Walter B. Hill papers

Walter B. Hill papers

Descriptive Summary

Repository: University of Georgia Archives
Creator: Hill, Walter B., (Walter Barnard), 1851-1905
Title: Walter B. Hill papers
Dates: 1899-2009
Quantity: 9.0 Linear feet (9 boxes)
Coll. Number: UA97-094

Biographical/Historical Note

Walter Barnard Hill was born on September 9, 1851, in Talbotton, Georgia, and was the first University of Georgia alumnus to serve as Chancellor/President of the institution, his A.B. (1870), M.A. (1871) and B.L. (1871) degrees all having been earned at the university in Athens. From 1871 until 1899, Hill practiced law in his father's legal firm in Macon, Georgia. He was one of the founders of the Georgia State Bar Association, and he was very active on the Methodist Episcopal Church South. Hill was a man of strong convictions, and an ardent Prohibitionist. He advocated collective bargaining for workers, and first publicly defended the right of blacks to equal education in an article in Century magazine in 1884. In 1899, Hill accepted an invitation to serve as Chancellor of the University of Georgia. This proved to be an astute choice for the University's future, as Hill's ties with Emory and Mercer Universities enabled him to co-opt denominational interests in state politics who had formerly worked somewhat contrary to University interests. Since he ably lobbied for increased state fiscal support for all aspects of education at the State University, agrarian interests found a common champion with those who promoted more purely academic programs. The University's budget in 1899 was $40,000 ($8,000 in state money); between 1900 and 1905, Hill was able to persuade the state legislature to appropriate $151,000 for the comprehensive modernization of the University in Athens. This first campus master plan was Hill's vision, given life by New York landscape architect Charles Leavitt, one of many associations which Hill made via the good offices of his new friend and University of Georgia benefactor, George Foster Peabody, who first visited the campus in 1902. This new plan included laying the foundations for a new State College of Agriculture, as well as a College of Education, expanding the Law curriculum from one to two years, the establishment of a School of Pharmacy (1903), and putting the wheels in motion for a School of Forestry (which would emerge in 1906). Hill would also be vocal on a national stage with regard to the need for federal funding for public education at all levels. Several buildings at the Athens campus were completed during Hill's tenure, including Denmark Hall (1901), Candler Hall (1902), Meigs (originally, LeConte) Hall (1905), and the "modern, fireproof library" (1905), made more urgent in the wake of the fire which destroyed Science Hall (and much of the documentary record of the pre-20th century University of Georgia) in November in 1904. Science Hall would be a phoenix reborn in the erection of Terrell Hall, a three-story structure raised in the same footprint as the original building, and with the same cornerstone intact (1904). Hill's energy burned brightly, but for too brief a while, as he contracted pneumonia in December of 1905, and died from its effects on the 28th day of that month.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of personal papers as well as those related to Hill's administrative career at the University of Georgia. Of particular interest are the papers documenting a fact-finding trip to the University of Wisconsin to investigate the program of Agricultural Education in place there; various files detailing the in loco parentis functions performed by the University; a substantial subseries of correspondence with George Foster Peabody; a limited series of correspondence with Trustees of the University, including Hill's function as Chairman of the Committee on State Institutions; a substantial volume of speeches and articles delineating Hill's engagement with the serious national debate underway on the future of public education for everyone.


Organized into 20 series: memorial; administration (central); public issues/outreach; faculty/staff; administration (academics); student affairs (admissions); scholarships/money matters; student affairs (discipline); student academics; physical plant; G. F. Peabody; A. Carnegie; business; inquiries; trustees; alumni; professional organizations; speech; and personal.

Index Terms

Administrative records.
African Americans--Education--United States.
Education--United States.
Hill, Walter B., (Walter Barnard), 1851-1905 -- Correspondence
Peabody, George Foster, 1852-1938 -- Correspondence
School records.
Speeches (documents)
Student records--Georgia--Athens.
Trusts and trustees.
University of Georgia.
University of Wisconsin. Dept. of Agricultural and Extension Education.

