Georgiana Vertical Files, University of Georgia

Georgiana Vertical Files, University of Georgia

Descriptive Summary

Repository: University of Georgia Archives
Creator: University of Georgia. Libraries.
Title: Georgiana Vertical Files, University of Georgia
Dates: 1900-1998
Quantity: 12.0 Linear feet
Coll. Number: UA12-029

Biographical/Historical Note

The Vertical File collection was formerly housed in the Georgia Room in vertical files, hence its name. In 2012 the UGA portion of the Vertical Files collection was transferred to the University Archives.

Scope and Content Note

The Georgiana Vertical files, University of Georgia is a consists of clippings on the history of the University of Georgia from its inception to 1998. The collection consists primarily of clippings from various Georgia newspapers but occasionally has other printed resources as well as cross-references to other collections.


Collection is arranged in alphabetical order by subject.

Index Terms

Clippings (information artifacts)
Football (sports)
Georgia Bulldogs (Football team).
Georgia Museum of Art.
Universities and colleges--Georgia--Athens.
University of Georgia.
University of Georgia. Alumni and alumnae.
University of Georgia. History.
University of Georgia. School of Law.
University of Georgia. Students.

General Notes


Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

Georgiana Vertical Files, University of Georgia, UA12-029, University Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Related Material

Other Georgiana vertical files can be found in these manuscript collections: General Topical Files, ms 3609; Georgia Biographical Files, ms 3692; Georgia Cities Files, ms 3693; and Georgia Counties Files, ms 3694.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11General Information Brochures, 1870-1929
2General Information Brochures, 1940-1949
3General Information Brochures, 1950-1959
4General Information Brochures, 1960-1969
5General Information Brochures, 1960-1969
6General Information Brochures, 1970-1979
7General Information Brochures, 1980-
8General Information Clippings, 1900-1929
9General Information Clippings, 1950-1959
10General Information Clippings, 1960-1969
11General Information Clippings, 1970-1989
12General Information Clippings, 1990-
13Academic Affairs
14Accounting, School of
15Accreditation: [See: Cocking Case]
17Acts of Legislature
18Admissions: [See: Enrollment]
19Aerospace Studies, Department of
20Affirmative Action
22African-American Cultural Center
23African-American Studies
24Agricultural Economics
25Agricultural Engineering, Department of
26Agricultural Extension Service (1)
27Agricultural Extension Service (2)
28Agricultural Train
29Agriculture, College of (1)
30Agriculture, College of (2)
31Agriculture, College of (3)
32Agriculture, College of - Cotton School
33Agriculture, College of - Experiment Stations (1)
34Agriculture, College of - Experiment Stations (2)
35Agronomy, Department of
36All-Greek Council: [See: Inter-Fraternity Council]
37Alma Mater
38Alpha Phi Omega
40Alumni - Booklets, Pamphlets, Etc.
41Alumni - Distinguished
42Alumni - Speeches: [See: Commencement Addresses]
43Alumni Day Poem
44Alumni Foundation
45Alumni Seminar (1)
46Alumni Seminar (2)
47Alumni Society
48Alumni Society - History
49American Association of University Professors
50Animal Science, Department of
51Anthropology, Department of: [See Also: Sociology and Anthropology; Archeology]
52Appropriations and Funding
53Arch: [See: Buildings - University - Index Back of This]
54Archeology: [See Also: Anthropology]
55Art Auction
56Arts Center
57Art Department, before 1960
58Art Department, 1960s
59Art Department (1)
60Art Department (2)
61Art Department (3)
62Art Department, after 1969
21Art Exhibitions: [See Also: Georgia Museum of Art]
2Arts and Sciences, College of (1)
3Arts and Sciences, College of (2)
4Asbestos: [See: Buildings - Dormitories]
5Associate Degree Program
