S. William Pelletier Provost records

S. William Pelletier Provost records

Descriptive Summary

Repository: University of Georgia Archives
Creator: Pelletier, S. William
Title: S. William Pelletier Provost records
Dates: Bulk, 1969-1976
Dates: 1962-2003
Quantity: 5.0 Linear feet (6 boxes)
Coll. Number: UA04-017

Biographical/Historical Note

Dr. S. William Pelletier (1924-2004) was born in Kankakee, Illinois, earned a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Illinois in 1947 and a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry at Cornell in 1950. Following work at the Rockefeller Institute, he assumed the position of Head of the Chemistry Department at the University of Georgia in 1962. In 1969, Pelletier was chosen as Provost of the University. In that role he generated controversy as he worked to change faculty promotion and tenure requirements. Finally in the wake of a public controversy with Dean William Tate, Pelletier resigned in 1976 and the office of Provost was eliminated for some twenty years. Pelletier then assumed the role of Director of the Institute for Natural Products Chemistry Research. In addition to his work in chemistry and university administration, Pelletier was well known for his expertise in art, particularly in relation to prints of which he was a noted collector.

Scope and Content Note

The papers, as retrieved from his office on the 7th floor of the Ilah Dunlap Little Library, were divided into four series. The adminstrative series document Pelletier's activities as Provost. There are donation and correspondence files related to his work with the Georgia Museum of Art and the UGA Library, with the exception of files related to artist John Taylor Arms that are found in series four.


The collection is arranged into four series: administrative, correspondence, art and library donation/correspondence files, and conferences/John Taylor Arms.

Index Terms

Georgia Museum of Art.
Universities and colleges--Faculty.
Universities and colleges--Georgia--Administration.

General Notes

RG 1-13

Administrative Information

Preferred citation note

S. William Pelletier Provost records, UA04-017, University Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Related Material

Related collections in this repository: Institute for Natural Products Chemistry records, UA04-010.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Administrative, 1969-1978

11A and S Questionnaire, 1974-1975
2Talk to AAUP, 1974 April 20
3Provost Appointment, 1969
4Alumni Foundation Professors Support, 1976
5Alumni Foundation Professorship – S.W.P., 1969
6Bio Data, 1970
7Business Appointments, 1976
8Clippings, 1971-1975
9Criteria for Special Professorship and Endowed Chairs, 1975
10Equipment, 1976
11Faculty Attitude and Opinion Survey, 1976
12Faculty Fracas and 13-A Faculty Fracas [continued], 1973
13Grants–S.W. Pelletier, 1974
14Guidelines–Drafts, 1970
15Guidelines, 1970-1973
16Home Economics Dean’s Appointment, 1971
17Institute for Natural Products Research, 1969
18Institutional Research, 1975-1976
19Journalism, 1973
20“The Last Hurrah" and 21-A, "The Last Hurrah" [continued], 1976 January
21Law School Deanship, 1973
22Libraries’ Director Search, 1972-1978
23Memorandas, 1969
24Monthly Dean’s Meeting, 1970-1973
25Natural Products Lab Report, 1976
26Outstanding Faculty, 1971
27Pages Charges–Research, 1976
28Policy Statements, 1975
29Promotion Committee Members, 1973
30Key Promotion Letters, 1969-1973
31Promotion Committee–Charges, 1975-1976
32Confidential–University, 1970-1976
33Promotions, 1971-1976
34Provost’s Office Report, 1969–1976
35Purchasing–Office Equipment, 1976
36Promotions A and S Procedures, 1974
37Provost’s Interns, 1978
38Provost’s Report, 1976 July 13
39Renovation of Provost’s Office, 1969-1974
40Reorganization, 1974
41GA Review Rumpus, 1974
42Royal Society, 1973
43Self-Study Report, 1971
44Senior Counselors, 1975-1978
45Schwartz Letters, 1976 February 24
46University Professors, 1974
47Vice Provost, 1973
21[Booklets–UGA Guidelines for Promotions and Appointments, Statutes of UGA]
2[Loose Letters], 1977, 1991
3Articles on Communication, 1970
4Georgia Review, 1977
5Internships–Provost’s Office, 1973-1976
6Publishing Obligations of Faculty, 1969-1976
7Recognition of Excellence of UGA, 1974-1975
8Articles on Research [Clippings], 1971 September 28
9Teaching, 1975
10“Compatibility” Issue (History), 1970-1971
11 Athens Observer series, 1975 summer
12Torch Club, 1969-1970
13Promotion Summary, 1975-1976
14[Photographs with Letter], 1975 October 2
15[Chemist's Triangle], 1970s