General Notes

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Walter B. Hill papers, UA97-094, University Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Memorial, 2006 May

11Walter Barnard Hill Memorial, 2006 May

2. Administration (central), 1899-1905

12Promotional materials, 1901, 1903-04
3Honor system, 1904-1905
4Athens City, 1901-1905
5State of University speech and notes
6Administration response/correspondence, 1903-1904
7Administration response/correspondence, 1905
8Administration information request-University, 1904-1905
9Calendar, 1904-1905
9.5Centennial of the University of Georgia (UGA), introduction to the University Bulletin, 1901
9.6Election as Chancellor, circa 1899 – 1906
10University of Wisconsin, 1904 February–1904 November
11University of Wisconsin, 1904 November
12University of Wisconsin, 1904-1905 December
13UGA Commencement/invitation to speak or be present, 1903-1905
14General information request, 1903-1906
15Private Schools in GA (Mercer, Emory, religious schools, etc.), 1903-1905
16State School System: State Normal School, 1904-1905
17State School System: Medical College of Georgia, 1904-1905
17.5State School System: agreement between the Medical College of Georgia and the University of Georgia, 1873
18State School System: Georgia School of Technology, 1904-1905
19State School System: Georgia Normal and Industrial College, 1904-1905
20State School System: North Georgia Agricultural College, 1904-1905
21State School System: Agricultural and Mechanical Colleges, 1905
22State School System: Industrial and Normal Colleges, 1904-1905
22.5Correspondence with U.S.C (University of South Carolina) L.L.D, 1905 January
23Vital records, 1904-1905
24Commencement organization, 1904-1905
24.5Commencement: addresses to the Graduate Classes of the University of Georgia, 1901–1903
25Grievance and legal complaints, 1904
26Academics-generic, 1904-1905
27Administrative details (correspondence), 1902-1904
28Administrative details (correspondence), 1905
29Chapel administration, 1904-1905
30UGA/State Government interaction: general, 1902-1905
31UGA/State Government interaction: agriculture (Conner and Flynt Bill), 1904-1905
32UGA/State Government interaction: local GA taxation, 1903-1905
33UGA/Federal Government interaction, 1904-1905
36Miscellaneous, 1904-1905

3. Public issues/outreach, 1903-1905

137Public outreach, 1905
38Alumni, 1904-1905
39African American higher education: general, 1903-1905
40African American higher education: request for Information, 1903-1905
41African American higher education: taxation, 1904
42African American higher education: Georgia State Industrial College, 1900, 1903-1905
43African American higher education: Donalsonville Normal and Industrial College, 1905
44Temperance correspondence, 1904-1905
45Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), 1903-1904
46Women's Suffrage, 1903-1905

4. Faculty/staff, 1903-1905

147Requests to Librarian, 1904-1905
48Faculty/staff–school related, 1903-1904
49Faculty meetings, 1904-1905
50Faculty information, 1904-1905

5. Administration (academics), 1901-1905

21Experiment Stations, 1904-1905
2Agricultural College, 1903-1905
3Athletics, 1904-1905
4UGA Library, 1903-1905
5Military: Military Department, 1904-1905
6Military: encampment, 1904-1905
7Military: excuses from drill, 1904-1905
8Law Department: general, 1901, 1904-1905
9Law Department: Law Library, 1904
10Biology Department, 1905
11Classics Department, 1904-1905
12English/Teutonic Department, 1904-1905
13Pharmacy Department, 1904-1905
14Psychology Department, 1904-1905
15Philosophy and Education Department, 1904
16College of Commerce (Business College), 1905
17Entrance requirements
18Entrance to the University, 1903 November-1904 April
19Entrance to the University, 1904 May-June
20Entrance to the University, 1904 July
21Entrance to the University, 1904 August
22Entrance to the University, 1904 September
23Entrance to the University, 1904 October-December
24Entrance to the University, 1905 January-July
25Entrance to the University, 1905 August
26Entrance to the University, 1905 September-December
27Entrance to the University
28Entrance examinations, 1904 January-May
29Entrance examinations, 1904 June-October
30Entrance examinations, 1904 January-May
31Entrance examinations, 1905 June-September

6. Student affairs (admissions), 1903-1906

31Potential student catalogue requests, 1903 November-1904 March
2Potential student catalogue requests, 1904 April-May
3Potential student catalogue requests, 1904 June-December
4Potential student catalogue requests, 1905 January-July
5Potential student catalogue requests, 1905 August-1906 July
6Responses to catalogue requests, 1903
7Responses to catalogue requests, 1904 January-1904 March
8Responses to catalogue requests, 1904 April-July
9Responses to catalogue requests, 1904 August
10Responses to catalogue requests, 1904 September-December
11Responses to catalogue requests, 1905 January-July
12Responses to catalogue requests, 1905 August
13Responses to catalogue requests, 1905 September-1906 February
14Non-student catalogue requests, 1904 January-1905 December
15Preparatory schools, 1904 April-1905 September
16Correspondence to Cuba for young men seeking education in Georgia, 1904 January-1905 September
17G.S. Peabody, 1904

