Stanley W. Lindberg papers

Stanley W. Lindberg papers

Descriptive Summary

Repository: University of Georgia Archives
Creator: Lindberg, Stan
Title: Stanley W. Lindberg papers
Dates: 1977-1999
Quantity: 26.0 Linear feet (26 boxes)
Coll. Number: UA01-009

Biographical/Historical Note

Stanley W. Lindberg served as editor of the Georgia Review from 1977 until his death in 2000. He is credited with transforming this regional literary magazine into an award-winning journal that regularly publishes the work of some of the nation's most renowned writers. In addition, he conceived and produced, or shared responsibility for, some of the most daring and stimulating cultural events the state of Georgia has hosted, including a celebration of Georgia's own heritage in creative writing—the "Roots in Georgia" Literary Symposium of 1985—and a remarkable international gathering of recipients of the Nobel Prize in Literature held in conjunction with the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. In 1986 Lindberg received the first Governor's Award in the Humanities. * New Georgia Encyclopedia.

Scope and Content Note

This collection consists of materials dating from 1977 through 1999 with a good deal of the documents coming from Stan W. Lindberg's time as editor of The Georgia review. These materials include correspondence and records of Lindberg's work with authors published (and not published) in the journal and his creation of the "Roots in Georgia" Literary Symposium in 1985. There are also administrative and business records that show, among other things, his interactions with UGA Administrators and the Main Library on campus. Other materials highlight his work as an English professor and as an organizer of the Cultural Olympiad held in conjunction with the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. These records emphasize his efforts with the Cultural Olympiad's Winterland and Nobel Laureate projects.


This collection is arranged into four series: Editorial files, Business and administration, English Department and Cultural Olympiad.

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Authors, American.
Cultural Olympiad.
Georgia review.
Lindberg, Stan
Nobel Laureates.
Olympic Games (26th : 1996 : Atlanta, Ga.).
Universities and colleges--Faculty.
University of Georgia.
University of Georgia. English Department.

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Stanley W. Lindberg papers, UA01-009, University Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Editorial files, 1977-1999

