Ecological Society of America records

Ecological Society of America records

Descriptive Summary

Repository: University of Georgia Archives
Creator: Ecological Society of America.
Title: Ecological Society of America records
Dates: Bulk, 1965-1985
Dates: 1915-2015
Quantity: 130.75 Linear feet (185 boxes)
Coll. Number: UA97-061

Biographical/Historical Note

The Ecological Society of America (ESA) is a professional organization of ecological scientists. ESA generates many publications, from peer-reviewed journals to newsletters. The organization holds its annual meeting at different locations through the United States and Canada. ESA is engaged in public policy, science, and education and diversity issues. Its 10,000 members are researchers, educators, natural resource managers, and students in over 90 countries. Members work on a wide range of topics, from agroecology to marine diversity and explore the relationships between organisms and their past, present, and future environments. With over 20 topical sections and seven regional chapters, ESA members address a great breadth of interests and activities.

The first discussions on the formation of the Society took place in 1914 in the lobby of the Hotel Walton in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at a meeting of animal and plant ecologists organized by Henry Chandler Cowles. On December 28, 1915, in Columbus, Ohio at the meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, a group of about 50 people voted to form the Ecological Society of America, adopted a constitution, and set the next meeting. Dr. Victor E. Shelford of the University of Illinois served as the first president.

ESA has five divisions: the Public Affairs Office, the Science Programs Office, the Education and Diversity Programs Office, and ESA Journals.

The organization's peer-reviewed journals include Ecology, Ecological Monographs, Ecological Applications, Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, and Ecosphere.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of correspondence, reports, and research materials related to the activities of the Ecological Society of America. The records are primarily associated with 43 prominent members of ESA, including Stanley Auerbach, Frank Golley and others.


The collection is arranged into forty-three series based on prominent members, listed alphabetically.

Index Terms

Administrative records.
Auerbach, Stanley I.
Ecological Society of America.
Ecological surveys.
Institute of Ecology.
U.S. International Biological Program.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

Ecological Society of America records, UA97-061, University of Georgia Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Processing Information note

This finding aid lists only part of the overall collection. Additional files will be added as processing is completed.

Related Material

Related collections in this repository include the Institute of Ecology records, UA97-066.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Charles C. Adams

1691Correspondence: Conservation Photocopies, 1915-1916
2Correspondence: Originals, 1915-1916
3Correspondence: Conservation Photocopies, 1920-1923
4Correspondence: Originals, 1920-1923
5Correspondence: Conservation Photocopies, 1922-1925
6Correspondence: Originals, 1922-1925
7Correspondence, 1930-1933
8Correspondence, 1935-1940
9Atlantic City, 1936
10Coker-Ecological Society. Indianapolis, 1937-1938
11Correspondence, 1938-1939
12Correspondence, 1940-1941
13Ecological Society of America Records, 1975-1978
1851First report of the Committee of the Ecological Society of America for an Endowment Policy and Program, 1947

2. Stanley T. Auerbach

11-5Council, 1964-1966
6Education Committee
7Executive Committee
8-9Study Committee: Related Reports & Articles
10-12Public Affairs Committee
13Historical Records (ESA) Committee
14Public Affairs Committee: Committee Membership & Reports
15Endowment Committee
16Committee on Remote Sensing
17Committee on Microenvironments
18Committees: Miscellaneous Items
19Nominations (ESA) Committee
20Executive Committee
21Committee Reports, 1968 August
22Study Committee Membership: Committee Reports & Minutes
23Study Committee: Weather
21Committee on Sections & Chapters, 1969-1971
2Publications Committee, 1966-1970
3Physiological Ecology Section, 1968-1971
4Coordinating Committee: International Association of Ecology (INTECOL), 1969-1970
5Survey Committee (ESA), 1953-1955
6Study of Vegetation Committee, 1953-1960
7Conferences & Symposia Committee, 1965-1969
8ESA Congress-Environmental Clearing House, 1969 March 19
9Life Histories Committee
10Membership Committee
11Physiological Ecology Committee
12Resolutions Committee (ESA), 1957-1970
13Study Committee: Correspondence
14Finance Committee
15Applied Ecology Committee
16Publications Committee
17-18Study Committee, General
19Committees, General
20-21Human Ecology Committee
22Publications Committee
23Education Committee
24Radioecology Committee, 1961-1968
4-7Study Committee: National Institute of Ecology (NIE)
8John Reed, 1963-1964
9Auerbach, 1969-1971
10Eugene P. Odum, 1963-1964
11Lindsey, 1957-1961
12Gerking, 1970-1971
13-14L. E. Olmsted, 1960-1970
15National Committee on Effects of Radiation
16A. J. Sharp, 1958
17Membership Committee (Forman)
18Smith, G. P., 1958-1963
19Deevey, 1969-1970
20W. Frank Blair, 1961-1964
21Cantlon, 1970-1971
22Ashby, 1969-1971
23Program Chairman
24Duke Press (Stearns)
25Study Committee (Inger), 1970-1971
26F.W. Preston, 1958-1960
27Program Committee (Osburn), 1971
28Slater, 1970
29Martin, Paul, 1970
41-3ESA Council, 1969
4ESA Sections: Aquatic Section
5ESA Western Section
6-8Animal Behavior Section
9ESA Chapters
10ESA Sections
11Study Committee
12Aquatic Ecology Section
13-15Study Committee: Prior Material
16-17Coordination Committee
18-22Program Committee
51-6Membership: General Correspondence, 1965-1969
7-17Administrative Correspondence A-Z
18Administrative Correspondence: Miscellaneous
19-20Addressograph Correspondence
21Duke Press: Addressograph Correspondence
22Duke University Press Correspondence, 1968-1969
61ESA: Jobs
2ESA: International Botanical Congress, 1969
3Insurance Plan
4-6Education Brochure
7Requests for Educational Information, 1966-1970
8Agenda-Annual Meeting (Current), 1968-1969
9ESA: BSCS Newsletter
10-11ESA Directory
12Memberships, Family
13ESA Photographs
14ESA Publicity
15Miscellaneous Business
16Historical Records and History of the Society, 1953-1960
17-18Orders for ESA Publications
19ESA: Stationery
20Directory File
21ESA Constitution, 1951-1967
22Biologists Emeriti, 1965
23ESA: Conservation, 1966-1969
71-5AIBS Program, 1965-1966
6Smithsonian Institution
7National Science Foundation
8Ecological Society of Australia, 1960-1961
9ESA: Atomic Energy Commission
10British Ecological Society
11American Society of Zoology
12ESA: Sierra Club
15International Science Foundation
16Thorne Ecological Foundation
17International Union of Biological Sciences
18National Wildlife Foundation
19National Research Council: Subcommittee on Pesticides
20-21AAAS Program, 1966-1969
22AAAS: Fellows
23-25National Resources Council of America, 1958-1970
26-27International Biosphere Program (IBP), 1963-1967
28American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1959-1969
29International Ecology Organizations, 1959-1964
30-31National Academy of Science: National Research Council, 1967-1969
81-2National Academy of Science: National Research Council, 1967-1969
3Natural Resources Council, 1953-1964
7AIBS: Representative, 1963-1968
8American Association for the Advancement of Sciences
9ESA: Special Delegates
10ESA Representative to AAAS
11ESA Representative to Intersociety Committee on Agricultural Meteorology
12ESA Conservation Foundation
13ESA Representatives to AAAS
14Program: AIBS
15Western Section
16ESA: Sigma Xi Society, 1965
17ESA: Ecology Action
18ESA Representative to Agricultural Research Institute
19ESA: Inland Biological Stations, 1966-1968
91-6Bulletin, 1966-1968
7Bulletin #1, 1970 March
8Aquatic Society Newsletter
9-11Ecology Journal, 1966-1967
12Ecology: Coordinating Editor
13Animal Behavior Journal
14Ecological Monographs Journal, 1960-1964
15Journals, 1956-1969
16ESA Officers, 1966-1969
17ESA President, 1964-1969
18ESA Vice President, 1962-1969
19-20ESA Secretary, 1958-1969
21ESA Business Manager, 1956-1969
22-23ESA Treasurer, 1963-1968
24-25Mercer Awards, 1945-1970
26Eminent Ecologist Award
27National Medal of Science
28Hoblitzelle Award
29Annual Business Meeting, 1959-1965
30Accountant’s Reports, 1964-1965
31Tax Exempt Status, 1964-1965
32Congress, 1965-1969
33U.S. Department of the Interior, 1964-1968
101-4Correspondence Concerning ESA Publications A-Z
5Correspondence Concerning Miscellaneous ESA Publications, 1965-1966
6-20Mailing Lists for ESA Publications, 1963-1967
111Coordination Committee, 1971
2Education Committee, 1970-1972
3Ethics Committee, 1971-1972
4Finance Committee, 1969-1975
5Nominations Committee, 1971-1973
6Program Committee, 1971-1974
7Public Affairs Committee, 1967-1976
8Study Committee for NIE, 1969-1974
9Awards, 1971-1973
10Business Manager, 1971-1974
11National Headquarters, 1971-1973
12Past President, 1972-1974
121President, 1970-1976
2Secretary, 1969-1975
3Treasurer, 1971-1972
4Vice President, 1971-1972
131American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1972-1972
2AIBS – Nomination Committee, 1971
3AIBS – Public Land Committee, 1970-1971
4AIBS – Report File, 1969-1972
5-7AIBS – Representative, 1970-1973
8INTECOL, 1970-1971
9Natural Resources Council of America, 1970-1971
10Urban Ecology Committee, 1971
11ESA Council, 1970-1975
12Applied Ecology Section, 1971-1974
13Aquatic Ecology Section, 1971-1973
14Western Section, 1972
15-16Correspondence (Miscellaneous), 1969-1975
141-3Correspondence (Miscellaneous), 1978-1986
5Environmental Crisis Reading List, 1970-1973
6Human Ecology, 1971-1972
7Meetings and Conference, 1971-1972
8Membership, 1970-1972
9Publishing– Bulletin, 1964-1972
10Publishing– Bulletin Mailing Slips, 1966-1969
11Publishing– Duke Press, 1969-1974
12Publishing– Ecology, 1971-1974
13Publishing– Managing Editor, 1971-1974
151International Biological Program (IBP) Convergent and Divergent Evolution Integrated Research Program, 1970 August 12
2International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, 1973 September 5
3Report - First International Symposium on Ecosystems, 1965 September 9
4Ecosystem Theory Proposal, 1974 January 14
5-7Ecological Reserves in Natural Resource Management, Sections 1-3, 1982
8Environmental Education Handbook, 1972
9Conservation of Ecosystems Program, 1972
10National Research Council, 1971
11USEC Meetin, 1972
12Evaluation of the International Biological Program (IBP), 1975 December
13Mathematical Models of Natural Ecosystems
14Macrolevel Ecosystems in Relation to Man, 1972 April 7
191IBP: Annual Report, 1973
2IBP: Budget, 1972
3IBP: Budget, 1971
4IBP: Budget Summary, 1970
5Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), 1973-1979
6Program Monthly Statements
7Decomposer Working Group
8IBP: Interbiome Specialities Meetings
9Progress Report, 1972
10Forms and Input Forms
201IBP: International Woodland Committee
2IBP: Budget
3IBP: Miscellaneous
4IBP: NSF Grant
5IBP: Correspondence, 1971-1972
6Calendar of Events, 1971-1972
7Agrobiology Newsletter, 1972-1973
8Biosphere Newsletter, 1970
9Inter-American News, 1969-1971
10Process Coordination
11Site Description
211IBP: Arid Lands
2IBP: Grasslands
3IBP: Soil Arthropods
4IBP: Taiga
5IBP: V Assembly
6IBP: Conifer Biome
7IBP: Desert Biome
8IBP: Tundra Biome
9BARA Meeting, 1972 November
10Alan E.K.: Univ. of Wisconsin
11Helmut Lieth: UNC
12G. Fred Lise Materials
13Cornell University
14RPI Contract
221Flora North America
2ICC Meeting, 1973
3NSF Oak Ridge Site Review, 1973 July
4HTM Review
5DBER Review, 1973 October 9-11
6IBP Synthesis: General
7IBP Executive Committee Meeting, 1974 February 22-23
8IBP Meeting, Washington DC, 1973 November 9
9NSF Biome Review, 1974 March 11
10PF Synthesis Effort
11U.S-IBP Synthesis Activities
12EPA Advisement
13Aberystwyth Meeting, 1973 April
14U.S-IBP Report No. 5
15Battelle Review of Biomes
16IBP Executive Committee
17Proposal for Forest Services Management
18U.S. Forest Service
19Regional Modeling
20Biome Planning
21IBP Law PL 91-438
22Interbiome Correspondence
23Tundra Biome
24Aquatic Primary Production Workshop
25Aquatic Secondary Production Workshop
26Aquatic Decomposition Production Workshop
27Terrestrial Primary Production Workshop
28Terrestrial Secondary Production Workshop
29Terrestrial Decomposition Production Workshop
30Hydrology Workshop
31Meteorology Workshop
32Mineral Cycling Workshop
33Modeling Workshop
34PF Symposium, 1972
231Program for Analysis of World Ecosystems (PAWE)
2IBP General Assembly V
3Interbiome PP Workshop, Oak Ridge, 1972 April 13-14
4DBER Regional Program Planning.
5Biome Working Materials, 1975
7IBP Fiscal Reports
8NSF Site Review
9First Annual EDFB Information Meeting
10Second Annual EDFB Information Meeting
11IBP: Miscellaneous
12Memos: Executive Committee and Sites
13Process Coordinator
14Public Relations & Information Flow
15U.S. Communications
16International Communications
241African Program, 1974
2Canadian Program, 1971-1972
3Czechoslovakian Program, 1973
4English Program, 1972
5Estonian Program, 1973
6EXCOM, 1973-1975
7EXCOM, 1973-1975
8Oak Ridge Site Data Management, 1973
9Numeric Databases, 1972-1975
10Document Acquisition, 1973
11French Program, 1972
12Indian Program, 1969-1972
13Irish Program, 1971
14Japanese Program, 1972-1973
15Malaysian Program, 1969-1974
16Netherlands Program, 1971
17New Zealand Program, 1973-1974
18Polish Program, 1971-1974
19Russian Program, 1973
20Spanish Program, 1971-1973
21Swedish Program, 1969-1975
22Swiss Program, 1973
23Zaire Program, 1972
24Coweeta, 1971
25Lake George site, 1971
26Lake Wingra site, 1970-1972
27International Synthesis, 1972-1974
28International Synthesis, 1972-1975
29Eastern Deciduous Forest Biome (EDFB) Synthesis, 1974
30International Synthesis: Tundra Biome, 1974
31International Synthesis: Woodlands Biome, 1973
32Triangle Site, 1972

