Louise McBee papers

Louise McBee papers

Descriptive Summary

Repository: University of Georgia Archives
Creator: McBee, Mary Louise
Title: Louise McBee papers
Dates: 1975-1989
Quantity: 72.0 Linear feet (59 boxes)
Coll. Number: UA97-074

Biographical/Historical Note

A Tennessee native, Louise McBee graduated from East Tennessee State University with a B.S. degree. She then obtained a M.A. degree through Columbia University and went on to earn her Ph.D. from The Ohio State University. McBee served as the Dean of Women at the University of Georgia from 1963 to 1969, McBee continued to work in administrative positions such as Vice President for Academic Affairs until her retirement from the University of Georgia in 1988. In 1991, she was elected to the Georgia House of Representatives.

Scope and Content Note

The collection includes materials relating to the University of Georgia during Louise McBee's time as Vice President for Academic Affairs at the University of Georgia. Academic advising materials, alumni materials, correspondence, complaints, and minutes from several commissions and committees are some of the items represented in this collection.


Organized alphabetically.

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Boards (organizations)
Deans, Cathederal and collegiate--Georgia--Athens.
Minutes (administrative records)
University of Georgia. -- History
Women college administrators--Georgia--Athens.
Women educators--Georgia--Athens.

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Louise McBee Papers, UA97-074, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University Archives, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

UA97-074:11The Academic Advisor's Handbook (GAAD)
2The AIAW - Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women
3The Coordinated Academic Advising - Fran K. Rausehenberg - The Academic Advising Coordinator
4Academic Advising in General
5Academic Advising at The University of Georgia
6The Academic Advisor's Workshop in the Fall of 1981
7The Academic Affairs Advisory Committee - The Minutes, April 9, 1984 - January 8, 1979
9The VPAA/AAAC Presentation
10The College Board - The University of Georgia's Academic Advisement Conference
11The Academic Computing - 2 Folders
12The Conference on Academic Decision Making
13Academic Honesty
14The Staff Meetings
15The Administrative Committee on Academic Affairs, USG, 11-Oct-85
16The Administrative Information System's Committee
17The Admissions
18The Director of the Admissions Search Committee
19The Adult Education
20ATHE Adult Learners' Committee
22Advanced Placement - Gene Michaels
23Advising and Retention (See The Students Advisement and Retention)
24The Advisors' Workshop
25Affirmative Action
26The Affirmative Action Vice-President for Academic Affairs's Duties
27The Affirmative Action Goal Setting
28The Animal Science Evaluation
29The Environmental Health Degree
30The College of Agriculture in General
31The Aid Grant
32Alcohol Abuse (David Levine)
33Allied Health and Nursing.
UA97-074:21The Alumni Scholarship Program
2The Alternate Career Ladder
3The AAUP 1978 - Ellen Mattingly (The American Association of University Women)
4The Alumni Seminar
5The American Language Program
6Annual Report, 1985
7Annual Report, 1980-1984
8Annual Report, 1977-1978
9Annual Report, 1976-1977
10Annual Report, 1973-1974
11Annual Report, 1971-1972
UA97-074:31The ACE State Planning Committee - Active (The American Council on Education)
2The AAUP Committee - The Concerns of Women
3The AAUW (The American Association Of University Women), 1977-1983
4The AAUW, 1972-1976
5ACE/ NIP - Lucille Wilson
6ACE / NIP - Lucille Wilson
7The ACE Bulletin
8The ACE Atlanta Forum
9The ACE State's Planning Committee, Inactive, September 25, 1981
10ACE - The Womens' Program
11The Alumni News
12The American Council on Education
2The Art Department
3Arts & Sciences - The Committee on Reform
4Arts & Sciences - Problem Admissions - Retention and Graduation
5The Interdisciplinary Studies
6The College of Arts & Sciences
7The Assurance of Compliance Forms
8Athens Area Vocational-Technical School (The Committee for Training Women for the Non-Traditional)
9The Athens Tech Executive Advisory Board
10The AUFS American University Field Stiff
11The Bakke Case
12The Baptist Student Center (Bible Class)
13Belle Boone Beard
14The Bernice Sandler Conference
15Bio Technology
16The Black Caucus (See the Scholarships)
17The Black Faculty
18The Black Studies
19Brazil, 1984-1986
20Brazil, 1982-1983
21The Budget Requests
22The Budget Requests
23The Building Names
24The Buckley Amendment
25The Bunting Institute Selection Committee
26The Business School in General
27Butler, Ty - Retirement
28The Chemistry Department
29The College of Business - Greece
30The Course Problems - Agriculture, Home Economics & Journalism
31The Cable Television
32CAEL (The Cooperative Assessment Of The Experimental Learning)
33Career Planning and Placement
34The Center for the Study of Literature
37The Office of Civil Rights' Visit
39The Commission of the Status of Women
40The Committee for the Humanities in Georgia
41The Complaints
UA97-074:51Athletics - The Cost for The Department for Special Education - 1980 - The Policy for the Athletic Women's Coach
2The Demonstration in 1968
3The Campus Disturbance, 1968-1969
4The University Council, 1975-1976
5Project II
6The Commission on the Status of Women
7The Governor's Commission on the Status of Women
8The Governor's Commission on the status of Women
9The Commission on the Status of Women - The Annual Reports
10The International Women's Year Governor's Commission
11The Doctoral & Masters Candidates
12Suthern Sims - The Doctoral Candidate
13Dorothy Richardson
14Rhonda Murray
15Joel L. Becker
16Judy Greer
17Neil Epstein - The Doctoral Candidate
18Bill Messina
19Michael Messina
20Michael Mulligan
21Katherine B. Boardman
UA97-074:61The Computer Based Education (Jim Eisele) (OID)
2The Computer Based Instruction
3The Computing in the Curriculum (See Academic)
4The Computer Center
5C.O.S.T. - The Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching
6The Constitution & History Examination
7The Proposal for the School of Continuing Studies
8The Contracts & Grants Procedure in 1985
9The Contracts and Grants, USDA
11The Counseling Psychology Search Committee - The Pepinsky Report (The Steps to Get a Dr. Program)
12The Counseling and Human Development Evaluation
13The Counseling with Adult Women
14The Core Curriculum
15The Core Curriculum's Responses at the University Of Georgia
16The Core Curriculum Material: To the Chancellor
17The Criminal Justice Program - The Master Application
18The Criminal Justice Research Center
20The Revised Core Curriculum
21The Curriculum Management "History"
22The Curriculum Area # IV
23The Curriculum Management Guidelines
24The Danforth Foundation
25The Debate Team (The Georgia Team Did Not Want to Compete with the Non GHSA Schools)
