UGA Physical Plant-Grounds Department Collection

UGA Physical Plant-Grounds Department Collection

Descriptive Summary

Repository: University of Georgia Archives
Creator: Duncan, Janine
Title: UGA Physical Plant-Grounds Department Collection
Dates: 1874, 2006-2014
Quantity: 6.5 Linear feet (6 boxes and 2.1 gigabytes)
Coll. Number: UA0107

Biographical/Historical Note

The cemetery, on Jackson Street on the University of Georgia's North Campus, was used primarily between 1810 and 1856. When this 2.5 acre site was full, Oconee Hill Cemetery (located behind Sanford Stadium) opened. There are approximately 800 graves, including those for merchants, tailors, ministers, children of UGA faculty members, and two UGA presidents, Robert Finley and Moses Waddel. The cemetery was added to the National Register of Historic Places in October 2009. The cemetery has been cleaned up and repaired during a multi-year restoration process between 2007 and 2009. Vegetation has been cleared away, head stones have been repaired and cemetery monuments, including obelisks and vaults have received structural repairs. Athens Convention and Visitors Bureau website (Retrieved November 24, 2010)

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of reports, images, correspondence, and a map of the Old Athens Cemetery created by Janine Duncan.


Arranged in chronological order.

Index Terms

Historic preservation--Georgia--Athens.
Old Athens Cemetery (Athens, Ga.). -- Photographs
University of Georgia. Physical Plant Division.

General Notes

RG 3-5

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UGA Physical Plant-Grounds Department, UA0107, University Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.


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This collection contains electronic files. To access these files, please request the folders you would like through the finding aid using your research account. An archivist will be in contact with you to explain how to access the files. Please note that some file formats may not currently be supported by the library for research use.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Old Athens Cemetery Restoration and Campus Repairs

ER 1Cemetery condition images ua0107CD001-019 [electronic files], 2006
11Old Athens Cemetery update reports, 2007 March-April
2Old Athens Cemetery update reports, 2007 May-June
3Old Athens Cemetery update reports, 2007 July-August
4Old Athens Cemetery update reports, 2007 September-October
5Old Athens Cemetery update reports, 2007 November-December
6Old Athens Cemetery correspondence and map, 2008
ER 2Old Athens Cemetery history update, chapters 1-3, ua0107CD021-022 [electronic files], 2008
17National Register nomination, 2008
ER 3Old Athens Cemetery monthly reports ua0107CD023-024 [electronic files], 2013
ER 4Old Athens Cemetery images ua0107CD025-027 [electronic files], 2013
18Moore College cresting (1874) explanation, newsclipping and images, 2014
9North Campus fence repairs (phases 3 and 4), 2013
ER 5North Campus fence repairs, images and reports ua0107CD028-029
21-2Two pieces from Moore College's roof cresting, 1874