3. William Billings

30Membership file
311National Science Foundation, 1978-1979
322Letters, 1978 June-August
3Letters from Woodwell, 1978-1979
4Correspondence, Miscellaneous, 1977-1978
5President, 1977-1978
6President, 1978-1979
7Treasurer, 1978
8Secretary, 1978-1979
9Officers & Chairmen, Past and Present, 1977-1978
10Executive Office, 1977-1978
11Press Releases, 1976
12AIBS: Governing Board, 1977-1979
13International Botanical Congress, Sydney, 1981 August
14Applied Ecology Committee & Certification, 1978-1979
15Renewable Natural Resources Foundation (RNRF), 1978
16Awards Committee (General), 1977-1979
17Awards, 1979
18Potential Awards, 1978-1979
19Browning Award, 1978
20Browning Award, 1979
21Buell Award, 1974-1978
22Buell Award, 1979
23Distinguished Service Award, 1974-1979
24Eminent Ecologist, 1978
25Eminent Ecologist Award, 1979
26Mercer Awards, 1978
27Mercer Awards, 1979
28Tyler Award, 1974-1978
29Coordinating Committee, 1977-1978
30Education Committee, 1978-1979
31Executive Committee Meeting, 1978 August
32Executive Committee Agenda, 1979 January
33Executive Committee Meeting, 1979 January 21-22
34Finance Committee, 1978-1979
35Historical Records: Archives, 1978-1979
36Membership Committee, 1977-1979
37Nominating Committee, 1977-1979
38Program Committee, 1977-1979
39Public Affairs Committee, 1977-1979
40Public Affairs Committee: Department of Natural Resources, 1978-1979
41Publications Committee: Managing Editor Search, 1976-1978
42Publications Committee: Marzof-Bulletin, 1979
43Publications Committee: Ecology & Ecological Monographs, 1978-1979
44Publications Committee: Managing Editor Ithaca, 1978-1979
45Study Committee, 1977-1979
46Symposia Committee, 1977-1979
47UNESCO Committee, 1978-1979
331ESA Council, 1977-1978
2Animal Behavior and Sociobiology Section, 1978-1979
3International Activities Section, 1978-1979
4Physiological Ecology Section, 1978
5Southeastern Section, 1979
6Western Section, 1978-1979
7Potential People, 1974-1977
8J. Cairns Project, 1978-1979
9L.B. Crowder Affair, 1978-1979
10R.R. Humphrey Correspondence, 1979
11INTECOL (Israel), 1978 September
12Proposed Professional Services, 1978
13Stillwater Meeting: Agenda, 1979
14Budget FY, 1978-1979
15Budget FY, 1979-1980
16Bulletin, 1976-1979
17Business Office, 1974-1979
18New Business Manager Appointment, 1979
19Certification, 1978
20Constitution, 1977
21Election Procedures, 1978-1979
22Resolutions, 1973-1978

4. William F. Blair

351-2Correspondence, 1962-1969

5. Lawrence C. Bliss

353Executive Committee, 1976-1977
4Executive Committee, 1977-1978
5Executive Committee, 1978-1979
6Executive Committee, 1979-1980
7Executive Committee, 1980-1981
8Executive Committee, 1981-1982
9Finance Committee, 1978
10Finance Committee, 1978-1979
11Finance Committee, 1979-1980
12Finance Committee, 1980-1981
13ESA Council, 1978
14Budget, 1977-1978
15Cooper Award, 1980
16Forest Shreve Fund, 1979
17Managing Editor, 1978-1979
18Managing Editor, 1979-1980
19Mutual Funds, 1977-1978
20Page Charges, 1977-1978
21Presidential Administrative File - Annual Meeting, 1981-1982
22Presidential Administrative File - Backup Materials, 1981-1982
23Presidential Administrative File - Business Manager, 1981-1982
24Presidential Administrative File - Duke Press, 1981-1982
25Presidential Administrative File - Public Affairs, 1981-1982
26Presidential Administrative File - Winter Meeting, 1982
27Presidential Administrative File - AIBS, 1981-1982
28Presidential Administrative File - The Institute of Ecology, 1981-1982
29Presidential Administrative File - Rare and Endangered Species, 1981-1982
30Presidential Administrative File - People for Positions, 1981-1982
31Presidential Administrative File - Expenses, 1981-1982
361President-Elect, 1982-1983
2Secretary, 1982-1983
3Treasurer, 1982-1983
4Business Manager, 1982-1983
5Meeting Agendas, 1983
6Annual Meeting, 1983
7Winter Meeting, 1983
8Future Meetings, 1983
9General Correspondence, 1981-1983
10Awards Committee, 1982-1983
11Education Committee, 1982-1983
12Finance committee, 1982-1983
13Historical Records Committee, 1982
14Program Committee, 1982
15Publications Committee, 1982-1983
16Publications Committee-Bulleting, 1983
17Publications Committee-Managing Editor, 1980-1983
18Appeals Board, 1982
19Certification, 1982-1983
20Logo Committee, 1982-1983
21Membership Committee, 1982
22Nominating Committee, 1983
23Nuclear War, 1982-1983
24Study Committee, 1982-1983
25Executive Committee, 1982
26First Council, 1981-1982
27Business Council, 1982
28Second Council, 1982
29Animal Behavior Section, 1982
30Aquatic Ecology Section, 1982
31International Affairs Section, 1982
32Paleoecology section, 1982
33Physiological Ecology section, 1982
34Vegetation Section, 1982
35Central Rockies Chapter, 1982
36Western Chapter, 1983
37Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1983
38AAAS Representatives, 1982-1983
39AIBS Correspondence, 1983
40AIBS Meeting, 1982-1983
41AIBS Representatives, 1982-1983
42TIE Correspondence, 1982-1983
43INTECOL Correspondence, 1982
44Cairns Book/Workshop, 1982-1983
45General Correspondence, 1982-1983
371Awards committee, 1984-1985
2Executive Committee, 1983-1984
3Public Affairs Committee, 1982-1984
4Public Affairs Committee, 1985 January-February
5Public Affairs Committee, 1985 March-June
6Fort Collins- Business Meeting, 1984
7Fort Collins- Council I, 1984
8Fort Collins- Council II, 1984
9Fort Collins- Executive Committee, 1984
10Constitution, 1983-1984
11General Correspondence, 1984
12Washington Presence, 1984

6. James H. Brown

1681ITC III Competition Symposium
2Ecology Committee: Mammal Society
3ASM Jackson Award
4Mammal Society
5Governing Board, 1996
6BES Meeting, 1996 December
7ESA Council, 1996
8ESA-GSA Interactions
9Annual Report, 1995
11Success Stories
12G. Orians
13Presidential Correspondence
14GOV Board MTG, 1996 November
15Miscellaneous President Stuff, 1996-1997
16Journals, 1996-1997
17Public Affairs
18Committee on Greening
19Federal Government Advising Committee on Water Information
20CAS and ESA
21Data Archiving Committee
22Letter to Gore
23FSEEE Tongass Letter
24ESA Personnel
25UCS-ESA Collaboration
26ESA and Conservation Ecology
27B. Keller Contract
28Mary Barber Dep. Ex. Dir.
29ESA GB MTG, 1997 February-March
30Executive Director Search
31ESA Awards, 1997
32ESA Meeting, 1997
33G.B. Meeting, 1997 August
34ESA BG, 1997 November
35Council, 1997 August
36Science of Ecology W.P.
37Evolutionary Biology
38ESA G.B. Meeting, 1998 March
39The Ecology Society of America
40Human Population White P.
41ESA Nominations
42BES-ESA Meeting
43ESA/AIBS Meeting, 1998 August

7. James T. Callahan

381-2Cantlon Grant for Feasibility Study for The Institute of Ecology (TIE), 1969
391-4Deevey Grant for Feasibility Study for The Institute of Ecology (TIE), 1970-1971

8. William A. Castle

401ESA Letters from Buell, 1948-1953
2ESA Letters from Haskell, 1948-1950
3ESA Letters from Lawrence, 1948-1951
4ESA Letters from Livingston, 1948-1949
5ESA Letters from Metcalf (ESA President), 1948-1950
6ESA Letters from Oosting, 1948-1950
7ESA Letters from Park, 1948-1950
8ESA Letters from Penfound, 1948-1950
9ESA Letters from Sears, 1948-1949
10ESA Letters from Shea, 1949-1950
11Miscellaneous Correspondence A-D, 1948-1952
12Miscellaneous Correspondence E-M, 1948-1952
13Miscellaneous Correspondence N-Z, 1948-1952
14American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1947-1949
15American Institute of Biological Sciences, 1947-1951
16National Research Council, 1947-1949
17Awards Committee – Mercer Award, 1947-1949
18Ecological Life Histories Committee – Report, 1950 March
19Endowment Committee – C.C. Adams, 1948 –1950
20Endowment Committee – Report, 1948
21Membership Committee, 1948-1951
22Plant Science cooperative Committee, 1947 October
23Western Section, 1948
24ESA – Address Lists/Membership, 1948-1950
25The Living Landscape – P.B. Sears, 1949 December 12
26Publications – Duncan/Duke University Press, 1948-1951
27Publications – ESA Bulletin Correspondence, 1947-1948