26The Debate Team (The Georgia Team Did Not Want to Compete with the Non GHSA Schools)
27The Debate Team (The Georgia Team Did Not Want to Compete with the Non GHSA Schools)
28The Debate Team (The Previous Team Member Asked Sherman Talmadge for Help in the Funding)
29The Degrees Offered by The University Of Georgia
30The Degrees & The Majors ( See the Programs, New)
31The Dekalb Community College
UA97-074:71The Desegregation Plan - Fran Rauschenberg (See The Students Minority Advising & The University 101)
2Desegregation Number 1
3Drop / Add
4The Athens Banner Herald's Inquiry: Hack Johnson - The Executive Editor
5The Developmental Studies Admissions
6The Guidelines for the Appointment - Promotions & Tenure
7The Audit of The Developmental Studies ( Dr. Ray Cleere, The Chairman of the Audit Committee)
8Fred C. Davison to Chancellor H. Dean Propst, March 13,1986
9His Resignation of the Presidency of The University of Georgia
10The Deans and the Vice-President Urging Dr. Davison to Reconsider His Resignation
11The Athens Banner Herald Inquiry - The Audit of The Developmental Studies
UA97-074:81The Developmental Studies in July of 1986
2The Masters and the Doctoral Candidates
3Jane Anne Russell
4Ann Willett
5Judy Price
6Carol Luthman - The Doctoral Candidate
7Margaret Holt
8Judith Chandler
9The College of Education in General
10The C. B. Lord Committee on the Associate Degree Program
11The Adult Education
12The A.P.A. Accreditation Visit to the School Psychology Program
13The Atlanta Area Teacher Education Service
14The C.L.E.P. College Level Examination Program
15Education - The Division of Exceptional Children
16The Health Science Professionals
17The In-Service Program
UA97-074:91The College of Education in General (Continued)
2The In-Service Education
3The Physical Education - 2 Folders
4The Specialist in The Health and Safety
UA97-074:101The Epstein Study
2The School of Environmental Design
3The Enrollment Reports
4The Energy Colloquium
6The Educational Television
7The Educational Opportunity Center
8The Educational Affairs Committee
9The Exit Examination
10The Exit Examination's Modification (Effective in June of 1981)
11The Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness Conference
12The Evening Classes
13The Equestrian Science
14The Equal Rights Amendment
15The External Degree Program's Update, Dec-84
16The Physical Education's Requirement - Raising the Hours on the Basic P.E.
17The Faculty Appointments and Promotions
18The Faculty's Development
19The September 1 Regents' Report
20The Faculty's Evaluation
21The Faculty Appointments - A.S. - The Representatives at the Meetings
22The Faculty's Evaluation at The University of Georgia
23The Faculty Register
24The Faculty Retired - The List of in 1983
25The New Faculty's Orientation in 1980
26The Faculty's Handbook
27The New Faculty's Orientation in 1981
28The Faculty Orientation in 1979 and in 1980
29The Faculty Orientation
30Fraternity / Sorority
31The French Certificate Program
32The French Seminar for High School Teachers
33The Fulbright Alumni Association
34The Funding for the Student Activities' Academic Activities
36The Federal Regulation 504
37The White House Fellowships
38The Fellowships and Awards
39The Field Trips
40The Final Examination Schedules
41The Fine Arts Auditorium
42The Follow-Through Program
43The School of Forest Resources
44The Foreign Students as Human Resources
45The Founders' Day in 1980
46The Faculty's Evaluation Conference
47The Faculty's Exchange Center
48The French / University of Georgia Alliance
49The Georgia Academic Advisory Committee
UA97-074:111The General Correspondence
2Letters from Students and Dr. Mcbee's Replies
3Communications on Administrative (Parking) Problems
4Recommendations for Jobs
5Congratulations and Condolences
6Gamma Sigma Sigma
7The Georgia Alumni Society
8The Georgia Center
9The Search Committee for the Director of The Georgia Center
10The Georgia Writing Project
11Gerontology, 1982-1983
12Gerontology, 1981-1982
13Gerontology, 1980-1981
14Gerontology, 1979-1980
15Gerontology, 1978-1979
16Gerontology, 1977-1978
17The Gerontology's Center's Director Search Committee
18The Candidates - Gerontology
19Gerontology in General, 1976
20The Gerontology Colloquium
21The Gerontology Curriculum Committee
22The Gerontology Research Committee
23The Gerontology Service Committee
24The Gerontology Steering Committee
25The Gerontology Search Committee
26The Graduate School's Graduate Assistantship Awards, Park, Denise
UA97-074:121Gerontology - The Faculty
2The Gerontology Center's Executive Board
3The Council on Gerontology (The Inactive Gerontology)
4The Gerontology Center, 1985-1986
5The NCOA Project (The National Council on Aging)
6The Girl Scout's Council
7The Girl Scout's Finance Committee
8The Girl Scout's Cookie Sale
9The Girl Scout's Budget
10The Girl Scout's Finance Committee
11The Goals' Committee
12The Golden Key National Honor Society
13The Governor's Honors
14The Grades
15The Grading
16The Proposed Graduate Program in Community and in Regional Development
17The Graduate Programs on Hold
18The Graduate Students' Workload
19The Graduate Students
20The Graduate Students' 10 Hour Policy
21The Full Course Load for the Graduate Students
22The Graduation in 1978 and in 1979
23Graduation, 1977
24The Grant Proposal Classification
UA97-074:131The Grievance Procedures Involving Affirmative Action
2Gwinnett County
3Hamilton McWhorter and Bert Michael Prizis
4Hand, Helena Ramsey (Appeal)
5The Steering Committee for the 504 Handicapped
6The Handicapped
7The Handicapped Students' Advisory Committee
UA97-074:141Health Education
2The Hay Associates' Study
3The Henry Luce Foundation Scholarship
4The Hew Internship for the Summer of 1976
5The High Adventure Activities for the Students
6High Technology
7The Holmes Report - Dedicated to Improving the Teacher Education and the Profession of Teaching
8Home Economics - The College of - The Girl Scout Project
9The Honors' Program in General
10The Honors' Program's Evaluation
11Honors Day in 1981
12Honors Day in 1980
13Honors Day in 1979
14Honors Day in 1978
15The Institute of Higher Education
16The Institute of Ecology
18The Instructional Grant Research Foundation
19Idea Production - Idea Processing
20The Independent Study
21The International Development, 1980-1985
22The International Development in 1986
23The IREX Development (The International Research and Exchange Board), 1976-1979
24The Instructional Resources Center
27The Inter-University Center
28The Internships
29The International Developments, 1975-1979
30The IBM Seminar
UA97-074:151The Jeannette Rankin Foundation, Incorporated
2The Jewish Holidays
3The Joseph Kennedy Foundation's Scholarship
4The Judicial Programs
5The Kappa Delta Fellowship Awards
6The Kellogg Fellowships, 1979
7The Kellogg Foundation
8The Search Committee for the Kellogg Foundation's Adult Education
9The Kellogg Grant
