Austin S. Edwards papers

Austin S. Edwards papers

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Repository: University of Georgia Archives
Creator: Edwards, Austin
Title: Austin S. Edwards papers
Dates: 1911-1976
Quantity: 11.0 Linear feet (14 boxes)
Coll. Number: UA0064

Biographical/Historical Note

In 1916 when Austin Southwick Edwards began his tenure with the University of Georgia the Psychology Department was still a part of the School of Education. After serving in the United States Army from 1917-1919 he returned to the Psychology Department and was appointed head of the department.

Dr. Edwards was instrumental in the establishment of the Psychology Department as an independent academic unit within the College of Arts and Sciences in 1921-22 and in having the department placed into the Biological Sciences Division during the college reorganization of 1933-35. In addition he founded the influential University Psychology Clinic in 1930 and continued to serve as the head of the Psychology Department until his retirement in 1951 upon which time he was named Professor Emeritus.

In 1948 Dr. Edwards was one of the key players, along with Dr. Florene Young, in establishing the requirement in the state of Georgia that clinical psychologists must be professionally licensed and served as a member of the original Board of Examiners. He was published in many scholarly journals, helped establish a chapter of Sigma Xi on campus, and was responsible for his department becoming a charter member of Psi Chi.

Scope and Content Note

While predominately reflecting the years 1916 through Edwards' death in 1976, the four accessions that make up this collection also include some material dating prior to Edwards arrival at the University of Georgia.


This collection is divided into four series that reflect their original accessioning order.

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Boy Scouts of America.
Building plans.
Civil defense--Study and teaching.
Edwards, Austin
Mental health--Georgia.
Psi Chi.
University of Georgia. Psychology Dept.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing



Accession UGA 00-028 helps to illuminate the activities of the UGA Psychology Department from the 1936 through the end of the 20th century. Of special interest are materials that highlight the equipment and space needs of the growing department along with a listing of requirements for the new Psychology Building that would be finished in 1969. In addition the collection contains information relating to Psi Chi (the National Honorary Society in Psychology) and "The A. S. Edwards Award".
11Edwards, Austin Southwick biographical sketch/obituary, 1976
2Building, Psychology Laboratories, 1936
3Building, 1950-1961
4Building plan (new), 1952-1958
5Building Plans, 1966
6Edwards-building's name, 1980
7A. S. Edwards [includes "Bradberry Case"], 1925-1951
8History of Psychology at the University of Georgia by May Zeigler [and material pertaining to UGA history]
9History of [UGA] departments
10History of Psychology Department
11To Dean correspondence, 1937-1941
12Graduate faculty, 1941-1947
1Award to A. S. Edwards for fifty years of service at the University of Georgia, 1967 May 6
113UA rules and regulations, 1940-1948
14[UGA Psychology Club]
15Psi Chi booklet and general information
16Britt Foundation, 1950-1956
17Psi Chi, 1956-1957
18Psi Chi A. S. Edwards Awards, 1954-2000
19Correspondence re: films Psi Chi, 1955-1958
20Psi Chi and A. S. Edwards Award stencil
21Psi Chi initiate ballots
22Miscellaneous correspondence and letters Psi Chi, 1955-1958
23Miscellaneous correspondence receipts, etc. Psi Chi, 1957-1959
24Work [May Zeigler]
25National ads-correspondence Psi Chi, 1947-1958
26Order blanks and price lists [Psi Chi]
27Psi Chi Treasurer, 1952-1954
28Request for reinbursement Psi Chi, 1953-1957
29Psi Chi Corresponding Secretary
30Psi Chi Secretary, 1931-1944
31Psi Chi receipt book, 1948-1962
32Psi Chi newsletter, 1955-1958
33Psi Chi membership information, 1929-1954
34Supply orders-copies Psi Chi, 1956-1957
35Parliamentary practice-P.H. Mell, 1888

