Family and Consumer Sciences records and student scrapbooks

Family and Consumer Sciences records and student scrapbooks

Descriptive Summary

Repository: University of Georgia Archives
Creator: University of Georgia. College of Family and Consumer Sciences.
Title: Family and Consumer Sciences records and student scrapbooks
Dates: 1869-2010
Quantity: 30.0 Linear feet
Coll. Number: UA0054

Biographical/Historical Note

Scope and Content Note

This collection holds materials that date from 1869-2010. There is information about both faculty and student organizations and activities. The material covers a wide range of formats such as correspondence, building plans, minutes, plaques and photographs.


The collection is organized into 16 series based on topic and format.

Index Terms

Home economics--Georgia.
Student activities--Georgia.
Universities and colleges--Georgia--Athens--Photographs.
Universities and colleges--Georgia--Athens.
University of Georgia. College of Family and Consumer Sciences.
University of Georgia. Home Economics.
Women college students--Georgia--Athens.

General Notes

RG: 2-17

Administrative Information

Preferred citation note

Family and Consumer Sciences: historical files and student scrapbooks, UA0054, University Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Teaching/advising-nominations and awards, 1994-2001

11Dr. Jan Hathcote-nomination for Undergraduate Advising Award, 1994
2Ms. Deborah Gergely-nomination for the Undergraduate Advising Award, 1994
3Diane M. Kohl-dossier for Advising Award, 1994 March
4Ms. Betty Etters-nomination for the Undergraduate Advising Award, 1995
5Connie Rash-dossier for Advising Award, 1995 April
6Richard D. Lewis-dossier for the Advisor of the Year, 1995 April 10
7Hathcote, Jan M.-promotion/tenure to Associate Professor, 1995 October
8Julia Marlowe-nomination for Advisor of Year, 1996
9Dr. Joan Fischer-dossier for Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award, 1996
10Julia Marlowe-nomination for Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award, 1996
11Dr. Patsy Skeen-nomination for Outstanding Teacher of the Year
12Betty G. Etters-nomination for Teacher of the Year, 1996
13Dr. Charlotte Wallinga-nomination for Outstanding Undergraduate Advising Award, 1996 April
14Joan Koonce Lewis-dossier for Teacher of the Year, 1997
15Dr. Charlotte Wallinga-nomination for Outstanding Teacher of the Year, 1997 March
16Dr. Diane Hodson-nomination for Outstanding Advising Award, 1997 April
17Dr. Mick Coleman-nomination for Outstanding Teacher, 1998 March
18Dr. Richard D. Lewis-dossier for Teacher of the Year, 1998 March
19Kennita Oldham Kind-nomination for Excellance in Teaching Award, 1999 January
20Dr. Richard D. Lewis-dossier for Teacher of the Year, 1999 February
21Anne L. Sweaney-nomination for Advisor of the Year, 2000
22Dr. Nina Marable-nomination for Outstanding Teacher Award, 2000 February
23Dr. Charlotte Wallinga-Outstanding Teacher nomination, 2001 March

2. Textiles, merchandising and interiors (TMI), 1977-1991

124Textiles, merchandising and interiors, 1977-1989
25Textiles, merchandising and interiors, 1979-1990
Undergraduate programs, 1980s
127Graduate programs
28MBA programs, 1985
29Name change to TMI, 1986
30Graduate review, 1986-1988
31Publications, 1987-1988
32Conditioning room, 1989
33Textiles, merchandising and interiors, 1989
34Research in progress, 1990-1991
35Minor in Textile Science, 1990
36Textiles, merchandising and interiors, 1990
50Embroidered gowns photograph, 1980s

3. Child and Family Development (CFD), 1950s-1991

21Early Childhood Education, 1950s-1970s
2Early Childhood Education program, 1960s-1980s
3Training the Mentally Retarded, 1960-1988
4McPhaul, 1967-1989
5Official proposal for PhD program, 1974, 1976, 1989
6Instructional objectives, 1975
7Headstart, 1983
8Orthner: Center for Work and Family Issues, 1984
9Self study-graduate review, 1984
10Hospital-Child Life legislation, 1984
11Graduate review, 1984-1986
12General correspondence, 1984-1989
13Hospital-Child Life major, 1984-1990
14Review of PhD program, 1985
15Georgia infant and preschool assessment program, 1986
16Child and family development, 1986-1990
17-18Agreements, 1986-1990
19Supplies and equipment, 1987-1990
20AIDs policy and information, 1987
21Accredition site visit, 1987
31A department of excellence, 1987-1988
2McPhaul program proposal, 1988
3Search for department head, 1988-1989
4Handbooks, applications, programs, etc., 1989-1990
5Proposal for PhD graduate program, 1989-1991
6-10Department head search, 1989
11Faculty's interview comments, 1989
12McPhaul playground, 1989
13Assistant professor (Hobbs position), 1990
14Goals, 1990
15Home Economics and Journalism [careers and scholarships], 1990s
16Faculty reports and objectives, 1990-1991
17Foods and nutrition, 1990

