriptive Summary

Repository: University of Georgia Archives
Creator: University of Georgia. Alumni Society.
Title: Alumni Society collection
Dates: 1829-1998
Quantity: 13.0 box(es)
Coll. Number: UA97-108

Biographical/Historical Note

When the University was incorporated in 1785, UGA became the first state in the nation to charter a state-supported university. In 1834 a group of 71 graduates met in the Chapel to organize an alumni society. A constitution was adopted, officers were elected and UGA became the fourth college in America to establish an alumni society. Today, the Association connects UGA alumni worldwide who gather together through community service projects, networking opportunities and leisure activities. The Association also funds scholarships and fellowships for outstanding UGA students and provides assistance to many campus programs.

University of Georgia Alumni Association website - Overview (Retrieved December 6, 2010)

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of minutes of the Alumni society, a class of 1912 scroll, class of 1912 reunion information, posters explaining the importance of the Alumni Society, centennial alumni society rosters, 1785-1901, alumni directories, commencement programs, miscellaneous materials, speeches, WPA rosters of UGA graduates and matriculates (1804-1909), photographs, and 27 University of Georgia class of 1892 senior class pictures.

The University of Georgia Centennial Alumni Catalog including biographical sketches of students prior to 1901 is available online:

Index Terms

Alumni directories.
Minutes (administrative records)
Scrolls (information artifacts)
Souvenir programs.
Speeches (documents)
Universities and colleges--Alumni and alumnae--Georgia--Athens.
Universities and colleges--Georgia--Athens--Alumni and alumnae--Photographs.
University of Georgia. -- Alumni and alumnae
University of Georgia. Alumni Society. -- History

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Alumni Society collection, UA97-108, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University Archives, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Related Material