UA04-033, 1912-1951

21[Gradebooks (L.R. Geissler)], 1912-1914
2[Gradebooks], 1913-1914
3[Gradebooks], 1915-1920
4[Gradebooks], 1920-1923
5[Gradebooks], 1923-1926
6[Gradebooks], 1926-1929
7[Gradebooks (Allgood) and (Harrell)], 1929-1931
8[Gradebooks], 1929-1932
9[Gradebooks], 1932-1935
10[Gradebooks], 1935-1938
11[Gradebooks], 1938-1940
12[Gradebooks], 1940-1942
13[Gradebooks], 1942-1945
14[Gradebooks], 1945-1951
15[Gradebooks summer (McGinnies and Ashford)], 1946, 1948
16[Gradebooks], 1951-1954
17Reprints by A.S. Edwards
18[Reprints of articles by UGA affiliated authors]
19Report of survey of Athens and Clarke County-conducted by A.S. Edwards
20[Articles, programs and brochures], 1911-1934
31-2Psi Chi, 1929-1940
3Psi Chi newsletters, early 1930s
4Psi Chi fraternity-local papers, 1931-1939
5[History of the chapter of Psi Chi, University of Georgia], 1931-1938
6Psi Chi [National Honorary Society in Psychology], 1941
7Psi Chi [National Society in Psychology], 1942
8[Psychology Department research], 1945-1946, 1948-1949
9Department of Psychology annual reports [incomplete set], 1917-1934
10Department of Psychology annual reports, 1944-1951
11Biology [Psychology of Teaching], 1925
12Drawing [Psychology of Teaching], 1925
13Economics [Psychology of Teaching], 1925
14English Composition [Psychology of Teaching], 1925
15Foreign Languages [Psychology of Teaching], 1925
16Geography, History, Civics [Psychology of Teaching], 1925
17Literature [Psychology of Teaching], 1925
18Mathematics [Psychology of Teaching], 1925
19Observational Learning [Psychology of Teaching], 1925
20Physical Education [Psychology of Teaching], 1925
21Reading [Psychology of Teaching], 1925
22Science-General and Physics [Psychology of Teaching], 1925
23Spelling [Psychology of Teaching], 1925
24Woodwork [Psychology of Teaching], 1925
25Writing [Psychology of Teaching], 1925
26Negro ["Religious genius of the Negro"-condensed], 1919
27Handbook on the Constitutions of the United State and Georgia [annotated], 1947
29[Examination book]
30"Georgia is awakening to education" [oversized], 1925
41Correspondence, 1917
2Correspondence, 1921-1926
3Correspondence, 1927-1929
4Correspondence, 1933
5-7Correspondence, 1934
8Correspondence, 1935-1936
9Correspondence, 1941-1947
10-11Transfers of training, 1915-1916
12"Transfers actually taking place in education" by Austin Southwick Edwards
13University of Georgia Clinic, 1930-1932
14Early exams (tantrums and convulsions), 1933-1941
15Family squabble, 1938 December 14-15
16Over solicitous, 1934
17Depression, 1938
18Emotional conflict, 1939 November 24
19Attitude-no physical [causes], 1939
20Sex conflicts-natural urges vs. civilization, 1939
21A marital discard, 1939
22Worries/hysteria, 1933
23[Case of depression (deceased June 1942)], 1932-1934
24Manic depressive, 1934-1945
25Nightmares-fear (Stepmother), 1941-1943
26Involutional melancholia, 1943
27Improvement of teaching, 1950
28[Psychiatrist request], 1943
29 American journal of Orthopsychiatry, 1930-1932
30[Assessing] mental condition, 1939-1942
31Review of clinical cases, 1930-1931
32[Cases], 1941-1945
33Psychology Clinic, 1929-1930
34University Clinic-beginning, 1930-1931
35[Psychology Department memorandum], 1932 July 7
36Georgia Council of Education, 1924-1925
37[Speech test]
38Thin board tests
39 The fundamental principles of learning and study by A.S. Edwards, 1925
51Hiking Scout Camp, 1933 August 7-11
2-3Boy Scouts, 1933
4-5Boy Scouts, 1934
6[The Finger Tromometer (actual pieces of testing apparatus along with article written by Edwards entitled "The finger tromometer" published in The American journal of Psychology volume LIX, number 2, 1946 April
7"Georgia is awakening to education" [poster]