11Responses to "letters of return", 1982-1997
2Correspondence about articles published in the Georgia Review, 1982-1998
3Responses from writers published in the Georgia Review
4Correspondence regarding plagiarism, 1988, 1992
5Correpondence regarding relations with other publishers, 1980-1996
6Correspondence with publishers regarding requestsfor essays, reading reports or promotional comments, 1981-1995
7Correspondence regarding rejected manuscripts, 1978-1985
8Comments from staff and form letters, 1990-1997
9Correspondence regarding proposals for anthologies, 1985-1998
10Book review queries, 1978-1980
21-3Correspondence regarding manuscript proposals, 1982-1997
4Miscellaneous correspondence, 1978-1998
31-2Miscellaneous correspondence, 1982-1999
3Author contracts-drafts (includes sample contracts from other publishers), 1990s
4Ideas to follow up
5Interdisciplinary study in the Humanities (articles from Chronicle of higher education), 1987-1988
6Future issue planning, 1989-1994
7Form letter returns, 1985-1993
8Private writer vs. public author (article and response to Joyce Carol Oates), 1988-1989
9Reader's forum, 1988
10Special focus: book reviewing, 1985-1990
41-9National Magazine Awards, 1990-1998
10National Magazine Award screening, 1990
11National Magazine Awards, 1989
12National Magazine Awards-New York trip, 1988 April 23
13National Magazine Awards, 1987
14ASME (American Society of Magazine Editors) Board date, 1987
15-16National Magazine Awards, 1985-1986
51ASME (American Society of Magazine Editors), 1987-1997
2ASME (American Society of Magazine Editors) miscellaneous, 1998-1999
3MAG (Magazine Association of Georgia) Gamma Awards, 1994-1999
4-5Pushcart Prize, editor's folder, 1979-1999
61-2Media attention for the Georgia Review, 1984-1997
3Comments from subscribers, 1985-1997
4Mandels's essay-reactions, 1982
5Reviews of the Georgia Review, 1987-1992
6Miscellaneous reader responses, 1983-1998
7Kudos, 1977-1993
8Responses to editorial matters, irate subscribers or writers, 1977-1994
71Various promotional materials, 1980s-1990s
2Promotion and promotional ideas, 1980s-1990s
3Marketing ideas (articles and promotions from other concerns), 1980s-1990s
4Distribution of issues, 1981-1994
5Radio advertising, 1992
6WUGA-Lois Player- Georgia Review underwriting radio station programming, 1996-1997
7WUGA radio-underwritten programming "Telling word", 1990-1991
8Samples from the web ( Georgia Review website development), 1997-1998
9Cancelled grant projects, 1993-1994
10 The Georgia review authors who have received awards, special recognition or published in Prize Anthologies, 1996-1997
11 The Georgia review related clippings/notices, 1995
12Outside references to The Georgia review, 1990s
81"Roots in Georgia", 1980s
2 The Georgia review 40th Anniversary Celebration, 1987
3 The Georgia review 50th Anniversary, 1996-1997
450th marketing and promotion, 1996-1997
5 The Georgia review editors, staff and Board members (includes 1947-1996 historical list of personnel), 1996
650th Anniversary: The Georgia review authors-lists and mailings, 1997
7Letters to former Editorial Board members, 1997
8Other invited guests to concert/dinner, 1997
9Current Editorial Board (email announcement to), 1997
10Letters to former editors, staff, 1997
11Invitations to 50th Anniversary Dinner, 1997 May 16
91VIP invitations, 1997
2RSVPs, 1997
350th Anniversary-Georgia Museum of Art, 1997
4ARCO Benefit Concert (ARCO Chamber Orchestra of Moscow), 1997
5Anne Wade Rittenberry (author of theses on The Georgia Review under editorship of John Wade, 1991-1997
6Letters regarding 50th Anniversary Celebration, 1997
7 The Georgia review authors/book sales, 1996-1997
8Charter Lectures, 1989-1998