10The Kemp Trial's Articles
11King's Bay
12Mary Ellen Klatte
13The Labor Department's Review
14The Classics Department's Latin Teacher Proposal
15Leadership - The University of Georgia
16The Library - 2 Files
17The Library - The Administrative Review
18The Library - The Colvert Report and the President's Letter
19The Lilly Fellows' Conference
20Linley, John
21Los Ensayistas
22Lucy Cobb
24Dr. Mcbee's Hay Study
25The Materials Approved to Be Sold by the Bookstore
26Ellen Mattingly
27The Memberships - The University of Georgia
28The Memoranda For Trotter, The File Begins on October 30, 1981
29Dr. Hays and the Prunty Memo, Until September 1977
30The Merit Scholars
31The Minority Advising Conference in October of 1983
32The Minority and Retention Desegregation
36The School of Music
UA97-074:161The National Consortium HBCUS
2NAWDAC (The National Association for Women Deans, Administrators, & Counselors), 1980-1981
3NAWDAC, 1979-1980
4NAWDAC, 1978-1979
5NAWDAC, 1978
6NAWDAC, 1977
7The NR Problems - The Late Grades
9The National Teacher's Examination
10The New Majors - Beginning on November 22, 1976
11The Newspaper Articles
12The New Positions - The Associate Registrar
13The Non-Traditional Degree
14The Associate Degree in Nursing
15The Nursing Program at The University of Georgia
16The Nursing Program SONAT - The Masters' Program
17The Off-Campus Programs and the Resident Centers
18The Office of Instructional Development
19The Orientation
20The Orientation of the 18 Year Old Majority
21The Outstanding Young Women of America
22The Action / Peace Corps
23The Peace Corps
24The Pecan Hill Seminar
25The School of Pharmacy
26Phi Kappa Phi, 1975-1977
27Phi Kappa Phi in General
28The Phi Kappa Phi Journal's Space
29The Philosophy Honor Society Phi Sigma Tau
30The Physical Facilities
31Political Science
32Poon, Leonard W.
33The Porcupine Report - The Governor's Report on Post-Secondary Education
34The Position Postings
35The President's Award for Excellence
36The Presidential Search Committee
37The President's Club
38The President's Seminar on Basic Skills in the Georgia Schools, May 27 & May 28, 1976
39The Presser Foundation
40The Promotion Guidelines
UA97-074:171The Recruitment of Superior Students
2The Recruitment Strategy
3The Red and Black
4The Act - The Regents Ad-Hoc Committee
5The Regents' Administrative Development Program
6The Regents' Committee's Calendar
7The Regents' Committee's Extended Degrees
8The Regents' Correspondence
9The Regents' Examination
10The Regents' Examination's Remediation
11The Regents' Test for Handicapped Students
12The Regents' Policy
13The Student's Personnel Deans Regents' Student Affairs Committee
14The Registrar
15The Registration Advisory Committee in 1981
16The Registration / Orientation/ The Arts and the Sciences
18Religious Affairs
19The Remedial Program
20The Research Professors and Research
21The Resident Instruction's Budget
23The Rhodes Scholarship Applicants
24The Rusk Center
25The Salary Studies
26The Salvation Army's Advisory Board
27The Salvation Army's Minutes
28Sapelo Island
29The Scholastic Aptitude Test
30The Scholarship Newsletter in 1981
31The Scholarship (Black Caucus) Permanent in Dr. Hay's Files
32The Law School's Newsletter
UA97-074:181The Proposed Semester System (2 Folders)
2The Sex Education's Committee
3The Small Business Development Center
4Social Work
5The Social Work's Self-Study Review
6The Mary Ella Lunday Soule' Scholarship
7The Source Book for the Academic Officers
8The Southern Association
9The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
10The Southern Institute of Gender Studies
11The Southern Regional Education's Board
12The Special Studies
13The Student Activities
14The Student's Advising and the Retention
15The Students' Advisory Committee
16The Student Affairs
17The Student Center
18The Student Financial Aid
19The Students in General
20The Students Who Cross Registered on October 1, 1985
21The SGA Ad-Hoc Committee on Academic Improvement (The Student Government Association)
22The Student in 1976
23The Student Government Association
24The International Students
25The Students - The Minority Advisement (See Desegregation)
26The Speech Title IX (Sex Discrimination Prohibited)
27Learning Disabled Students #2
28The LD Students' Services
UA97-074:191The Students' Problems in 1985
2The Students' Problems in 1984
3The Students' Problems in 1981 & 1982 & 1983
4The Students' Problems
5The Students' Problems (The Old File)
6The Student Records' Advisory Committee (The Student Personnel Record Information Comp[uter)
7The Older Student, Non-Traditional
8The Student Personnel Deans (See The Regents)
9The Students' Retention
10The Studies Abroad in England - History - Charles Crow
11The University of Georgia's Studies Abroad in Paris
12The Studies Abroad's Advisory Committee
13The Studies Abroad's Advisory Committee (Active)
UA97-074:201The Studies Abroad Program - Harlan Davis - Regents
2The Japan Studies Abroad
3The Studies Abroad in General
4IISP (The International Intercultural Studies Program), 1984-1985
5The Inventory of The International Program in December of 1984
6The Studies Abroad - The Regents Committee - IISP
7The Summer School
8The Sunbelt Agricultural Exposition
9The Survey Research Center
10The System-Wide Committee for Screening Minorities
11Dean Tate
12The Teacher Corps
13The Teacher Retirement System's Problem
14The Teaching - The President's Award for the Excellence in
15The Josiah Meigs Teaching Award
16The Teaching Assistants
17The Tech-Georgia Development
18The Teenage Pregnancy
19The Telephone's Directory
20The Tinker Award
21The Tenure Policy
22The Torrence Center
23Transfer Credits
24The Transfer of "D" Grades
25The Transfer of Credits' Committee - September 10, 1982
26Virginia Y. Trotter
27The Trotter Memoranda and Drafts, 1979-1981
28The Trotter Memoranda and Drafts, 1978-1979
29The Television Courses
30University 101 - The Advising and Retention
31The Uniform Calendar Advisory Committee at 2:30 PM, 1981 October 5
32The Uniform Grading System
33The United Fume
34The University of Georgia's Bi-Centennial, 1985
35The University of Georgia's Board of Visitors
36The University's Bulletin, 1982-1983
UA97-074:211The University's Bulletin Committee
2The University's Bulletin Committee, 1980-1981
3The University Bulletin in General, 1976-1977
4The Current University Calendar's Committee
5The Current University Calendar's Committee, 1981-1982
6The University's Calendar Unified
7The University's Chapel
8The University's Curriculum Committee
9The University of Georgia's Financial Condition
10The University's Health Service
11The University's Housing
12The University of Georgia's Research Fund
13The University's Research Professorship Criteria
14The University System's Advisory Task Force
15The University System's Conference in Savannah, 1982
16The University System's Data Element Dictionary
17The University System's Summary