Accession UGA 04-038 provides a good deal of insight into psychological theories of the 1920s through the 1940s. In addition, artifacts and paperwork related to Edwards' service in the army during World War I and the department's Civil Defense bombshelter research from 1965 through 1968 are included within this collection. Also found in this accession is an entertaining group of newpaper clippings from around the nation covering Edwards' 1938 study into the effects of 100 hours of sleep deprivation on six UGA students.
81[Budget-Department Of Psychology], [1917-1926]
2-3[Inventory-Department Of Psychology], [1919-1949]
14Annual Reports, [1915-1932]
85Army Receipts And Orders, [1917-1919]
6Victory Medal, 1920 March 27
7Plans For The Development Of The Department Of Psychology
8[Questionaire Approved By Board Of Trustees], 1924
9Psychology, 1926
10References-Objective Exams
11Staff Meetings-Psychology Department, 1932-1933
12New Catalog-Quarter System [Psychology Classes], 1930-1931
13Psychology Students, 1917-1920
14[Invitations To Hold The 1922 Convention Of The Southern Society for Philosophy And Psychology In Memphis, Tennessee], 1922
15Psychology Of A Sale, 1911
16Elementary Experiments In Psychology By A. S. Edwards -1925 Desk Copy
17Mathematical Treatment In Psychology By A. S. Edwards
18Manuscripts Elementary Experiments/Mathematical Treatment In Psychology 1927 Edition, 1927
19Laboratory, 1926
20Experiments-Social Psychology
21Experiments And Problems In Social Psychology By A. S. Edwards
22Experimental Social Psychology
23Social Psychology
25Alcohol - A.A., 1947-1948
26Telepathy, 1917-1945
27Dreams, circa 1930
28Illusions, 1930-1931
29Greek Psychology, 1950
30Treatment Of The Problem Drinker, circa 1930
31The Psychological Corporation, 1924-1932
32Psychology Of Marriage, circa 1930
33Malingering, circa 1930
34Epilepsey, 1946
35Eugenics [Pamphlets], 1920s
36Normality - Exp./Statistics, 1931
37Memorials, 1945-1949
38Morale, [1919-1941]
30Health-Georgia Citizens Council, 1947
91Dept. Of Psychology History, A. S. Edwards 1917-1947 (Includes Annual Reports) [Formerly Accessioned as UGA 97-11.59 And UGA 01-023 (4:4)], 1917-1947
22Social Welfare, 1917-1920
93Gerontology-Chronological Age, 1950
4-5Psychology, 1918-1950s
6Book Reviews Bibliography
7Reprints:Osborne, 1949-1951
8An Introduction To Psychology By A. S. Edwards, 1927
9Experiments In Psychology [Copies to Prove Copyright], 1927
10Outline Of Abnormal Psychology By A. S. Edwards, 1937
11Fundamental Principles Of Learning And Study By A. S. Edwards - 2nd Chinese Edition, 1930
12-15Civil Defense Research - Shelteree Lists, 1965-1967
13Civil Defense Research- Shelteree List, 1967 June 13
14Shelteree Characteristics Tables - Total For ES 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 1968
101Mental Hygiene-Psy 17-18 [Includes Brochures And Pamplets], 1920s
2Physical And Mental Hygiene (Includes Data On Minnesota Grade School Pupils) . [Poster Extracted And Placed In "Single Folder Oversize : Box 1"], 1911-1920s
3Learning And Study, 1916-1932
4Synaesthesia, 1921-1955
5Lectures - Psy 22 And 52, 1933-1935
6Illustrations, 1932 November 14
7[Judging Intelligence From Photographs], circa 1930
8Applied Psychology, 1920s-1940s
9Hobbies, circa 1930
10Habit [Bending], 1930s
11Speech Difficulties, 1932-1933
13Social Psychiatry
14Psychology Of Religion