9. Arthur W. Cooper

421Commitees, Sections, and Councils, 1980-1981
2Administrative Correspondence File, 1979-1982
1591Administrative Correspondence File, 1975-1993
1711ESA Black Book, 1980-1981
2ESA Study Committee, 1975-1980
3ESA Study Committee, 1981-1982
4ESA Public Affairs Committee, 1982-1986
1721ESA Study Committee, 1982-1983
2ESA Review of Washington Office, 1982-1984
National Institute of Ecology: an inquiry (volumes I and II), 1970 March 25

10. David E. Davis

431Correspondence A–G, 1948-82
2Correspondence H–Q, 1949-80
3Correspondence R–Z, 1951-82
4American Ornithologists’ Union-Conference Programs, 1950-75
5American Society of Mammologists, 1946-1979
6Animal Behavior Society, 1976-1977
7Arrested Succession, 1971-79
8Behavior of Animals, 1978-81
9Endangered Species, 1975-78
10Estimated Medieval Population, 1974-77
11Pest Population Strategy, 1968
12Pitymys Data, 1973-74
13Vole Management, 1975-79
14Wildlife Disease Association, 1959-75
15Lectures, 1945-59
16Lectures, 1959-67
17Lectures, 1967-70
441Emlen. Compare Poisons
2Emlen. Baltimore Community Program
3Birth Rates of Carcasses
4Placental Scars
5Mortality. Supersaturate Population
6Emlen. Recovery Rate
7Seasonal Reproduction-Male Rat
8Home Range
9Principles of Wildlife Management
12Principles of Rat Management
13Ecology of Plague
14Weight at Sexual Maturity
15Baltimore Rat Population
17Intraspecific Competition
18An Animal’s Home is its Castle
19Census Method
20Feed Birds-Not Rats
22W.A.R.F. 42
23Genes in Foxes. Calhoun
24Movements and Survival of Rats. Hawaii
25Malthus. Review for Game Managers
26Hall. Polyovuly.
27Juvenile Rat Population
28Baltimore Rat Population
29New York
30New York
31Bird Population
32Seasonal Reproduction. Norway Rats
33Population and Bird Banding
34Pregnancy and Population Level
35Size of Rat and Population
36Size of Rat and Population
37Lepto and Sulmonella
38Farm-City Comparison
39Cat Feces
40Fleas in San Antonio
41Salmonella and Reproduction
42Survival of Young Birds
43Annual Rhythm-Fat
44A Perspective on Rat Control
45Pigeon Reproduction
46Case History of News Story
47Mortality and Salmonella
48Analysis of Home Range from Recapture Data
49Orgain and Schein. Physical Environment
50Rabbits and Spotted Fever
51Schein and Orgain. Garbage
52Characteristics of Rat Populations
53Percentages. Zippin
54Plenty Rabbits
55Feral Pigeons. Schein
56Method. Incubation Time
57Baltimore Rat Population 1952
58Determinate Laying
60Interaction of Rats
61Adrenal and Population Status
62Weather and Rat Populations
63Introduction and Population
451Rat Trapability
2Seabrook Mice
4Muskrat House
5The Existence of Cycles
6Rank and Adrenals
7Population and its Consequences
8Aggressive Behavior in Starlings
9Korean Mice
11Clutch and Ovulation
12Wood. Age Productivity
13Wood. Distribution
15Territory-SR Shift
16Fox Abundance
17Least Flycatchers
18Age Composition. Starlings
19Litter Size. Daylight
20Rabies Prevalence
21Venezuelan Rats
22Territorial Rank
23Wildlife Techniques
24Plague and Population
25Mist Nest. Stamm
26Spread of Cattle Egret
27Movement. Rats
28Breeding Black Ducks
29Growth and Development of Mexican Bats
31Morning Arrival of Starlings
32Incubation Patch
33Flight Patterns
34Zetgeber. Torpor
35WDA Mortality Rates
36Sidewinder Research Editorial
37Physiological Crowding
38Annual Rhythm in Woodchucks
39Bird Populations
40Birds and Vegetation
41Rodent Control
42Physiological Analysis of Aggressive Behavior
43Selected Receipt Data Storage
44Asymptotic Attitude
45Comments on R
46Book on Ecological Behavior
47Emigrations of Northern Shrikes
49Diel Variations in the Aggressive Behavior of the Mouse
50Life Expectancy
51Northern Shrikes
52Starling Migration
53Mass Mortality
54Woodchucks Around the Year
56Taenia Crassiceps
57Problems with Gametocides
58Placental Scars
59Roots of Behavior
60Potassium Deficiency in Marmots During Hibernation
61Do We Harvest Enough Chucks?
62Potential Harvests
65Seasonal Adrenals
66Snyder. Reproduction in Woodchucks
67Easing Path to Publication
68Pigeon Reproduction and Breeding
69Seasonal Adrenal in Woodchucks
70Temperature Regulation in Mexican Bats
71Hormonal Control of Aggressive Behavior
72Woodchuck Age
73Social Behavior Physiology
74Exploitation of Woodchucks
75A Biologist’s View of Housing
76Microcard Report
78Population Control of Pests
79Bill Color
80Aggressive Behavior
81Agonistic Behavior in Woodchucks
82Article in “Science”
83Rodents for Preventative Medicine
84Paper by Edward Bailey
85Fat Composition
86Adrenal Glands in Female Vols
87Starling Ellis
88Influence of Drought on Reproduction
89Moult in Woodchucks
91Crowding. Vessey
92Hibernation of Woodchucks
461Pennsylvania Starlings
2Houseknecht. Sonographic Analysis of Mice
3Woodrat Photoperiod
4Star Nosed Male
5Rodent Population
6Avian Malaria
7Red Winged Blackbirds
8Mosquito Populations
9A Better Woodchuck Trap
10Le Conte’s Sparrow
12Hammonds Flycatcher
13Broodpatch in Brazilian Birds
14Mammalian Movements in Brazilian Forests
15Social Nesting in Cuckoos
16Control of Rat Fleas by DDT
17Blarinomys breviceps, Brazilian Mouse
18Territorialism in the Tropics
20Catbird Nest
21Paper on Cowbirds
22Sexual Behavior of Hormonally Treated Fowl
23Review of Cuban Birds
24Avian Ovaries
25Cuban Bird Census
26Larus argentatus, Penikese Island
27Bursting of Avian Eggs
28Mosquitos and Avian Bait
29Larval Habitats of Brazilian Mosquitos
30Avian Societies.
31Immature Ani in Florida in 1897
32Tapera furnaridae
34Doctoral Dissertation
35Food Habits of a Barn Owl
36Article in Science Year
37Crist. Food Preference in Birds
38Perception of Red Light by Wood Mice
39Population Distribution Release
40Social Pressure on Woodchucks
41Don Stamm manuscript correspondence
42Potassium Deficiency in Sika Deer
43Woodchuck Food Consumption in the Fall
44Temperature Regulation in Mexican Bats
45Gonadotrep-Ag Behavior
46Testes of Mallards
47Article in Modern Sanitation
48Management of Vertebrate Populations
49Chicken Coop Typhus
50Reducing Residual Typhus
51Bait Preference
52DDT to Control Typhus
53Distribution of Typhus
54Detection of Typhus in Flea Feces
55Enzootiological Observations, Typhus, Texas (1)
56Enzootiological Observations, Typhus, Texas (2)
57Distribution of Typhus in Rats
58Sex Behavior in Intersocial Domestic Fowl
59Commensal Rats
60Bursa of Fabricius
61Notes on the Life History of Brazilian Mammals
63Anatomy of Ruffed Grouse
64Shrike Cycle
65Vertebrate Growth
66Chapter on Populations
67Structure of Rat Population
69Field Guide to the Birds of Glacier National Park
70Glacier Birds
71Reproduction in H-Lo Populations
72Capacity and Adrenals
73Feral Swine
74Muskrats, Raccoons, and Foxes
75Effect of Effluent on Mouse Populations
76Microtus enixus
77Cycles in Shrike Invasions
78Starling Roosting Time
79Public Health Fox Populations
80Mortality Analysis
471Reproduction of Rats in San Francisco
2Text on Principles of Mammalogy
3Asymmetry of Embryos
5Mammals, Birds Icheus
6Mountain Lake
7Biology Final Harvard University 1935-1936.
8Tem Rat Poison
9Technical Manual Correspondence
10Thesis in Zoology: Zervanos
11Moravian Missions: Correspondence
12Egrets 139: Correspondence
13SRP- Foxes: Correspondence
14Book Reviews: Correspondence
15Thesis: Peek, Frank W.
16Research Data: Survey of Antibodies
17Research Data: Marking Experiment
18Research Data: Population Measures
19Research Data: Emigration
20Research Data: Population Distribution
21Research Data: Tyrannus tyrannus
22Research Data: Block Histories (1)
23Research Data: Block Histories (2)
24Research Data: Block Histories (3)
25Research Data: Empponax minimus (1)
26Research Data: Empponax minimus (2)
27Research Data: Empponax (1)
28Research Data: Empponax (2)
29Research Data: Crotophaga major
30Research Data: Miscellaneous Maps, Graphs, and Charts (1)
31Research Data: Miscellaneous Maps, Graphs, and Charts (2)
32Research Data: Tampa, Florida
33Research Data: Thomasville, Georgia
481Correspondence, Photographs and Research Materials pertaining to book on animal behavior
2Correspondence and contracts with Reinhold Publishing Company
3Field Trips: Panama, 1935
4Field Trips: Cuba, 1938
5Field Trips: British Guiana, 1939
6Field Trips: Argentina, 1943
7Field Trips: Brazil, 1943
8Field Trips: Montana, 1950-1953
9-10Field Trips: Korea, 1953
11Field Trips: San Juan Islands, 1965
12Field Trips: Colorado; Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory
13Field Trips: Colorado; Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory
14Field Trips: Game Management, 1937 April
15Human Populations lecture notes
16Lectures: Principles - Techniques
17-19Lecture notes: Mammology
20Zoology: SS3 - Wildlife
21Lecture Notes: Mt. Lake Lectures
22Lecture Notes: Ornithology
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8Population and Hormonal Correlates of Primary Ovarian Amyloidosis
551Hist. Gosp Populations
2Liberal Arts
3To What Extent
4Food in Christ’s Time
5New Commandment
6Need Help
7Idea: Retired Research
8Jet Lag
9Rattus epid
10R.B. Nuthatch
15The Survival Value of Prediction
17Post B.D.
18Groundhog Day
19Dave Davis Chi Rho
20Mice Inherit
22Ecological Society
23Animal Behavior
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31Maps, Graphs, Tables
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33Personal Dedication
35NCSU: Retired
6XI and XII Food Conservation
7XI and XII Nest, Pot, TCP
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15Extra Retinal
16Starvation Food Mortality
19Trap Data

11. Edward S. Deevey

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12Miscellaneous, 1970-1971
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12. Hazel R. Delcourt

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13. William A. Dreyer

681-4ESA Resolutions of Respect
5-7ESA Resolutions of Respect
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11Articles and Certificates of Incorporation: State of Wisconsin
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14ESA Constitution

14. Edsko J. Dyksterhuis

691Birth of a Whole New Approach in Range Science
2NRDC Barrier Islands Project
3Review of EIS: General Wilderness Management Plan/Study for Cumberland Island National Seashore
4Barrier Islands

15. Richard T.T. Forman

701Membership Committee, 1967-1983
2Launching of Washington Office/Public Affairs Committee, 1982-1983

16. George D. Fuller

711-2Correspondence, 1934-1939

17. Frank B. Golley

721-10ESA Correspondence—1975-June 1976., 1975-1977
11Photographs: Photo/Biography of Ray Fields Dawson, undated
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7Certification of Ecologists, 1977
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751-3Manuscript: Mineral Cycling in a Topical Moist Ecosystem, 1971-1977
4-5Data sets, undated
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18. Ralph E. Good