18The University System's Summer Meeting at Jekyll Island, 1985
19The University System's Advisory Council - The Advisory System Meeting on April 14
20The University-Wide Instructional Assistance
21The Administrative Committee on Academic Affairs, USG, 1985 October 11
22The Workshop - The University System, 1982
23Shaping Our Destiny #1
24Shaping Our Destiny #2
25The University System' Committee on Evaluating Competencies, The Physically Handicapped and LD
UA97-074:221The Values in Education
2The Veterans' Affairs
3The Veterinary Medicine
4The White House Fellowships
5The Womens' Center
6The Women and Minorities Advisory Committee
7The Womens' Opportunity Network
8The Women Non-Traditional
9WSGA (The Women's Student Government Association)
10Women's Studies, 1977-1979
11The Women's Studies
12The Women's Studies' Final Proposal
13Women in General, Iii
14Women in General
UA97-074:231Academic Affairs
3The Administrative Committee for Academic Affairs
5The Administrative Committee on Academic Affairs
6Admissions (Graduate)
7Admissions (Undergraduate)
8The Adult Education
9Adult Education #2
10The Advanced Placement
11Advising and Retention
12The Aerospace Studies
13The Affirmative Action's Office
16Albright, John
17The Alpha Delta Pi Foundation, Incorporated
18The Alumni and the Development
19The Alumni Foundation's Distinguished Professor
20The American Association of the University Women
21The American Council on Education
23Anderson, Robert (The Assistant to the President)
24The Animal and Dairy Science
25The Anthropology Department
26The Applicant Clearinghouse
27The Aquaculture and Fisheries
29The Arts and Sciences
31The Athletic Department's Band
32Banking & Finance
33The Beaver Professorship
34Terrell Bell
35The Bicentennial
37The Biological Sciences
38The Bioscience Learning Center
39The Black Students' Affairs
UA97-074:241The Bookstore
2The Botanical Garden
4The Budget Department
5The Bus Operations
6Business Administration
UA97-074:251Business Management
2Business and Finance
3The Campus Planning
4The Career Planning and Placement
6The Center for Research Libraries' Annual Meeting on January 9 & 10 in Chicago, Illinois
7The Center for Simulational Physics
8The School for Chemical Sciences
9The Childcare Need Survey
10The Classes Added to Meet the Enrollment Increases for the Fall, 1985
11The Commencement at 9:00 AM at Sanford Stadium, 1984 June 9
12Computer Science
13The Computer Science Department
14The Computer Services
15The Computing Advisory Committee
16Consultant Work
17The Proposal for the Establishment of a School of Continuing Studies
18Control Data
19The Cooperative Extension
20The Core Curriculum
21The Cortona Trip
23The Courses Offered Outside the Continental United States
24The Research Center in Crime and Delinquency
25Carol B. Currier
26The Degree Programs
29Development and University Relations
UA97-074:261The Developmental Studies' Budget
2The Developmental Studies' Audit By The Board of Regents
3Developmental Studies
4Dodd, Lamar
5The Dodd Chair
6The Drama Department
7Dr. Thomas Dyer
8Dyer & Mcbee
10The Economics Department
11The Educational Affairs' Committee
13Education # 2
14The Educational Opportunity Center
15The Eminent Scholar Program
16The Employment Assistance Program
17The English Department
19Environmental Design
20Ervin, Leroy
21The External Degree Programs
22The Faculty / Employee Assistance Program
23The Faculty Evaluation Procedures
24The Faculty's Orientation at 4:00 at the State's Botanical Garden, 1985
25The Faculty's Records
26Food Science
27Forest Resources
28The Foundation Fellows
29The Fulbright Program
32Georgia at Oxford
33The Georgia Center
34The Georgia Center for Continuing Education
35The Georgia Experiment Station
36The Georgia Retardation Center
37The Georgia Museum of Art
38The Georgia Museum of Art # 2
UA97-074:271The Georgia Review
2The Georgia Review
4The Germanic and Slavic Languages
5The Gerontology Center
6The Getty Center for Education in the Arts in California
7The Graduate School's Financial Aid and Full Course Load
8The Graduate School - The Graduate Reports
9The Gilbert Health Center
10The global Education Program
11The Global Policy Studies
12The Goodwill People-to-People Travel Program
13Graham, Emil H.
14Griffith, Louis
15Gwinnett County
16Hahn, Natalie
17The Handicapped
18The Handicapped Annual Meeting of the President's Committee on the Employment in Washington, D.C., 1985 May 1-3
19Health and Physical Education
20HPED Health Physical Education
21The Health Science Professional
22The Charles M. Hicks Fund
23The Higher Education Center at the Macon Junior
24Higher Education
25Higher Education
27Home Economics
28The Pre-Proposal / Institutional Strengthening of Home Economics for Agricultural Development
29The Meeting at The University of Nebraska - Lincoln / October 18/2:00P.M. (The Copy of the Speech Made By Dr. Trotter)
30Articulating the Program at Texas Tech in Lubbock, 1985 July 9
31The Texas Tech Workshop for the Mid Career Home Economics Administrators at Texas Tech on July 9-10
32The Honors Day Program, 1985 May 15
33The Honors Program
34The Honors Program
35The Honors Program
5The I.B.M. Seminar for The University Provosts and the Vice Presidents for Academic Affairs, 2 Folders
6The Independent Studies
7The Indirect Costs
8The Industrial Liaison Program
9The Institute for the Behavioral Research
10The Institute of Higher Education
11Institutional Research and Planning
12The Instruction Advisory Committee
13The Instructional Development
14The Inter-Institutional Graduate Education
15The International Development
16The International Services and Programs
18The Kellogg Foundation
19Kuhn, Philip
20The Laboratory for Remote Sensing and Mapping Science
21The Laboratory Fees
22The Latin American Studies Program
24The Learning Disabilities Clinic
25The Libraries
26The Lilly Endowment
28Loh, David
29The Mass Communication Research and Training
31The Medical College of Georgia
32Mcbee, Louise
33The Josiah Meigs Awards
35The Minority Advising
36The Minority Requirement
38Moss, Sarah Fellowships
39Mountain Climbing
41The Museum of Art Director Search and the Ten Top Candidates
42The Museum of Natural History
43The National Aeronautics and Space Administration
44The National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges
UA97-074:291NASULGC - The Federal Legislation Committee on April 22/10:00 A.M./One Dupont Circle
2The NASULGC's 1985 Annual Meeting, Crystal City, Virginia, 1985 November 10-12
3The National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges
4The National Association of State Universities
5The National Consortium for Educational Access on Thursday at 10 A.M., 1985 October 31
6The National Research Conference
7The Office of the Instructional Development
9The Organizational Chart
10The OCR Site Visit on November 18-20
11The Orientation
13Owens, Hubert
14The Board of Visitors at Ohio State H.E.