6Astronomy [See: Physics and Astronomy]
7Athens "Eight"_Arrest, Trial, Follow-up
8Athletic Association
9Athletics, General Clippings (1), before 1979
10Athletics, General Clippings (2), after 1979
11Athletics, General
12Athletics, Women's
13Automation: [See Also: Libraries - Automation]
14Awards: [See Also: Peabody Awards; Sandy Beaver Awards]
15Bacteriology, Department Of
17Banner: [See: Flag]
20Basketball, 1995-1996
21Basketball, 1997-
22Basketball Programs (1)
23Basketball Programs (2)
24Basketball - Women's
25Beauty Pageants
26Behavioral Sciences
27Bicentennial (1)
28Bicentennial (2)
29Bicentennial (3)
30Biocontainment Center
31Biological Sciences, Division of
33Black Student Union
34Black Studies: [See: African American Studies]
35Blauberg Vs. University of Georgia: [See Also: Sex Discrimination]
36Board of Regents
37Board of Visitors
38Bookstore: [See Also: Buildings - Bookstore]
39Botanical Gardens (new), 1970-2012
40Botanical Garden (old), before 1970
43Brown Fund
45Budget, 1991
46Budget Crisis, 1975
31Buildings - General (Early Clippings) (1)
2Buildings - General (Clippings) (2)
3Buildings - General (Pamphlets) (3)
4Buildings - General (Descriptive Material) (4)
5Buildings - General (Clippings - New) (5)
6Buildings - Academic Building: [See Also: Homes-Hunter Academic Building]
7Buildings - Aderhold Hall
8Buildings - Administrative Building
9Buildings - Agricultural Engineering: [See Also: Barrow Hall]
10Buildings - Agricultural Extension Building and Annexes
11Buildings - Agricultural Research Center
12Buildings - AgTec Building
13Buildings - Alumni & Development Center
14Buildings - Amphitheater
15Buildings - Arch
16Buildings - Art: [See: Visual Arts]
17Buildings - Baldwin Hall
18Buildings - Barrow Hall
19Buildings - Biological Science Complex
20Buildings - Bishop House (Classics Department)
21Buildings - Bookstore
22Buildings - Botanical Garden Visitor Center
23Buildings - Brooks Hall
24Buildings - Brooks Hall - Fire, 1995
25Buildings - Brown Hall, Joe E.
26Buildings - Brumby Hall
27Buildings - Butts-Mehre Hall
28Buildings - Caldwell Hall, Harmon W.
29Buildings - Callaway Building
30Buildings - Camp Wilkins: [See Also: Cities - Athens - Guidebook]
31Buildings - Candler Hall - "Yorktown"
32Buildings - Center for Continuing Education (1)
33Buildings - Center for Continuing Education (2)
34Buildings - Center for Continuing Education (3) (Clippings)
35Buildings - Chancellor House
36Buildings - Chapel
37Buildings - Chapel Bell
38Buildings - Chapel Painting (Geo. Cook, Artist)
39Buildings - Chicopee Mill
40Buildings - Clarke Howell Hall
41Buildings - Coliseum [See Also: Stegeman Coliseum]
42Buildings - Commerce Journalism Building [See: Brooks Hall]
43Buildings - Comprehensive Agricultural Livestock Poultry Facilities
44Buildings - Conner Hall
45Buildings - Coordinate Campus (Gilmer Hall, Etc.)
46Buildings - Creswell Hall
47Buildings - Dairy Building
48Buildings - Danforth Chapel
49Buildings - Dawson Hall
50Buildings - Dean Rusk Hall (Law Center)
51Buildings - Demosthenian Hall
52Buildings - Denmark Hall
53Buildings - Dormitories: General
54Buildings - Dudley Hall
55Buildings - Ecology Building
56Buildings - Education, College of
57Buildings - Fain Hall
58Buildings - Fine Arts Building
59Buildings - Forestry Building
60Buildings - Foundry Building
61Buildings - Garden Club of Georgia Headquarters
62Buildings - Georgia Center for Continuing Education: [See: Center for Continuing Education]
63Buildings - Georgia Museum of Art, New
64Buildings - Gilbert Memorial
65Buildings - Graduate Studies
66Buildings - Griggs Hall
67Buildings - Hardman Hall
68Buildings - Hill Hall
69Buildings - Hoke Smith Hall
70Buildings - Holmes-Hunter Academic Building [See Also: Academic Building]
71Buildings - Institute of Law and Government (Strahan House)
72Buildings - Journalism-Psychology Building: [See Also: Commerce Journalism Building]
73Buildings - Law Building (Harold Hirsch Hall)