9Charter Lecture Series-current, 1990-1992
10Charter Lecture, 1989-1992
11Charter Lecture history, 1980-1990
12Charter Lecture Series candidates, 1989-1990
101Previous Charter lecturers, 1989-1990
2Charter Lectures-publishing (Peter Raven and unidentified text), 1989-1991
3Tony Kushner-Charter Lecture, 1996
4Charter Lecture Series proposal, 1978-1985
5Emory University-Ellmann Lectures and miscellaneous material, 1988-1996
6Phinizy Lectures, 1995-1996
7Sidney Samuel Thomas Lecture Series, 1996
8Miscellaneous lectures, UGA, 1989-1993
9 The Georgia review Visiting Lecture Series-general policy, 1978-1980
10Visiting speakers, 1997-1998
11UGA Readings Committee, 1995-1996
12UGA readings, 1996-1997
13Poetry/fiction readings, 1993-1994
14Thurday Writer's Series, 1992
15Poetry and fiction readings, 1989-1990
16Readings and lectures, 1980s
17Bread Loaf Writers' Conference, 1980-1994
111-3Writers' conferences, 1993-1997
4Writers' programs, conferences and lectures, 1994
5MLA Miscellaneous
6MLA (Modern Language Association) New York, 1983 December 27-30
7SAMLA (South Atlantic Modern Language Association), 1996
8AWP (Associated Writing Programs) Atlanta, 1996
9AWP (Associated Writing Programs), 1983-1997
10Writers' colonies, 1979-1981
11The Ossabaw Foundation, 1972-1982
12St. James Project-Jack Matthews, 1991
13Auction, 1975
14Miscellaneous writers' conferences and workshops, 1981-1998
15Athens Area Arts Council, 1997
16Atlanta Society of Professional Writers, 1993
17Walker Woods (Atlanta writers' residence), 1994-1995
121Georgia Center for the Book, 1997-1998
2Georgia Humanities Council, 1986-1994
3Georgia Council for the Arts (Literary Advisory Panel), 1985-1986
4Georgia State Poetry Society (Atlanta), 1984 January 21
5Georgia Writers, Incorporated, 1994-1996
6Magazine Association of Georgia, 1991-1996
131Georgia Council of Authors and Journalists, Incorporated, 1993
2Georgia Publishers Group, 1984-1986
3Ossabaw Foundation, 1981
4National Endowment for the Arts, 1993-1994
5"Southern Short Stories" (Georgia Humanities Council), 1994
6Moser/Kay Project (Chris Moser, Terry Kay-Southern Voice Series), 1991-1992
7GE (General Electric) Awards, 1990 April
8Guggenheim, 1986-1999
9Howard Foundation, 1997
10PEW Foundation Fellowships, 1994-1998
11PEN/Nora Magid Award, 1999
12Rea Award for the Short Story, 1988-1992
13Rona Jaffe Awards, 1998
14Lannon Foundation, 1991-1998
141Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Writers Awards, 1994-1996
2Townsend Awards, 1982-1995
3Whiting Foundation, 1989-1998
5Center for Southern Culture-Ole Miss, 1993-1994
5Fellowship of Southern Writers, 1995
6-7Southern Arts Federation, 1992-1995
8Southern Literature Task Force-Southern Arts Federation, 1992-1994
151CLMP (Council of Literary Magazines and Presses) miscellaneous correspondence and memos, 1980-1998
2CCLM (Coordinating Council of Literary Magazines) Grants Committee, 1978
3CCLM (Coordinating Council of Literary Magazines) Editors' Fellowship Program, 1980-1985
4-5Conference of Editors of Learned Journals, 1978-1988
6Editor-L (prints from listserve), 1994-1999
7-8Conference of Editors of Learned Journals-South Atlantic Modern Language Association, 1989-1996
9Miscellaneous literary associations, 1978-1993
161-3Correspondence with editors of other magazines, 1978-1998
4Journals edited at the UGA, 1987
5Other magazines (leaflets, flyers and articles), 1983-1992
6-7Information on other magazines (sample issues and announcements), 1988-1998
171University of Iowa Press, 1992-1995
2Hill Street Press, 1996-1998
3Other presses, 1985, 1997
4-7Miscellaneous reprints, articles and newsclippings, 1970s-1990s
181-4Miscellaneous reprints, articles and newsclippings, 1970s-1990s