15Immediate Recall After Looking At Advertisements - Margaret Woodward
16Child Development - H. E. 90 - Instructor : Florence M. Young [Syllabus, 1934]
17Anthropology [Review], 1923
18A Study Of Student Academic Success At The University Of Georgia By May Zeigler, 1936
19Physical Conditions [Studies]
20Experimental Psychology Methods, Etc.
21Elimination From School - 1927-1937 [Study And Correspondence], 1939
22Applied Psychology
23Adolescence-Psy 4, 1920s
24Mathematical Treatment In Psychology By A. S. Edwards
25Systematic Psychology - Exams, 1922 May 24
26Systematic Psychology - William James
27Systematic Psychology - Historical, 1927
28Child And School Hygiene [Correspondence Study C19]
29Experimental Psychology, 1922
30Correspondence Course In Applied Psychology - New Readings, late 1920s
31Adjustment And Attitudes Of Civilians By A. S. Edwards, 1945 January
33[Charts Mapping Color Zones Of Eyes - Dorothea White And E. Massey]
34A Study Of The 'Normal' Individual By Mrs. G. M. Broadhurst
35Lecture Notes, 1930-1931
36Color Blindness, 1930s
37Teaching, 1923-1945
38Graduate Examinations - Psy 102 - S. S., 1926
39Systematic Psychology (Graduate), 1929
40Graduate Work - S. S., 1928
41Norms, 1920s-1940s
42Psychology 7 - 8, 1920s
43Preliminary Syllabus Diagnosis In Education, 1926
44Psychology - Psy 102, 1925-1926
45Systematic Psychology - Psy 101 - Weiss - S. S., 1927
111Differential Aptitude Tests, 1948 March
2-3The Differential Aptitude Tests, 1951 October
4[The Stanford Revision Of The Binet-Simon Tests...Record Booklet], 1934
5Psychology Tests - Results, 1918-1920
6-9Samples Of Tests
10Research Problems [Minnesota Paper Board Test - Sample Problems]
11Thurstone Test, 1926
12Tests : Personality Values, 1922-1934
13Psychogalvanometer, 1946 May
414Control Cases - Langley Thesis, 1934 August 24
1115Psychology Principles - University Of Minnesota, 1909-1910
16-17A Critical Study Of Some Methods Of Measuring Emotional Reactions Thesis Of Willie Mae Cook, 1927-1928
18-19University Of Georgia Psychology Clinic, 1962
121Abnormal Psychiatry - Historical
2Amnesia, 1931
3Benign Stupor
4Dementia Praecox - (Schizophrenia) - Cases, 1926-1938
5Drug Psychoses
6Encephalitis, 1931
7Enuresis, 1939
8Epileptic Psychosis, 1930-1934
11Huntingon's Chorea
12Manic-Depressive Psychosis, 1930-1932
13Psychoneurosea, Hysteria, Etc
15Paranoidal - Religious
16Paranoid (Psychopath) Schizo?, 1935
18Regression And Alternating Personality
19Senile And Arteriosclerotic, 1930s
20Clinical Cases, 1923-1930
21Psychiatric Cases, 1929-1936
22Sanitarium Clinics, 1925-1933
23Medical Clinics, 1930
24Cases Milledgeville, 1934
25Clinic [Notes And Correspondence], 1935-1936
26Psychology Clinics At Milledgeville, Ga., 1936 May 14-15
131-2Loss Of Sleep Results, 1930-1931, 1938
32 Cases - Summary Of Tables - Personal Copy
4My Copies [Sleep Deprivation Studies], 1896-1941
5One Hundred Hours Without Sleep [Psychology Study With Six UGA Students], 1938
6100 Hours Without Sleep, 1938
7Conclusions And Clinical Notes - 100 Hours Without Sleep, 1938 January
8Final Copy Journal Article "...Loss Of...Sleep" [Editoral Comments], 1940 August
9Effects Of The Loss Of One Hundred Hours Of Sleep By A. S. Edwards, 1941 January
10Drugs - To Keep Awake - Local Students, 1939


14Psych Test, Correspondence, Printed Materials-Topics Ranging from ESP and Parapsychology to 1917 psychological tests conducted at Camp Lee, 1911-1976