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28Study Committee: Correspondence re Finances, 1970
29Study Committee” Meetings and Correspondence, 1964-1967
791National Institute of Ecology: G6073, 1964-1967
2National Institute of Ecology: Feasibility Study
3National Institute of Ecology: PPM Company Account, 1968-1970
4National Institute of Ecology: PPM Related Phase II Contract, 1969-1970
5National Institute of Ecology: Promotional Material, 1970
6NSF: Grants, 1969
7NSF: Financial Office, 1969-1971
8NSF: Forms for Grants, 1966-1970
9NSF: G6073, 1961-1969
10NSF: GB 6890
11Brooklyn Botanical Gardens: Financial Procedure Agreement, 1947-1951
12Foundation for Education in Ecology, 1970
13Galley Proofs: Ecology FFS Gal. 60, 1975
14Budgetary Information, 1970-1972
15Business Manager’s Report, 1970
16Business Manager’s Report, 1972
17-21Financial Reports (Copies), 1919-1968
22Search Committee: Managing Editor, 1974
23Seventeenth International Limnology Conference, 1968
24Wellington Fund, 1957-1968
811Early Announcements, 1915-1925
2Meeting Proceedings, 1916-1921
3Meeting Proceedings, 1934-1944
4Committee on the Preservation of Natural Conditions, 1917-1921
5Ecology Publishing Agreement, 1921
6Federation of American Biological Societies, 1922
7Ecological Estrays (Published), 1925-1938
8Committee on Endowment Report, 1947
9Membership Listing, 1949
10Research Reprints, 1951-1952
11Ecology 30-Year Index, 1920-1949
12Brochure: A Career ini Ecology, 1970
13-15Manuscript Log, 1972-1974
841ESA Directory, 1973-1976
2-3Port City Press Bill, 1976
4Material returned with blue lines, 1976
5Directory ESA, 1976
6Directory - listing back matter, 1976
7Corrections needed, 1976
8Formatting, 1976
9Master Set, 1976
10Front and Back Matter, 1976
11Directory, 1973
12Constitution, 1976
861American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1969-1977
2AIBS-Board of Governors, 1975-1977
3AIBS-General Correspondence, 1963-1978
4AIBS-Income Tax, 1970-1975
5American Society of Plant Physiologists, 1976-1977
6American Society of Zoologists, 1976-1977
7Foundation for Education and Ecology, 1972-1973
8INTECOL, 1968-1978
9NAS/NRC, 1972
10NSF-Correspondence, 1975-1976
11NSF-Grants, 1974-1978
12NSF-Interim Report, 1958-1965
13NSR-Page Charge Regulations, 1968-1978
14NSF-Quarterly Expenditure Reports, 1964-1974
15Natural History Museum-San Diego, 1975
16Renewable Natural Resources Foundation, 1978
17TIE, 1972-1978
18UNESCO, 1964-1976
19World Wildlife Fund, 1977
20Animal Behavior, 1965-1978
21Awards Committee, 1975-1978
22Education Committee, 1977-1979
23Elections Committee, 1975-1979
24Ethics Committee, 1971-1976
25Executive Committee-Mid Year Meeting, 1976-1977
26Executive Committee-Mid Year Meeting, 1978
27Executive Committee-Business Meeting, 1978
28Executive Committee-Mid Year Meeting, 1979
29Finance Committee, 1969-1971
30Finance Committee, 1974-1978
31Finance Committee-Budget, 1976
32Finance Committee-Budget, 1977
33Finance Committee-Tax Exemption, 1963-1976
34Membership Committee, 1977
35Nominating Committee, 1971-1978
36Program Committee, 1971-1978
37Public Affairs Committee, 1975-1978
38Publications Committee, 1975-1978
39Study Committee, 1971-1977
40ESA council Meeting, 1973
41ESA council Meeting, 1974
871ESA council Meeting, 1975
2ESA council Meeting, 1976
3ESA council Meeting, 1977
4ESA council correspondence, 1965-1979
5Natural Resources Council, 1972-1979
6Business Manager, 1958-1961
7Business Manager, 1962
8Business Manager, 1962-1963
9Business Manager, 1965-1966
10Business Manager, 1973
11Business Manager-W.C. Ashby, 1967-1974
12Business Manager-W.C. Ashby, 1973-1974
13Business Manager-Discussions with Ashby, 1973
14Business Manager-Reports, 1973-1975
15Business Manager, 1973-1974
16Business Manager, 1974
17Business Manager, 1975-1976
18Business Manager-Procedures, 1976
19Business Manager-Report, 1976
20Business Manager-Annual Meeting, 1977
21Business Manager-Reports, 1977
22Business Manager-Council Minutes, 1977
23Business Manager-Reports and Correspondence, 1977-1978
24Business Manager, 1978-1979
25Investments, 1958-1971
26Personnel, 1972
27President-Correspondence, 1971-1978
28President-G.M. Woodwell, 1977-1978
29President-W.D. Billings, 1978-1979
30Secretary-F. McCormick, 1971-1975
31Secretary-E.J. Kormondy, 1976-1978
32Secretary-P. Risser, 1978-1979
34Treasurer-L.C. Bliss, 1979
35-44Audits, 1956-1978
45-47Budget, 1963-1978
881Cash Receipts, 1971-1978
2Allen Press-Bulletin, 1974-1979
3Allen Press-Mailing Sheets, 1974-1979
4Allen Press-Reprints, 1971-1979
5Board of Editors-Meetings, 1973-1975
6Book Review Editor, 1973-1979
7Bulletin-Correspondence, 1970-1979
8Bulletin Editor-Hazen, 1975-1977
9Bulletin Editor-Marzolf, 1977-1979
10Bulletin Editor-Niering, 1969-1974
11Bulletin Orders, 1973-1981
12Duke University Press-Agreements and Negotiations
13Duke University Press-Bills, 1971-1979
14Duke University Press-Business, 1971-1974
15Duke University Press-Catalogs, 1971-1975
16Duke University Press-Ecology, 1975-1979
17Duke University Press-Fiscal Reports, 1970-1972
18Duke University Press-Fiscal Statements, 1973-1978
19Duke University Press-Inventory, 1978-1979
20Duke University Press-Payroll, 1970-1978
21Duke University Press-Saros, T.A., 1951-1979
22Ecological Monographs, 1965-1977
23Ecology, 1959-1979
24Editors, 1959-1979
891Indices to Journals, 1960-1975
2Journals-Binding, 1969-1977
3Journals-Resale, 1953-1979
4Journals-Subscriptions, 1971-1972
5Journals of Biogeography, 1972-1977
6Managing Editor-BANTA, 1978
7Managing Editor-Expenditures, 1975-1976
8Managing Editor-Jackson, 1974-1978
9Managing Editor-Mailing, 1978
10Managing Editor-Miller, 1978-1979
11Radioecology and Energy Resources, 1974-1979
12Seeman Printery, 1953-1973
13Vegetation Map of Kansas, 1975-1976
14Wright, H.E., 1978
15Appealing Applicants, 1981
16Constitutional Revisions, 1971-1977
17Correspondence, 1973-1974
18Ecological Intern Program, 1977
19Ecology Awareness Award, 1970-1972
20General items, 1974
21Investment Study, 1977-1978
22Johnson Associates-Microfiche, 1975-1978
23Lehman Fund, 1965-1978
24Moving Materials
25National Ecological Survey, 1977
26New Jersey Tax Status, 1971-1973
27Office File, 1973
28Paperback Volumes, 1973
29Search Committee-Managing Editor, 1977-1978
30Tyler Award, 1974
31University of Chicago, 1973
901Membership Directory, 1976
2Opinion Poll, 1981

19. Dennis H. Knight

1731Dennis H. Knight Inventory, 2015
2T.I.E. Activities, 1977-1980
3T.I.E. Correspondence, 1975
4IBP Coordinating Committee, 1969-1976
5National Institute for Environment/ESA Public Affairs, 1989-1992
6ESA Program Committee, 1979-1990
7ESA Membership Survey, 1987-1988
8ESA 75th Anniversary Fund Drive, 1989-1991
9ESA Education Section, 1989-1990
10Women and Minorities in ESA and Science, 1989-1990
11ESA/AIBS Meetings/Committees, 1989
12ESA Ethics Committee, 1989-1990
13ESA Committee on Ecological Catastrophes, 1989-1990
14ESA Awards Committee, 1984-1990
15ESA Nominating Committee, 1989-1990
16ESA Correspondence, 1988-1993
17ESA: 1915 History, 1990
18ESA 75th Anniversary Meeting, 1989-1990
19ESA Historic Photos, 1987-2014
20ESA Public Affairs Sponsorship Committee, 1983-1986
21ESA Public Affairs Office—Biodiversity, 1988-1990
22ESA Public Affairs Office—Early Years, 1983-1987
23ESA Public Affairs, 1986-1991
24ESA Public Affairs—Press/Global Change, 1989-1990
25Henry Cowles on Experimental Ecology [w/ A.G. Vestal’s notes on 1915 class], 1915-1983
26ESA Historical Records Committee, 2000-2014
27ESA Public Affairs—DNA Engineered Organisms, 1986-1989
28ESA Research Agenda: Sustainable Biosphere Initiative (SBI), 1989-1990

20. Jean H. Langenheim

921Administrative correspondence, 1987-1988

21. Simon Levin

931Simon Levin Accession Letter, 1992 August 27
2President Elect, 1989
3ESA: Administrative, 1990-1992
4Public Affairs Office—Administrative Matters, 1990-1992
5Public Affairs Office—Correspondence, 1990-1991
6Public Affairs Office—Responses to Issues, 1990-1992
7Professional Organizations—AAAS, 1990
8Professional Organizations—AIBS Representative, 1990
9Professional Organizations—Council of Scientific Society Presidents, 1990-1992
10Professional Organizations—INTECOL Delegate, 1990
11Professional Organizations—Renewable Natural Resources Foundation, 1991
12Committees—Appointments/Reappointments, 1990-1992
13Committees—Awards Committee, 1990-1991
14Committees—Board of Professional Certification, 1991
15Committees—Ecological Consequences of Nuclear War (Ad Hoc), 1982-1985
16Committees—Ecologists From Developing Nations, 1990-1992
17Committees—Education Committee, 1990-1991
18Committees—Ethics, 1991
19Committees—Executive Committee Meeting, 1990 January 25-28
20Committees—Executive Committee Business, 1990-1992
21Committees—Future Meetings, 1990-1991
22Committees—Historical Records, 1990-1991
23Committees—International Relations, 1991
24Committees—Membership, 1990-1991
25Committees—NIE Liason, 1990
26Committees—NSF Liason, 1990
27Committees—Nominating, 1987
28Committees—Program, 1990-1991
29Committees—Public Affairs, 1981-1985
30Committees—Public Affairs, 1986
31Committees—Public Affairs, 1987
32Committees—Public Affairs, 1988
33Committees—Research Agenda for the 1990s (Ad Hoc), 1990-1991
34Committees—Research Agenda for the 1990s Meeting, 1990 June 5-8
35Committees—Visions, 1990-1991
36Committees—Women and Minorities (Ad Hoc), 1990-1991
37Meetings—ESA Annual, 1989 August
38Meetings—Concord/Snowbird Planning, 1990
39Meetings—ESA/American Society for Microbiology, 1985-1987
941Meetings—Snowbird, 1990 August
2Meetings—Mid-Year Executive: Tempe, AZ, 1991 February 2-3
3Meetings—Mid-Year Executive: San Antonio, TX, 1991 August
4ESA—General Information, 1982-1989
5Careers in Ecology Brochure, 1990-1991
6E-Map Liason, 1990
7Endowment Fund Drive—75th Anniversary, 1990
8Genetic Engineering, 1984-1989
9Grants and Fellowships, 1990-1991
10Publications, 1990-1992
11Society of North American Ecologists, 1990-1992
12Wetlands, 1990-1992
13Whittaker Award, 1983-1985
951Sustainable Biosphere Initiative (SBI) Office, 1990-1992
2Funding Proposal to NSA, 1991
3International Meetings, 1990-1991
4Document Drafts and Final Report, 1987-1991
5Briefing at Public Affairs Office, 1991 June 12
6SBI/DOE Interaction, 1991-1992
7International Workshop: Cuernavaca, MX, 1991 June 3-4
8Research Support Proposals, 1998-1991
1853Committees-correspondence, 1990