4. General information, early 1900s-2008

41Photograph, early 1900s
2Misc. notes and student listings, 1920s-1940s
3"Rural planning: the social aspects" Farmer's Bulletin, 1923 May
4"Old homes made new", 1924-1925
5Material from Lurline Collier Estate, 1930-1988
6The American Institute of Family Relations [pamphlets], 1940s
7Celeste S. Parrish [memorial meeting resolution], 1940s
8FACs history [photographs-reprints], 1940s-1950s
9Program suggestions, 1940-1941
10"Open doorways" bulletin, 1944 March
11Irma Hicks, 1944
12FACS history The Georgia agriculturist home economics issue, 1946 February
13 CG consumer's guide juvenile delinquency article, 1946 November
14 What's new in Home Economics, 1948 March
15News clippings, 1949, 1956
16Historical materials, 1951-2003
17Maude Pye Hood, 1950s-1993
18Maude Pye Hood letters (Karachi, Pakistan), 1950s
19 The red and black [Sesquicentennial issues], 1951 January
20"Home economics heritage" [pamphlet], 1953 June
21School of Home Economics-University of Georgia study, 1957 February
22Peace Corps [recruiting Home Economists], 1965
23School of Home Economics-self study, 1970 May 30
24Self study, 1970 May 30
25Photographs, 1970s
26"Enthusiasm..." meet Dr. Emily H. Quinn [newsclipping], 1970s
27Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards [biography and bibliography-photocopy], 1970s
28-29Graduate program review, 1970s-1980s
30HEC Dedication Committee, 1973
31Dedication Committee Publicity Sub-committee, 1973
32Quarter credit hours generated, 1975-1979
33Report to Advisory Committee on the goals of the University, 1975 May 27
34Grace Hartley, 1976-1980s
51Graduate School evaluation of the MS and the MHE programs in the School of Home Economics, 1976-1977
2Self Study report, 1979 September 27
3-4Vitas, 1979-1980
5Long range planning, 1980s
6College of Home Economics self study-appendix, 1980 October 17
7UGA Building dedications [McPhaul, Dawson Hall Annex and Speirs Hall, 1974, 1984
8Eleanor Pryor, 1984-1986
9Tenure Committee, 1985
10Promotions, 1985-1986
11FACS history-name change, 1985-1990
12Promotions Committee, 1986
13Faculty curriculum schedules and student evaluations, 1986-1991
1414Computer printout of quarter credit hours from Bugbee's office, 1987-1991
515Vice President for Development proposals for Institutional Excellence, 1987
16Vice President for Development table of needs, 1987
17Tenure-results of departmental deliberations, 1988
19Tenure Committee, 1988
20Fort Valley State College, 1988
21Promotion tenure, 1988
22Promotions, 1989-1990
23Fort Valley State College program review, 1989
24-25Promotions and tenure, 1989
26-27Promotions, 1990
28Teaching evaluations-fall quarter, 1991
61Committee on Memo I positions, 1988
2Faculty profile, 1988
3-6Promotions and tenure, 1988-1989
7Dr. Gladys Shelton-HCE, 1990-1991
8Mission Statement, 1991 January 14
9Strategic planning, 1991-1992
10-12Program review, 1992
13NASULGC: people and programs, 1992 February
14Program reviews, 1993-1995
15Food and nutrition history (W. D. Caster), 1993
16"Spirit rising" history of artwork in Dean's office, 1993
17FACS National Extension programs, 1994-1996
18Program reviews, 1995-1996
19Pakistan Home Economics programs, 1996-1997
20Maude Pye Hood, 2008
21UGA Home Economics lapel pin
22College of Family and Consumer Sciences [paperweight]
23"Songs and yells"