2. Business and Administration, 1977-1999

191Correspondence with President's Office, 1983-1998
2-3President Charles Knapp, 1989-1997
4Ron Miller/African American Studies, 1994
5UGA International Affairs, 1996
6UGA Humanities Office, 1988-1997
7VPAA (Vice President for Academic Affairs), 1998-1999
8Memos to/from VPAA (Vice President for Academic Affairs) and Bill Prokasy, 1988-1998
9Vice President William F. Prokasy, 1988-1994
10Outside consulting policy, 1988-1997
11Del Dunn, 1988-1991
12Betty Whitten, 1991-1994
13VPAA's (Vice President for Academic Affairs)-Samuel Davis, 1994-1995
14Correspondence/memos from VPAA (Vice President for Academic Affairs) office, 1985-1999
15Chancellor/Board of Regents, 1995
16Memos to/from other Vice Presidents, 1982-1998
17UGA and Olympic Games, 1995-1996
18Vice President for Development, 1988-1992
19Vice President for Legal Affairs, 1989-1997
20Vice President for Services, 1991
21Vice President for Business and Finance, 1991
22 The Georgia Review development ideas, 1982-1993
23Robert Edge, 1979-1996
24 The Georgia Room discretionary funds, 1995
25 The Georgia review Endowment Fund, 1987-1997
26 The Georgia review fund raising and Endowment Fund, 1984-1995
27UGA Alumni Relations, 1978, 1997-1998
28UGA Foundation, 1996-1997
29 The Georgia review unit review, 1996-1997
30Self Study, 1996-1997
31 The Georgia review statistics, 1993-1998
32 The Georgia review budget planning/unit priorities, 1987-1998
33 The Georgia review budget, 1979-1999
34Memos regarding budget and circulation, 1998-1999
201 The Georgia review space allocation, 1981-1999
2Library's HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) plans, 1998
3 The Georgia review and UGA Library relations, 1982-1998
4 The Georgia review strategic plans, 1991-1998
5Annual report, 1996
6Annual reports, 1976-1998
7-8UGA Campaign for Charities, 1992-1998
9Dealing with UGA Press, 1983-1991
10UGA Press, 1978-1984
11Dealings with UGA Press, 1995-1997
2112UGA Press- Necessary fictions, 1986-1987
2013Introduction for Keener sounds, 1990s
14Reviews of Necessary fictions, 1986-1989
15Reviews of Keener sounds, 1987
16-17 New Georgia guide, 1994-1996
18Lila Wallace Reader's digest final round, 1994-1996
19Marketing plan, 1992
20Grant application/readers' survey, 1991-1992
21Lila Wallace- Reader's digest grant correspondence, 1991-1995
22Notes, 1990s
211Quarterly grant reports, 1993-1996
2Quarterly reports, 1995
3Lila Wallace-grant for non-profit literary publishers, 1998
4Editorial Board: charge and policies, 1977-1989
5Members of the Editorial Board, 1975-1998
6Editorial Board meeting, 1997 March 18
7Editorial Board appointments, 1981-1998
8GR-EDBD ( The Georgia Review Editorial Board) Listserv, 1995-1996
9-10Editorial Board, 1996-1998
11-13Editorial Board meetings, 1977-1997
14Editorial Board-annual evaluations of Editor, 1986-1994
15Editorial Board-miscellaneous, 1979-1996
16Heritage Printers/Bill Loftin, 1988-1998
17Book production resources/Fred Thompson, 1998
221UGA Alumni Seminar, 1980
2Alumni Seminar-Southern writing, 1978
3Ideas for summer talks, 1995-1997
4Sewanee Writers' Conference, 1997-1998
5Creative Non Fiction Conference, 1996 August 6-11
6Brockport Workshop, 1997
7Colgate's Writing Conference, 1996 July
8Travel and participation on panels and writers' workshops, 1981-1996
9OID (Office of Instructional Development) Noon Seminar, 1984
10Invitations to speak or participate in programs-declined or cancelled, 1990-1994
11Outside editorial consulting, 1979-1980
12USIA (United States Information Agency), 1994-1995
13Professional letters of recommendation, 1980-1997
14Letters of Recommendation, 1998
15Recommendations for students, 1971-1994
16Miscellaneous letters of Recommendation, 1979-1994
17Recommendations for UGA Faculty members, 1978-1991
18Editing and ethics, 1984-1985
19Notes on magazine publishing, 1986-1997
20Publishing news, 1990-1994

3. English Department, 1977-1999

231UGA Creative Writing Program, 1992-1996
2UGA English Department Committee assignment, 1977-1996
3English Department memo, 1991-1992
4UGA Journal Editors Group, 1995-1998
5English 132, 1978 Spring
6MA thesis, 1978-1979
7"I was a teenage Georgia review intern" (Honors 496), 1987 Winter
8Honors independent study, 1981 Spring
9Healey thesis, 1987
10Law School writing lab, 1993 Fall
11College of Journalism review, 1993-1994
12Promotion Committee, 1989-1990
13-14Non-Traditional Study Committee, 1986-1988
15Association of American Universities application, 1985
16UGA Press Director Search Committee, 1984-1985
17Bicenntennial Publications Committee, 1980-1985
18Albert Christ-Janer Award Committee, 1980
19Miscellaneous University committees, 1982-1984
20Honors Day Committee, 1988
21UGA Teaching Academy, 1999