22. Gene E. Likens

961Committees—Appeals Subcommittee, 1981
2Committees—Public Affairs Committee, 1981-1982
3Correspondence with A.I.B.S, 1981-1982
4Committees—Awards Committee, 1981-1982
5Committees—Education Committee, 1981
6Committees—Historical Records Committee, 1981-1982
7Meetings—Bloomington (ESA), 1981 August
8Committees—Membership Committee, 1981
9Committees—Nominations Committee, 1981-1982
10Correspondence with A.S.L.O., 1981-1982
11Finances, 1981
12M.A.B. Symposium, 1982
13Meetings—Tempe, Arizona (Executive Committee), 1982 January 14-15
14Committees—Study Committee, 1981
15Committees—Program Committee, 1981-1982
16Meetings—Tempe, Arizona (Executive Committee), 1981 February 6-7
17Meetings—Tempe, Arizona (Executive Committee), 1982 January 14-15
18Meetings—Penn State Banquet (Past Presidents), 1982 August 10
19Meetings—Vancouver/Gainesville, 1982
20Publishing, 1982
21Secretarial Services, 1981-1982
22Sections—International Section, 1982
23Sections—Physiological Ecology Section, 1982

23. Alton A. Lindsey

981Photographs (Lindsey)
2Miscellaneous (Lindsey)
3Miscellaneous (Lindsey)
4LUNO Nomination Eminent Ecologist of 1978 Lindsey (unsuccessful), 1978
5Indiana Dunes Project, 1982
6Autobiography (typescript), 1982

24. William E. Martin

991Curriculum Vitae and Obituary, 1972-1982
2Rhoads, Bill, 1975
3Sternglass, E.J., 1969-1972
4Wolfe, J.N., 1965
5Miscellaneous Correspondence and Memos, 1963-1977
1Argonne National Laboratory Conference, 1970 October 26-28
2Conferences-Ecosystem Modeling Workshop, 1972 March 4
3Conferences-Advanced Ecological Model Workshop, 1972 April 18-20
4Conferences-Ecological Model Workshop-Cleveland, 1973 April
5Conferences-Ecosystem Modeling Workshop-Wooten, Ohio, 1974 April
6Papers/Reports-The Vegetation of Island Beach State Park, NJ, 1958 May
7Papers/Reports-Partially Annotated Catalog-IBSP, 1958-1959
8Papers/Reports-Natural Features of IBSP, NJ, 1958-1974
9Papers/Reports-Vegetation of IBSP, NJ, 1959 January
10Papers/Reports-An Unspoiled Bit of Atlantic Coast Natural History, 1960 August-September
11Papers/Reports-Competition Between Maple-Basswood and Fir-Spruce Communities in Itasca Park, Minnesota, 1961 April
12Effects of Nuclear Detonation on Desert Vegetation, 1962
13Concerning the Trophic -Dynamics of Radionuclides in a Fallout Field, 1962 August
14Loss of I-131 From Fallout-Contaminated Vegetation, 1963
15Effects of Nuclear Detonation on Desert Vegetation, 1962-1963
16Deposition of Fallout in Relation to Topography and Local Meteorological Conditions, 1963 June
17Trophic Dynamic Aspects of Fallout, 1963
18Increased Environmental Radiation in Southern Nevada 1961 October to December, 1963 July
19Food-Chain Relationships of Iodine-131 Following Two Nuclear Tests in Nevada, 1963 May
20Losses of SR90, SR89 and I131 From Fallout-Contaminated Plants, 1963
21Radioecology and the Study of Environmental Radiation, 1964 July
22Transfer of SR89 From Plants to Rabbits in a Fallout Field, 1964

25. Jack F. McCormick

1011ESA Certification
2ESA Certification
3ESA Certification
4ESA Certification
5ESA Certification
6-8Code of Ethics
9ESA Correspondence, 1971
10ESA Correspondence, 1971
11ESA-Miscellaneous Correspondence
12ESA-Miscellaneous Correspondence
13ESA-Miscellaneous Correspondence
14ESA-Miscellaneous Correspondence
15ESA-Miscellaneous Correspondence
16ESA-Miscellaneous Correspondence
102A1ESA Sections
2Applied Ecology Section
3Aquatic Ecology Section
4ESA Council
5Council Agenda, 1969
6Council Meeting, 1970 March
7Council Meeting Bloomington, Indiana, 1970 August
8Spring Council Meeting Newhaven, 1971
9Spring Council Meeting Newhaven, 1971
10Spring Council Meeting Newhaven, 1971
11Fort Collins, Council Meeting, 1971 August
12Natural Resources Council
13Natural Resources Council
102B14Natural Resources Council
15New Minnesota Chapter
16Committee Reports
17Committee Report, 1971
18Committee Report
19Committee on Education in Ecology
20ESA Foundation for Education
21Foundation for Education in Ecology
22Nominating Committee
23Publications Committee
24Urban Ecology Committee
29National Institute of Ecology
30Public Affairs Committee
1031ESA Standing Committees
2Animal Behavior Section
3Western Section
4AIBS Self Assessment Program
5IAIE (Inter American Insitute of Ecology)
6IAIE News
9Annual Business Meeting-Bloomington Indiana, 1970
10Annual Meeting Banquet-Fort Collins, 1971
11File Index
12ESA Fire Ant
14Inquiries for Education
15Miscellaneous Inquiries
16Minority Recruitment
17ESA Press Releases
18ESA Ecological Register
19ESA Society Representatives
20Reprint Mailing List
21Secretarial Replies to General Requests
22Secretarial Replies to General Requests
23Secretarial Replies to General Requests
24Secretarial Replies to General Requests
25Stockholm Conference
26Unfinished Business
1041Convention File-East Coast U.S.
2Convention File-Georgia, 1970-1973
3Convention File-International, 1970-1973
4Convention File-Miscellaneous, 1970-1973
5ASB Bulletin, 1970 April
6ESA-Ecological Register for New England, 1971
7N.I.E. Operational Plan, 1970 December
8UNESCO File, 1965-1970
9UNESCO-Environmental Education: The Last Measure of Man, 1971 June-November
1051Renewable Natural Resources Foundation, 1972
2Western Society of Naturalists, 1973
3Committee on Professionalism`, 1973-1974
4Public Affairs Committee-Correspondence, 1967
5Public Affairs Committee-Correspondence, 1968
6Public Affairs Committee-Correspondence, 1969
7Public Affairs Committee-Correspondence with Federal Executive, 1968-1969
8Public Affairs Committee-Correspondence (copies), 1968-1970
9Public Affairs Committee-Legislation, 1967-1969
1061Public Affairs Committee-Meeting Materials, 1968-1969
2Research Committee-Life Sciences, 1967
3Study Committee-NIE Task Force, 1970
4ESA Council Minutes, 1970-1974
5ESA Council Business Meeting Materials, 1971-1974
6Placement Requests, 1971-1974

26. Judy L. Meyer

1071Conservation Ecology
2ESA Executive Committee, 1994 November
3ESA Executive Committee, 1995 April
4ESA Executive Committee, 1995 August
5ESA Correspondence, 1994
6Aquatic Ecology Section ESA
7Aquatic Ecology Section
9Aquatic Ecology Section Bylaws, Minutes and Annual Report of Business Meetings
10Aquatic Section ESA, 1984-1985
11Aquatic Section Business, 1983-1984
1081ESA Review of FEMAT, 1993 October
2ESA Committee Business
3Awards Committee
4ESA Poster Award Braun Award
5Education Committee
6Long-term Data (FLED)
7Fund Raising
8Future Meetings Committee
9Grants and Fellowships Committee
10Historical Records Committee
11International Relations Committee
12Ethics Committee
13Finance Committee
15Orians Committee
16Research Needs Committee
17Public Affairs Office
18ESA Policies Special Reports Section Awards
19Knoxville, 1994
20Ecosystem Management
21ALE Preserve
22Evolution White Paper
23Forest Health
24Special Committee on Vegetation Classification
25Spring Green Project
26Constitutional Change
27Publications Committee
28Business Office
30Program Committee
31Women and Minorities Committee
32Publications Special Committee on ESA Communications in the Electronic Age
35Liasons/Affiliate Societies
36Meeting Locations-boycotts?
37Endangered Species Act Report
38Associate Director-Business and Finance
39Executive Director
40Issues Documents

27. Harold A. Mooney

1091American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1988-1989
2Biotechnology Workshop, 1988-1989
3Business (ESA), 1988-1989
4Certification, Professional, 1988-1989
5Committees (ESA) Awards, 1988-1989
6Committees (ESA) Education of Young Children, 1988-1989
7Committees (ESA) Executive, 1989
8Committees (ESA) Executive Meeting, 1989
9Committees (ESA) Historical Records, 1988-1989
10Committees (ESA) Membership, 1988-1989
11Committees (ESA) Professional Ethics, 1988-1989
12Committees (ESA) Program, 1988-1989
13Committees (ESA) Public Affairs, 1988-1989
14Committees (ESA) Publications, 1988-1989
15Committees (ESA) Research Agenda, 1988-1989
16Committees (ESA) 75th Anniversary, 1988-1989
17Committees (ESA) Women/Minorities, 1988-1989
1842Committees (ESA) Awards-chair's file, 1993
3Committees (ESA) Awards-chair's file, 1994
4Committees (ESA) Awards-general chair's file, 1994-1995
5Committees (ESA) Awards-chair's file, 1995
6Committees (ESA) MacArthur Awards-chair's file, 1990-1992
10918Council of Scientific Society Presidents, 1988-1989
19General Correspondence ESA, 1986-1989
20General Correspondence ESA, 1987
21General Correspondence ESA, 1988
22Joint Symposia, 1988-1989
23Sections (ESA) Education, 1988-1989
24Sections (ESA) Phystical Ecology, 1989
25Transferral Letter, 1990

28. Deborah A. Neher

10926ESA Soil Ecology Section, 1993-1995

29. Eugene P. Odum

1111AIBS Meeting-Urbana, Illinois, 1965 August 15-20
2BSCS Review Committee
3IBP National Committee Nominations Submitted by ESA
4International Biological Program National Committee
5International Biological Program, 1962-1963
6International Biological Program, 1962-1963
7International Biological Program, 1962-1963
1121ESA Committee Assignments
2Ecology Awareness Award
3Public Awareness Award, 1970
4Coordination Committee
5ESA Committee on Energetics
6ESA Executive Committee Auerbach, Cantlon, Oosting, Kelting, Odum
7Miscellaneous Committees
8ESA Nominating Committee Maryland Meeting, 1966 August
9Physiological Committee
10ESA Publications Committee
11ESA Radiation Ecology Committee
12ESA Radioecology Committee
13ESA Committee Reports, Agendas, Annual Meeting (Urbana), 1965 August
14Study Committee
15ESA Study Committee Ecological Aspects of Weather Modification
16ESA Study Committee Austin Meeting, 1963 January 19-21
17Study Committee Minutes, 1965 January
18ESA Study Committee, 1964-1965
19ESA Study Committee, 1964-1965
20Study Committee Final Report
21Study Committee Final Report
22ESA Study Committee Proposal, 1966
23ESA Study Committee Proposal, 1966
24Study Committee Recommendations
25Agenda ESA Council Meeting Boulder Colorado, 1964 August 23
26ESA Council Maryland Meeting, 1966 August
27ESA Aquatic Section
28Program Committee Western Section
1131ESA Business
2ESA Business, 1964-1965
3ESA Annual Business Meeting (Urbana), 1965
4ESA Past President Business, 1965-1966
5ESA Unfinished Business
6Information or Service Requests
7ESA Meeting Plans, 1957
8ESA Membership
10President's Report Odum, 1966
11ESA Tax Exemption Status
12ESA Tax Exemption Status
13Warsaw Symposium Secondary Production, 1966