5. Association of Administrators of Home Economics/Human Sciences-AAHE/AAHS, 1926-2008

71Georgia Home Economics Association newsletters, handbook, etc., 1926-1935
2Permanent file, treasurer-corporation registration-Secretary of State, Georgia, 1960s-1970s
3-5Proposed constitution and by-laws, 1965-1970
6Proceedings of the National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges, 1964-1966
7Articles of Incorporation, membership, bylaws minutes (board) minutes (organization), 1966-1968
8Chairman's personal file: charter, original by-laws, minutes of incorporation mtg, registration of corporation, tax exempt application and ID number, 1966-1975
9Inventory of records in archives, 1966-1979
10Membership reports, 1966-1983
11Secretary-permanent file-charter, original by-laws, minutes of incorporation meeting registration of corporation, tax exempt application and ID number, 1967
12Permanent file, treasurer, 1967, 1972
13Treasurer's file, general, 1967-1968
14Permanent record-IRS exemption, 1967-1968
15Financial reports, 1967-1974
16Tax exemption status, 1967-1972
17Treasurer, permanent file for this school-incorporation and bylaws-final, 1967-1972
18Policies and actions taken from minutes of executive board and general business meetings-Chairman Board and General Business meeting-Chairmen of Commission on Home Economics, Executive Board of AAHE, 1967-1973
19Newsletters, 1967-1977
20-21Federal tax returns form 990, 1967-1982
22Permanent record for this school-corporation-registration-approval-bank, 1968-1969
23General information, 1968, 1979-1981
24-25Enrollment and degrees granted, 1968-1982
26Income and operating expenses, 1971-1977
27Budgets, 1971-1981
28Financial and treasurer reports, 1971-1981
29Association of Administrators of Home Economics, 1972 October 25-27
30Proceedings of Administrative Leadership Workshop sponsored by AAHE, 1973 July 22-27
31Directory, 1973-1976
81Audit report, 1973-1974
2Proceedings, 1974
3Chairman-policies and actions taken from minutes of Executive Board meetings and general business meetings, 1974
4Newsletters, 1974-1979
5Proceedings, 1975 November 4-7
6Permanent files-information on articles, incorporation and seal, 1975-1976
7Bank accounts, 1975-1985
8Treasurer's bond, 1975-1985
9Proceedings, 1976 October 10-13
10Minutes, 1976-1977
11-12Financial, 1976-1982
13Bylaws, 1976, 1979, 1990, 1992
14Request for reimbursement, 1977
15Proceedings, 1977 October 25-28
15Minutes, 1977-1978
16Accreditation, 1978
17Proceedings, 1978 October 31-November 3
18Minutes, 1978-1979
19Certified public accountanta/Patrick Kelly CPA, 1978-1981
20Finance Committee, 1978-1981
21Minutes, 1979
22Proceedings, 1979 October-November
23-24Deposits [includes correspondence], 1979-1980
91Home Economics salary study, 1979-1986
2Expenses, 1979-1980
3Board minutes, 1979-1981
4Correspondence, 1979-1982
5Budgets-adopted/adjusted prelims, 1979-1982
6Membership report, 1979-1983
7Membership list, 1979-1984
8Budget, 1979-1986
9Annual meeting, 1980
10Criteria for assessing performance for merit salary increases, 1980s
11Proceedings, 1980 October 6-9
12-13Deposits, 1980-1981
14Expenses, 1980-1981
15Minutes, 1980-1982
16Savings accounts, 1980-1983
17Proceedings, 1981 November 2-5
18Bank statements-books, 1981-1982
19Home Economics salary study, 1981-1982
20Membership reports/financial reports, 1981-1983
21Proceedings workshop for emerging administrators in Home Economics sponsored by AAHE, 1982 August 15-20
22Financial statements, 1982-1983
101Proceedings of joint meeting of AAHE/NCAHE, 1983 February 7-9
2Proceedings-joint meeting of AAHE/NCAHE, 1984 February 26-29
3Proceedings of the joint meeting for AAHE/NCAHE, 1985 February 24-27
4Proceedings-workshop for mid-career administrators in Home Economics-sponsored by AAHE, 1985 July 7-12
5Corporation-annual registration-Georgia, 1986, 1988, 1993, 1995
6Records, 1986-1987
7Proceedings of the joint conference AAHE/NCAHE, 1987 February 18-21
8Proceeding of the joint conference-AHE/NCAHE, 1988 February 14-17
9Proceedings of the con-joint conference NCAHE/AAHE, 1989 February 15-18
10Minutes of Board meetings and business meetings, 1989
11Budget reports submitted to Board meeting, 1989 June
12Budget reports submitted to Board, 1989 November
13Budget reports presented to business meeting, 1989 November 15
14Commission on Home Economics meeting, 1989 November 18
15Board meetings-Washington, DC, 1989 November 18-19
16Business meeting-Washington, DC, 1989 November 19
17Cleveland Federal Savings Bank, 1989-1990
18Newsletter, 1989-1990
19Kemper total return fund, 1989-1990
20Invoices for dues payments received, 1989-1990
21Authorization for bills paid, 1989-1990
22Merrill Lynch ready assets account, 1989-1990
23American Mutual Fund, Inc., 1989-1990
24Board meeting-agendas and minutes, 1989-1990
25Accounting of receipts and disbursements, 1989-1990
26Sunburst Bank checking account, 1989-1990
27Firstier Bank checking account, 1989
111Audit report, 1990
2Finance Committee, 1990
4Commission of Home Economics, 1990 May
3Board-Commission meeting, 1990
5Commission Board meeting, 1990 November 10
6Commision on Home Economics, 1990 November 10