7. Scholarships/financial aid, 1903-1905

318General scholarships, 1903–1905
19GA non-UGA scholarships, 1904-1905
20Terrell Fund, 1905 April 19-20
21Financial Aid/student jobs, 1903 November-1905 July
22Rhodes Scholarship, 1903 August-1904 April
23Rhodes Scholarship, 1904 May-December
24Rhodes Scholarship, 1905
25Brown Fund, 1903 November-1904 February
26Brown Fund, 1904 March-April
27Brown Fund, 1904 May-June
28Brown Fund, 1904 July-December
29Brown Fund, 1905 January-April
30Brown Fund, 1905 May-November
31Student fees, 1904–1905

8. Student affairs (discipline), 1902-1906

41Student discipline/Delinquent List I, 1902–1903
2Student discipline/Delinquent List II, 1904 January-March
3Student discipline/Delinquent List III, 1904 April-May
4Student discipline/Delinquent List IV, 1904 June–December
5Student discipline/Delinquent List V, 1905 January-December
6Permission to leave city I, 1903 December-June 1904
7Permission to leave city II, 1904 October-December
8Permission to leave city III, 1905
9Absences I, 1903 March-1904 July
10Absences II, 1904 October-December
11Absences III, 1905 January-1905 December
12Absences IV, 1906
13W.B. Hill student meetings, 1904-1905
14Permission to be excused from Chapel, 1905 February
15Parent/Child issues–requests for help, 1904 January
16Student organizations–delinquents and misbehavior, 1904 February
17Withdrawals and dismissal from the University, 1903 November-1905 December
18Wellness and medical, 1903 December-1905 March
19High-profile student discipline, 1903 December-1905 May

9. Student academics, 1902-1905

420Course of Study Q and A I, 1904 January-December
21Course of Study Q and A II, 1905 January
22Extra-Curricular Academics, prizes and awards, 1902 May
23Exam and transcript records, 1904 July-1905 September
24Examinations I, 1903 May 18–28
25Examinations II, 1904 March
26Outgoing students, 1904 December-1905 December 20
27Honor Board, 1905
28University exit issues (diplomas), 1904 April-1905 September
29Dormitory assignments/Dining Halls I, 1903 January-1904 January
30Dormitory assignments/Dining Halls II, 1904 July-August
31Dormitory assignments/Dining Halls III, 1904 August-1905 August
32Dormitory assignments/Dining Halls IV, 1905 August
33Current Students I, 1902 June-1904 May
34Current Students II, 1904 May
35Request for student information, 1903
36Student organizations, 1904–1905
37YMCA, 1904–1905

10. Physical Plant, 1903-1905

51Library, 1904-1905
2Physical Plant statistics, 1903-1905
3Maintenance and mundane, 1904-1905
4Old College, 1904
5Physical Plant money/business, 1905
6Subscriptions to Alumni for Campus Extension, 1905
7Dormitory improvements, 1904-1905
8Building Committee, 1902-1905
9Expansion: Agriculture and Physical Plant, 1904-1905
10General expansion, 1904-1906
11Physical Plant improvements, 1903-1905
12Science Hall Fire, 1903-1904
13University of Georgia Master Plan, 1905

11. George Foster Peabody, 1902-1905

514General correspondence, 1902-1904
15General correspondence, 1905
16Black Education correspondence, 1904 July-1905 June
17Physical Plant correspondence, 1904-1905
18Personal academics correspondence, 1904 February-1905 November
19G. F. Peabody Funds, 1904–1905
20Wisconsin trip, 1904
21Library, 1903 September-1904 September
22Wallace Buttrick, 1905
23Harry Hodgson correspondence, 1904 September-1905 August
24Outside references, 1904 April-1905 March
25Misc. correspondence, 1905 April
26Forestry, 1905 March