74Buildings - Law - Graduate Dormitory: [See: Morris Hall]
75Buildings - Learning Center
41Buildings - Leconte Hall
2Buildings - Library (Ilah Dunlap Little Memorial Library)
3Buildings - Lucy Cobb Institute: [See: Cities -Athens - Historic Buildings - Lucy Cobb Institute]
4Buildings - Lumpkin House
5Buildings - Lumpkin Law School
6Buildings - Lustrat House
7Buildings - McWhorter Hall
8Buildings - Mary Lyndon Hall
9Buildings - Meigs Hall
10Buildings - Memorial Hall
11Buildings - Mental Retardation Center
12Buildings - Military Building
13Buildings - Milledge Hall
14Buildings - Moore College
15Buildings - Morris Hall
16Buildings - Myers Hall
17Buildings - New College: [See: Pharmacy Building]
18Buildings - North Campus Parking Deck
19Buildings - Nursery School
20Buildings - Octagon
21Buildings - Oglethorpe House
22Buildings - Old College
23Buildings - Park Hall
24Buildings - Parking Services Building
25Buildings - Payne Hall
26Buildings - Peabody Hall
27Buildings - Performing & Visual Arts Center
28Buildings - Pharmacy Building (New College)
29Buildings - Phi Kappa Hall
30Buildings - Physical Education Building - Women's
31Buildings - Physics: [See: Moore College]
32Buildings - Plant Sciences
33Buildings - Poultry Buildings
34Buildings - Poultry Research Center
35Buildings - President's Home
36Buildings - Ramsey Student Center
37Buildings - Red Barn
38Buildings - Reed Hall
39Buildings - Residences - Sororities and Fraternities
40Buildings - Richard B. Russell Agricultural Center: [See: Agricultural Research Center]
41Buildings - Russell Hall
42Buildings - Rutherford Hall
43Buildings - Sanford Hall
44Buildings - Sanford Stadium
45Buildings - Science Center
46Buildings - Science Hall
47Buildings - Seney-Stovall Chapel: [See: Athens - Historic Buildings - Lucy Cobb Institute]
48Buildings - Snelling Hall
49Buildings - Soule Hall
50Buildings - Southbranch Library: [See: Lumpkin House]
51Buildings - Southeastern Utilization Research Lab
52Buildings - Stegeman Coliseum
53Buildings - Stegeman Hall
54Buildings - Strahan House: [See: Institute of Law and Government]
55Buildings - Student Learning Center
56Buildings - Student Center
57Buildings - Terrell Hall
58Buildings - Treanor House
59Buildings - Veterinary Medicine
60Buildings - Visual Arts
61Buildings - Waddel Hall
62Buildings - White Hall
63Buildings - Woodruff Hall - Perry Gym
64Buildings - Yellow Barn
65Buildings Program: [See Also: Buildings - General Information]
68Business Administration (1)
69Business Administration (2)
70Business Development Center
71Business Outreach Center
72Camp Wilkins: [See: Buildings - Camp Wilkins]
73Campus Conservative Club ("Right On")
74Campus Elections
75Career Planning and Placement
77Center for Applied Mathematics
51Center for East-West Trade Policy
2Chancellors: [See Also: Individual Listings in Georgia Biography Files]
4Charter Lecture Series
6Chemical Waste
7Chemistry, Department of
8Chemistry, Department of - Tests
9Child and Family Development Center
10Christian College
11Class of 1868
12Class of 1872: [See: Time Capsule]
13Class of 1875
14Class of 1897
15Class of 1924
16Classics, Department of
17Clubs and Organizations
18Cocking Case (1): [See Also: Robert Preston Brooks Collection/Manuscript Collection]
19Cocking Case (2)
21College Bowl
23Commencement (1)
24Commencement (2): [See Also: Programs (Filed Separately)]
25Commencement (3): [See Also: Programs]
26Commencement (4): [See Also: Programs]
27Commencement Addresses: [See Also: Valedictorian]
28Commerce, School of: [See Also: Business Administration, College of]
29Committee of Gay Education
30Community and Area Development, Institute of: [See: Institute of Community Area Development]
31Community Concert Association
32Community Concertgoers (2)
34Comparative Literature, Department of
35Complex Carbohydrate Research Center
36Computing and Information Services: [See Also: Cosmic]
37Concerts: [See Also: Community Concert Association] (1)