7Business meeting-Kansas City, MO, 1990 November 11
8Annual business meeting, 1990 November 11
9Kemper Fund, 1990-1991
10Receipts, 1990-1991
11Merrill Lynch ready assets account, 1990-1991
12Commission on Home Economics, 1990-1991
13American Mutual Fund, 1990-1991
14Budget/balance sheets, 1990-1991
15Authorization for bills to be paid, 1990-1991
16Correspondence, 1990-1991
17Membership, 1990-1991
18Income, 1990-1991
19Budget, 1990-1991
20Requests that membership be dropped, 1990-1991
21Sunburst Bank checking account, 1990-1991
22Membership report, 1990-1991
23Certificate of deposit-Cleveland Federal Savings, 1990-1991
24Bid for audit services, 1990-1991
25Invoices for dues payments received [folder I], 1990-1991
26Invoices for dues payments received [folder II], 1990-1991
27Dues paying members and directory, 1990-1993
28Newsletters, 1991
29Board meeting minutes, 1991
30Auditors report, 1991 August
31Business meeting, 1991 November 10
32Budget reports reflecting activity for fiscal year, 1990-1991
33Commission on Home Economics-organizational structure, 1991
34Bank statements: acct. #074308-money market account, 1991-1992
35Auditor, 1991-1992
36Bank statements account #074297, 1991-1992
37Financial report, 1991-1992
38Membership report (dues paying members), 1991-1992
39Membership dues-remittance advice, 1991-1992
40Tax information, 1991-1992
41Kemper Fund, 1991-1992
42Income, 1991-1992
43Bank statements acct. #074308- money market account, 1991-1992
44Merrill Lynch ready assets account, 1991-1992
45Membership, 1991-1992
46Dues paying members and directory, 1991-1992
47First Tier checking account #074-297 deposits/transfers, 1991-1992
48Budget, 1991-1992
49Authorization for reimbursement, 1991-1992
50American Mutual Fund, 1991-1992
51Cancelled checks account #074-297, 1991-1992
52Tax information, 1991-1992
53Correspondence, 1991-1992
54Commission on Home Economics, 1991-1992
55Washington liaison proposal, 1991-1992
121Treasurer/calendar, 1991-1993
2Kemper Fund, 1991-1993
3Bank statements acct #074-308 money market account (register of deposits and transfers)
4Kemper investment information, 1991-1993
5Bonding Unico, 1991-1993
6Certificate of deposit-First Tier Bank, 1991-1993
7Board Commission meeting, 1991-1994
8Board on Home Economics, 1992
9First Tier accounts #074-297 deposits and transfers, 1992
10Merril Lynch quarterly reports, 1992
11American Mutual Funds information, 1992
12Auditors report, 1992
13Requests that membership be dropped, 1992
14Legislative liaison pledges, 1992
15Minutes-business meeting, 1992 November 9
16Minutes-Executive Committee, 1992-1993
17Appointment to committee, boards, councils, 1992-1993
18Records, 1992-1993
19Certificate of deposit-First Tier Bank, 1992-1993
20Board minutes, 1992-1993
21Public policy initiative and legislative liaison fund-contributioin vouchers, 1992-1993
22American mutual fund, 1992-1993
23Correspondence, 1992-1993
24Bank statements account #074-297, 1992-1993
25Invoices, 1992-1993
26Newsletters, 1992-1993
27Cancelled checks and payment record-account #074-297, 1992-1993
28Dues structure (returned), 1992-1993
29Membership list, 1992-1993
30Bonding UNICO, 1992-1993
31Audit information, 1992-1993
32Authorization for reimbursement, 1992-1993
33Income, 1992-1993
34Merrill Lynch-ready assets account, 1992-1993
131Budget, 1992-1994
2Tax ID number, 1992-1994
3Disbursement operating expenses, 1992-1994
4Financial report and budget, 1992-1994
5Audit information, 1993
6Cancelled institutions, 1993
7Audit, 1993
8Paid invoices, 1993
9Executive Committee, 1993 May 6-7
10Executive committee, 1993 November 10
11NASULGC meeting, 1993 November 10-13
12Business meeting agenda, 1993 November 11
13Dues structure (original), 1993-1994
14Correspondence, 1993-1994
15Contributing institutions and invoices to be paid, 1993-1994
15Approved budget, 1993-1994
16Deposit letters to P. Green-Dean Witter, 1995-1996
16Legislative fund, 1993-1994
17Membership notices sent, 1995-1996
18Interest information, 1995-1996
19Dues info-general, 1995-1996
20Information-disbursements, 1995-1996
21Summary account statements-Dean Witter, 1995-1996
22AESOP contract, 1995-1996
23Executive and business meetings, 1995 November 11-12
24Audit, 1995-1996
26NASULGC, 1995-1996
27Information membership listing, 1995-1996
28Membership payment list, 1995-1996
29Membership listing, 1994-1995
30Budget, 1994-1995
31Investments, 1994-1995
32institutions not paying dues, 1994-1995
33Disbursements, 1994-1995
34Name Change Task Force, 1995
35Information last year's members and not paid, 1995-1996
36Rules of operation, 1995
37Tax exempt approval, 1995
38Audit, 1993-1996
39Executive Committee meeting, 1994
40Business meeting, 1994
41Meeting, 1994 spring
42The Home Economics Leadership Council-workshop, 1994 July 10-15
43NASULGX annual meeting, 1994 November 3-8
44Approved budget, 1993-1994
45Legislative fund, 1993-1994
46Investments, 1993-1994
141Conference call minutes, 1996 February 12, 1996
2-3Deposit letters to Paul Green-Dean Witter, 1996-1997
4Audit, 1996-1997
5Information, 1996-1998
6Misc. AMF/Dean Witter/Kemper/Templeton information, 1996-1998
7Financial Reports, 1998-1999