12. A. Carnegie, 1904

527General correspondence and fund, 1904 February-1905 December

13. Business, 1902-1906

528General business correspondence I, 1903 November-1904 December
29General business correspondence II, 1905 January
30Printing/advertising expenses I, 1902 April-1904 December
31Printing/advertising expenses II, 1905 January
32Transit expenses/receipts, 1903 December-1904 November
33Transit expenses/receipts, 1905 January-1905 December
34Advertising to/from Hill and/or University, 1904 April
35Personal bills, 1904 February-1906 January
36Commencement, 1904 January-1904 June
37Business mediation, 1904-1905
38Books, 1904
39Bill collection from faculty and students, 1904–1906
40Requests, 1904 March-1905 January
41General Thank you(s), 1904–1905
42University budget, 1903 July-1905 November
43Equipment expenses, 1903–1905
44Literary – Edwin Mims on Sidney Lanier, 1904 January-1905 December
45Martha Berry, 1904–1905
46Publication materials, 1904 January-1905 October
47Solicitation, 1904–1905
48Acknowledgment of receipt, 1905
49Miscellaneous, 1904 June-1905 December

14. Job-related inquiries, 1902-1905

61Introductions, 1904 February-1905 November
2Job Inquiries/positions, 1904 March-1905 December
3Responses to job inquiries, 1904 January-1905 October
4Job openings, 1904 September
5Requests for recommendations I, 1903 December-1904 August
6Requests for recommendations II, 1904 September-December
7Requests for recommendations III, 1905 January
8Recommendations I, 1903 October-1904 December
9Recommendations II, 1905 January
10Applications for University positions I, 1903 January-1904 May
11Applications for University positions II, 1904 June-December
12Applications for University positions III, 1905 January
13Applications for University positions IV, 1905 February-March
14Applications for University positions V, 1905 April–December
15Librarian search I, 1904 February-June
16Librarian search II, 1904 June-1905 February
17Student positions, 1903 December-1905 November
18Business references, 1904 April-December
19British Consulate, 1904 May-July
20Correspondence with Booker T. Washington, 1904 December-1905 December
21Philippines, 1904 September-1905 November
22Thank You's and follow-ups to job recommendations, 1904 March-1905 November
23UGA non-academic positions, 1904 March
24Non-UGA academic positions, 1904 November 25
26Firing/quitting, 1902 February-1905 November
27Teacher's agencies, 1904 April

15. Summer Schools, 1899-1905

628Declaration of principles: Summer School of the South, 1904
29Appropriations and finances, 1904 January
30Board of Directors meetings, 1903 November-1905 December
31Board of Directors orders of business, 1904 January-1905 January
32Administration–academics, 1899–1905
33Administration, non-academic, 1904 January-1905 August
34Catalogue requests, 1904–1905
35Catalogues sent/received, 1904 January-1905 September
36Information requests, 1904 April-1905 May
37Dormitory assignments, 1905 March
38Student Financial Aid, 1904 March 1904
39Sunday School, 1905 February-June

16. Trustees, 1900-1905

71State Government, 1904–1905
2Finance, 1904–1905
3Reports, 1900–1905
4University System Administration, 1903 May-1904 May
5University System Administration, 1904 June-November
6University System Administration, 1905–1906
7Chancellor's Report–Topics for consideration, 1904–1905
8Correspondence with A. L. Hull, Secretary, 1904–1905
9Prudential Committee, 1904–1905
10Board of Visitors, 1904–1905
11Honorary degrees, 1904–1905
12Miscellaneous resolutions, 1904 December
13Miscellaneous – Trustees, 1903–1905

17. Alumni, 1901-1905

714Photos, 1904 August-1905 May
15Photos, 1905 May-November
16Statistics and information, 1904 March-1905 December
17Class Presidents and reunions, 1904 March–April
18Bulletin, 1904 April-1905 August
19Funds, 1901 July-1905 April
20Addresses, 1904 May-1905 June
21Commencement, 1904 March
22Organizations, 1904 January
23Proxy (Endowment Fund, Alumni Fund, Student Organizations), 1905 April–June
24Events, 1904 April-1905 June
25Subscriptions – Extension Service, 1905 June
26Letters of Thanks, 1905 March–June