30. Henry J. Oosting

1141Professional Correspondence, 1966-1968
2Accession Correspondence, 1983
3Correspondence with Committees, Councils and Sections, 1966-1968
4Aquatic Ecology Newsletter Volume 1 of 2, 1967 April
5National Science Foundation Proposal, 1967
6Hefferman Press, 1967
7Personnel File, 1965-1966
8Publications-Charts and Photos, 1965

31. Robert T. Paine

1151Billings, W.D.
2Bliss, L.C.
3Cooper, A.W.
4Good, R.E.
5Humphrey, R.R.
6Marzolf, G.R.
7Miller, L.N.
8Patten, D.T.
9Risser, P.G.
10Root, R.B.
11Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1978-1980
12Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1980-1981
13American Association for the Advancement of Science
14American Heritage Alliance
15American Institute for Biological Sciences
16American Society of Zoologists
18Renewable Natural Resources Foundation
19Southern Appalachian Research/Resource Management Corp.
20Education Committee
21Executive Committee-Duke Meeting, Mid Winter, 1979 January
22Executive Committee-Oklahoma Meeting, 1979
23Executive Council-Arizona, 1980
24Executive Council-Tempe Meeting, Mid Year, 1980
25Executive Office
26Membership Committee
27Nominating Committee
28Program Committee
29Public Affairs Committee
30Publications Committee
31Records Committee
32Standing Committees
33Minnesota Chapter
35Awards, 1979
36Awards, W.S. Cooper
37Award, MacArthur
39Editor's Office, 1979 September
40Ecological Society of American, 1977-1978
41Ecological Society-Bills
42ESA Biography Business
43ESA-Discrimination Complaint
44ESA-President's Report, 1979-1980
45Vice President
46ESA-Woodwell, Business
47Finances, 1979 September
48Letters, replies, books, etc.
49National Hydropower Study Workshop
50Rangeland Grasshopper Cooperative Management Program
51Reiners-Special Symposium
52Volunteers (via Bulletin)

32. Duncan T. Patten

1161Allen Press Bulletin Statements starting with Volume 59:1
2American Institute of Biological Sciences Annual Meeting, 1979
3American Institute of Biological Sciences Annual Meeting, 1980
4American Institute of Biological Sciences Annual Meeting, 1981
5American Society of Zoologists, 1980-1981
6Annual Meeting Expenses, 1980-1981
7Bliss, Lawrence-Treasurer, 1980-1981
8Certification Board, 1981
9Board of Certification, 1982
10Expenses Business Manager, 1979 June 30
11Business Manager Expense, 1979-1980
12Business Manager Expense, 1980-1981
13Business Manager Expense, 1981-1982
14Congressional Science and Engineering Fellow Program, 1980
15Cooper, Arthur-President, 1980-1981
16Darling, Marilyn, 1981-1982
17Directory Expenses, 1979
18Distinguished Professor, 1981
19Duke Treasurer
20DUP Management and Changes of Publisher
21Editor Expenses, 1979-1980
22Editor Expenses, 1980-1981
23Editor Expenses, 1981-1982
24ESA Editors
25ESA, 1973-1974
26ESA, 1974-1978
27ESA Financial
28ESA, 1979-1980
29ESA, 1981-1982
301970-back, 1970
32Back, 1972
33Financial, 1972
34Production, 1973
35Financial, 1974
36Financial, 1975
37Financial, 1976
38Financial, 1977
39Good, Ralph, 1979-1980
4010 Year Index, 1977-1982
4120 Year EM Index
42ESA Jackson, 1975
43Journal Printing and Inventory-Bulletin
44Journal Printing and Inventory Ecological Monographs, 1973-1982
45Journal Printing and Inventory Ecology, 1973-1981
46Likens, Gene E.-President, 1981-1982
47Correspondence and Payments Re. Alton A. Lindsey and Purdue University (Ecological Society)
48Lindsey, Dr A.A.-Correspondence, 1972-1973
49Mailing Permit, 1973-1976
50Tabulation of Mailing (Ecological Monographs), Starting with Volume 47:4, 1979-1981
51Tabulation of Mailing (Ecological Monographs), Starting with Volume 59:1, 1978-1981
52Marzolf, Dick, 1980-1981
53Ecology-Durham Meeting, 1969
54Membership Committee, 1975-1981
1171Mid Year Meeting, 1980-1981
2Mid Year Meeting, 1982
3Paine, Robert T. President, 1979-1981
4Pickett, Iris, 1979-1982
5Postalia, 1978-1981
6Preston, Frank, 1979-1980
7Print Orders-All Journals, 1974-1981
8Ecological Monographs Printing Bill, 1978-1982
9Ecological Printing Bills, 1978-1982
10ESA Bulletin, 1979-1983
11ESA Bulletin, 1981 December
12ESA Bulletin, 63:1,2,3,4
13Ecolgical Monographs, ESA Mailing, Shipping and General Traffic, Publications and Correspondence, 1973-1983
14Ecological Monographs, 1973-1981
15Ecological Monographs 41:1-4
16Ecological Monographs 42:1-4
17Ecological Monographs 43:1-4
18Ecological Monographs Volume 44
19Ecological Monographs Volume 45, 1975
20Ecological Monographs 46: 1-4
21Ecological Monographs 47: 1-4, 1977
22Ecological Monographs 48: 1-4, 1978
23Ecological Monographs 49, 1979
24Ecological Monographs 50:1, 50:4, 1980
25Ecological Monographs 51:1, 51:4, 1981
26Ecological Monographs 52, 1982
27Ecological Monographs 53:1, 1983 March
28Ecology, 1963-1981
29Ecology 52:1-6
30Ecology 53:1-6, 1972
31Ecology 54:1-6
32Ecology Volume 55 1-6
33Ecology 56:1-6
34Ecology 57:1-6, 1976
35Ecology 58:1-6, 1977
36Ecology 59:1-6, 1978
37Ecology 60:1-6, 1979
38Ecology 61:1-6, 1980 February-December
39Ecology 62:1-6, 1981 February-December
40Ecology 63:1-6, 1982 February-December
41Ecology 64:1-3, 1983 February-June
42Rowson, Richard C. Director, DUP, 1981-1982
43Saros, Ted Duke University, 1979-1981
44Warner Publications, 1972-1975
45Doug Wasson Correspondence, 1979-1981
46Barbara Williams, 1980-1981

33. Robert K. Peet

1181Cooper Award History
2Archives, Vegetation Section

34. James W. Porter

5Ayala et al
6Bach, Hazlett, Rittschoft
11Brusca and Winn
17Coull and Flaeger
18Day et al
20Davehl and Green
22Durbin, Nixon, Ouiatt
24Edwards and Huebner
26Estes, Smith and Palmisano
33Gore, Robert H.
37Hammer, William
38Hayes, W.B.
41Hopkins and Baird
42Katz and Lotrich
1201Laws and Wong
4Lotrich, V.A.
7McGowan, John
15Nixon et al
16Norton and Dindal
18Ogden and Ehrlich
25Robertson et al
26Sale and Dybdahl
27Sale and Dybdahl
37Sutherland and Karlson
39Terry and Stephens
41Timko, Patricia
42Trigger, Margaret Jane
3Vance and Nelson
5Van Dolah
8Wallace and Dale
10Wong and Chan
16The Importance of Predation by Crabs and Fishes on Benthic Infauna in Chesapeake Bay
17Coral Reef Communities: Unstable High Diversity Systems

35. H. Ronald Pulliam

2ESA Council Meeting San Antonio, 1991
3ESA Program and Future Meeting
4Agenda Hawaii Executive, 1992
5ESA Mid-Year Agenda
6ESA Awards
7ESA Bulletin Board
8ESA Chapters
9ESA Executive Committee Meeting, 1991 February
10ESA International Relations Committee and Section
11ESA Public Affairs Office
12ESA Membership Committee
14Renewable Natural Resources Foundation
17ESA Woodruff Proposal
18ESA Wetlands
23ESA Awards Committee
24ESA Executive Committee, 1986-1987
25ESA Public Affairs
26ESA Public Affairs
27ESA Public Affairs
28ESA Research Agenda
29ESA Research Agenda
30ESA Research Agenda
31ESA Research Agenda
32ESA Research Agenda
33ESA Washington Newsletter
2Public Affairs Committee
3ESA Public Affairs Committee
4Public Affairs Office 2
5Public Affairs Office 3
6ESA Publications Committee
8ESA Meeting Wisconsin
1251Contract Renewal Documents-Dr. Marge Holland, PAO, 1993-1994
3ESA Budget and Business
4Council Meeting, 1992
5ESA Committees
6ESA Committees
8ESA Education Committee
9ESA Endangered Special Committee
10ESA Executive Committee Correspondence
11ESA Exectutive Committee, 1993 July
12ESA Executive Committee
13ESA General Correspondence
14General Info at ESA
15ESA Human Resources Survey
17Mid Year Meeting, 1993
18NSF Synthesis Center
19ESA Nominations Committee, 1993
20Executive Director Applications
21Executive Director Applications
22Executive Director Job Description
182Ron Pulliam papers
183Ron Pulliam papers

36. John F. Reed

1261Ecology Study Committee, 1958-1964
2Coordinating Committee, 1968-1969
3`Newsletter on Microenvironment Volume 1 Number 1, 1954 October
4Ecology Study Committee, 1962-1964
5International Union of Biological Science-Circular Number 10, 1956
6Report of the Committee on Nomenclature, 1952
7Ecology Study Committee, 1964-1965
8Ecology Study Committee, 1964-1965
9Ecology Study Committee-Spinoff Papers, 1960-1964
10Ecology Study Committee-NSF Grant G 6073, 1962-1967
11New Study Committee, 1969-1970
12The Institute of Ecology (TIE), 1972-1979
13Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America: Volume 24-34, 1943-1959
14Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America: Volume 35-47, 1960-1966
15Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America: Volume 48-50, 1967-1969
16Account Book, 1953-1957
17Federal Bills and Correspondence, 1965-1978
18Correspondence, 1983
19Board of Professional Certification, 1980-1982

37. William A. Reiners

1271Correspondence to Frank Golley, 1986 June 13
2Correspondence-Finance Committee, 1981-1982
3Correspondence-Finance Committee, 1982-1983
4Correspondence-Finance Committee, 1983-1984