4. Cultural Olympiad, 1977-1999

241Introducers for readings-contracts and information, 1995
2 The Georgia review/ACOG (Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games), 1994-1995
3Ron Bogue, 1994-1995
4Nobel Foundation/Swedish Academy, 1994-1995
5George Hirthler, 1994
6Dan Hoffman, 1994
7Alex Aldrich, 1993-1994
8Laureate Project-NEH (National Endowment for the Humanities), 1991-1993
9Laureate Project, 1992-1994
10ACOG (Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games) volunteers, 1992-1995
11Cultural Olympiad Advisory Council, 1992-1993
12Notes, 1995
13Nobel Laureate Project, 1992
14Rosemary Magee, 1990
15Olympic related, 1992
16Cultural Olympiad material, 1994
17Laureate public relations, 1994-1995
18Short bios, 1995
19Spring issue/Laureate program
20Garcia Marquez, 1994-1995
21Nobel Laureate Program-original proposal, key staff and timelines, 1992-1993
22Correspondence with ACOG (Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games) Olympiad office, Atlanta, 1995
23Correspondence with Sweden, 1993-1994
24Miscellaneous planning documents for Cultural Olympiad events, 1994-1996
25Correspondence with Laureates, 1994-1995
26Cultural Olympiad news releases, printed materials and newsclippings, 1995
27Correspondence with Rita Dove, 1994
28Publication planning-general essays on participants, 1995
29Publication planning-general, 1995
30Publication planning-essays on participants-specific essays, 1994
31Nobel Laureates-portraits, 1990s
32Press coverage and news releases, 1993-1995
33Publications and press releases from related cultural events of the period, 1992-1995
251Norwegian cultural materials, 1993-1994
2Mexican writers, 1993
3Norwegian stories, 1990s
4Cultural Olympiad -Norway, 1992-1993
5Finances-literary symposium, 1993
6Olympic Winterland Project/Lillehammer, 1992-1993
7Olympic Winterland-publicity, 1993
8Olympic Winterland "Encounters with Norwegian cultures" Symposium program, 1993
9Knut Faldbakken, 1990s
10Tormod Haugen, 1993
11Torill Thorstad Hauger, 1993
12Nils-Aslak Valkeapaa, 1993
13Eldrid Lunden, 1993
14Trumps- banquet reception, 1993
15Norwegian authors' biographies, 1992-1993
16Halldis Hoaas, 1993
17Extra copies-public relations for Norwegian writers, 1993
18Norwegian venues and technical requirements, 1993
19Norwegian writers "hot", 1993
20Rita Dove, 1994-1995
21Correspondence with Nobel Laureates, 1994-1995
22Notes for Stan, 1994 October 17
23Nobel Convocation/Clark Atlanta University, 1994
24ACOG (Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games) Cultural Olympiad signed agreement, 1994-1995
25Agreements with critics/translators/introducers, 1995
26Agreements with Laureates, 1994-1995
27Essayist-agreements, 1994-1995
28Essayists agreements-to be sent to ACOG (Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games), 1994-1995
29ACOG (Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games) contracts to pay essayists, Laureates and critics/translators, 1994-1995
30Memos to/from Leslie Gordon, 1994-1995
31Camille Baumgartner, 1993-1995
32Saul Bellow, 1989-1994
33Camilo Jose Cela, 1994-1995
34Odysseus Elytis, 1994-1995
35Halldor K. Laxness, 1994
36Naguib Mahfouz, 1994
37Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, 1994
38Nobel Laureates study guides/education, 1994-1995
39Margaret Holt, 1994
40Canetti and other dead ends, 1994-1995
261ACOG/CO Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games/Cultural Olympiad) International Celebration of Southern Literature, 1996 June 6-9
2Southern Literary Advisory Committee, 1994-1995
3Agnes Scott College-"An International Celebration of Southern Literature", 1995-1996
4Ingmar Bjorksten, 1993-1995
5Post-Nobel correspondence, 1995-1996
6-7ACOG (Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games), 1995-1996
8 Los Angeles Times Syndicate, 1996
9Babcock/Knapp regarding Knapp's resignation, 1996
10ACOE/CO (Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games/Cultural Olympiad) budget material, 1994-1995
11 The Georgia review permissions for special issue, 1995 Spring
12 The Georgia review special issue estimates, 1995 Spring
13 The Georgia review responses (originals), 1994-1995
14Governor's Dinner, 1995 April 25
15UGA/Nobel Laureates-J. Nagel, 1994-1995
16Nobel Laureates-VISAs, 1995
17Follow-up on photographs for The Georgia review special issue, 1995 Spring
18Promotion of The Georgia review special issue, 1995 Spring
19"The Nobel Laureates of literature: an Olympic gathering" study guide, 1995 April 23-25
20Study guide-editing, 1995
21Study guide-editing (Packet A), 1995
22Study guide-editing (packet C), 1995
23Study guide-editing (packet D), 1995
24Nobel Laureates panel discussions-editing I, 1995
25Nobel Laureates panel discussions-editing II, 1995
26"Nobel Laureates biographical and bibliographical sketches, acceptance speeches" compiled by Ronald Bogue, 1995
27Olympic letterhead and envelopes, 1996