6. American Home Economics Association, 1984-1989

149Accreditation report-5th anniversary, 1984
10Interim report, 1984
11Accreditation, 1988
12-13Book 2
14-16Book 3, 1988
17Site visit
18Accreditation guidelines, 1989

7. Phi Upsilon Omicron (Phi U)/Alpha Mu, 1920-2009

151Petitions, 1936
2Activities, etc., 1937-1948
3Yearbook [scrapbook contents-includes photographs], 1944-1946
4Iowa State College postcards, 1950s
5Photographs, 1950s-1960s
6National Council minutes, 1950-1954, 1959
7Chi chapter minutes, 1953-1956
8Yearbook (from green album), 1954-1955
9Income tax exemption, 1954-1973
10Silver service dedication, 1955
11Correspondence, forms, etc., 1955-1965
12Official visits, 1955-1971
13Scrapbook [contents], 1950s-1970s
16Correspondence, 1959-1963
17Chi chapter [correspondence, callendar, etc.], 1959-1964
18Newsclippings, 1960s
19Materials, 1960s
20Songs, 1960s-1970s
21Constitution and bylaws/member graduation dates, 1960s-1990s
22District conclave, 1961
23The National Directory [includes photographs], 1963
24Member listing-directory, 1963
25Yearbook, 1964-1965
26Chi chapter-financial ledger, 1966-1988
161Chi chapter yearbook, 1962-1963 ( 1962-1963 )
2White/cream and gold album, 1962-1963
4Chi chapter-minutes, 1962-1966
4 The national directory of Phi Upsilon Omicron 1909-1963, 1963
5Chi chapter-minutes, 1967-1968
6District counselor's visitation, 1967
7Chi chapter-minutes, 1968-1969
8Songs, 1970s
9Scrapbook-breakfast at AHEA, 1970
10-11President's misc. and correspondence, 1970-1974
12Photographs, 1970s-1990s
13Ritual Revision Committee, 1971
14Founders Day banquet-program/menu, 1971 February 10
15Scholarship recognition night, 1971-1973
16Alumni list-attempts made to find, 1972
17Secretary's correspondence-spring-winter, 1971-1972
18Handbook (local), 1976-1977, 1984-1986
19Programs and menus for teas, banquets and other events, 1980s
20Application, 1980s
21Assorted materials, 1980s
22Founder's Day banquets [programs], 1981, 1985-1986
23 From nine to thirty nine: Phi Upsilon Omicron Alpha chapter 1909-1939 [University of Minnesota], 1984
24Handbook, 1984
25 Riches from the past: a history of Phi Upsilon Omicron vol. 65, no.1, 1984 spring
26Omicron handbook, 1984-1985
27Chi chapter handbooks, 1986-1988
28Photographs, etc., 1986
29 Ten women of vision in Home Economics Ohio State University, 1988
30Brochures, 1990s
31Correspondence, 1990s
321939 Correspondence, 1992
33Materials ( 1990s-2000s )
34Outstanding senior application, 1993
35Handbook [draft and comments], 1993
36Supply order form, 1997
37Activities/awards, 2000s
38Membership pamphlets, 2000s
39Professional project district III award [certificate], 2001
40Members [list and photographs], 2002-2003
41Scholarships/fellowships/awards applications, 2002-2003
42Chi chapter-certificates, 2009 December 3
43Blank certificates, 2009
43Lapel pins
45Chi's project tree
46Creeds, schedules, etc
46 The national directory of Phi Upsilon Omicron 1909-1963, 1963
17a1Initiation certificates, 2002
2Initiation certificates, 2004-2005
5Folders and notebook paper