38. Paul J. Risser

1281American Association for the Advancement of Science (AIBS)-General
2American Association for the Advancement of Science Program Chairman
3ESA American Institute of Biological Sciences
4AIBS Meeting, 1975
5Animal Behavior Section
6Annual Meeting
7AIBS, 1976
8ESA: Annual Meetings, Minutes, 1976
9ESA Annual Meeting-Michigan State University, 1977
10Annual Meeting, 1978
11Annual Meeting, 1980
12Applied Ecology Section
13Aquatic Ecology
15Awards Committee
16ESA Awards, 1977-1980
17Browning Award
18Browning Awards Committee
19Buell Award
21Bulletin Editor
22ESA Business Manager
23Business Manager, 1978
24Careers in Ecology
25Certificates: Outstanding Service
27Letters of Certification, 1978
28Letters of Certification, 1979 January-March
29Letters of Certification, 1979 April
30Letters of Certification, 1979 May
1291Letters of Certification, 1979 June-December
2Letters of Certification, 1980-1982
3ESA Certification Letters-Copies, 1979
5Civil Service: Ecologist Classification
6ESA: Code of Ethics
8Committee on Public Affairs
9Committee on Symposia
10ESA Constitution
11Constitution-An Apparel, 1978 April
12Constitutional Amendments
13Coordinating Committee
14ESA Miscellaneous Correspondence
15ESA Sent Out Correspondence, 1980
16Council (General)
17Council Meeting, 1972
18Council Meeting, 1977 August 21
19Council Meeting, 1977 August 24
20First Council Meeting, 1980
21Second Council Meeting, 1980
22Council Members
23ESA Council Minutes
24Council on Environmental Quality
25Council for Unified Research and Education
26Distinguished Service Citation
27Editorial Board/Editor
28ESA Education Committee
29Elections, 1975-1977
30Elections, 1980
31Elections Appointments, 1977
32Eminent Ecologists
33Environmental Education
34Correspondence: Executive Committee of Electors
35ESA Executive Committee Minutes
36Executive Committee Meeting, 1977 January
37Executive Committee Meeting, 1977 January
38ESA Executive Meeting, 1977 August
39Executive Committee Meeting, 1978 March
40Minutes Executive Meeting, 1979
41Executive Meeting-Tuscon Arizona, 1980
43Finance Committee
44Historical Records
1301International Congress of Ecology
2Job Placement Forms
3ESA Letters Sent Out-Copies, 1979
4Local Arrangments
5Managing Editor
6Math Ecological Section
7Maximum Sustained Yield
9Mercer Award, 1969
10Mercer Award, 1970
11Mercer Award, 1971
12Mercer Award, 1972
13Mercer Award, 1973
14Mercer Award, 1974
15Mercer Award, 1976
16Mercer Award, 1977
17Minnesota Chapter
18National Ecological Survey
19National Research Council
20National Science Foundation
21National Resource Council
22Nominations Committee
23Nominations for Non-Society Positions
25Physiological Ecology Section
26Placement Source
27ESA and Planning
30Program Chairman
31Program Committee
32Public Affairs Committee
33ESA Public Affairs Committee Environment (Conservation, pollution, natural resource)
35Radioecology Committee
364th National Symposium on Radioecology
37Regional Meetings
38Renewable Natural Resources Foundation
39ESA Requests for Brochures and Information
40Resolutions Committee
41Review Editor
42Roster of Officers-ESA, 1978-1979
43Security (General)
44Southeastern Chapter
45Study Committee
46Study Committee Constitution and Bylaws, 1977-1978
49US Fish and Wildlife Ecology Internship Program
50Vice President
51World Wildlife Grant Proposal
1311Evans Correspondence, 1983-1984
2Past President Correspondence, 1983-1985
3Public Affairs Committee, 1983-1984
4Public Affairs Committee-Related Correspondence, 1983-1984
5General Correspondence, 1983-1984
6Norse-Correspondence, 1983-1985
7Norse-Twice-Monthly Reports, 1983-1985
8Rosters-Committee/Officer, 1982-1984
10ESA Post-Presidency, 1985-1987

39. Forest W. Stearns

1321Workshop information/questionnaire form-mailing list to date
2Urban Ecosystems Program
4Urban Ecosystems Memo to Participants, 1973 March 12
5Urban Ecosystems General Correspondence
6Workshop-suggested participants
7Felix Rimberg-Correspondence to and From, etc.
8Participants-By Working Group Order
9Want-ad for Ecologists Mailing-Stearms, 1972 December 5
10Jo Doherty Correspondence, etc. to and from
11Project Review-Two Councils, Symposium, pages 3-5
12Nominee Question Forms, Task Groups etc. AC memorandum
13Question Form/Nominee
15Wingspread-First Meeting
17TIE Report
18Madison TIE Core Staff, Correspondence to and from
19Project Review-Two Councils, Symposium 1 of 2
20Fourth Advisory Council Meeting-Boulder, Colorado, 1972 November 12-14
21Workshop-Prospective Participants Listings Only
22Advisory Group and Recommendations
23Nominations for Advisory Committee
24Reimbursement Forms-A Good Idea
25Reference Material-Bibliography, etc.
26Workshop Outlines and Urban Symposium
27Symposium Mailings, Requests (more at laphum)
28Urban-Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1972
29Inter-American Institute of Ecology UWM as a Founding Institution
30TIE/WHOI Coastal Zone Workshop
31Mailing List For the Complete Book, Urban Ecosystem: A Holistic Approach
32TIE Accounts
33Advisory Council Listings
34Early Meetings of TIE for Urban Ecosystem
35Prospective Participants in Urban Ecosystems Workshop
36Names of Workshop Participants and Staff, 1973 March 28
37Mailing Lists for Part I of the Urban Ecosystem: A Holistic Approach and Related Correspondence, 1975 January
38Letters of Request for Copies of Urban Ecosystems Mailing, 1974 November 1
40Resources-Energy, Water, Materials-D.H. Waller
41Physical Structure and Function-Garrison
42Goals for the Urban Ecosystem-Dan Carson
43Indicators-Ralph d'Arge
44Population Processes-David Jameson
45Case Studies-R. Dorney
46Sytems Capacities, Limits, and Linkages-Bledsoe
47Institutional Structures-Edgar Horwood
49Working Group Leaders Listing
50Workshop Correspondence A-B
51Workshop Correspondence C-D
52Workshop Correspondence E-G
53Workshop Correspondence H-J
54Workshop Correspondence K-L
55Workshop Correspondence Mac/Mc, M-N
56Workshop Correspondence O-Q
57Workshop Correspondence R-S
58Workshop Correspondence T-V
59Workshop Correspondence W-Z
3Type Size
4Type Size
5Future Plans
6Agenda or Supporting Papers
7Miscellaeneous Problems
8Peter Frank
9Peter Frank Correspondence
12Journal Records
13Current Action
14Bulletin to Editors
15Dr. Clyde Goulden
16Dr. Robert Burgess
17Managing Editor A.A. Lindsey
19Dr. Laszlo Orloci
20David Frey
21Joan Goddard
22Caralyn Spicer
23Richard Voge
24Dr. William Reiners
25Business W.C. Ashby
26Alan E. Stiven
27Monographs Contents
28Seeman Printery W.E.C., 1969-1970
29Comments on Ecology Cover
30Reprint Orders
31Ecology-Reprint Problems
32Foundation and Ecological Education
33Page Charges
34Excess Page Charges
35Ted Saros
36Permission to publish
37Editors Correctional Policy
38Instruction to Authors
39Report Chapel Hill Meeting
40Report of Editors and Public Commentary, 1969
41Reports ESA Editors Public Commentary
42Annual Report, 1970
43Annual Report Editors, 1969
44Council ESA, 1971
45Current Contents
46Inquiries and Miscellaneous
47Report on Durham, 1969
48Report on Durham
50Report of Chicago Meeting, 1968 December
51Journal Human Ecology
52ESA, 1985
53Syracuse, 1986
54Athens meeting, 1978
55ESA Council Members
56Environment and Man
57Finances-Other Journals
59Journal Finance, 1969-1972
60Ecology Expenses, 1969-1972
62ESA, 1972 August
63ESA Current, 1972
64Course and Curriculum
65Ecology Miscellaneous, 1970 June
66Paul Martin
67ESA Journal-20 Year Index
68Miscellaneous Correspondence
69ESA Miscellaneous
1341Monographs, 1970-1971
2Useful Old Correspondence
3ESA Coordination Committee
4ESA-A.A. Lindsey-Managing Editor
5ESA-Managing Editor-C. Jackson, 1974
6Ecological Society, 1983
7Miscellaneous Journals, 1973-1981
8ESA TIE, 1983
9ESA Budget, 1973-1974
10ESA Council Meeting-Oak Ridge
11Ecological Society-Annual Meeting and Correspondence
12Radioecology Symposium
13ESA-Aquatics Section
14Nobel Prize-Ecology, Environment
15ESA Workshop in Ecology Proposal
16ESA International Congress of Ecology Travel Grants
17ESA Mathematical Ecology Section (proposal)
18ESA Physiological Ecology
19ESA Applied Ecology Section
20ESA Advertising Copies, Mailing Lists, Exchanges, Library Subscriptions
21ESA Journal Mailing
22ESA Local Chapters -MESA
23ESA Council Meeting, 1974 June
24ESA Search Continued-Meeting Edit
25ESA Redactors/Host Institute Contract
26ESA Journal Copyrights, Reprints, Permissions
27ESA Printers-Duke Press, Allen Press, 1973 January
28Printers, 1972 December
29ESA Stationary
31Mixed Correspondence, 1972
32Treasurer ESA, 1972
33Allen Press, 1972
34Aquatic Ecology Newsletter, 1972
35Council Meeting, 1972
36Ethics Committee, 1972
37ESA Managing Editor Recruitment
38Indianapolis, 1973
39ESA Page Restrictions/Charges
40ESA Inventory/Journal
41ESA Board of Editors Mercer Award Information
42ESA Editors and Editing Expenses
43Manuscript Inquiries
44Duke University Press (Brice)
45Managing Editor-Correspondence of interest to Dr. Stearns, 1975 January 15
46ESA Bulletin
47ESA Ecological Monographs
49ESA Managing Editor Office Procedures Descriptions, Flow Chart
50ESA Program Chairman
51ESA Membership
52ESA Application Forms
53ESA Duties of ESA Office
54ESA Constitution
55ESA Nominations Committee-Smith
56Ethics Committee
57ESA Secretary ESA Resume
58ESA Budget, 1974-1975
59ESA President, 1974-1975
60Society: Refuse
61ESA Treasurer, 1973-1975
62ESA, 1976
6420 Year Index
65Josie McCaffery
66Index Correspondence
67Specimen Books-Type Faces
68Breaking Seed Dormancy of Kalmia hirsuta with High Temperatures and Biological Aspects of Weather Modification
69Nominations Committee, 1975-1979
70Miscellaneous Correspondence
1351Executive Committee
2Coordinating Committee
4Council Environmental Quality Talbot etc.
5Ecology, 1971-1972
6Regional Meetings
7ESA American Institute of Biological Sciences
8Ecological Society Current
9Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1976-1977
11Membership Committee
12Committee on Ecological Regulation
13Biology Alliance
14Miscellaneous Correspondence
15ESA, 1975 February
16ESA Money and Notes
17Great Britain and Japan
18ESA-Proposal/Another Journal Correspondence, Orie Loucks,Smith
19Tennessee Ecology Program
22Nominations Committee
24Awards and People
25Ecological Society and Meetings
26Editorial Correspondence
28Public Affairs
29Ecology Correspondence
30Applied Ecology
31Ecologist-Civil Service Committee
32ESA Files
34Certification ESA
35Correspondence, 1971-1984
36Correspondence ESA
37Society Operations, 1976
39History of Editors
40Managing Editor
41Business Manager
42Vice President
43Ecology-Record of Manuscripts, 1961
44Josie's Stuff
45Beck, Kenneth A.
48Applied Section and Certifications
49Radio Ecology Committee
50Program Committee
52Bulletin Editor
53Paleoecology Section
54American Association for the Advancement of Science
56Ecology: Subject Index, 1975
57Renewable Resources Foundation
58Aquatic Ecology Newsletter
59Distinguished Service Award, 1984-1985
60ESA Miscellaneous Correspondence
1361International Biological Program Articles
2IBP Analysis Research Project
4Miscellaneous IBP
5Management Proposal
6International Biological Program, 1967 December 18
7Research Council, 1969
8Interim Report on Need for a Global Network
9Program Statement IBP
10Analysis of Ecosystems
11Letters and Report no.3 of U.S. National Committee IBP
12L.C. Bliss Phenology
13IBP New Zealand National Program, 1968 March
14IBP Ecuador National Program
15International Council of Scientific Unions: Brazilian National Program, 1968 July
16International Council of Scientific Unions: IBP South America
17Indian National Program IBP
19Abstract: Program on Physiology of Colonizing Species
20Research in Progress
21Report on Phenology Program, 1967 October 28
22Questionnaires Received IBP
23Returned Information Interested Persons (form letter)
24Eastern Deciduous Forest Biome-University of Wisconsin
25IBP Grassland Biome Project
27Dr. Byron O. Blair
29IBP Phenology
31IBP News
32Bulletins and Newsletters
33National Research Council
34Lake George Site Overview: Progress Ecosystems Analysis for the Lake George IBP Site, 1971-1972
35US Participation in the International Biological Program
36Pitfalls and Promises Symposium
37Interim Progress Report, 1973
1371Awards Committee
2Ecology Section
4Nobel Award
6-8Handbook on Ecology
10Fifth International Congress-Japan, 1990
11Re: Pimple Mounds, 1973
12Correspondence with Olson, 1968
13Editorial Comments/Correspondence
14Editorial Comments/Correspondence
15F. Salisbury Correspondence, 1963
16Botany 100
17Dr. Reed Society Business
18Minutes and Reports
19Study Committee Report
20Managing Editor
21Seeman , Mr. Cranford
22The Seeman Printery-Mr. Cranford, 1966-1967
23Seeman Printery and Mr. Cranford Correspondence, 1964-1965
24Seeman Printery and Mr. Cranford Correspondence, 1962-1963
25Duke Press: Longley, 1962-1967
26Editorial Board, 1966-1967
1381Handling Manuscripts Submitted to Ecology (copy for billings)
2WmC Ashby
3Review Correspondence-Pending
4Manuscripts Transferred
5Mrs. Lloyd L. Smith
6Ecology Manuscripts, 1965-1968
7List of Incoming Manuscripts
8Printed Manuscript Records
9Directions for Editing Ecology
10American Documentary Institution
12R. Kelting and S. Auerbach, 1966
13Ecology Correspondence-General
14Return Forms
15Other Journals
16Handling proofs of Ecology
17Durham, 1965
18Ecology Reviewed Suggestions
19Samples from Alton A. Lindsey
20Copies to Editors
21Journal-Mechanics of Operation
22Miscellaneous Correspondence
23Ecology Business General
24Rick Miller
25Paul Pearson and Others
26ESA Executive Committee
27Organization, 1964
28Payments-Vouchers (expense accounts), 1968
29Action ESA
30Publications Committee
31Editorial Board
32Other Matters
33P. Frank
34Monte Lloyd
36Meeting Arrangements
37Ecological Procedure
38Ecological Action File
40Miscellaneous Correspondence of Editors
42Paul Martin
44Ralph Dix
45Report of Editors, 1966
46Stan Auerbach, 1966
47Clausen, Jo
48Peter Frank
49ESA Meeting, 1969
52Ecology Correspondence
54Editorial Correspondence, 1963-1968
2Aguiar et al
4Martinez del Rio
8Pake et al
10Hammond and Brown
17Vander Wall
35Jones and Levey
41Condit et al
43Murren et al
49Gullison et al
56Guo and Brown
57Koelewijn et al
66Ellis et al
69Poiani and Dixon
70Baud (Tomback)
76AIBS-Teaching, 1981
79TIE Hasler
80Amherst Meeting Program
81TIE Morganton, 1995 April
82TIE: Bruins
83TIE Houston Meeting, 1974 December 5
84TIE Meetings-Austin, Madison, 1974
85TIE, 1983-1984
86TIE Report (Newsletter)
87TIE Founder's Conferences
88IBP/AAAS Administrative File, 1964-1970
89TIE/AIBS Reports and Newsletters
90TIE Certificate of Membership-Stearns, 1978
91The Role of Temperate Zone Forests in the World Carbon Cycle
1401IBP Phenology Publications
2BioInstrumentation Advisory Council (BIAC) AIBS Publications
3-4Miscellaneous Publications
5Man's Survival in a Changing World IBP
6Editorial Report
7Coniferous Forest Biome, Eastern Deciduous Forest Biome, Aerobiology Newsletter
9BioScience and BioEducation Correspondence
10AIBS Correspondence
11Ralph Dix
12Bulletin-Bill Niering
13Art Cooper
14ESA, 1970 August
15Monte Lloyd
16Bea Smith
17General Society Business
18President ESA Stan Auerbach
19Edward Dewey and J. Herbert Burmann
20Membership Committee
21Richard Root
22Ehrlich ESA, 1970
24AIBS Defense Budget
25AIBS Miscellaneous
26Endangered Species Act
28Man and the Biosphere Program-Smithsonian Institution
29Tundra Biome IBP
30Miscellaneous Photographs and Graphs
1411National Research Council
2Public Relations
3AIBS Committee
4Population Problems-Top Growth
5Forest Stearns
8Editorial Board General
9Nomination of George Borgstrom for Edward Browning Award
10Summarized Curriculum Vitae
11Referrals-Miscellaenous Correspondence
12Carbon Copies for Reviewers
13T.T. Kozlowski
14Clair Kucera
15Loucks, Orie
16Wm Lowry
17McCormick-No Carolina
18Mooney, Hal
19Dr. William H. Rickard, Jr.
20Van Arsdel Texas A&M
21G.M. Van Dyne
22Wagner, R.A.
23Whitford, Philip
24National Institute of Ecology Study
25Herbert Wright
26Miscellaneous Reviewers
27Manuscript Correspondence, 1969
28Stan Rowe
29Seeman Printing
30Fritts, H.C.
31E. Gorham
32Glenn Goff
33Kim Harper
35R.P. McIntosh
36Jack McCormick-Waterloo Mills
38Niering, W.A.
40C. Poulton
41Sigafoos, Robert S.
42G. Sprugel and NSF
43R. Vogl
44Keith White
46George Woodwell
47Baker, Herbert G.
48L. Bliss
49John Blum
50F.H. Bormann
52Brown, Clair A.
53M. Buell
54Grant Cottam-Correspondence General, 1963
57Regional Activity
58Fail, Jr. Joseph L.
60Spencer, Craig
61Estimating Crown Weight, Frost Damage and Miscellaneous notes
62Plates for Article on Tioga, LA
63Miscellaneous Correspondence
1421Business Manager
2Board of Editors
3Review Editor
10Ethics Committee
12Vice President
15Applied Ecology
18Physiological Ecology
20Sprugel Citation
21A.A. Lindsey
22CSC Ecologist
23Awards, 1975-1976
26Meetings Minutes
27Study Committee
30Address and Lists
31Education in Ecology
32Symposium in New Orleans
37Ecological Society of America
38Miscellaneous Publications
43Agenda and Minutes
45ESA Legal and IRS
46Costa Rica
47Business Meeting
48Finances and Business
49Recent Editors
50Correspondence and Memos, 1970-1974
1431ESA Correspondence, 1971-1972
2Reports, Articles
3Reports, Articles
4Reprints and Newspaper Clippings
7Workshop-Documentation (Originals) Additional saomples, forms and letters
8Workshop Supplementary Information Sheets
9Correspondence continued-Urban Workshop, 1974
10Social Indicators-Flaming and Ong
11Correspondence with possible Publishers
12Post-workshop Correspondence
13Participants-post-workshop correspondence
14Patrick Horsbrugh
15Project Review-Synopsis
16Post-workshop Advisory Group
17Workshop and Post Workshop material-re: publication, reviews, rewrites
18Advisory Group and Recommendations
19General Workshop Preparation and Documentation-samples, forms, letters, etc.
20UES Proposal and Budget, 1972 June
21Urban Ecosystem Proposal
22Urban Ecosystem Book
23Tundra Biome IBP
24Economics and the Economy
25Phone Notes-TIE
26TIE Phone Number and Addresses
27Aerobiology Objectives in Atmospheric Monitoring
28Urban Ecosystems Workshop
29Marine Mammals
30Urban Ecosystem Workshop Miscellaneous
31Grassland and Forest Biomes
32Draft Urban Ecosystems
33Convergent and Divergent Evolution-Integrated Research Program
35Workshop Structure and Procedure
36TIE Duke
1441Nomanitory Committee, 1976
2IBP-Raleigh, 1970 June
3The Institute of Ecology Report of the Workshop on Urban Ecosystems
4American Society for Ecological Education, 1974-1975
5ESA, 1982
6ESA Certification
7ESA Certification Board
8ESA Certification Board Meeting
9Report of Certification Board, 1981
11ESA Correspondence
12Meeting, 1981
14ESA Study Committee, 1980-1981
16International Biological Program
17Early History of IBP of Phenal Program
18IBP Early History
19National Institute of Ecology
20The Institute of Ecology: A Progress Report, 1972