16The Parking Services
18The Philosophy Department
19The Phinizy Lectures
20Phi Beta Kappa
21Plant Molecular Biology
22Political Science
23The Office of the President
24The President's Club
25The President's Committee on the Employment of the Handicapped in Washington, D.C., 1986 April 30-May 2
26Sharon J. Price
27Proposal 48
29The Public Relations
30Public Safety
31The Purdue Chair
32The Regents' Scholarships
33The Regents Test Guidelines
34The Regents' Test Policy
35The Registrar
36The Research & the Development
37The Research Foundation, Incorporated
38The Research Libraries, The Center for
39The Seminar on the Economics of Research Libraries on March 20 Near Emory at 12:15P.M.
40Dr. Sean P. McGlynn
41The Interview Schedule for Dr. James Gaylor
42The Vice President for Research's Committee
43Joe L. Key
44Nathan W. Dean
46William Raub
47Paul Silverman
UA97-074:301The Research Vice-President
2The Romance Languages
4The Dean Rusk Center for International and Comparative Law
5Simon Selig
UA97-074:311The Seney-Stovall Chapel
2The Vice-President for Services
3Sigma Xi
4The Skidaway Institute of Oceanography
5The Small Business Development Center
6Snelling Hall
7Social Work
10The Southeastern Chief Academic Officers, Knoxville, Tennessee, 1986 February 23-25
11The Southeastern Conference of the Association of Academic Affairs Administrators in 1985 at the University of Florida
12The Southern Association of Policy Off-Campus
13The Southern Regional Education Board
15Spain, Jayne
16The Special Academic Programs
17The Speech Communication
18The Special Professorships
19The Special Professorships
20The Statistics Department
21The Statistics and the Computer Science
22The Statutes of the University of Georgia
23The Strengths and the Weaknesses of the Schools and of the Colleges
24The Students Abroad Program
25The Students' Activities
26The Student Affairs
27The Summer Salaries
28The Summer School
29The Sunbelt Exposition
30The Survey Research Center
31The Survey Research Center
32The System's Summary
33The Center for the Theoretical Research into the Humanities
34The Third Century Series
35The Torrance Studies for The Gifted, The Creative and The Future Behaviors
37The Transfer of Credit Committee
38The United Way
39University 101
40The University Affiliated Programs
41The University's Alcohol Awareness
42The University's Calendar
43The University Center in Georgia's AHEA Pre-Conference on Micro-Computers
44The University's Council
45The University Press
46Upward Bound
47The United States Department of State
48The University of Georgia's Foundation
49The University of Georgia Foundation's Annual Trustees Meeting on May 3-6 at the Columbus Hilton
50The University of Georgia's Foundation's Directory
UA97-074:321The University of Georgia's Presidential Search
2The Vice-President for Academic Affairs's Speeches
3The Valdosta State College
4The Veterans' Administration
5Veterinary Medicine
6The Vice-Presidents and the Deans
7Frankie Welsh the Designer
8West Georgia College
9Tony White
10Winthrop, Carol
11The Women in Higher Education's Conference on November 4-5 at Clark College in Atlanta
12Writing Across the Curriculum
13Roger Douglas Yapp
UA97-074:331The Academic Assessment
2The Administrative Staffing of Minority Hiring and Recruiting
4Advising and Retention
6The American Council on Education
8The Arts and Science, College of, 12-30-1986 - 6-30-1987
9The College of Arts and Sciences, 7/1/86 - 12/30/86
10Athletics, 1986-1987
11Athletics in General, 1986-1987
12The College of Business Administration, Until /30/1987
14The Cabinet (Number One) The McBee Resume
15The Chamber of Commerce
16The Graduate Commencement Ceremony
17The Computer Advisory Committee
UA97-074:341The Council of the Deans
2The Curriculum
3The Deans' Council
4The Developmental Studies (Athletic Eligibility), 1986
5Developmental Studies
6The College of Education
7The College of Education in General
8The College of Education - The Problems
9Wood, Salary
10The College of Education - The Salary Study
11The Equal Opportunity Office
12The Georgia Museum of Art's Director Search
13The Georgia Museum of Art in General
14Georgia at Oxford
16Gerontology - Action UYA
17The Graduate School
UA97-074:351The Institute of Higher Education
2The College of Home Economics
3The Honors Program
4The Humanities - The Center for the Theoretical
5IISP - The International Inter-Cultural Studies Program, 1986-1987
6IISP - International Inter-Cultural Studies Program, 1985-1986
7IISP - International Inter-Cultural Studies Program, 1985-1986
8USG-IISP, 1985
9Instructional Development, 1987
10The Instructional Development's Office
11Instructional Development, 1987-1988
12Instructional Development
13Instructional Development, Burkina Faso
14The Inauguration of Charles Knapp, 1987 October 18
15The Knapp Inaugural
UA97-074:361The Kellogg Task Force
2The Memoranda from President Stanford
3The Miscellaneous Correspondence
4The Non-Traditional Students
5The College of Pharmacy
6The Presidential Search Committee
UA97-074:371The University of Georgia's Press
2The Promotion and Tenure Committee, 1987
3The Promotional Guidelines' Study Committee
4The Promotional Guidelines' Review, Craige
5The Promotion and Tenure Committee, 1986-1987
6The Recommendations
7The Search Committee - The Museum of Art - 6 Folders
8The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)
9The SACS Manual - The Responses, 1987 July 20
10Space in General
11The Stanford Appreciation Dinner
12Stanford the President / 2
13Stanford the President / 1
14Stop Drugs at the Source
UA97-074:381The Student Problems, 1985-1986
2Walter Bennett
3Robert M. Bronson
4Sheila Dewart
5Mark Drummond
6Eobert William Harris
7Kris Hawksworth
8Joseph Hughes
9Kimberly Krautters
10Howard Nankin
11Sean O'Kelley
12Laura Parks
13Jeff Pierce
14Michael G. Powell
15Paschal Reeves
16Melinda Rhodes
17Nathan L. Sanger
18Brenda Van Sant
19Traci Waites
20Ronald A. Weiner
21Carla Weston
22Stacy Worthy
23The Student Conference on United States' Affairs
UA97-074:391The Table of the Needs Committee for the Third Century Campaign
2The Third Century's Fund
3The Transfer of Credit Committee
4The Transfer of Credit #2
5The Transfer of Credit's Conference on August 18 at Unicoi
6Transfer, The System of Credit Committee, April 9, 2:00 P.M. in Atlanta