6Lapel pins
7 The candle of Phi Upsilon Omicron, 1929, 1933-1936
8 The candle of Phi Upsilon Omicron, 1937-1940
9 The candle of Phi Upsilon Omicron, 1941-1944
10 Phi Upsilon Omicron: a history 1909-1944, 1944
11 The candle of Phi Upsilon Omicron, 1945-1948
12 The candle of Phi Upsilon Omicron, 1949-1952
13 The national directory of Phi Upsilon Omicron 1909-1951, 1951
14 The candle of Phi Upsilon Omicron, 1953-1956
15 The candle of Phi Upsilon Omicron, 1958-1960
16 The candle of Phi Upsilon Omicron, 1961-1964
17b1 The candle of Phi Upsilon Omicron, 1947 spring, 1950 spring
2 The candle of Phi Upsilon Omicron, 1965-1968
3 The candle of Phi Upsilon Omicron, 1969-1972
4 The candle of Phi Upsilon Omicron, 1973-1976
5 The candle of Phi Upsilon Omicron, 1976-1979
6 The candle of Phi Upsilon Omicron, 1980-1981
7 The candle of Phi Upsilon Omicron, 1982-1984
8 The candle of Phi Upsilon Omicron, 1994, 1999, 2001
9Alpha Mu, 1920
10-12Alpha Mu correspondence, 1922-1935
13Alpha Mu petition for installation of a chapter of Phi Upsilon Omicron [other personal dataon individual sheets], 1925
14Alpha Mu pledge cards, 1931
15Alpha Mu constitution-revised edition, 1934 January 26
16Alpha Mu correspondence and notice, 1935-1936
17Alpha Mu constitution-revised edition, 1936 March 2
181Minutes, 1936-1943
2Minutes, 1948-1952
3Minutes, 1956-1958
4Minutes, 1958-1962
5Historical material, 1936
6Constitution and by-laws, 1936, 1956
7Chi chapter-constitution and bylaws/membership, 1936-1968
8History of Chi chapter, 1936-1970s
9National Council minutes, 1937-1949
10Historical, 1937-1960s
11Local professional work, 1940s
12Historical, 1940s-1960s
13Correspondence, 1941-1942
14Calendar, members, etc., 1943-1944
15Chi chapter meeting minutes, 1943-1948
16Correspondence, 1943-1944
17Correspondence, 1944-1945
Historical, 1944-1959
19Correspondence, 1945-1946
19Correspondence, 1945-1946
20Correspondence, 1946-1947
21Bible-includes index cards and notes-presented to organization, 1948
22National constitution by-laws, 1950
23Candle news, 1950s-1960s
24Alumnae, 1950s-1960s
25Historian, 1950s-1960s
26Ritual and guides, 1953, 1964
19Scrapbooks [most material has been removed]
20Scrapbooks [most material has been removed]
21Scrapbooks [most material has been removed]
22Scrapbooks [most material has been removed]
45Alpha Mu pledge
Phi Upsilon Omicron Athens area alumni chapter reorganization charter, 1977 May 1
Fashion design illustration
Home Economists [photographs from book]
University of Georgia Homecon activities [scrapbook page]
Association of Administrators of Home Economics (AAHE) account book, 1966-1980
46Phi Upsilon Omicron posters
Student Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (SAFCS) scrapbook, 2010
Phi Upsilon Omicron (Phi U) yearbook [includes photographs-from scrapbook], 1964
47Phi Upsilon Omicron (Phi U) sashes
48Phi Upsilon Omicron (Phi U) cloth banner-Chi chapter
49Phi Upsilon Omicron (Phi U) index cards with membership information, 1936-1984
Phi Upsilon Omicron (Phi U) ink stamp
FACS pencils