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

UA97-108:11Minutes of the Alumni Society, 1834-1908
UA97-108:21Alumni Society Minutes, 1908-1939
UA97-108:31Minutes of the Board of Managers, 1923-1935
2The Georgia Arch March, 1938
3Class of 1912 Scroll
4Class of 1912 Reunions, 1922-1962
5Class of 1912 Reunions, 1963-1968
UA97-108:41Class of 1912 Placards
210 Posters Explaining Importance of UGA Alumni Society
UA97-108:5Alumni in Military Service, 1943 June 4
97-108:5.11Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 1-202 (prev. bound in Vol. 1), 1901
2Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 203-498 (prev. bound in Vol. 1), 1901
3Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 499-802 (prev. bound in Vol. 1)
4Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 803-1070 (prev. bound in Vol. 1)
5Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 1-200 (prev. bound in Vol. 2)
6Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 201-402 (prev. bound in Vol. 2)
7Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 403-602 (prev. bound in Vol. 2)
8Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 603-798 (prev. bound in Vol. 2)
9Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 799-914 (prev. bound in Vol. 2)
10Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 1-200 (prev. bound in Vol. 3)
11Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 201-400 (prev. bound in Vol. 3)
12Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 401-596 (prev. bound in Vol. 3)
13Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 1-200 (prev. bound in Vol. 4)
14Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 201-400 (prev. bound in Vol. 4)
15Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 401-598 (prev. bound in Vol. 4)
16Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 599-818 (prev. bound in Vol. 4)
Alumni Centennial Biographies, Volume 5 - MISSING (since 1970s)
97-108:5.117Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 1-200 (prev. bound in Vol. 6)
18Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 201-400 (prev. bound in Vol. 6)
19Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 401-600 (prev. bound in Vol. 6)
20Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 601-876 (prev. bound in Vol. 6)
21Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 1-200 (prev. bound in Vol. 7)
22Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 201-400 (prev. bound in Vol. 7)
23Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 401-700 (prev. bound in Vol. 7)
24Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 701-900 (prev. bound in Vol. 7)
25Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 901-1024 (prev. bound in Vol. 7)
97-108:5.21Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 1-200 (prev. bound in Vol. 8)
2Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 201-400 (prev. bound in Vol. 8)
3Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 401-600 (prev. bound in Vol. 8)
4Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 601-774 (prev. bound in Vol. 8)
5Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 1-198 (prev. bound in Vol. 9)
6Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 199-398 (prev. bound in Vol. 9)
7Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 399-602 (prev. bound in Vol. 9)
8Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 603-799 (prev. bound in Vol. 9)
9Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 800-918 (prev. bound in Vol. 9)
UA97-108:61Box Containing "Index to Georgia Graduates" A-H
2Box Containing "Index to Georgia Graduates" J-Z
UA97-108:7 1Catalogue of Trustees, Officers, Alumni, & Matriculates of UGA, 1785-1906
2Bicentennial Directory- College of Education, 1940-1983
3Alumni Number, 1901 October
4Diploma- University of North Carolina, 1939 August 6
UA97-108:141Miscellaneous- Partial Speech Listing
2Alumni Society- Judge William R. Hammond, 1899 June 20
3Alumni Society- Eugene R. Black, 1957 June 10
4Baccalaureate- Middleton S. Barnwell, 1937 June 13 (2)
5Phi Kappa Phi Banquet- S. Walter Martin, 1964 May 5
6Commencement- Herbert Hoover, 1926
7Commencement- Young B. Smith, 1927 June 15
8Commencement- Dr. Henry Suzzallo, 1929
9Commencement- George A. Works, 1935
10Commencement- Sen. Claude Pepper, 1937 June 15
11Commencement- Edwin R. Embree, 1938 June 14
12Commencement- M.B. Folsom, 1945 June 11
13Commencement- Alvin B. Biscoe, 1945 August 25
14Commencement- Harmon W. Caldwell, 1949 June 11
15Commencement- John F. Kennedy, 1957 June 10
16Commencement- Stanley Hoole, 1961 August 17
17Commencement- Carl Vinson, 1962 June 2
18Commencement- T.L.K. Smull, 1963 August 15
19Commencement- S. Ernest Vandiver, 1964 June 6
20Commencement- Carl E. Sanders, 1965 June 5
21Commencement- Frank G. Dickey, 1966 August 19
22Commencement- Tom Johnson, 1978 June 12
23Commencement- T. Marshall Hahn, Jr., 1980 June 11
24Commencement- Sam Nunn, 1981 June 13
25Commencement- Terrell H. Bell, 1982 June 12
26Commencement- Charlayne Hunter-Gault, 1988 June 11
27Commencement- Charles Sanford, 1989 June 17
28Commencement- William Porter Payne, 1990 June 16
29Commencement- Zell Miller, 1992 June 13
30Commencement- C. Peter Magrath, 1993 June 12
31Commencement- Pierre Howard, 1994 June 11
32Commencement- Sam Nunn, 1995 June 17
33Commencement- Andrew Young, 1996 June 15
34Commencement- William Porter Payne, 1997 June 14
35Commencement- Edward J. Larson, 1998 June 13
36Commencement- Griffin B. Bell, 1998 December 19
UA97-108:151WPA Roster: UGA Catalogue [1901-1906], 1804-1850
2WPA Roster: UGA Catalogue [1901-1906], 1851-1878
3WPA Roster: UGA Catalogue [1901-1906], 1879-1896
4WPA Roster: UGA Catalogue [1901-1906]- [undergrads], 1879-1909