18. Academic/professional organizations, 1902-1905

727Southern Education Board/General Education Board I, 1903 December-1904 December
28Southern Education Board/General Education Board II, 1904 December
29Southern Educational Association I, 1903 June-1904 March
30Southern Educational Association II, 1904 April–August
31Southern Educational Association III, 1904 September-October
32Southern Educational Association IV, 1904 November
33Southern Educational Association V, 1904 December
34Southern Educational Association VI, 1905
35Georgia organizations I, 1903–1904
36Georgia organizations II, 1905
37Georgia High School organizations/accreditation, 1902 November-1904 December
38Georgia High School organizations/accreditation, 1905
39Georgia Education System, 1904
40Outside Georgia Education System, 1904 April-1905 July
41College and University organizations, 1903 December-1904 May
42College and University organizations, 1904 June-1904 November
43College and University organizations, 1905–1906
44International Organizations, 1905 September-December
45Professional organizations-literature, meetings and miscellaneous, 1904 March-1905 December
46National Educational Aid, 1904 January–March
47Academic information, 1904 November-1905 December
48Correspondence with Harvard College, 1902–1905
49Miscellaneous collegiate correspondence, 1903–1905

19. Speeches/writing, 1899-1906

81General correspondence, 1903 December-1905 October
2Invitation to speak/be present, 1904
3Invitation to speak/be present, 1905 January-1906 May
4Request/recommendation for speakers, 1904–1906
5Speeches received, sent and requested, 1903-1905
6Student speeches, 1904 July
7Lectures to students, 1904–1905
8Sending out speeches and pamphlets, 1905
9Literature sent and received, 1903–1904
10Literature sent and received, 1905
11Request to write articles, 1899 November-1905 November
12Literature recommendations, 1905
13Articles and published works, 1903 December-1905 June
14Meetings, 1904 February–1905 November
15Visits in Georgia, 1904–1905
16Visits to academic sites in Georgia, 1904–1905
17Visits outside Georgia, 1904-1905
18Absences and vacations, 1904 March-1905 August
19Hill in Europe, 1905 July-November
20Commencement invitations, 1904 February-June
21Declined invitations, 1904 January-1905 April
22Declined invitations, 1905 May-December
23Accepted invitations, 1903–1905
24Men of Mark in Georgia, 1905 March-December
25Congratulations, 1904–1905
26Miscellaneous, 1904–1905

20. Personal papers, 1892-2009

91Academic issues (non-University), 1904-1905
2Activism, general, 1904-1906
3Activism, Phillippines, 1904-1905
4Banquet RSVPs, Chancellorship, 1899
5Blackburn Controversy (lost cause), 1905 March-May
6Clippings, miscellaneous (Chancellorship), 1899
7Gordon Monument, 1904-1905
8Law (non-University), 1903-1906
9Law-farewell to the legal profession and the city of Macon (address), 1899
10Law Library (personal), 1905
11Miscellaneous correspondence (with copy of WBH automobile sketch)
12Personal correspondence, 1900-1904
13Personal correspondence, 1905 January-May
14Personal correspondence, 1905 June-December
15Personal correspondence (family), 1904-1905
16Personal correspondence (death of WBH), 1905
17Personal: Walter Barnard Hill memorial volume, 1906 May
18Personal: miscellaneous (includes copy of WBH auto sketch), 1904
19Railroad incident (South Carolina), 1905 April-May
20Religious issues, 1903-1905
21Sent/received materials, 1903-1905
22Speeches and articles: "The ethical element in education", 1904
23Speeches and articles: "The forest of Arden" (first Summer School address)
24Speeches and articles: "The great American safety valve", 1892
25Speeches and articles: "Legal restrain upon the vices of society"
26Speeches and articles: "Lincoln in th South"
27Speeches and articles: "The Morrill Bill vs the Blair Bill", 1904
28Speeches and articles: "Nationalism not opposed to truest sectionalism", 1905 April
29Speeches and articles: "Negro education in the South"
30Speeches and articles: "Notes on the Negro problem"
31Speeches and articles: "A plea for tolerance", 1905 February
32Speeches and articles: "The psychology and ethics of fun", 1902
33Speeches and articles: "A sermon in stone", 1903
34Speeches and articles: "Sidney Lanier"
35Speeches and articles: "Southern education: a national responsibility", 1904
36Speeches and articles: "Uncle Tom without a cabin", 1902 July
37Visitation correspondence, 1903-1905
38Walter B. Hill (UA97-094) working papers, 2007-2009