8. Minutes, 1941-2009

231-2School of Home Economics faculty meetings, 1941-1949
3-4School of Home Economics faculty meetings, 1950-1953
5-6School of Home Economics faculty meetings
7School of Home Economics faculty meetings, 1960 December-1966 September
8Curriculum Committee meetings, 1964-1977
9Faculty meetings, 1967 September-1980 April
10Student-Faculty Committee meetings, 1969 October-1984 October
11Faculty meetings, 1972-1977
12Executive Council meetings, 1974 September-1982 June
13Academic Affairs Advisory Committee meetings, 1976 September-1978 October
14Faculty meeting, 1977-1978
15Faculty meetings, 1978-1979
16Curriculum Committee meetings, 1978-1984
17Faculty meetings, 1979-1980
18Academic Affairs Advisory Committee, 1979-1981
19Faculty meetings, 1979-1984
20Faculty meetings, 1980-1983
241Executive Council meetings, 1982-1984
2Faculty meetings, 1983-1985
3Faculty meetings, 1985-1987
4Academic Affairs Advisory Committee meetings, 1981-1986
5Faculty meetings, 1985-1988
6Executive Council meetings, 1985-1988
7Executive Council meetings, 1988-1991
8University Council meetings, 1992-1994
9Executive Committee meetings, 1996 July-October
10Executive Committee meetings, 1996 November-1997 June
11Executive Committee meetings, 1997 July-1998 June
12Executive Committee meetings, 1998 January-June
13Executive Committee meetings, 1998 July-1999 January
14Executive Committee meetings, 1999 February-June
15Executive Committee meetings, 1999 July-December
16Executive Committee meetings, 2000 January-June
17Executive Committee meetings, 2000 July-December
18Executive Committee meetings, 2001 January-May
19Executive Committee meetings, 2001 June
251Executive Committee meetings, 2001 July-October
2Executive Committee meetings, 2001 November-2002 March
3Executive Committee meetings, 2002 April-June
4Executive Committee meetings, 2002 July-November
5Executive Committee meetings, 2002 December-2003 June
6Executive Committee meetings, 2004 July-October
7Executive Committee meetings, 2004 November-2005 February
8Executive Committee meetings, 2005 March-June
9Executive Committee meetings, 2005 July-October
10Executive Committee meetings, 2005 November-2006 February
11Executive Committee meetings, 2006 March-June
12Executive Committee meetings, 2006 July-October
13Executive Committee meetings, 2006 November-2007 February
14Executive Committee meetings, 2007 March-June
15Executive Committee meetings, 2007 July-October
16Executive Committee meetings, 2007 November-2008 February
17Executive Committee meetings, 2008 March-June
18Executive Committee meetings, 2008 July-October
19Executive Committee meetings, 2008 December-2009 May

9. Students/alumni, 1919-2006

261Georgia State Teachers College-Home Economics Club-international program, 1929
2Group photographs, 1930s-1040
3Assorted photographs, 1930s, 1970s
4Homecon programs and certificate, 1935-1940, 1948-1949
5Dawson Hall and student [photographs], 1940s
6Your home, your profession and you-Homecon Club yearbook, 1951-1952
7"Mrs. Hannaford talks to Homecon on Diamonds"/Gladys Hannaford-photograph, 1950s
8Newsclippings, 1950s
9Assorted photographs, 1950s-1970s
10Assorted material, 1950s
11Assorted materials, 1956-1957
12Cardboard red "G" hat-lists Homecon programs, etc., 1960
13GSHEA-hats of the Home Economist, 1960s
14Pamphlet covers, 1960s
15What AHEA membership means for you, 1960s
16Assorted materials, 1960-1961
17"College chapters" Journal of Home Economics, 1963
18Yearbook Homecon chapter-College Club section-GHEA, 1963-1964
19Joan Rucker correspondence, 1963-1964
20"Family holidays around the world", 1964
2155th annual meeting of the American Home Economics Association, 1964 June 23-26
22AHEA letter-College chapter handbook, 1964 September
23 Journal of Home Economics, 1964 September
24AHEA-officers and executive bodies Journal of Home Economics, 1964-1965
25AHEA plan of action-college chapters-the leadership challenge, 1964-1966
26GHEA state officers, etc. college chapters, 1964-1965
27Assorted materials [mostly photographs], 1964-1965
28College chapter secton of GHEA-Executive Committee meeting, 1965 January 23
29Homecon banquet [program], 1969 March 11
30"Farmer's daughter" [article], 1970
31Jane Morris, 1970s
32Assorted materials [mostly photographs], 1971
33 The Chatterbox vol. 1, no. 1-2, 1971-1972
34"Homecon happenings", 1971-1972
35Assorted materials [mostly photographs], 1972
36Norma Green, 1972
37Assorted material, 1972-1973
38Assorted material [mostly photographs], 1972-1973
39Assorted material, 1973
40Assorted material [mostly photographs], 1973-1974
41GSHEA fall workshop, 1979 October 20
42Assorted material [mostly photographs], 1979-1980
43"Pictures" [photographs], 1980
44Assorted Home Economics/Dawson Hall photographs, 1980s
45 Georgia Student Home Economics Association Newsletter, 1982 winter-fall
46Assorted material [mostly photographs], 1982-1983
47Photographs, 1990s
48Cynthia Pilcher-GSHEA photograph, 1990s
49Assorted material [mostly photographs], 1990s
50Assorted material, 1990-1991
51Assorted material [mostly photographs], 1992
52Mandy Tucker-AHEA state chairs-correspondence, 1993 July 10
53FACS ambassadors [photograph], 2001-2002
54FACS ambassadors [photograph], 2002-2003
55FACS ambassadors, 2003-2004
56FACS ambassadors [photographs], 2004-2005
57FACS ambassadors [photograph], 2005-2006
58-59Alumnae: alphabetical lists, 1919-1955
60 Red clay to mould by Virginia Newton, 1942
271Homecon record book, 1936-1945
2Homecon record book, 1945-1954
3Homecon record book, 1952
4Guest book, 1980-1985
5Guest book, 1986-1993
6 Highlights, 1979-1989
7 Highlights, 1980
8 Highlights, 1992-1994
9 Highlights, 1995-1998
10Annual meetings, 1979-1991
11Honor Hall of Recognition- correspondence/speeches, 1980-1981, 1984
12Honor Hall of Recognition Award, 1982-1989
13Contributions and financial, 1984-1990
14General information, 1985-1990
15Career Day, 1986-1990
16Honor Hall of Recognition Award, 1990
17Awards, 1987-1991
18Officers, 1987-1991
19Home Economics Recognition luncheon, 1989-1992
20Football Saturday Lecture series, 1990
21Honor Hall of Recognition Award [photographs], 1990
22Annual meetings-alumni weekend, 1991
23Phi Kappa Phi, 1934-1946
24Phi Kappa Phi, 1957
25Phi Kappa Phi, 1991
26Georgia Home Economics Association newsletters, 1936-1942
27Misc., 1930-1990

