Steadman V. Sanford papers

Steadman V. Sanford papers

Descriptive Summary

Repository: University of Georgia Archives
Creator: Sanford, Steadman Vincent, 1871-1945
Title: Steadman V. Sanford papers
Dates: 1918-1945
Quantity: 4.0 Linear feet (4 boxes)
Coll. Number: UA97-097

Biographical/Historical Note

Steadman Vincent Sanford was born in Covington, Georgia on August 24, 1871 to Charles Vincent and Lizzie (Steadman) Sanford. He was a graduate of Mercer University in Macon, Georgia, receiving his Bachelor of Arts from that institution in 1890. In 1912-1913, he continued his studies at the University of Berlin, and in the summer of 1913, at Oxford in England. He received an honorary Doctor of Letters degree from the University of Georgia in 1914. Dr. Sanford's professional career began at Marietta (GA) Male Academy, where he served as President from 1890 until 1892. This was followed with five years of service (1892-1897) as Principal at Marietta High School, which in turn was followed by six years as Superintendent of Schools in Marietta. In 1903, Dr. Sanford joined the faculty of the University of Georgia as an Instructor in Rhetoric and English Literature. The next decade saw his steady rise through the academic ranks, and in 1913, Dr. Sanford assumed the Chair of the English Department as Full Professor. In 1921, he also assumed the duties as the first head of the Henry W. Grady School of Journalism (a school which Sanford was instrumental in creating) at the University, and this administrative position led to his appointment as Dean of the University in 1927, a position he held until 1932. That year, Sanford became the President of the University of Georgia, a position he would only briefly occupy before being called to serve the state as Chancellor of the State University System in 1935. Independent of his rich academic career, Sanford served as a Captain of a company of Volunteer Infantry in the Spanish-American War, and served on the staff of three Georgia Governors: Brown, Harris, and Slayton. He was a member of the Kappa Alpha social fraternity, a Mason, and a member of Odd Fellows and the Knights of Pythias, and he served as President of the Georgia Education Association in 1935. In his tenure as President at the University of Georgia, Dawson Hall and Joe E. Brown Hall were completed (both in 1932), and his leading role in affiliating the University with the Southern Collegiate Athletic Association (which he again helped organize) would lead to the naming of the University's football stadium in his honor in 1929. The conversion from an old Trustees form of governance to a new statewide Regents' System for all the State Colleges and Universities brought Dr. Sanford into sharp conflict with the President of the State College of Agriculture (in Athens), Dr. Andrew Soule. Ultimately, Dr. Sanford's point of view prevailed, giving birth to the modern Regents System in Georgia. During a presentation to the State Board of Regents on September 12, 1945, Chancellor Sanford suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, and he died three days later at the age of 74. He is buried at the City Cemetery in Marietta.

Scope and Content Note

The Presidential papers (1918-1945) of Steadman V. Sanford housed in the University of Georgia Archives represent a small volume of the S. V. Sanford papers total. The bulk of the papers can be found in the Manuscripts Division of the Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library (MS 1578). The papers chronicle Dr. Sanford's involvement with the organization and growth of the Southern Athletic Conference, and with collegiate athletics as manifested at the University of Georgia and regionally in the Southeast; document Dr. Sanford's role in reorganizing higher education in the State of Georgia and the installation of a statewide Board of Regents in 1932; document Sanford's tenure as Chancellor of the Board of Regents, as well as his interactions as University President; highlight Dr. Sanford's work in standardizing high school curricula in Georgia; and document the Religious Welfare Conference: Religious life at the University of Georgia in the 1930s.


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Administrative records.
High schools--Accreditation--Georgia.
Sanford, Steadman Vincent, 1871-1945 -- Correspondence
Southern Conference. -- History
University System of Georgia. Board of Regents.
University of Georgia.