7The University Center in Georgia
8The University of Georgia's Foundation
9The University of Georgia Foundation's Trustees Conference on May 29-31 at The Cloister
10The University System, The Chief Academic and the Student Personnel Officers, at Jekyll Island on August
11The University of Texas at Austin
12The Undergraduate Commencement
13The Undergraduate Commencement's Committee
14The Board of Visitors, June 1, 1983 - The Early
UA97-074:401ACE Fellows (The American Council on Education)
2ACE/Nip (ACE / National Identification Program)
3AAUP (The American Association of University Professors)
4AAUP (The American Association of The University Professors)
5The Abraham Baldwin Scholarship Fund
6The Associate Vice-President for Academic Affairs
7The Academic Advisement
8The Academic Advisory Committee on Developmental Studies
9The Academic Advisory Committee on Health Professions
10The Academic Advisory Committee on Philosophy
11The Academic Assistance Proposal
12The Academic Common Market
13The Academic Departments, The Review of
14The Academic Governance
15Academic Honesty
16The Academic Recognition Day
17The School of Accounting
18Accreditation COPA
19The Administrative Reorganization
20The African Studies
21The Air Force's ROTC
22The International Admissions Criteria
23Dyer / Admissions
24The Transfer / Admissions Standards
25The Admissions
26The Adult Education Review Team
27The Adult Education's Graduate School Review
28The Adult Education Program at Fort Gordon, Georgia
29The Department of Adult Education
30Advanced Placement
31The Advanced Computational Methods Center
32Advising and Retention
33The Advisory Council of the Presidents
34The Affirmative Action of The University System of Georgia
35The College of Agriculture
36The College of Engineering (The Proposal)
37The Agricultural Engineering Presentation, 1986 October 21
38The Center for Agricultural Marketing and Product Development
39The AIDS Survey - The Atlanta Journal & Constitution
40The Air Force's ROTC
41Dr. Albersheim
42The Algeo / Corley Report, 1980
43The Alumni
44The Alumni Foundation's Distinguished Professors
45The Alumni Society
46The American Red Cross
47American College Testing
48The American Council on Education (Ace)
49Anderson, Wyatt
50The Annual Report, 1986-1987
51The Annual Report, 1985-1986
52Anthropology and Linguistics, The Department of
53The Applicant Clearing-House
54The Applications for Jobs at The University of
55The Arch Interview
56The Army's ROTC
57The American Language Program Speak Results, 9/85-6/86
58Arts and Sciences, 1987-1988
UA97-074:411The Art Department's Exchange Program
2Art, The Department of
3The Artificial Intelligence
4The Arts and Sciences - The Search for the Dean
UA97-074:421The Asian Studies
2The Workshop on Assessing Institutional Effectiveness / February 24-25 / Atlanta
3The Assessment
4The Association of American Universities
5The Athens Recruiting Station's Dedication Ceremony on 12 August at 11:00 at the Beechwood Shopping Center
6Athens Tech
7Athletics, 1986-1987
8Avice, John
9Baghdad, The University of
10Ball, Milner S.
11Barrow Hall
12Bell, Terrell H. - The Visiting University Professor of Higher Education
13The Biocontainment Research Laboratory
14The Biotechnological Division, Len Mortenson - The Chairman
15Mortenson, Len
16The Biological Sciences Complex
17The Black Faculty and Staff Group (BFSG)
18The Material for the Bookstore
19The Botanical Garden
20The Department of Botany
21Bowen, Tom
22The Budget
23The Budget for 1987 and for 1988
24The Budget Conference on December 17 at 9:00 A.M.
26The Bulletin
27The College of Business
28Business Administration
29The Vice-President for Business and Finance
30CLEP - The College Level Examination Program
31The Cabinet
32The Cairo Junior College
33The Calculus Workshop (Mathematics)
34The Calendar
35The Calendar Committee for the University System
36The University Wide Calendar Committee (Delmar Dunn), 1989 January 12
37The Canadian Studies
38The Cancellation of Classes
39The Capital Outlay Requests
40The Career Planning and Placement
41The Carnegie Report
42The Carthage Excavation Project
43The Center for Archaeological Sciences
44The Center for Computational Quantum Chemistry
45The Center for Nitrogen Fixation
46The Center for Non-Linear Studies
47The Center for Research Libraries
48The Center for the Study of the Presidency Conference
49The Certificate Program
50The School of Chemical Sciences
51The Department of Chemistry
52The Child Care's Committee
53The Child Care's Committee
54The Department of Child and Family Development
55The Chi Phi House
56The Classes
57The Department of Classics
58The Classroom Requirements
59The Classrooms' Use
UA97-074:431The Callaway Chair
2The Clinical Agreements
3The Clippings in General
4The Lucy Cobb Scholarship Fund - The Lucy Cobb Loan Fund
5The Collaborative Problem Solving - See the Conflict Mediation
6The College Football Association
7The College Placement Examination
8The College Preparatory Curriculum Requirements
9The Columns Faculty Forum
11Commencement - The Graduate School, 1987-1988
12The Commission on the Colleges
13The Commission of the Status of Women
14The Committee (The Pre-College Curriculum Deficiency Study), 1988
15The Communicative Disorders' Degree
16The Department of Comparative Literature
17The Computer Advisory Committee
18The Computing and Networking Services
19The Office of Computer Information Services (OCIS)
20The Department of Computer Sciences
21The Conflict Mediation
22The Consent Forms
23The Consolidation of the City and the County
24The Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching
25The Consulting Policies
26The Consulting Policies (The Published Book)
27The College of Continuing Studies
28The Cooper Union and the University of Georgia's Exchange
29The Cooperative Education
30The Cooperative Organizations
32The Counseling and Testing
33The Court Cases
34The Department of Criminal Justice
36D.A.A.D. (Scholarships)
37The Departmental Drops
38The Departmental Grade Analyses in the Fall, 1987
39The Vice-President for Development and University Relations
40The Center for Programs and for the Study of Developmental Disabilities
41Devorsey, Louis
42The Lamar Dodd Chair
43The Drafts for Stanford
44The Department of Drama
45Dyer, Thomas G.