5WPA Roster: Complete Original Sheets, 1897-1931
6Alumni Photos- Justus F. Owens, 1915
7Alumni Photos- Lt. Edmund Brewer Tate, Class of 1917, 326 inf., 82nd Division (Killed in Action, 10/12/1918, Argonne), 1917
8Alumni Photos- 1st Lt. Y. Lyons Joel
9Alumni Photos- Beverly Daniel Evens, Jr.
10Alumni Photos- Lt. James A. Etheridge- Medical Officers Reserve Corps., 1912
11Alumni Photos- Carl P. Goldsmith, 1916
12Alumni Photos- 1st Lt. Joseph N. Neel, 1911
13Alumni Photos- Henry Lee Jewett Williams, 1907
14Alumni Photos- Guy S. Strickland, 1908
15Alumni Photos- William Ogesby, 1912
16Alumni Photos- Lt. Eralbert Talmadge Miller, 1910
17Alumni Photos- Lt. Roy E. Lanham, 1912
18Alumni Photos- Lt. Calvin George, 1914
19Alumni Photos- Walter H. Levi, 1914
20Alumni Photos- Macon C. Overton, 1914
21Alumni Photos- Chester P. Adair, 1915
22Alumni Photos- Henry W. Brown, 1916
23Alumni Photos- Elliott Muse Braxton, 1917
24Alumni Photos- Howell B. Cobb, 1917
25Alumni Photos- Marion F. Wilson, 1917
26Alumni Photos- Paul B. Minter, 1919
27Alumni Photos- Robert Jones Cochran, 1918
28Alumni Photos- Class of, 1870
29Alumni Photos- Class of, 1877
30Alumni Photos- (including photo of Judge Richard B. Russell, Sr.) Class of, 1879
31Alumni Photos- Class of, 1887
32Alumni Photos- Class of, 1887
33Alumni Photos - (Thos. W. Reed in center back with grandchildren) Class of, 1888
34Alumni Photos- Class of, 1895
35Alumni Photos- (includes photo of Prof. W.D. Payne) Class of, 1900
36Alumni Photos- Class of, 1902
37Alumni Photos- (includes photo of R. Preston Brooks) Class of, 1903
38Alumni Photos- Class of, 1917
39Alumni Photos- (including photo Sen. Richard B. Russell, Jr.) Class of, 1918
40Alumni Photos- Class of, 1922
41Alumni Photos- Class of, 1923
42Alumni Photos- Class of, 1925
43Alumni Photos- Alumni Day, 1925
44Alumni Photos -Class, 1926
45Alumni Photos- Henry T. Gillespie, 1917
46Alumni Photos- John L. Derrick, 1918
47Alumni Photos- Walter Forbes, Jr.
48WPA Roster of UGA Graduates and Matriculates, 4 vols., 1804-1909
49Articles Written by UGA Alumni
50Addresses of UGA Alumni
51List of Students at the Litchfield Law School with the year of their registration as coming from Georgia, 1940 October 17
52Litchfield Chronologies- File
53By-laws of the UGA Alumni Society as amended to, 1942 May 16
54Working List of Biographical References- Random Sketches added to Chronology Sheet
55Miscellaneous Biographical Sketches Used in Chronology
56Complete Original Sheets, 1804-1896
57Random Biographical Sketches- Barnes- Credille
58Memorial in Honor of Judge Nash Rose Boyles
59Temporary Listing of Classes, 1907-1936
60Biographical Info. Taken from Who’s Who on GA Students, Misc. Sketches- Andrews- Taylor
61"Tribute to a Great American- George Foster Peabody"- Harry Hodgson ’93
62Living Members of Graduating Classes, 1889-1939
63"Georgia Alumni Record" Clippings- Miscellaneous
64Chronologies, 1833-1872
65UGA Graduates Authoritative List, 1804-1896
66UGA Alumni Bulletin, 1906 October
67UGA Alumni Bulletin, 1906 October
68Catalogue of Graduates and Matriculates of UGA, 1785-1906
69Alumni Sketches- Brook, William, Class of 1886
70Alumni Sketches- Park, Andrew Dallas, 1898
1571Honor Roll (names of alumni, faculty and friends who made contributions), 1956
UA97-108:161UGA - Senior Class Pictures, Class of, 1892
16.11Alumni Society-honorary memberships [program and newsclippings], 1961, 1972-1973, 2005
UA97-108:171Alumni Video: Proud to Say "Georgia" [DVD and VHS]
2Alumni Video: Zell Miller, Pat Mitchell [DVD]
3Alumni Video: Julie Morgan [DVD], 2001 August 23
4Alumni Video: Sonny & Cecelia Seiler [DVD], 2001
5Alumni Video: Deborah Roberts, Deborah Norville [DVD], 2001 July 24
6Alumni Video: DW Brooks, Sketch Video of Current [DVD], 2001 June 5
7Alumni Video: Leah Brown [DVD], 2001 August 12
8Alumni Video: Sonny Seiler [DVD], 2001 June 11
9Alumni Video: Hilton Young [DVD], 2001 May 17
10Alumni Video: Shell Knox [DVD], 2001 June 12
11Alumni Video: Swene Johnson Perry [DVD]
12Alumni Video: Frank Ros, Roy Barnes [DVD], 2001 June 25
13Alumni Video: Yarborough Part 2 [DVD], 2001 November 14
14Dave Muia Retirement Video [DVD]
15Campaign Volunteer Leadership Day: Cecil Phillips Speech #2 [DVD], 2005 February 11
16Alumni Video: [DVD], 2001 September 18
17Alumni Video: [DVD], 2001 September 1
18Class of 1952 50th Class Reunion Medallion Presentation [DVD], 2002 May 11
19Recipe for Success Bodacious Foods, Inc. [DVD]
20UGA Memorial Service Sanford Stadium [DVD], 1999 November 23
21Alumni Video: Library Shoot & Mock Trial [DVD], 2001 April 17
22First Friday Pep Rally [DVD], 2002 August 30
23Alumni Video: Athletic Association Facilities Video (13 Segments) [DVD], 2003 November 12
24Alumni Video: Trophy Footage [DVD]
25Alumni Video: Students [DVD], 2001 October 17
26Alumni Video: Frat Houses Nightlife [DVD]
27Alumni Video: Arches, Downtown, Cafe [DVD]
28Alumni Video: Arches, Georgia Theatre, Varsity [DVD]
29Alumni Video: Arches, Downtown Day & Night [DVD]
30Alumni Video: North Campus Downtown [DVD], 2001 April 10
31Alumni Video: Tate & Snelling [DVD]
32Alumni Video: UGA File Footage, Views of UGA Including 1996 Olympics [DVD]
33Alumni Video: Peabody Hall, Lustrat House, College Avenue, City Hal [DVD]
34Alumni Video: North Campus, Performing Arts, Health Ctr./Etc. [DVD]
35Alumni Video: Varsity, Milledge Avenue, Chapel [DVD]
36Alumni Video: Lake Herrick [DVD]
37Alumni Video: Golf Club (Disc 1 of 2) [DVD]
38Alumni Video: Golf Club (Disc 2 of 2) [DVD]
39Alumni Video: Atlanta Club [DVD], June 21
40Alumni Video: Southern Bitch Lockdown/w Audio [DVD]
181UGA desegregation "Fight to keep the University open" [correspondence and newclippings], 1961
2"Dixie" controversy [correspondence and newsclippings], 1975-1983