2. Correspondence, 1969-2003

34Dinnan, 1971
5Dodd, Lamar, 1971-1982
6Lamar Dodd Correspondence, 1969-1997
7Faculty Letters, 1973
8Faculty Letters, 1973-1974
9Georgia Review, 1974-1977
10German, Victor, 1969-1971
11Giardini Affair, 1976
12Land, Aubrey, 1973
13Letters, Miscellaneous, 1973
14Montgomery, 1974 December
15Montgomery Miasma, 1975
16[Letter – Hubert B. Owens], 1982 October 13
17Polanski, Norman, 1977
18Mr. William Paul, 1970-1978
19A. Poulin Jr., “Poetry Textbooks and the classroom: Blowing the Whistle,” College English, vol. 32, No. 3, 1970 December
20Noble, Clyde, 1976
21Reeves, Walter Paschal, 1971
22Saye, Albert, 1976
23Helen Smith Interviews [Clippings], 1974
24Dr. Sterns, 1971
25Still, Richard, circa 1970s
26Stone, Vernon, 1977
27Timberlake Matter, 1970-1971
28Dr. Robert West, 1974
29Correspondence, 1970
30Correspondence, 1969-1970
31Correspondence, 1970-1971
32Correspondence, 1970-1971
33Date File [Correspondence], 1971-1972
34Date File [ Correspondence], 1972
41[Correspondence], 1972
2[Correspondence], 1973
3[Correspondence], 1973
4[Correspondence], 1973
5[Correspondence], 1974
6[Correspondence], 1974

3. Art and Library Donation/Correspondence Files, 1969-2003

51[Letters], 1978
2GA Museum Organization and Reporting, 1977 April 29
3Bledsoe, Jane, 1988-1990
4[Georgia Museum of Art, Correspondence, etc.], 1996
5Eiland, William U. [part one, split from one original file], 2000-2003
6Eiland, William U. [part two, split from one original file], 1996-2000
7Fowler, Betty Alice, 2003
8Freeman, Jennifer, 1999-2001
9GMOA Preparations, 2001-2003
10Greenspan, Rebecca, 2001
11Hinton, Cecilia, 2001
12Mondi, Annelies, 2002-2003
13Phagan, Patricia, 1989-2001
14Phagan, Patti [Patricia, folder original placed inside folder 13], 1998-1999
15Print Club, 1977-1979
16Purdue, Lynn, 2000
17Ramsey, Bonnie, 1993-2003
18[Museum of Art Folder – Rembrandt], 1998
19[Georgia Museum of Art Folders – Board of Advisors, etc.], 2001-2003
20[Booklet – Professional Practices in Art Museums], 2001
21At Home and Abroad; Japan and Japanisme (GMOA ) [found in folder 22], 2002
22Ray, Romita, 2000-2003
23Sampson, Kristie [thank you note], 2001 February 2
24Sumerour, Neil [letter], 2001 September 11
25Wilfong, Thomas [letter], 2001 April 6
26Winthrop, Carol, 1986-1988
27Yates, Rebecca, 2001-2003
28Georgia Museum of Art Acquisitions, 1998-2000
29Georgia Museum of Art, 2000-2003
30Georgia Museum of Art, 2001-2003
31Museum Reporting – Dr S. William Pelletier, 1977
32Gift to Library, 1986
33Gift to Libraries, 1987
34Gift to Libraries, 1988
35Returns to Library, 1988
36Gift to Libraries, 1989
37Gift to Library, 1990
38Gift to Libraries, 1992
39Gift to UGA Libraries, 1993
40Gift to Georgia Museum of Art, 1980
41Gift to Georgia Museum of Art – Original Documents, 1981 December 16
42Gift to Georgia Museum of Art, 1983 December 21
43Loan to Georgia Museum of Art, 1983
44Loan to Georgia Museum of Art, 1984
45Gift to GA Museum of Art, 1984
46Gift to GA Museum of Art, 1985
47Loan to GA Museum of Art, 1986
48Gift to Georgia Museum of Art, 1986
49Gift – Georgia Museum of Art, 1986
50Gift to Georgia Museum of Art, 1988
51[Georgia Museum of Art], 1986-1987
52[Gift to Georgia Museum of Art], 1989
53Georgia Museum of Art Gift, 1990
54Gift to Georgia Museum of Art, 1991
55Loan to GA Museum of Art, 1991
56[GA Museum of Art Postcard], circa 2000s
57Gifts to Georgia Museum of Art, 2002