40. Joseph L. Travis

146ESA Membership Survey: Raw Data Sets and Diskettes, 1988
147ESA Membership Survey: Raw Data Sets and Diskettes, 1988
148ESA Membership Survey: Raw Data Sets and Diskettes, 1988
149ESA Membership Survey: Raw Data Sets and Diskettes, 1988
149aESA Membership Survey: Raw Data Sets and Diskettes, 1988
149bESA Membership Survey: Raw Data Sets and Diskettes, 1988

41. Arthur G. Vestal

1501Professional Correspondence A-G
2Professional Correspondence H-R
3Professional Correspondence S-Z
4Correspondence with H.C. Cowles
5Correspondence with Gates, F.C.
6Harper, J.M.
7Professor Hottes, Retirement
8Correspondence with J.B. Juliano
9Correspondence with Klyver, F.D.
10Moore, Barrington Correspondence
11Penfound-Thesis Related Correspondence
12Shaw, C.F. Soil Technology
13Simon, J.V.
14Correspondence with R.L. Wilbur President, Stanford University
15-17Correspondence Concerning Literature
18Academic Appointment Notices
20Professional Correspondence-Miscellaneous Items
21The University of California, Soil, Division
22United States Department of Agriculture
23Correspondence with Glen S. Winterringer, Illinois State Museum
24University of Illinois Graduate Students
25Invoices and Receipts
26New Membership Applications
27Newspaper Clippings
28Subscriptions, Membership Dues
29Office Plans
30Printed Circulars
31Printed Notices
32L.L. Springer Report in Botany
33Review. Weaver and Clements
34Samples of ESA Stationary
36Stone Content Data, Index of Fineness
37Relation of M.A. to M.E., WC and other soil characteristics
38Moisture Equivalent Determinations
39NET M.E. (Moisture) Principles
40Abortive Project Biotic Communities of California
41Turtox Key Cards
42Graphs, Charts
45Directions, NET M.E.
46General Notes on Soil Texture
47Profiles and Records of Borings
48Report on Proposed Prairie Restoration, Forest Presidential District , Cook County, Wisconsin
49Spring Valley Water Company
50Handwritten Notes, Lists and Manuscripts
51Manuscripts of Papers
52Personal Correspondence A-G
53Personal Correspondence H-P
54Personal Correspondence R-Z
55Correspondence Between Vestal, Members of Vestal Family
56Personal Correspondence Miscellaneous
57Personal Banking
59Certificates and Receipts
60Envelopes and Covers
61Invitations and Greeting Cards
62Miscellaneous Notes
64Picture Postcards
170Correspondence, 1934-1935

42. Robert H. Whittaker

1511Robert H. Whittaker
2Reminiscences of Dr. Robert H. Whittaker

43. George M. Woodwell

1513Miscellaneous ESA Administrative Correspondence and Memoranda
4AIBS Conference Athens, GA, 1978 August

44. ESA Estrays

1541Correspondence-Access to Papers, 1985
2AAAS Bulk Circulation Letters
3Academic Press, Bulk Circulation Letters
4AIBS Bulk Circulation Letters
5American Institute of Physics, "Scientific Source Materials, A Note on their Preservation"
6Ann Abor Science, Bulk Circulation Letters
7Annual Reviews, Inc. Bulk Circulation Letters
8Auerbach, Stanley Correspondence
9Bliss, Lawrence, C. Correspondence
10Brief History and Description of AIBS History of AIBS Meetings
11British Ecological Society Materials and Correspondence
12Burgess, R.L. "The Ecological Society of America-Historical Data and Some Preliminary Analyses", 1977
13Cambridge University Press, Bulk Circulation Letters
14Cherrett, J.M. Correspondence
15Cox, David L. Correspondence
16Davis, David E. Correspondence
17Description of Victor E. Shelford Papers by Sheldon T. Miller
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