UA97-074:441The East-West Policy Project
2The Department of Ecology
3Education # 1
4Education # 2
5The Audit Report, 1987 June 30
6The Telephone Directory, 1987-1988
7The College of Education:
8The Communication Sciences and Disorders
9The Institute of Higher Education
10The Reorganization
11The School Psychology Program
12The Teacher Education
13The Torrance Center for Creative Studies
14The Vocation Education
15The Womens' Network
16The Exceptional Childrens' Chairship
17The Division for the Education of Exceptional Children
18The Education of the Deaf
19The Educational Opportunities' Center
20Egypt (Except the Cairo Junior College)
21The Eminent Scholar
22The Employee Assistance Program
23The Endowed Professorships
24The Engineering Transfer Program
26The Enrollment
27The Enrollment for the Fall, 1988
28The School of the Environmental Design
29The Environmental Ethics Certificate's Program
30The Environmental Ethics Workshop
31The Equal Opportunity Office
32Dr. Karl-Erik Eriksson
33The Erlangen Exchange
34Leroy Ervin (Bryndis Jenkins Has The File)
UA97-074:451The Evaluations
2The Evening Classes & Independent Studies
3The Examinations
4The Extra Compensation
5The Facsimile Services (The Instructional Resources Center)
6The Faculty Appeal Committee
7The Faculty's Center (Club)
8The Faculty Evaluations
9The Faculty Forum in Columns
10The Faculty's Handbook
11The Faculty's Information System
12The Faculty's New Tour, 1987
13The Faculty's Orientation, 1987
14The Faculty's Problems
15Professor George Adomian
16Harry Anderson
17Anthropology and Linguistics
18Rolf E. Bagmann
19Merritt Blakeslee
20Tom Burton
21Charles Crowe
22Thomas Goolsby
23Frances Gordon
24Roy Grant
25Paul Kelly
26Michael Maquire
27Charles Melton
28Jerome Mitchell
29Lu Tonglin
30Jarrell A. Wadsworth
31The Faculty's Register
32The Faculty's Retiree Reception
33The Faculty Salary Study
34An Analysis of The University of Georgia's Faculty Salaries, 1988 Janaury 18
35The Faculty Service Awards' Presentations, 1987
36The Fellowships
37The Financial Aid
38The Foreign Affairs Conference at the United States Naval Academy
39The Foreign Language Requirements
40The Foreign Teaching Assistants
41The School of Forest Resources
42The Senator John Foster and Paul Brown's Meeting on August 3rd at 1:30 P.M. in 1987
43The Foundation Fellows
44The Franklin Fellowships
UA97-074:461The Fulbright Scholars
2The Full-Time Student
5GAWDAC (The Georgia Association of Women Deans, Administrators and Counselors)
6Galmabos, Eva C.
UA97-074:471The Department of Genetics
4Georgia at Oxford
5Georgia 4-H
6The Georgia Academic Advising Committee
7The Georgia Academy of Science
8The Georgia Association of Junior Colleges Meeting on October 24
9The Georgia Commission on The Bicentennial of the United States' Constitution
10The Georgia Center for Continuing Education
11The Georgia Cooper Union Exchange Committee
12The Georgia Educational Policy Seminar
13The Georgia Endowment for the Humanities
14The Georgia Health Sciences Consortium
15The Georgia Museum of Art
16The Georgia Museum of Art's Board of Advisors
17The Director's Search Committee for the Museum of Art
18The Georgia Historical Quarterly
19The University of Georgia's Press
20The Georgia Public Safety Training
21The Georgia Review
22The Germanic and Slavic Languages' Department
23The Global Education - See the Georgia-China Council
24The Golden Key
25Thomas Goolsby - See the Faculty Problems
26The Grade Analyses
27The Graduate Council
28The Graduate School
29The Graduate School's Financial Aid
30The Graduate Students' Workloads
31The Grants and the Proposals
32The Committee to Develop the Graphic Identity of The University of Georgia
33The Graves Mountain Property
34The Grievance Procedures
35Peggy Herman (See the Collaborative Problem Solving)
37The Handicapped Student Services
38The Hardman Hall
39The Health Professions
40The Institute of Higher Education
41Martin Hillenbrand
UA97-074:481The Department of History
2The Homecoming, 1986
3The Hugh O'Brien Youth Foundation (HOBY)
4The Holiday Schedule, 1986-1987
5The Holmes-Hunter Lecture, 1986
6The Name Change of the College of Home Economics
UA97-074:491The Honors Day Program, 1988
2Honors Day, 1987
3The Honors Program
4The Humanities Center
5The Journal in the Humanities
6The IISP Agreements (The International Inter-Cultural Studies Program)
7The Report on the Inter-Disciplinary Certificate
8The Institutes and the Centers
9The Institutes and the Centers Which Are on Hold
10The Evaluations of the Institutes and of the Centers
11The Curriculum Study Committee of the Institutes and Centers
12The Institute for Behavioral Research
13The Institute for Natural Product Research
14The Institute of European Studies
15Institutional Research and Planning
16The Institutional Staff Program
17The University of Georgia's Fund for Instructional Excellence
18The Office of Instructional Development
19The International Student Exchange's Contract
20The Phi Beta Delta Honor Society for International Scholars - Dr, Mcbee - The Constitution & the By-Laws
21International Development
22The International Programs
23The International Student Programs and Services
24The International Task Force
25The Internationalization of the Campus
26The Internships
27The Israel / University of Georgia Exchanges
28The Japanese Language Project
UA97-074:501The Jeannette Rankin Foundation
2The Jekyll Island Musical Comedy Festival
3The Joint Tech-Georgia Development Fund
4Ellen Jordan
5The School of Journalism and Mass Communication
6The School of Journalism's Accreditation
7The Journals Published and Edited by The University of Georgia Personnel
9The Kennesaw College
10The Martin Luther King Center
11Dr. Charles B. Knapp
12The LD/OCR Complaint
13LRMS - The Laboratory for Remote Sensing - Dr. Roy Welch
14The Department of Landscape Architecture
15The Latin American Studies
16Leadership U.G.A.
17The Search for the Dean of the School of Law
18The School of Law
19The Legislative Visit on November 19, 1987
20The Audit Controversy at the Library
21The Libraries of The University of Georgia
22The Library Circulation Records
23Library Confidential
24The School of Library Sciences
25The Liability Insurance
26The Lilly Teaching Fellow Program
27Huey Long
28The Macon Junior College
29The Macon Junior College Cooperative Six Year Program
30The Discontinued and Changed Majors
31The Marriage and Family Therapy
32The School of Marine Sciences
33The Master Development Plan for The University of Georgia
35Math 100
36The Charles F. McCay Fund's History
37The Mediation Center
38The Task Force on Mediation
39The Memoranda of Dr. McBee for 1986 and for 1987
40Mary McFeely
41William McFeely - The Russell Professor of History
42The McPhaul Center
43The Medical College of Georgia's School of Nursing's Advisory Board
44The Memo 1 Positions
UA97-074:511The Mental Retardation Facility's Review
2The Mental Retardation Facility's Review
3The Department of Microbiology
4Military Science
5The Miller Chair's Reception
6The Minority Advising Program
UA97-074:521John H. Morrow, Jr.