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Steadman V. Sanford papers, UA97-097, University Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Accreditation, 1931-1935
2Admissions, 1930-1934
3Alumni Affairs, 1932-1934
4Anti-Lynching Bill, 1934
5Appointments, 1931-1934
6Association of American Colleges, 1933-1934
7Athletic Eligibility Certificates-Southern Conference, 1927 September
8Athletic Eligibility Certificates-Southern Conference, 1928 September
9Athletic Eligibility Certificates-Southern Conference, 1928 October
10Athletic Eligibility Certificates-Southern Conference, 1928 December
11Athletic Eligibility Certificates-Southern Conference, 1929 January
12Athletic Eligibility Certificates-Southern Conference, 1929 February
13Athletic Eligibility Certificates-Southern Conference, 1929 March
14Athletic Eligibility Certificates-Southern Conference, 1929 April
15Athletic Eligibility Certificates-Southern Conference, 1929 September
16Athletic Eligibility Certificates-Southern Conference, 1929 September
17Athletic Eligibility Certificates-Southern Conference, 1929 September
18Athletic Eligibility Certificates-Southern Conference, 1929 September
19Athletic Eligibility Certificates-Southern Conference, 1929 September
20Athletic Eligibility Certificates-Southern Conference, 1929 October
21Athletic Eligibility Certificates-Southern Conference, 1929 October
22Athletic Eligibility Certificates-Southern Conference, 1929 November
23Athletic Eligibility Certificates-Southern Conference, 1930 April-May
24Athletics-football, 1929-1935
25Athletics-memorandum to Georgia athletes
26Athens-relations, 1933-1934
27Board of Regents-Adult and Nursing Education, 1933-1934
28Board of Regents-budget/fiscal papers, 1932-1933
29Board of Regents-budget, 1933-1935
30Board of Regents-building projects, 1932-1935
31Board of Regents-correspondence, miscellaneous, 1931-1935
32Board of Regents-correspondence, personal, 1931-1935
21Board of Regents-correspondence, presidential, 1932-1933
2Board of Regents-correspondence, presidential, 1905 April 16
3Board of Regents-correspondence, presidential, 1934
4Board of Regents-correspondence, presidential, 1934-1935
5Board of Regents-employment, 1933-1934
6Board of Regents-homesteads, 1933-1934
7Board of Regents-honorary degrees, 1933-1934
8Board of Regents-Lanning, J.T. (book), 1932-1935
9Board of Regents-meetings/minutes, 1932-1935
10Board of Regents-purchases/bids, 1932-1934
11Board of Regents-real estate, 1933
12Board of Regents-reorganization, 1932-1935
13Board of Regents-rules and regulations, 1932-1933
14Board of Regents-Summer School, 1932-1935
15Caldwell, Harmon W., papers-Board of Regents, 1935-1936
16Caldwell, Harmon W., papers-Committee on the Small High School, 1935-1937
17Caldwell, Harmon W., papers-Dempsey, T. Jack, correspondence, 1935-1937
18Caldwell, Harmon W., Papers-Presidential correspondence, 1935-1937
19Campus development, 1932-1935
20Code of Fair Competition, 1933-1934
21College of Agriculture, 1933-1934
22Commencement, 1933-1936
23Committee on Educational Testing, 1933-1934
24Complaints, 1930-1931
25Conferences-miscellaneous, 1933-1935
26Coordinate College, 1933
27Correspondence: Dempsey, T. Jack-Georgia high schools, 1934-1936
28Correspondence: government, 1931-1933
29Correspondence: miscellaneous, 1932-1935
30Correspondence: personal, 1918-1935
31Correspondence: personal (sales tax), 1932-1933
32Correspondence: poor scholastic record, 1930-1932
33Correspondence: Presidential, 1930-1933
34Correspondence: Presidential, 1933 May-September
35Correspondence: Presidential, 1933 October-December
36Correspondence: Presidential, 1934 January-February
37Correspondence: Presidential, 1934 March-May
38Correspondence: Presidential, 1934 June-September
39Correspondence: Presidential, 1934 October-December
31Correspondence: Presidential, 1935 January-June
2Correspondence: Snelling, Charles M., 1932-1934
3Correspondence: Talmadge, Eugene, 1932-1935
4Correspondence: Thank You notes, 1931-1934
5Credits, 1926-1933
6Daughters of the Confederacy, 1933
7Democratic Party, 1932
8DeRenne Library, 1933-1934
9Discipline, 1931-1934
10Education of World War orphans, 1934
11Educational Conference, 1934
12Educational Conference, 1935
13Employment, 1932-1935
14English composition notebook
15Faculty, 1933-1934
16Faculty salaries/departmental budgets, 1934
17Favors asked, 1932-1934
18Financial aid, 1930-1933
19Financial aid, 1934
20Foreign Affairs, 1932-1934
21Georgia Commission on High School Standards: Bulletin, 1935-1936
22Georgia High School Accrediting Commission, 1934
23Georgia High School Association, 1934-1935
24Georgia high school material, miscellaneous, 1933-1934
25Gifts/Donations, 1928-1934
26Hirsch Hall Dedication, 1932
27Homesteads, 1933-1934
28Honorary degrees, 1933-1934
29Housing, 1933-1934
30Incidents, 1921-1935
31Integration, 1934
32Invitation list, 1935
33Invitations (dinner), 1935 January
34Invitations (dinner), 1935 January
35Invitations (dinner), 1935 April
36Invitations (regrets), 1931-1935
37Items for sale or donation to University of Georgia, 1931-1934
38Latch Key Constitution
39Letters of Recommendation, 1929-1934
40Letters of Solicitation, 1933-1934
41Military course, 1933
42Miscellaneous materials, 1933-1935
43Money owed/paid, 1932-1934
44National Education Association, 1933-1934
45National Education Association: Conference, 1934
41Organizations (miscellaneous), 1933-1935
2Pandora (gifts), 1933-1934
3PhD programs, 1933-1935
4Race Relations/Blacks in Georgia, 1932-1935
5Real Estate, 1933-1934
6Religious Welfare Conference, 1932
7Religious Welfare Conference, 1933
8Religious Welfare Conference, 1934 January-March
9Religious Welfare Conference, 1934 March-April
10Religious Welfare Conference, 1935
11Religious Welfare Conference: miscellaneous
12Reorganization, 1933-1934
13Report of the Committee on Examinations and Classification
14Requests-help, 1926-1935
15Requests for information-general, 1930-1932
16Requests for information-general, 1933
17Requests for information-general, 1934 January-August
18Requests for information-general, 1934 September-December
19Requests for Permission, 1929-1934
20Request for help, letter: Sister Annie and the Untouchables of Malabar, 1932
21Residency, 1933-1934
22Solicitations and promotional information, 1932-1934
23The Southern Negro
24Spanish Archives, 1934
25Speakers, 1929-1934
26Speeches, 1925-45
27State High School Meeting, 1930-34
28Summary of Questionnaire on Co-Operative Living, 1934
29Summer School, 1932-36
30Summer School, 1933-34
31Teacher Training in Nursery and Adult Education, 1933-34
32Tennessee Valley Authority, 1933
33True Economics, 1933
34Veterans' Administration, beneficiaries, 1932-1933
35Wellhouse (Louis) Memorial Fund, 1934
36Withdrawals, 1933-1934
37Women's' Club (University), 1934