38Concerts: [See Also: Community Concert Association] (2)
39Conferences: [See Also: Georgia Center for Continuing Education]
40Cooperative Extension Service: [See: Agricultural Extension Service]
41Co-ordinate College: [See Also: Navy Supply Corps Schools (Georgia File)]
42Cosmic (Computer Software and Information Center)
43Counseling and Testing Center
44Credit Union: [See: Employees' Federal Credit Union]
46Crime-First Murder, 1918
47Cultural Affairs
48Cultural Diversity
50Dairy Science
52Dean Tate G-Day Road Race
53Dean William Tate Phi Beta Kappa Scholar
55Delta Kappa Gamma Society: [See: Athens - Delta Kappa Gamma Society]
56Demonstrations: [See: Student Demonstrations]
57Demosthenian Literary Society
58Developmental Studies Program
59Dialogue, 1970-1971
61Disciple Student Fellowship
63Draft Information Service Commission
64Drama, Department of: [See Also: Speech and Drama Department]
65Drug Testing: [See Also: Georgia Legislature 1990]
66Drug Use on Campus
67East Campus, 1995
68Ecology, Institute of: [See: Institute of Ecology]
69Economic Understanding: [See: Institute for Economic Understanding]
70Education, College of (1)
71Education, College of (2)
72Education, College of (3)
73Education, College of (4)
61Elections: [See: Campus Elections]
2Employees and Staff
3Employees' Federal Credit Union
4Engineering, School of
5English, Department of
7Entomology, Department of
8Entrance Requirements: [See Also: University Catalog]
9Environmental Design, School of (1)
10Environmental Design, School of (2)
11Environmental Design, School of (3)
12Epsilon Sigma Phi
13Equestrian Team
15Exhibits: [See Also: Georgia Museum of Art]
16Expansion and Growth: [See: University Expansion and Growth]
17Experiment Stations: [See Also: Agricultural Experiment Stations]
18Extension Service: [See: Agricultural Extension Service; Home Demonstration]
19Faculty - General (1)
20Faculty - General (2)
21Faculty - General (3)
22Faculty - General (4)
23Faculty - General (5)
24Faculty - General (6)
25Faculty Handbook
26Faculty Minutes and Memoranda
27Faculty Promotions
28Faculty Raises
29Faculty Unrest (1), 1973
30Faculty Unrest (2), 1973
31Fads: [See Also: Student Life; Traditions]
33Film Service
34Financial Aid
36Food Science, Department of
37Food Services
39Football, 1890s-1919
40Football, 1920s-1939
41Football (Clippings) (1), 1940-1949
42Football (Clippings) (2), 1940-1949
43Football (Programs), 1940-1949
44Football (Programs) (3), 1940-1949
71Football (Clippings), 1950-1959
2Football (1) - MISSING, 1960-1969
3Football (2), 1960-1969
4Football (Programs) (1), 1960-1969
5Football (Programs) (2), 1960-1969
6Football (Clippings), 1970-1979
7Football, 1970-1979
8Football (Programs), 1970-1979
9Football, 1980-
10Football (Clippings), 1980-1981
11Football (Programs), 1980-1981
12Football (Clippings), 1981-1982
13Football, 1983
14Football, 1984
15Football, 1985
81Football, 1986
2Football, 1986
3Football, 1987
4Football, 1988
5Football, 1989
6Football, 1990
7Football, 1991
8Football, 1992
9Football MISSING, 1993
10Football, 1994
91Football, 1995
2Football, 1996
3Football, 1997
4Football, 1998
5Football - Yale: (GA vs. Yale 1929)
6Foreign Students
7Forest History Society
8Forest Resources, School of - Publications
9Forest Resources, School of
11Founders' Day
12Franklin College: [See: Arts and Sciences, College of]
13Fraternities (1)
14Fraternities (2)
15Fraternities (3) (Missing; Started 6/96)
16Free University: [See: Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)]
18Freshmen Camp
19Freshmen Orientation
20Funding: [See: Appropriations and Funding]
22Garden Club of Georgia: [See: Athens Garden Club]
23Gays: [See: Committee on Gay Education]
24Geography, Department of
25Geology, Department of
26Georgia Center for Continuing Education: [See Also: Conferences] (1)
27Georgia Center for Continuing Education (2)
28Georgia Center for Continuing Education (Clippings) (3)
29Georgia Day Dinner