2. Campus Images, Early 1970s - 2012

31UGA campus slides, circa 1970-1980
2Sanford Stadium constructions, Clark-Howell Hall, and Memorial Hall/UGA Bookstore slides, 1980-1982
3Tanyard Branch slides, 1980 - 1982
4Sanford Stadium, Lumpkin Street, Legion Pool, and South campus buildings slides, 1980 - 1982
5Jackson Street, Reed Quad, LeConte Hall, and Main Library slides, 1980 - 1982
6MLC storm steam repairs, demolition of Stegeman Hall, and construction of Tate photographs, 1980, 2012
7"Village Spring," Oconee river, O'Malley's Tavern, and Newton Street slides, 1980 - 1982
8Places on Lumpkin, William, Oconee, and Mitchell Streets slides, 1980 - 1982
9UGA east campus and women's dorms slides, 1980 - 1982
10UGA north campus buildings slides, 1980 - 1982
11UGA campus repeat slides, 1981
12Athens, Georgia slides, 1981
13UGA/Athens slides, 1981 - 1982
14Flower beds and Founder's Garden slides, Spring 1985 - 1986
15UGA campus slides, 1986
16UGA campus photographs, 1986
17UGA campus and Franklin hotel slides, 1986
18Ecology building gravel removal and sod installation slides, 1990
19Compost facility and miscellaneous slides, 1993
20Miscellaneous flower beds and compost facility slides, 1994
21Compost area slides, 1994
22Founder's Garden and various flower beds slides, 1995
23Landscape updates, pesticide presentation, and Memorial Hall pre-Olympics slides, 1996
24UGA landscape slides, 1996
25UGA flower beds/turf management slides, 1996
26UGA bus stops (North Campus) sites slides, unknown
27Health Center drainage photographs, 2002
28Steam DW Brooks photogprahs, 2004
29Steam lines at Science Libray photographs, 2004
30DW Brooks photographs, 2004
31Vet School/Soule photographs, 2004
32DW Brooks Snelling steam/chillwater photographs, 2004
33DW Brooks steam/chillwater photographs, 2004
34DW Brooks/Snelling photographs, 2004
35DW Brooks photographs, 2004
36DW Brooks Soule and miscellaneous photographs, 2004, 2007
37Coliseum construction photographs, 2006
38Stegeman Coliseum training center construction photographs, 2006
39Stegeman Coliseum addition photographs, 2006
40Coliseum carbunkle, Soule condensate, and E. Broad condos photographs, 2006 - 2007
41E. Broad condos photographs, 2006
42Candler Hall wheelchair ramp construction photographs, 2007
43Candler Hall photographs, 2007
44Condensate photographs, 2007
45Gold course improvements and Georgia Theatre fire photographs, 2008 - 2009
46Tate 2 construction photographs, 2009
47Health Sciences curbing photographs, 2012
48Aderhold, Old Physical Plant, and Herty Drive area slides, unknown
41Moore College and Marine Science pre-renovation photographs, 1988
2Health Sciences, Ramsey, and Hogdson area photographs, circa 1990s
3Unidentified construction projects photographs, 1990-1997
4River Road, Joe Frank, and Georgia Museum of Art construction photographs, circa 1991-1995
5Animal Health Research, Vet School, and East Campus/Carlton Street photographs, 1992-1993
6Bocock Street and shop near Cedar Street photographs, circa 1994-1995
7Cent Camp, Hooper Street, Health Clinic drainage, and Riverbend construction photographs, 1994
8South Street electric and Creswell Condensate photographs, 1994
9Baxter Street Tanyard Branch box current photographs, circa 1995
10Smith Street electrical conduit and gray building demolition photographs, circa 1995 and 2000s
11River Road storm drainage repair photographs, circa 1995
12Vet Med tank replacement photographs, circa 1995
13Watkinsville Farm, Barrow Hall, old storm drain, and sump pump in Ecology Annex photographs, circa 1995-1997
14Head wall at Lily Branch, River Road, old McWhorter and tennis, and box culvert photopgraphs, 1996
15Aerial steam plant photographs, 1997
16East Campus storm drain photographs, circa 1997
17Foremer Whitehall Shop, UGArden area, and Boyd construction photographs, circa 1997
18Old steam plant/tank cool photographs, 1997
19Old Vet School photographs, circa 1997
20Sewer line break photographs, 1997
21Steam plant and miscellaneous construction photographs, circa 1997
22Vet School and steam plant tank photographs, 1997
23South Street electric and Creswell condensate photographs, 2002
24DW Brooks mall development photographs, 2004
25Animal Heath Research area and River Road/Eas Campus photographs, unknown
26Dairy barn and Milledge sheep II pond photographs, unknown
27East Campus regrade over box culvert photographs, unknown
28Peabody Hall and Holmes-Hunter Academic Building slides, unknown
29Tank locations, steam line, and various Zach Doster photographs, unknown
51Soule Hall/DW Brooks, undated
2Ethno Greenhouse, undated
3Carlton St curb, undated
4East campus, undated
5Parking lot at Spring, undated
6Biomedical and sciences, undated
7Road repair at Carlton St, undated
8Baldwin Hall tank removal, undated
9Vet school condensate line, undated
10Steam lines ecology, 2004
11Biomedical and sciences negatives, undated
12East Broad condos, East Campus Rd curb, undated
13Golf course improvements, Soule chill, Tate Hall plantings, Lumpkin St, undated
14Memorial Hall sidewalk, 2012
151684 (street address) pre-demo 1993, East campus farm, 1993, 1997
16DW steam, Soule condensate, undated
17Soule condensate, undated
17Denmark water system, Milledge St water system, 2012
19University health, E campus, 1996
20Vet school water, E campus, 1996
21Soule "chiller", College Station Rd, 2004
22Golf course improvements, Tate Hall, DW, E campus road repair, undated
23Georgia Theater fire, 2009
24Ecology annex "chill", 2004
25Tate "2", Golf course improvements., 2004
26Ethnobotanical garden, parking next to Hobson's oil buildings, Baldwin side entrance, FACS, 2004
27Gym E. campus "water", 1995
28Candler Hall handicapped ramp, site storage, undated
29Chill water Caldwell, law school, Herty Field, undated
30University Health Center, April 1996
31Vet school water, undated
32East campus village water, Health Center water, undated
33Coal pit, Olympics committee, pre-Tate "2", May 1996
34E deck E campus, 1996
35Founder's drain, Rutherford st, new doorway, E Broad condo, 1996
36Town spring reclamation, Tate "2", 2009
37Soule chiller, undated
38Myer's electric, CCRC electric, vet school front drain, undated
39DW Brooks steam, Soule condensate line, undated
40Library to Barlow Hall chill water, undated
41Power plant demo, undated
42Soule/Snelling steam vault, undated
43Soule condensate, Snelling put back, undated
44Tanyard creek improvements, E Campus Rd drains, undated
45Hardeman improvements, undated
61Misc. photos #1, undated
2Misc. photos #2, undated
31996 #1 and #2, 1996
4Campus 1986 #1, #2, #3, 1996
5Mary Kahns 1990, undated
6Campus late 70's/early 80's, undated
7More 1981/1982/1985/1986, 1981, 1982, 1985, 1986
8UGA campus 1981 #1, #2, 1981
9UGA Flower beds, Baldwin st/military, 1996
10UGA/Athens, HBO Beds before fountain 1980's/1990's, 1981, 1982
111994, 1994
12Old physical plant, Herty drive area, undated
13Physical plants, 1994
14Physical plant #2, 1994
15President's house, Owen's fountain, Library quad, Herty parking, 1989, 1985, 1994, 1986
16Campus construction projects, 1985
17Historical, undated
18Misc. campus, 1980-1990
19North campus, Botanical gardens, undated
20Misc. campus, 1985
21Dawson hall, undated
22Misc. campus, 1985
23Campus botanical garden, Founder's garden, undated
24Misc. botanical garden, undated
25Misc. grounds construction, Pre-construction 1980's, 1980's
26Landscape E campus photos, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970
27Pre-olympics campus, Landscape photos, undated
28"Dexter Adams slides", Compost, Founders, Misc., 1985-1994
29Misc. campus, Dexter Adams' wife Kelley, undated
30President's house, undated
31Tree spade at science library, 1985
31Misc. slides #1, undated
2Misc. photo #2, undated