10. FACS library materials, 1981-2003

281Jokes, 1990s
2State of Georgia statistics, 1990-2001
3Non-traditional families, 1990s-2001
4FAEIS a national resource-enrollment in Colleges of Home Economics, 1991 November
5 Journal of Home Economics, 1991-1992
6Teen pregnancy, 1991-1996
7Housing, 1992
8FAEIS a national resource-enrollment in Colleges of Home Economics and new faculty profiles in Home Economics, 1992 February
9 Population bulletin (publication), 1992, 1996
10FAEIS a national resource-degrees awarded in Colleges of Home Economics and new faculty profiles in Home Economics, 1993 April
11-13Misc. files, 1992-1998
14Child abuse/poverty/neglect, 1992-2002
15Health resources, 1993-2000
16Adolescent problems, 1993-2002
17Teens and violence, 1994-1995
18Parenting and career, 1994-1995
291Diversity statistics, 1995-1998
2Aging, 1995-2002
3Mental development in infants and children, 1996
284Reproductive technology issues, 1996-2000
5Data on higher education, 1996-2000
296(Other) family/parenting, 1994-1997
7Kids count data book, 1997-1999
8Family resiliency, 1997
9Children's Defense Fund data, 1998
10Children's Defense Fund data, 1999
11Georgia Welfare Reform Study, 1999-2000
12Grandparents as caregivers, 2000
13Extension/USDA, 2000s
14Kids count data book, 2000-2001
15Georgia education issues drop-out rate, 2001
16The state of rural Georgia, 2001
17Child care, 1999-2002
18Kids count data book, 2003
19Faculty development (issues in higher ed), 2002

11. Frankie Welch, 1980s

2920Frankie Welch designed scarf/photograph
21Frankie Welch designed handkerchief
22Frankie Welch correspondence to and from, 1981-1985

12. Building plans, 1961-1982

2923Child and Family Development, 1966 January 29
24Dawson Hall, 1982 April 15, 1982
25Building plans (?)
30Dawson Hall additions, 1961
31Dawson Hall additions, 1961
35Renovations of Dawson Hall, 1970
37Dawson Hall additions, 1971
39Dawson Hall additions, 1971
41Dawson Hall new west entry and portico, 1982
31Home Economics building and Child Development Lab, 1968
33Home Economics Building and Child Development Lab, 1968
34Home Economics Building and Child Development Building, 1968
36Child Development Lab, 1970
38Child Development Lab, 1971
40Child Development Lab, 1971
50"The first 12 in white" breaking ground for Soule Hall photograph, 1919

13. Jerry Hunter Hall, 1940s-1999

30Article, photographs, dogtag, UGA Bulldogs coin and two rings, 1940s-1999

14. Plaques/awards, 1950s-1989

42College of Home Economics Alumni Association past presidents, 1978-1989
College of Home Economics Alumni Association superior service, 19890-1985
Superior Service Award Lurline Collier for outstanding contributions to Home Economics-Alumni Association, 1982
51Silver-plated awards-goblets and a platter, 1950s-1970s

15. Books, 1869-1949

43 House and home papers by Crowfield (Stowe), 1869
The cost of food: a study in dietaries by Richards, 1901
Equipment for teaching Domestic Science by Kinne, 1910
Household management by Terrill, 1911
Home Economics in education by Bevier, 1924
You can always tell a Freshman how to get the most out of your college years by Hudnut, 1949

16. Mixed media, 1970s-2004

441Phi Upsilon Omicron songs [audio cassette], 1970s
2"Presentation of Superior Service Award to Miss Lurline Collier" [audio cassette], 1982 May 14
3"Gwen Brooks" [VHS and photographs], 1992 October
4"Family and Consumer Sciences: new name, many careers" [VHS], 1998
5"Daisy Lewis program" [VHS] and Rededication Ceremony program/correspondence, 2002
6"African Teaching, Research and Outreach Center" [CD], 2004 May 5
451Phi Upsiilon Omicron songs: Kappa Chapter [LP]