30Georgia Museum of Art: [See Also: Art Exhibitions, Exhibits]
31Georgia Museum of Art (1)
32Georgia Museum of Art (2)
33Georgia Museum of Art 1955-1967
34Georgia Press Association Institute Hall of Fame
35Georgia Press Institute
36Georgia Review
37Germanic-Slavic Languages, Department of
40Glee Club
41Global Studies, University Center for
42Goals: [See: Expansion and Growth]
44Government, Institute of: [See: Institute of Government]
46Graduate School
47Graduate Students
48Grand Opera
101Great Day
2Gridiron Society
4Ground Sloth
5Group Insurance
6Growth: [See: Expansion and Growth]
8Habitat for Humanity
10Handicapped Students
12Health Services
13Health Services, Division of (Infirmary, etc.)
13.1High School (Rock College)
14Historic Preservation Program
15History (1)
16History (2)
17History (3)
18History, Department of
19Holmes-Hunter Lecture
20Home Demonstration
21Home Economics, School of
22Home Study
24Honor Societies
25Honor System
26Honors Day: [See Also: University Programs]
27Honors Program
28Horse Industry
29Horticulture, Department of: [See: Plant Sciences, Department of]
31Iconoclast (Student Publication)
33Indian Rock: [See: General Information - Petroglyphs]
34Infirmary: [See: Health Services]
35Institute for Economic Understanding
36Institute of Community and Area Development
37Institute of Ecology
38Institute of Government
39Institute of Higher Education - Publications
40Institute of Radiation Ecology
42Instructional Resources Center
43Integration (through 1960) (1)
44Integration (Jan 1-15, 1961) (2)
45Integration (Jan 16, 1961 - Now) (3)
46Integration - New Yorker Articles (July 13, 20, 27, 1963)
47Inter-Fraternity Council
48International Students: [See: Foreign Students]
50Iron Horse
51Job Placement Project
52Joint Tech - Georgia Development Fund
53Journalism, School of (1)
54Journalism, School of (2)
55Journalism, School of (3)
56Kellogg Foundation
111Kemp Lawsuit & Aftermath (1)
2Kemp Lawsuit & Aftermath (2)
3Kennedy, John F. (Speech, 1957): [See: Speakers]
4Kennedy, Robert F. (Speech, 1961): [See: Speakers]
5Kissinger Address 1978: [See: Speakers]
6Lake Allyn M. Herrick
7Lamar Dodd Professorial Chair of Art
8Land Grant Colleges
9Land Grant Program
10Landscape Architecture: [See: Environmental Design, School of]
11Law Library: [See: Libraries, Law Library]
12Law, School of
13Law, School of - Bulletin
14Law School - History
15Law School - Law Day Speeches: [See Also: Speakers]
16Law School - Letters
17Law School - Programs
18Law School - Theses, List of
19Law Suits
21Legal History
22Legal Services
23Legion Pool
24Legislative Acts: [See Also: Appropriations and Funding]
25Libraries - General
26Libraries - Asset Awards
27Libraries - Automation
28Libraries - Dooley Endowment Fund
29Libraries - Handbooks
30Libraries - Law Library
31Libraries - Main Library (1)
32Libraries - Main Library (2)
33Libraries - Main Library (3)
34Libraries - Marvel: [See: Libraries - Automation]
35Libraries - Minutes
36Libraries - Prints
37Libraries - Richard B. Russell Library
38Libraries - Science Library
39Libraries - Special Collections
40Libraries - Staff: [See Also: King, Florence; Potter, Bill]
41Libraries - Staff Unrest
42Libraries - Talmadge Collection
43Libraries - W. Porter Kellam Lecture
44Literary Societies: [See Also: Demosthenian Literary Society, Phi Kappa Literary Society]
45Loan Funds
47Loyalty Questionnaire - Clippings (1)
48Loyalty Questionnaire - Clippings (2)
49Mace and Medallion
50Management, Department of
51Maps of Campus [See Also: General Information]
52Marine Institute, Sapelo Island
53Markers and Memorials, Campus
54Mascot: [See: Bulldog]
55Mathematics, Center for Applied: [See: Center for Applied Mathematics]
56Mathematics, Department of
57Medical School: [See Also: General Information - Medical College of Georgia]
58Medical Technology
59Mental Retardation Center
60Michael Award, M.G.: [See: Awards]
61Microbiology, Department of