4. Conferences/John Taylor Arms, 1962-1980

61Trip to Chicago, 1969 November
2NIH-ACS, Washington [“cancelled” written over label], 1971 September
3London Trip, 1971 July
4Trip to Ann Arbor, 1971 June
5NIH Medicinal Chemistry Panel, Bethesda, Maryland, 1971
6Los Angeles – ACS, 1971
7New Orleans, ACS [“cancelled” written over label], 1970 December
8Trip to Washington, DC, Land Grant Meeting [“cancelled” written over label], 1970 November
9Trip to Chicago, NIH, ACS, B. of E., Journal of Organic Chemistry, 1970 September
10Trip to Riga, Latvia, 1970
11Trip to Chicago and Toronto, 1970 May
12Trip to Washington, DC – NIH Panel, 1970
13Houston Trip – Cancelled, 1970 February
14Kingston, Jamaica, 1970 January
15NSF Meeting, Atlanta, Cancelled, 1969-1970
16Philadelphia, 1970 January
17Trip to New York, 1969 September
18Travel – ACS, NIH Trips – Misc, circa 1970s
19Tallahassee Trip, 1973 June
20Trip to New York City, 1972 June
21ACS New York, 1972
22New York - Ford Foundation [“cancelled” written over label], 1971 February
23Trip to New York City, Peabody Awards, 1973 May
24ACS Meeting in Dallas [“cancelled” written over label], 1973 April
25To Syracuse, NY, 1973 March
26Trip to Berkeley, CA, 1973 January
27To Memphis, Tennessee, 1972 December
28To Washington, DC Land-grant Meeting, 1972 November
29To Birmingham, 1972 November
30Trip to New Orleans, Southern Land-grant, Assn, 1972 September
31Trip to Chicago, 1972
32NIH Trip and ACS, 1971 September
33NIH and ACS, Boston, 1972 April
34AIR Conference, Miami Beach, 1972 May
35NIH Trip to Bethesda, MD, 1972 January
36Trip to Jamaica, 4th Natural Products Symposium, 1972 January
37London, 1973 July
38Trip to New Orleans, NASULGC, 1971 November
39Land Grant Meeting in Denver, Colorado, 1973 November
40Trip to Washington State University, 1975 January
41SACS Meeting, Dallas [“cancelled” written over label], 1974 December
42Land Grant Meeting, Washington, DC., 1974 November
43New York City, Ford Foundation, 1974 October
44San Diego, ACE Annual Meeting, 1974 October
45Hot Springs, Arkansas, Southern Assoc. of LGCSU, 1974
46ACS Meeting, Atlantic City, New Jersey [“cancelled” written over label], 1974 September
47Trip to Fort Bragg, N.C., 1974 July
48Trip to Ottawa, Canada, 1974 June
49New York, Peabody Awards, 1974 May 1
50ACS Meeting in Los Angeles [“cancelled” written over label], 1974
51Chemical Congress, Mexico City [“cancelled” written over label], 1975 December
52Trip to Pullman, Washington, 1975 January
53Land-Grant Meeting, Houston, Texas [“cancelled” written over label], 1975 November
54Chicago, 1975 August
55ACS Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, 1975 April
56New York City, Peabody Awards Banquet, 1975 May
57To Chicago, Center for Research Libraries, 1975 April
58London Trip, 1975 July
59CRL Board and Council Meeting, Chicago, 1976 January
60Cotton Bowl, 1976
61ACS Trip, New York City, 1976 April
62New York City – Peabody Awards, 1976 May
63Trip to Skidaway Institute of Oceanography, Savannah, GA, 1976 May
64Rockefeller University Symposium, New York City, 1976 June
65Trip to Chicago, IL, CRL Meetings. [Center for Research Libraries], 1976 April
66[Various travel records], 1975-1976
67[Luncheon and Dinner Records], 1971-1974
68Who’s Who [pamphlets and vitae], 1977
69Math Conference on K-Theory and Operator Algebras, 1975 April 21
70Response to Rose Garden Dedication, 1975 October 30
71Suggested Greetings for: Dr. SW Pelletier Opening Session: Inorganic Chemistry, 1975 January 6
72Georgia Center for Cont. Education, circa 1970s
73Welcome to Legislators, 1972 December 11
74Welcome to Algebra Conference, 1972 June 12
75Welcome to Chemiluminescence Conference, 1972 October 10
76The American Physical Society Conference Georgia Center, 1974 April 15
77Profiles in Community Change (Public Service), 1973 December 13
78“Science and Christianity” Athens Torch Club, 1970 April 9
79Welcome–Workshop for Department Heads, 1971 July
80[Letter–Dinner, Waldorf Towers], 1980 November 17
81To Boston, Massachusetts, Natick Conference, 1972 October
82Manuscripts and reprints of Pelletier Articles Related to Artist John Taylor Arms, circa 1970s
83Correspondence related to John Taylor Arms Publications, Folder A, circa 1970s
84Correspondence related to John Taylor Arms Publications, Folder B, 1970s