2The Exchange Program With the Moscow State
3The University of Georgia's Museum of Natural History
4The School of Music
5The NASULGC Questionnaire
6The NACAA Academic Reporting Form
7The NEC Latin Institute (The Classics of Dr. Lafleur)
8The Ntl Doctoral Program
9The NASULGC 's 100th Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., 1987 November 8-10
10The National Association for The State Universities and for the Land Grant Colleges (NASULGC)
11The National Consortium for Educational Access
12The National Governors' Association Report on The Education
14The New Degrees
15The Non-Traditional Academic Programs
16The Non-Traditional Student - The Fincher Report
17The Non-Traditional Students
18The North Campus Preservation Committee
19Randy Nuckolls
20The Nursing Education
21The Oglethorpe Chair in History
22The Old Athens Cemetery Association
23The Paintings on Loan from the Museum
25Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays
27William J. Payne
28The Peabody Awards
29The Graham Perdue Chair in Physics
30Pharm. D. - The Medical College of Georgia
32The Phi Beta Delta Honor Society for International Scholars
33Phi Beta Kappa
34Phi Kappa Hall
35The Philosophy Department
36The University of Georgia's Physical Activity Center
37The Department of Physical Education
38The Physical Plant
39Physics and Astronomy
40The Howard Lee Assistantship in Physics
41The Planning Calendar, 1986-1987
42The State Climatologist Gayther Plummer
43See The Retirement Policy
44The Department of Political Science
45The Portrait of Fred Davison
46The Pre-Engineering Program from Georgia Tech
47The Presidential Leadership
48Sharon Price
49William F. Prokasy
50Project 30
51The Department of Psychology
52The Office of Public Relations
53The Public Safety Division
54The Publications' Advisory Committee
55The Quality Improvement Money, 1987-1988
56The Promotion and Tenure Committees, 1987-1988
57The Tenure Appeals
58The Tenure and Promotions - Post Tenure
59The Promotions / Tenure, 1987-1988
60The Revised Promotional Guidelines
UA97-074:531The Ramsey Center for Private Enterprise
2The Jeannette Rankin Foundation
3The Recruitment of The Black Faculty
UA97-074:541The Red and Black
2The Regents' Administrative Fellows
3The Regents' Examination
4The Regents' Professorship
5The Registrar
6Joseph Reid
7The Department of Religion
8The Research Professorships
9The Residency Appeals Committee
10The Procedure to Use in Allocating Research
11Release Time from the Deans
12The Vice-President for Research
13The Retirement Policy
14The Review and Evaluation of the Undergraduates and the Graduates
15The Romance Languages
16John Roth
17John Runningwolfe
18The Rusk Center
19The Richard B. Russell Lectures
21The SEC Committee
23The SOTAB Program
24SREB The Sabbatical Programs
25The Salvation Army Advisory Board
26The Sapelo Island
27The Sarah Moss Fellowships
28Henry F. Schaefer
29The Scholarships
30The Central America / John Silber Scholarships
31The Vice-President for Services
32Sexual Harassment
33The Small Business Development's Center (SBDC)
34The Smart Office
35Herman B. Smith
36The School of Social Work
37The Society for International Development (M. J. Rice)
38The Department of Sociology
39The Southeastern Chief Academic Officers
40The Southern Regional Committee on Statistics
41Southern University
42Space Allocation
43The Space Allocation Committee
44Space Allocation
45The Space in Atlanta
46The Special Academic Programs
UA97-074:551The Special Funding Initiative
2The Special Professorships: See the Endowed Professorships
3The Department of Speech Communication
4The Staff Advisory Committee at The University of Georgia
5The Staff Petition
6Henry King Stanford
7The Stanford Scholars
8The Department of Statistics
9The Statutes
10The Strategic Planning Proposal
11The Vice-President for Student Affairs
12The Student Evaluations on Teaching Effectiveness
13The Student Leadership's Development Center
14The Student Learning Disabilities Center
15The Student Learning Disabilities Advising
16The Students
17The "Hail Mary" Student Affairs
18The Foreign Teaching Assistants (The Students')
19The Student Problems Miscellaneous
20Angela Barry Confidential
21The Studies Abroad in Art Education (Professor Edmonston)
22The Studies Abroad Approvals, 1987-1988
23The Summer School, 1988
24The Summer School's Payroll
25The Summer Session's Payroll
26The Sunbelt
27The Super-Computer
28The Super Conducting Super Collider
29The System's Committee on Minority Participation
30The System's Summary
31The Taft Institute
32The Teachers' Retirement System
34The Testing Investigation
35The Third Century's Campaign
36The Third Century's Research Awards
37Maxine Thomas
38The Travel and Study Outside the United States
39The Agreement of Retirement of Dr. Virginia Y. Trotter
40The University of Georgia's Agreement With Bolivia
41The University of Georgia's Fact Book
42The University of Georgia - Taiwan - Tunghai University
43The United States' Institute of Peace
44The United Way
45The University 101
UA97-074:561The University Bookstore (The Material to Be Sold)
2The University Center in Georgia
3The Facilities Committee of The University's Council
4The University's Governance
5The University of New Brunswick
6The University of Lyon - The Students
UA97-074:571The University of Georgia's Club (See Also the Faculty Club or the Center)
2The University of Georgia's Foundation's Trustees Meeting, Savannah, 1988 September 10-11
3The University of Georgia's Foundation, 1987-1988
4The University of Georgia's Foundation's Desserts
5The University of Georgia Research Foundation
6The University's Legal Seminar
7The University System's Faculty Development Committee
8The University System's College Preparatory
9The Board of Regents of The University System of
10The Regents' Policy
11The Board of Regents' Approvals
12The University System's Reports
13The University System's Administrative Committee on Academic Affairs
14The Chief Academic Officers
15The Chief Academic Officers' on April 10 at 9:00 in Atlanta
16The Transfer of Credits Meeting on January 14 at 1:00 P.M.
17The University System's Core Curriculum Meeting on September 21 at the Tate Center
18The Transfer of Credit Meeting on October 15 in Atlanta at 1:00 P.M.
19The Advisory Council / January 15 / The Regents' Board Room / 10:00 A.M.
20The Valdosta State College's Commencement Ceremony
21The College of Veterinary Medicine
22The University of Georgia's Foundation's Recruiting Video-Tape
23The Virginia Rucker Walker Scholarship
24Dr. Lynda H. Walters
25The Washington Report
26Welch-See Lrms
27The Wellness Program
28Claude Williams
29John S. Wodarski
30The Womens' Studies
31The World Congress on Philosophy, 1998
32Robert Wyatt
33The Younger Scholars Awards - The National Endowment for The Humanities
UA97-074:58Fiscal Material Pertaining to The Athens General Hospital, 1981-1983
UA97-074:59Memo to J. Ralph Beaird, 1986 March 26