62Military Enlistment Policy
63Military Science
64Milledge, John - Chair and Scholarship
66Miss UGA: [See: Beauty Pageants]
67Modern Foreign Languages, Department of
68Molecular and Population Genetics, Department of
69Mortar Board
70Moss Fellowship
72Mt. Everest Climb Expedition
121Music, Department of (1)
2Music, Department of (2)
3Music, Department of (3)
4Mystic Seven
5NCAA Violations
6Natural History Museum
7Navy Pre-Flight School
8Normal School: [See Also: University High School and Athens - Navy School]
9North Campus
10Nuclear Waste: [See Also: General Information - Nuclear Waste; General Information - Nuclear Power; Athens - Athenians for Clean Energy]
11Nursery School
12Nursing Education
13Off Campus Centers
14Office of Instructional Development
15Olympics 1996
16Opstar: [See: Registration]
17Organization Charts
19Our World Today Program
21Pan-Hellenic Councils
22Parcourse Fitness Circuit
23Parking: [See: Traffic]
24Peabody Awards: [See Also: Libraries - Special Collections] (1)
25Peabody Awards: [See Also: Libraries - Special Collections] (2)
26People's Park
27Personnel: [See: Employees and Personnel]
28Personnel, Department of
29Pharmacy, School of (1)
30Pharmacy, School of (2)
31Pharmacy, School of (3)
32Pharmacy, School of - Bulldog Pharmacist
33Phelps-Stokes Studies
34Phi Beta Kappa
35Phi Kappa Literary Society
36Phi Kappa Phi
37Philosophy and Religion, Department of
38Phinizy Lectures
39Physical Education, Department of
40Physical Plant Division
41Physics and Astronomy, Department of
42Pictures of Campus: [See: Views of Campus]
43Placement and Career Planning: [See: Career Planning and Placement] (1)
44Placement and Career Planning: [See: Career Planning and Placement] (2)
45Planning: [See: Expansion and Growth]
46Plant Pathology
47Plant Sciences (1)
48Plant Sciences (2)
49Playboy Interviews
50Poetry: [See: Songs and Poetry]
52Political Science Department
54Post Office
55Poultry Science
56Presidents: [See Also: Individual Listings in Georgia Biography Files]
57President's Club Garden
58President's Report
59Press: [See: University of Georgia Press]
60Press Institute: [See Also: University - Programs Files]
61Printing Department
62Professors: A-D
63Professors: E-H
64Professors: I-L
65Professors: M-P
66Professors: Q-T
67Professors: U-V
68Professors: W-Z
69Programs 1955-1956 (1)
70Protests: [See: Student Demonstrations]
71Psychology, Department of
72Public Relations
73Public Safety, Department of: [See: Physical Plant Division]
75Race Relations
77Radiation Ecology: [See: Institute of Radiation Ecology]
78Recruitment of Students and Faculty
80Red and Black, The (School Paper)
81Reed Hall - Argonauts
82Reed Hall Council - Constitution
83Reed Hall - Oak Leaf
84Reed Hall - Reeder's Digest
85Reed Hall - Rules and Regulations
86Regents: [See: General Information - Regents, Board of]
87Regents' Exam
88Regents Professors
89Registrar's Office
91Religious Activities (1)
92Religious Activities (2)
93Reminiscences and Memories
2Research Center in Crime and Delinquency
3Research Park
4Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC)
5Rhodes Scholars
6"Right On": [See: Campus Conservative Club]
7Roads, Streets, Etc.
8Romance Languages, Department of
9Rules, Laws, Statutes
10Rural Revitalization Initiative
11Rusk Center
12Russell Library: [See: Libraries - Richard B. Russell Library]
13Sabbatical Leave
16Sandy Beaver Awards
17S.A.T. Scores: [See: Student Body Analysis]
18Scabbard and Blade
21Scholarships - HOPE
22Scholastic Press Association
23School Desegregation Educational Center
25Sculpture: [See Also: Iron Horse]
26Sea Grant Program
28Self Studies
29Semester System
30Senior Citizens
31Senior Parade
32Services, Vice President for
34Sex Discrimination
35Sexual Harassment
36Shelter Tests: [See: Psychology, Department of]
37Sidney Samuel Thomas Lecture Series
38Sigma Chi
39Skidaway Institute of Oceanography
40Small Business Development Center: [See Also: Business Outreach Center]
41Soccer - Women's
42Social Security
43Social Work, School of
44Sociology, Department of
45Sociology and Anthropology, Department of: [See Also: Sociology; Anthropology, Archeology]
46Songs and Poetry
48Soule Scholarship: [See: Mary Ella Lunda Soule Scholarship]
49South African Protest: [See: University Union]
50Southeast Water Laboratory
51Southeastern Utilization Research Laboratories
52Southern Conference
53Southern Historical Society
54Southern Writers Workshop
55Speakers: [See Also: Visitors] (1)
56Speakers: [See Also: Visitors] (2)
57Speakers (Kennedy, John F., 1957)
58Speakers (Kissinger, Henry, 1978)
59Special Studies
60Speech and Drama, Department of: [See Also: Speech Communication; Drama] (1)
61Speech and Drama, Department of: [See Also: Speech Communication; Drama] (2)
62Speech and Drama, Department of: [See Also: Speech Communication; Drama] (3)
63Speech Communication, Department of
64Speech Therapy
66Sports and Recreation
67State of the University Address
68State of the University (Athens Observer Series)
69State Teacher College: [See: Normal School]
70Statistics, Department of
71Statutes: [See: Rules, Laws, Statutes]
72Student Activities, Division of
73Student Affairs, Division of
74Student Body Analysis
75Student Center Brochures
76Student Center, Religious
77Student Demonstrations (1)
78Student Demonstrations (2)
79Student Development Laboratory
80Student Failures and Scholarship Probation: [See: Grades]
81Student Government
82Student Insurance
141Student Life: [See Also: Fads] (1)
2Student Life: [See Also: Fads] (2)
3Student Life: [See Also: Fads] (3)
4Student Life: [See Also: Fads] (4)
5Student Life: [See Also: Fads] (5)
6Student Life: [See Also: Fads] (6)
7Student Science Training Program
8Student Union: [See: University Union]
9Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)
10Studies Abroad Program
12Summer School
13Sumner, Edward D. - Writings
15Survey Research Center
17Symposium - "Clarin and His Century"
18Symposium - "Roots in Georgia"
19Symposium - "200 years of Georgia and the South"
20Teachers' Retirement Benefits
21Technology: [See: Automation]
23Television - WGTV Programs
24Television - University News, Scripts, WGTV
25Tennis (1)
26Tennis (2)
27Terrell Professorship
28Theater: [See Also: Speech and Drama Department]
30Time Capsule
31Title IX: [See: Sex Discrimination]
32Toombs Oak
33Track: [See Also: Individual Biography Files]
34Tradition: [See Also: Fads]
36Traffic and Security Department: [See: Police]
38Treasurer's Reports
40"TUB" (Lewis Green)
41Tuition and Fees
42UGA I, II, III, IV, Etc.: [See: Bulldogs]
43UGAcard (Student ID)
44University Center
45University Club
46University Council
47University Expansion and Growth
48University Forensic Society: [See: Debates]
49University of Georgia (1)
50University of Georgia (2)
51University of Georgia (3)
52University of Georgia Press (original file missing 7-15-87)
53University Studies Program (Night School)
54University System: [See Also: General Information - Regents, Board of] (1)
55University System: [See Also: General Information - Regents, Board of] (2)
56University System Building Authority
57University Union (1)
58University Union (2)
59University Women's Club
61Veterans Division
62Veterinary Medicine, School of (1)
63Veterinary Medicine, School of (2)
64Veterinary Medicine, School of (3)
65Vice President
66Vice President for Academic Affairs
67Vietnam Moratorium (October 15, 1969; November 13-14, 1970; April 15, 1970)
68Vietnam Veterans Against the War
69Views of Campus
70Vision Research Laboratory
71Visitors: [See Also: Speakers]
72Vocational Education
73War Memorial Fund
74Watsons Springs
75WGTV: [See: Television]
77Women: [See Also: Co-Education; Sex Discrimination]
78Women: (Clippings) [See Also: Co-Education]
79Women's Opportunities Network
80Women's Student Government
81Worker's Associations
82World War I
83World War II
86Young Americans for Freedom (YAF)